A sexy spanking on free story Friday!

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Yours to Take

I waited naked, on my hands and knees, a blindfold over my face. I knew the minute you entered the room and I couldn’t suppress a shiver of excitement. You came to stand behind me, I felt the heat of your body through your jeans.

A warm hand slid down my naked back and across my upturned bottom, rubbing over my soft skin in a gentle caress. My breath caught in the back of my throat when the heat of your hand left my bottom then I jerked with a gasp when it landed hard on my left sit spot.

This was not a punishment, far from it but still the first stinging swat is always a surprise. You gave me little time to think about it though because it is followed quickly by several more in succession, each one increasing the heat and sting in my posterior as I grow wetter and wetter between my thighs.

You continue to spank me, the pace and strength of your swats increasing until my entire bottom feels hot. Then the spanking stops and your hand comes back to rub and tease across my now very sensitive flesh, wringing a moan from my lips as I move my thighs further apart in invitation.

You chuckle before delivering another series of spanks even harder than any of the others, but before I can protest you sink two fingers deep inside my wet heat.

My back arches as your fingers drive in and out of me, caught up in the pleasure of the moment, “Are you going to cum on my fingers?” You ask as your thumb glides over my swollen clit in a circular motion.

“Please…yes…please…,” I cry rocking my hips to and fro in time with the thrusts of your hand.

Before I can cum, you remove your fingers and push me to my side then catch a sore bottom cheek in each hand as you flip me to my back and spread me wide.  I gave a soft groan of delight when I felt your tongue slide between my wet lips and map out the entire area. Your fingers come up and spread my lips wide so you could  latch on to my clit and suck.

“Ohhh…yes…please…,” I cried  out as you licked down from my clit and your tongue sank inside my needy channel as if you could devour me from the inside out. You fed voraciously on my desire until I was like a wild thing bucking up against your face.

Again you stopped before I could go over the edge, leaving me aching and needy, I whimpered in protest as I stayed in position legs splayed wide.  I heard the sound of your zipper just before you catch my hands in yours pinning me to the bed and I felt the broad head of your cock at my entrance.

“Is this what you need little girl?” You asked me, teasing me with just the tip, pressing in just slightly and pulling back.

“Yes!” I cried, trying to lift my hips and capture your cock.

“What do you want?” you asked, continuing to tease me.

“I want your cock inside me! Please!” I begged, needing you inside me almost more than my next breath.

Then you slammed inside, ramming home to the hilt making me bow my back with a hiss of pleasure as you took me hard. You withdrew almost all the way and then hammered back inside over and over driving my pleasure and my need higher and higher until with a soft cry I came hard, tightening down on your driving cock.

You gave me no respite continuing to slam in and out of me driving me from one orgasm straight into another until the pleasure was almost more than I could take. Then you found that spot high inside me, pressing deep and grinding against it until I could barely breathe as the intensity built and I finally exploded around you; my inner muscles clamping down hard on your cock as if I would never let you go.

The orgasm seemed never ending, my spasming heat pulling you with me into the storm. I shivered at the feel of your seed coating my walls; your balls pressed tight against me as you gathered me close kissing me deeply as we came down from the heights you’d taken us to.

You pulled the blindfold from my face and smiled down at me, before rolling to your back and nestling me against you as you stroked my back. “Good girl.”

I smiled and sank into you happy to be yours.

Maddie Taylor is visiting with a panty melting excerpt from Sweet Submission


Sweet Submission

by Maddie Taylor


Giada Trent’s job as the CEO of a Fortune 500 company has all but consumed her, and after ten years of marriage her husband, Ian, has finally decided it is time to take matters into his own hands. He makes it clear that she has blown off his attempts to rekindle their romance one too many times, and from now on she will make room in her life for him or she will find herself over his knee for a long, hard spanking on her bare bottom.

