Needs Muse

I shivered the cold air caressing my nude body, as I sank to my knees before you.

It feels like I’ve ached for so long…waiting for the need raging through my body to be assuaged.

Now I’m finally here with you and the need…the ache seems magnified exponentially.

Your hand comes down to the top of my head. I look up at you as you gently stroke my hair.

“Unzip my pants,” I lick my lips in nervous anticipation as I unfasten your jeans then pull down the zipper. You cock springs free into my waiting hand as the fingers wound in my hair tighten.

Leaning forward my tongue laps lightly against the tip of your cock catching the small droplets of precum waiting there for me. I moan at the taste, opening my mouth to suck the tip inside my mouth.

I suck hard as my tongue swirls around underneath the broad head of your shaft. Your fists tighten as you begin to thrust more deeply into my mouth…taking what is yours in this moment. Continuing to suck and lick everything I can reach as you take the back of my throat. I gag around you as you thrust deeper and harder.

Breathing through my nose, tears track down my cheeks as you fuck my face harder. I take everything you give me reveling in the freedom of the moment.

Everything seems to go quiet as I am swallowed whole by my submission. Your dominance washes over me filling me with peace. I open wider to you moaning as you stiffen and spill down my throat.

I swallow it all then lick you clean.

“Bend over the end of the couch,” You help me to my feet and then lead me to the end of the couch where I bend over with my legs spread shoulder length apart.

I shudder as I feel your thick, leather strap stroke over the skin of my up turned ass. Gooseflesh rises beneath the smooth leather. My hands fist in the couch cushions and I bow my head as the anticipation builds.

Then the leather lifts away and I whimper…I lick my lips and shift my hips aching for the feel of the lash. The first stroke falls almost hugging my ass cheeks as it lifts them in an embrace of fire.

I hiss and arch my back as the next stroke falls jolting my core even as it leaves another line of fire in its wake.  Again, and again the strap falls, and I lose myself in the exquisite sensation of pleasure and pain twining together.

Each stroke pushes me closer and closer to the edge leaving me panting with need.

I vaguely hear the strap hitting the floor. Then you are there. You slam inside of me to the hilt with one thrust and send me flying.

Your cock pounds in and out of me without mercy and soon I’m free, soaring high above the clouds.

Pleasure ravages my body as you fuck me from one orgasm straight into another. I am lost floating away on bliss’s waves.

I don’t know how long I drifted this way. Finally, I came back to myself…safe in your arms. We lay together heartbeat to heartbeat as we shuddered in the aftermath.

I closed my eyes enjoying the moment…enjoying the peace that can only be found in my submission. 

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