A new free short story filled with spanking and anal delight


Exquisite Tableau
I walked into your house and dropped my purse on the couch as I kicked off my shoes. We’d already discussed how this discipline portion of our session would go. I knew what I was supposed to do but still I looked at you in askance. “So I’m just supposed to drop my pants?”
It felt so strange, generally we sat and chatted before moving to your bedroom to explore the world of my submission more deeply…each session pushing me a little further than the one before.
You pulled me sharply from my musings, “Yes drop your pants and bend over the coffee table.”
I looked at the coffee table and saw the large wooden principal style paddle laying there. I walked to the coffee table and hooked my fingers in my pants and panties pulling them down until they pooled around my feet so I could step out of them. “It feels so strange to be bare assed in your livingroom before we’ve even said hello.”
“Bend over.”
I gave a soft shuddering sigh as I planted my hands in the center of the coffee table leaving my bottom arched high. I was about to get ten hard swats with a very large paddle affectionately named the beast. I had agreed, actually asked for the swats in an effort to remind me to avoid taking foolish risks in the future.  The moment  of truth upon me, I was suddenly unsure. I’d experienced the bite of this particular beast before…perhaps I’d been hasty in sentencing myself to such a fate.
“How many?” You asked calmly as I saw you pick the beast up out of the corner of my eye then felt you move behind me.
I pressed my head to the coffee table for a moment then rose back into position facing forward. “Ten.”
“Why are we here?”
“To help me to remember not to use my work computer to write dirty stories.”
“What could have happened?”  You ask as if we haven’t already had this conversation.
“I could have been fired,” I said softly.
“How would you have explained such a thing?”
“Oh I would have totally made something up.” I answered quite honestly.
You ignored my apparent comfort with duplicity to deal with the matter at hand. “Count them.”
Then the flat of the board of education rested rather benignly against the width of the underside of my bottom. I shivered with the knowledge of what would come next.
The paddle left and I felt a moment of panic before it came back with a vengeance driving everything but the scalding brand it had left on my ass in its wake. “Ooooh! One!”
I barely had time to catch my breath before it landed again with another searing burst of heat. “Ow. Two.” I said unable to stop from giving a little wag of my ass.
The paddle tapped lightly on the target area reminding me to stay in place before it struck again almost lifting me to my tip toes. “Three!”
“Are you going to ever do that again?” You asked as the paddle struck again.
“No! Four!” I wasn’t entirely sure I could take six more.
“Are you sure?” You asked as number five made me yelp.
“Yes Sir! Five.”
“Would you like to take a break to rub?”
“Yes please.” I was up and frantically trying to rub away the sting before the words were completely out of your mouth.
I rubbed as long as I dared before getting back into position and acknowledging how wet my inner thighs were even while my butt was about to burst into flames.
You finished the last five hard and fast leaving just enough time between them for me to shout the number. After the tenth swat I buried my face against my hands still resting on the table as I tried to compose myself.
I forgot how well you knew me…knew my body. Suddenly your fingers were sliding into the slick heat between my thighs.  I opened my thighs welcoming your knowing touch as your fingers sank into my greedy core.
I moaned as your fingers quickly drove all thoughts of my aching bottom from my mind. A different ache entirely consumed me then.
“Better?” You asked and I could hear the smile in your voice.
“Yes sir.”
“On your knees.” The softly spoken command was all I needed to straighten from the table and sink to my knees facing you as you dropped your pants. Your cock sprang into view and I was suddenly hungry for the taste of it. Though this was unexpected, it was not at all unwelcome.
Then the taste of you filled my senses as my mouth surrounded the head sucking hard my tongue swirling around beneath the cap before taking you deep. I licked and sucked you working you deeper until you gripped the sides of my head pushing down until you filled my throat. I gagged around you, tears streamed down my cheeks while I did my best to continue sucking hard while you fucked my mouth.
I moaned softly, my nose pressed to your pelvis as you rocked against the soft place in the back of my throat, humming around you I swallowed your cock.  A low pleasured groan escaped you as you pulled free of my still sucking mouth with an audible pop. I whined softly trying to recapture your cock.
Then you pressed my chest down as your strap began to fall across my ass. Licks of fire stung over every inch of my bottom and along the top of my thighs. Then you flicked the pointed end of your leather strap between my legs to leave its kiss along labia and finally my clit. Again and again you strapped my swollen clit…pain morphing to pleasure until I was hanging on the precipice of an orgasm. Before I could come you pushed me flat to the floor.
When your knees pushed my legs wide I felt the broad head  of your cock pushing against my most tender hole. The stretching burn consumed me as you thrust inside to the hilt taking what belonged to you in that exquisite moment. You rode me hard, pounding into me and giving my body little time to adjust to your masterful invasion. You conquered my inhibitions utterly driving my need ever higher.
“Up on your knees,” the hoarse command brought me up to my knees with my legs spread wide to take you even deeper as you fucked my ass without mercy. Slamming into me, your thighs slapped my sore bottom reawakening the forgotten burn.
Every thrust seemed to drive you deeper still and soon your balls slapped against my clit with each brutal thrust. A buzzing sounded and then one arm slid down my belly to press a vibrator against my clit.
Pleasure and pain wrapped around me in an exquisite tableau as waves of sensation washed over me. I was carried away on a sea of sweet agony…buffeted by bliss’s waves. I surrendered completely to you, letting myself go as I drifted away in fragmented pieces. I knew I was safe…free to explore the rich sea of color that surrounded me….sucking me into a vortex of ecstasy.
Without you as my anchor I’m sure I would have been lost but you’ve always make me whole again bringing me back to you. I emerged from passion’s storm to find myself enveloped in your arms…your heart beating rhythmically against my ear. I sank into you freed from my burdens as peace filled my soul.
The End

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