Ian’s bold dominance awakens Giada’s desires in ways she hasn’t felt in years, and soon she is blushing like a newlywed and quivering with desire as her firm-handed husband reminds her how pleasurable it can be to surrender to his mastery of her body. But just as their passion for one another starts to truly catch fire, a cruel, dishonest man who hurt Giada long ago returns to cause trouble for her once again. Can she find a way to put her painful past behind her forever before it tears apart everything she has worked so hard to build?

Publisher’s Note: Sweet Submission is a stand-alone sequel to Sweet Salvation and Sweet Surrender. It includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.



As she settled her belly across his hard thighs, his hand moved in a slow caress up the back of her legs. “This will serve as a reminder to follow the rules in the future.”

Since they had planned to go to the beach once he got back, it was easy enough for him to slide up the short hem of her beach cover-up and expose her bikini bottoms. These he tugged down and off. His touch returned to smooth over the upraised globes, rubbing each one gently at first, then more firmly, his large palm and long fingers not missing a single spot as his massage warmed her skin. He did the same with a play spanking during a scene to increase the blood flow and decrease the likelihood of bruising.

“Spread your legs and don’t clench up,” was his low command a few moments later. “I don’t want to mar this fine ass and have bruises showing beneath your swimsuit.”

“How kind of you to think of me,” she drawled.

Immediately, a searing smack came rushing down. “And that earned you ten more.”

“What? Why?”

“Sass,” he murmured softly as he patted her behind. “That comment was pure vinegar, baby, and vinegar will get you spanked every time. It’s up to you to remember that I prefer honey.”

“Ooo!” Her frustrated cry was drowned out by the sound of skin slapping skin as his palm induced fire with the first smack and increased from there. These were no playful swats meant to tease or arouse; the spanking had begun for real. In fact, it stung so much, tears filled her eyes.

“Ian,” she wailed on the fifth or sixth blow, “not so hard.”

“I warned you,” he said evenly, not letting up. “I expect you’ll remember this when you sit down for dinner tonight and probably tomorrow, too. Hopefully, that will have you thinking twice about breaking the rules in the future.”

With an arm wrapped around her waist, pulling her in closer, he lifted his right leg enough to shift her forward, her head angled to the floor, before he resumed. Then they came fast and hard, and she quickly lost count. If the heat on her butt was any gauge, he’d delivered four hundred, not the forty he’d promised. At long last, when her ass cheeks felt hot enough to spark tinder, he paused, his fingers trailing over her punished skin, then slipping between her spread thighs. His pleased hum told her that she was wet. A playful spanking always did that to her, and evidently, the real thing did too. Her already flushed face from its upside down position burned at the thought that he knew that now.

“Ten more for the smart ass remark.” These he delivered briskly, his hard palm moving from side to side without hesitancy as she yelped and whimpered, kicking her feet as they landed lower upon her uppermost thighs, an area that was susceptible and infinitely tender.

Once the entire forty were laid down and her punishment had come to an end, he turned her over, pressed her tear-streaked face to his chest, and held her as she cried. As the sobs slowed to an occasional sniffle, his soothing strokes became increasingly bolder and in no time, he moved back to her pussy. They slid along her smooth skin and then between, separating her folds, which were wet with the proof of her arousal in spite of the strict spanking. Ian’s fingers delved into her wetness, swirling and gliding until he found her clit.

He rubbed and stroked over the nub until she was squirming, her tearful cries transforming into moans of desire. But he didn’t linger long enough to give her what she needed to get off; instead, he moved to sink three knuckles deep into her wetness. He worked in and out until she was moaning and nearing climax once again. Then he stopped. She cried out her frustration as he lifted her by the waist and brought her down to straddle his broad thighs.

Now face to face, he brushed her hair out of her eyes, cupping her chin and holding her still for a kiss.

“Do you want to pout over your first punishment or do you want to ride me and give us both pleasure?”

“I want to come, Ian, please.”

“That’s my girl. Open my fly and take me inside you.”


Whew it sure got hot in here! I love this series and can’twait to read Sweet Submission! Hurry and grab your copy today! Happy reading! I’m off to one-click! ~Mo

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A little D/s on Free Friday



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I wait on my knees in the center of the room, naked except for the leather collar adorning my neck.

