My new book His Caged Mate is available now on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited!

hiscagedmate_fullI am so excited to bring you this standalone follow up to The Hunter’s Mate! This is Ryia and Barrick’s story filled with action, adventure and steamy passion.

NSFW Excerpt:

Ryia gasped as each swat filled her bottom with a delicious stinging heat and the images flooding her mind made her ache with need. She could almost feel his huge cock stretching her tight channel and forcing his way inside.
The combined sensations of him spanking and being inside her mind bombarded her senses. She could feel the wetness dripping down the inside of her thighs as he talked about stretching her tender slit.
Tears began to slip down her cheeks as the pain and heat grew in her ass, then he stopped and slammed into her hard, forcing her tender inner muscles to stretch to accommodate his girth.
“Do you feel me, kitten? Do you feel me stretching that tender little pussy?” Barrick whispered.
“Yes, my mate!” she cried.
Barrick caught his fingers into edges of the collar around her throat and used it to hold her still as he fucked her without mercy. He pounded in and out of her relentlessly, pulling out almost to the tip then slamming back inside. Barrick was taking her exactly as she’d envisioned while waiting to transfer to this planet.
Suddenly he released the collar and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her back tightly against him, his hands cupping her breasts. His hips continued to move sharply, driving deeply inside her as he filled her mind with sensation.
Ryia screamed in ecstasy as she realized she was feeling the combination of his pleasure entwined with her own. It was so intense she came instantly, her inner muscles clamping down on his pistoning cock as she broadcast the overwhelming sensations back to him, triggering his own orgasm.
They stayed together balanced on their knees as their hearts slowed. Barrick slowly withdrew from her still spasming channel and urged her to her back in the cradle of the branches. The horrors of the sands below were completely forgotten as he knelt between her spread thighs and began to suck on her swollen clit.
Ryia felt completely wrung out from the sensations of her orgasm and his rolling ripping through her like a tidal wave of passion. She felt him withdraw from her mind and almost wept at the loss but then the flick of his tongue against her tender nub as he continued to suck at it overcame it.
“Barrick, I’m not sure…” she whispered breathlessly.
Immediately he pulled his mouth away from her and stared down into her eyes as his hand slapped her pussy. “Who controls your pleasure?”
Her back arched as he slapped twice more in quick succession, pain and pleasure blending exquisitely together.
“You do,” Ryia panted, finding herself almost mesmerized by the slickness coating his lips and knowing it came from her. Her mate was covered in her essence.
One more slap was her reward, leaving her shuddering on the edge of another orgasm. “That’s right, kitten, I control your pleasure. I think I will have to spank this naughty clit until you come. Hold your lips open for me,” he commanded.
Ryia felt embarrassed by the command but reached between her legs and caught her stinging lips between her fingers to open herself wide. She never lost eye contact with her mate as she obeyed his command. It was mortifying… it was thrilling.
She bit her lower lip nervously as he looked away from her face to study the view of her spread for his enjoyment. Ryia closed her eyes as his hand slapped down again right on her unprotected clit. “Oooh!”
Barrick snapped his fingers down ten times in a row on top of her rapidly swelling clit, each slap sending her closer and closer to the edge. “Come now!” he commanded as his hand came down harder than before and Ryia exploded with a scream.
The orgasm was still ripping through her when his lips surrounded her clit again and he sucked hard. “Oh, god, Barrick!” she screamed again as another climax hit.
He continued to suck and worry her little nub with his teeth as three fingers thrust inside her spasming channel, working her from one peak straight into another without mercy or regard for her body. Barrick was showing her again that she belonged to him… he controlled the pleasure and the pain.
Ryia lost track of how many times he forced her body to his command; the pleasure was now almost painful in its intensity as he pushed her body higher and higher. Finally he released her clit with an audible popping sound and fit the head of his cock to her swollen opening.
“Please… please, Barrick…” she whimpered, tossing her head restlessly. Every nerve in Ryia’s body was stretched so tautly she wasn’t sure if she was begging for rest or for more.
“What do you need, kitten,” he asked her as his need slammed into her to meet her pleasure-drugged senses.
“You… always you, my commander,” Ryia cried out as he slammed inside her to the hilt, filling her completely and sending her flying once more. Sensation swamped her as she was hit with everything he was feeling on top of her own pleasure.
She felt everything… him pounding in and out of her… her surrounding his cock with her tight, wet heat… the tightness of her ass as he invaded it with two of his fingers… then everything seemed to explode around them.

To lose yourself in Ryia and Barrick’s story simply click the link below:

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