I hear you come in the front door and open my thighs wider and arch my back ensuring I am open so you can see everything that belongs to you.

I shiver as I hear you moving around in the living room, wetness begins to leak from my core as anticipation grows within me. I keep my head down with my hands resting palm up on my thighs as I hear you enter the room.

Your hand rests lightly on the top of my head and the breath catches in my throat, I am so happy you’re here. Your hand strokes my hair then comes down to cup my chin and tilt my face up to meet your eyes.

“What a good girl you are,” you tell me smiling down at me then stepping back and stripping out of your suit and tie my mouth waters as every inch of your form is revealed to me. When you come back to stand in front of me your cock is straining against your belly, hard and ready.  “I want your mouth.”

My mouth obediently opens ready to take your cock, but first your hand cups my cheek and your thumb slides between my lips. I look up at your sucking and tonguing your thumb as I want to suck your cock.

You pull your thumb from my mouth with an audible pop that makes you laugh as you feed the head of your thick cock between my waiting lips.

I moan as I suck just the tip, sinking my tongue into the little slit already leaking drops of precum, the taste of you rolls over my taste buds like the sweetest ambrosia. I open my mouth wider to take more sucking hard on the head of your cock as I swirl my tongue around the sensitive underside.

Your hands come to fist in my hair and you begin thrusting deeper, taking my throat. I gag and tear up a little as you work ever deeper, but I am so hungry for you I don’t care. I want everything you have to give me.

I suck and lick the best I can between gagging, sometimes struggling to breathe as you begin to take up a harder rhythm.

You pull out without cumming  and lift me to my feet spinning me to face the bed and bending me over it, I barely have time to adjust to the position before you slam inside me hard.

My back bows and I gasp as you fill me to the hilt, the head of your cock ramming into my cervix. One of your hands comes to fist in my hair and the other grips the side of my collar holding me in place as you pound relentlessly in and out of my wet heat.

All I can do is emit mewling little gasps as you take my body by storm, giving me no quarter.

My inner walls clamp down around you as I begin to cum hard, but you grant me no mercy continuing to hammer in and out of me without pause. You drive me straight from my orgasm towards another building my need higher and higher.

Until everything tightens within me and I come undone with a scream and a gush of fluid as I squirt all over your cock.

“Good girl,” you tell me pulling free then forcing me back to my knees and thrusting into my mouth again.

Now I taste us both, my wetness covers your cock as I lick your shaft then suck you deep. It takes only a moment before you fill my mouth with ribbons of hot cum and I swallow every drop greedily.

I continue to suck hard, determined to milk every drop from your pulsing shaft, then I lick you clean before sitting back on my heels.

You lift me to my feet once more then lay me back on the bed, fitting your shoulders between my thighs and spreading them wide.

“I don’t know if I can,” I say breathlessly as your tongue licks across my overly sensitive clit.

“You can and will,” your passion roughed voice commands before your lips lock down on my clit and you begin to suck hard.

I whimper and buck my hips as an almost painful pleasure washes over me, you hold me down with one hand flat on my belly as your other hand finds my wet center two fingers sliding into me as a third snakes into my ass.

I begin to shake and shiver as the orgasm builds, pleasure so intense I feel almost light headed. “Please…please…I can’t!” I wail as the intensity builds to a frightening level.

“You can,” your growl around my clit catching it between your teeth and worrying it with your tongue as the fingers in my pussy rub against the one in my ass; both hitting some magical spot high inside me and hammering it from both sides.

I shatter into a million pieces, chanting your name like a prayer as I come apart in your arms. Then you’re cuddling me close, whispering what a good girl I am as you put me back together again.

I’m wrapped protectively in your embrace as if you’ll never let me go.  I sigh as I sink into your warmth, safe and anchored tightly to you. My dearest Dom…my lover…my friend…my everything.

A little dry humping and a spanking



Hey guys its a bonus story because after the Dry Hump video I had to do it! Happy reading! ~Mo

Reconnecting through Dry Hump Therapy

Gracie walked into the living room and studied her husband Earl, where he sat slumped on the couch watching TV with a beer in his  hand.


“Honey?” she asked softly.


Earl looked up at her then smiled, “Hey baby. What do you need?”


She fidgeted where she stood, this wasn’t going to be an easy sell, Earl was somewhat old fashioned.  “Well…I feel like we haven’t been connecting lately and…well I was wondering if you might want to come to therapy with me…please?”


“Therapy? You started going to therapy?” he asked incredulously. “Why didn’t you tell me?”


“I knew you didn’t put much stock in the more new agey therapies out there, but this one is great! I really want you to come in for a session, my therapist thinks it would be good for us.” She told him earnestly.


“I have no problem with traditional therapy though I wish you felt like you could still talk to me baby. I like to fix things for you when I can,” Earl said quietly. He studied his wife where she stood there looking absolutely precious while she fidgeted. There had been some issues connecting but he attributed it more to her thinking she no longer needed his correction more than anything else. He adored his wife but if ever a woman needed regular spanking, it was Gracie.


He’d allowed her little declaration of independence and watched as she got more and more unsettled as her behavior spiraled out of control. He wasn’t far from taking things in hand but he really wanted her to ask for a spanking.


“I know honey but love therapy is fantastic! It makes me feel so alive and energized, I think if you come and see it in action you will see how helpful it can be for both of us.” She said earnestly.


Earl knew he was going to grant her request, how could he do anything else when his baby asked so sweetly…then he took pause…love therapy? “Did you say love therapy?”


Gracie nodded eagerly, “Yes, he’s a love therapist! You’ll see it’s unbelievable.”


“All right baby, when is your next appointment?” he asked.


“Tomorrow at 10am!” she said excitedly.


“I can shift some appointments around and go with you,” Earl told her.


Gracie squealed in excitement and threw herself into his lap, “Thank you Daddy! This is just what we need! You’ll see!”

Earl hugged her tight, this was the first time in a coon’s age his babygirl had called him Daddy. He missed it so much, this therapy appointment was worth the hassle if it gave him his babygirl back.




The next day, as Gracie led him into the small apartment and introduced him to Gary, the Love Therapist. He shook the other man’s hand skeptically. The guy was average height, average looks and what he’d heard Gracie refer to as a metro-sexual. He wore a loose pair of shorts, a t-shirt and a pooka shell necklace. His was just a touch over long and disheveled and he was obviously shooting for a surfer dude vibe.


“Earl, I’m so glad Gracie convinced you to join us. I think you’d benefit from using some of the techniques I employ to reconnect to your wife. You can sit here while we are in session. Please remain as quiet as possible so you don’t disturb the room’s energy as I realign her chakras.”


Earl frowned and sat down in the indicated chair as he took in the room for the first time, a Budda statue with incense wafting around it in a curl of smoke, beads and crystals dangling from the windows in a curtain of glass but most importantly the blow up bed. What the hell did therapy have with a blow up bed?


Gracie kicked off her shoes and laid on her back in the center of the bed while Gary turned on his audio system and chanting music with an offbeat drummer filled the air. It was weird, this whole scene seemed weird.


She turned her head and looked at him, “This is awesome, I get all warm and tingly.”


Then Gary positioned himself on his knees over his wife and began stroking up and down her arms and legs in long, firm strokes. Earl straightened in his chair about ready to blow a gasket.


He rose from the chair when the dude spread his wife’s legs and began to dry hump her with the energy of his sister’s Chihuahua. Gracie threw her head back with a little cry of abandon, previously reserved for his eyes only. This man didn’t not have any business seeing his babygirl this way.


He pulled Gary off of Gracie midhump and threw him against the wall.


Gary groaned and Gracie sat up with a little cry of distress, “Earl what are you doing? We’re mid-session he hasn’t aligned my chakra yet!”


“I’m about to give your chakra all the alignment it needs young lady,” Earl said sitting down in the middle of the blow up bed and jerking his wife face down over his lap.


“Excuse me but we were still in session,” Gary protested as he tried to push himself up from the wall.


“You want me to reconnect with my wife? I’m about to show you and her both the most effective way of making sure we reconnect permanently.” Earl told The man as he jerked Gracie’s pants and panties completely off and set about lighting a fire in her ass that wouldn’t soon be extinguished.


“Owwww! Oh daddy I’m sorreeeee! Daddy please!” she cried as she writhed in place over his lap while he painted her bottom several different shades of red.

“Really sir this is quite unseemly,” Gary said attempting to get up from the floor once more.

Earl paused mid-spank to point at the idiot dry hump therapist. “You stay right there unless you want to try a little of Daddy therapy yourself.”

Gary sat back down watching the scene playing out in front of him with a type of horrfied fascination.

Earl titled Gracie a little further over his knee and began to apply the palm of his hand with vigor to her left sit-spot.

“Not there! Please not the same place…ooohooo…owwwww!” Her cries became panicked as his hard hand fell twenty times in the exact same spot before shifting to give the other side the same treatment.

Earl was intent on teaching his Gracie a lesson she wouldn’t soon forget. He didn’t stop until her bottom was an impressive shade of crimson and he knew she’d feel it every time she sat down for the next week.

He lifted Gracie from his lap and placed her next to him with her chest the the matress and her ass in the air knees spread wide.

Earl sank two fingers deep, growling in appreciation when his hand was immediately coated in her sweet honey.

“Tell Gary what happens to naughty girls Gracie,” her ordered.

She gave a long moan and looked up at him over her shoulder with passion glazed eyes. “They get fucked hard.”

“That’s right baby, they get fucked hard.” Earl said unfastening his pants and freeing his raging erection then driving into her quivering body hard.

They both cried out in pleasure at the joining, Earl anchored her in place with his hands on her hips and began slamming in and out of her at a ferocious pace.

Gracie could only mewl her pleasure as Earl pounded her from one orgasm straight into another until the pleasure had no end.

With each orgasm Gracie sank deeper and deeper into the blow up mattress almost insensate with pleasure.

Then one of Earl’s hands fisted in her hair as his other arm wrapped her chest pulling her up to rest against his chest.

He tilted her head back and kissed her hard before asking, “Am I ever going to hear about fake-fuck-therapy again?”

“Actually the technical term is Dry Hump Therapy,” Gary said from his position against the wall.

Two pairs of eyes glared at him as Earl and Gracie shouted in unison, “Shut-up!”

Then Earl raised a brow at his wife, “Gracie?”

“No sir, never again.” She promised.

“Good girl, one more orgasm and I’ll take you home.” He told her as he released her hair and stroked his hand down her neck, over her belly and came to rest over her smooth mound.

“I don’t know if I can, ” she whimpered.

“You can and will do anything  I ask. Won’t you baby?” He asked as he caught her tender clit between two fingers as he began to pound in and out of her once more.

“Yes sir,” she wailed as he sent her over the edge one final time and shot his hot seed deep inside her womb while she shuddered in his arms.

Earl pulled out of his wife’s body and tucked himself back into his pants before dressing his exhausted wife. He scooped her high in his arms and stood turning to face Gary. “And that young man is how you connect with your wife effectively. ”

Gary nodded.

“Fair warning, if I ever catch you and your fake-fuckery any where near Gracie again I’ll break you in half.” Earl said reasonably as he carried his precious burden out the door.

“Understood, ” Gary said quickly closing and locking the door after them.

Earl looked down at his wife snuggled against his chest like a well fed kitten, “Ready to go home baby?”

Gracie grinned, “Absolutely daddy.”

A hard spanking and punishment anal on free Friday


Happy Friday!!! Pizza night! Movies or Supernatural with the fam! Hope everyone has a fabulous night! Happy reading! ~Mo

Love, Trust, Discipline

She sat staring at nothing…it had been such a stressful week and Tom had told her he was too busy to deal with her crap. Crap…that’s how his words made her feel like crap, like she was a total freak.

It’s all well and good if someone wants to be tied up and spanked during sex but tell people  you need and crave real discipline and they flip out. Surprisingly sometimes even in the bdsm community where you’d think it would be accepted.

It had been really hard to explain to Tom how much she needed real discipline, but she loved him so she’d taken the risk.  He’d seemed receptive to the idea and had even spanked her to tears a few times but now with that one word he’d blown her world apart.

She felt like crawling into hole and dying. To have been so close to a relationship that met all of her needs and the needs of her partner then feel as if it had been snatched away.

Tears filled her eyes as she remembered a conversation with a friend years ago, “What do you mean you need rules and discipline? You mean you like to role play?”

“No I mean I do better with structure and rules that are enforced by a dominant,” she’d explained.

Her friend had suddenly looked at her like she’d grown an extra head, “Enforced how?”

“With a spanking or even orgasm denial on occasion,” she was eager to get someone to understand the needs at her core; to find someone that got it…got her.

“So basically you want to be abused and stepped all over in your everyday life.” Her friend said flatly looking at her with dead eyes.

“No that’s not what I mean at all…it’s…” she began only to be cut off as her friend stood.

“I can’t listen to anymore of this. You need counseling.” Then she’d walked away without a backward glance.

She was afraid it was going to be the same thing with Tom, only the pain involved would be much, much worse.

The sound of the door opening pulled her from her reverie. “Hey baby I’m home.”

She slumped deeper into the couch and turned her face into it, she couldn’t deal with this right now.

“Baby?” he walked into the living room and she could almost feel his gaze sliding over her. “I know you’re awake. Why didn’t you answer me?”

She shrugged her shoulders but still didn’t speak or look his way.

“Callie Anne, you will look at me when I’m speaking to you,” Tom’s voice deepened sounding firm and unyielding.

She turned slowly around to face him, lifting her tear stained cheeks to look at him. “You can’t do that.” Callie said softly.

Tom frowned, then crossed to the couch lifting her up and sitting her stiff form on his lap, “Do what baby? Why have you been crying?”

“Tell me my needs are crap and then come in and act like you’re in charge. You either are or you aren’t,” Callie said, folding her arms across her chest and continuing to hold herself stiffly in his lap.  Then she looked up at him with a frown, “You made me feel like a freak.”

He caught her chin in his hand, “I have never said your needs were crap. Now this morning I told you I didn’t have time for your crap and I probably could have phrased myself better but I was on my way out the door and you were about to have a tantrum.  I love you little girl and I am more than capable of meeting your needs and handling bad behavior but I needed you to reign it in this morning. You are no more a freak than I am…you need your bottom busted on occasion but I need to bust your bottom so it sounds like a match made in heaven to me.”

She relaxed into him, “Really? I’m so glad…I was so scared.” Callie flung her arms around him and sank into his big body, letting his strength seep into her bones.  “I’m sorry I doubted you.”

He hugged her tight. “Its okay baby, I should have been clearer and I shouldn’t have said I didn’t have time to deal your crap at all. I don’t have time to deal with a tantrum would have been better. Do you forgive me?”

“Of course,” Callie said all smiles now that everything was right with her world.

“Good. Now that we have that out of the way, we need to talk about the way you’ve been acting this week and for the record. I have plenty of time to deal with your crap and you right now.” His deep voice sent shivers down her spine and made her bottom clench reflexively.

“But I thought we were good,” she said in a whiney tone as she began to fiddle with the buttons on his shirt.

“We are always good baby, but your behavior has not been good this week.” Tom said firmly. “Do you honestly think you’ve been a good girl?”

Her chin quivered, “No sir.”

“Can you tell me why?” He asked.

“I don’t know…I just got really stressed and I needed…well…I just…” Callie stopped lamely, chewing on her bottom lip.

“You needed a spanking?”

“Yes sir,” she said on a quivery sigh.

“Why didn’t you just ask for a spanking? You don’t have to get yourself in trouble, you could just say you need a stress relief spanking.” Tom said matter of factly.

“I’m sorry,” she said softly wishing she’d just told him what she needed rather than acting out.

“A little late to be sorry don’t you think? You’ve acted up all week when you knew I had a major presentation to prepare for the office,” he reminded her as he began to roll up his shirt sleeves.

“I didn’t mean to make your week harder I just…can I have a stress relief spanking?” she asked hopefully.

Tom actually laughed, “Good try but no cigar. You have earned yourself a humdinger of a punishment spanking…can you tell me what else happens to naughty little girls that act out?”

Callie gulped, “They get their asses punished inside out?”

“That’s right, tell me exactly what happens,” he instructed.

She blushed and felt herself getting wetter and wetter even as her bottom tingled in fear and anticipation. “They get their bare bottoms spanked hard and then they take it up the ass harder.”

“Good girl,” Tom said lifting her from his knee and pulling her pants and panties all the way off before tilting her over his lap. He wasted no time; the talking part of the conversation was apparently over as his hand came down hard and fast wringing soft yelps from between her lips.

“Ooooh…owww…not so hard…owwiee!” Callie whimpered as his hand continued to fall even harder without mercy, covering every inch of her bottom over and over again until she was sure it was the color of a ripe tomato.

“Are you going to be a good girl?” he asked.

“Yes sir! I swear I’ll be good!” she cried fervently only to cry out in dismay when he tipped her over even further and began to apply his hand to her left sit-spot with vigor. “Ohhh…please not the same place again…owww…not there…not there…ohhh!”

His hand fell in the exact same place at least twenty times before moving to the right side and giving it the same treatment. By the time he was through Callie was hanging limply over his lap sobbing.  He lifted her to stand between his legs cupping a sore bottom cheek in each hand.

“Look at me Callie Girl,” Tom said sternly.

“Yes Sir,” she said with a little choked sob.

“Are you going to be a good girl and ask me for what you need next time?” He asked.

“Yes sir…I promise I will,” Callie said earnestly.

He nodded and set her a little away from him, “What do you need to do now?”

She took a deep breath then walked to the side of the couch bending over yhe arm and reaching back to catch a cheek in each hand and spreading her ass wide open for him, “Please take my ass hard with your cock to help me to remember to be a good girl.”

Tom wasted no time and she felt the smooth broad head of his cock pressing against her shy hole almost before the words left her lips.  “Tell me again what happens to naughty girls.”

“They get it up the ass hard,” she whispered, groaning as she felt the burning stretch in her tender muscles as his thick cock began to sink inside her ass.  Pain and pleasure intermingled as he filled her slowly until finally he told her she could let go of her bottom and she felt his balls resting against the still hot flesh of her ass.

He was in so deep, her ass felt filled to capacity.

“Are you ready baby?” he asked, flexing his cock inside her and making them both groan.

“Yes sir. Please fuck my ass hard,” Callie asked breathlessly.

“Good girl asking for your punishment,” Tom said as he withdrew almost all the way then slammed back in hard. Again and again he hammered in and out of her tight ass.

Callie groaned, at first it was mostly painful but then it changed and she found herself pressing back to meet each thrust and begging for more. “Please…harder…yes…oooohooo…please!”

“Are you going to cum on my cock like a good girl? Are you gonna sqeeze you little ass down hard on Daddy’s cock?” he asked.

“Yes sir!” she cried as he hand snaked underneath her so he could tweak her clit as he pounded in and out of her. Suddenly Callie felt a chill start at the base of her spine and roll all the way up to her hairline. All she could do was wail in pleasure as it built and built inside her until suddenly everything exploded in an anal orgasm so intense her eyes almost rolled back in her head.

She shook with the intensity of the pleasure washing through her body, unable to even cry out in pleasure she was so overwhelmed. She heard Tom call out her name as he collapsed over her as he came making her shiver with pleasure as she felt the splash of his hot cum deep inside her ass.

Callie sighed, loving the feel of him on top of her, his cock still deep in her ass…she felt safe…complete…owned…loved.

Not like a freak at all.

Delia Grace is visiting with a panty melting excerpt from Beautifying Bernadette!


Bernie Douglas has spent her entire life feeling inferior. She has never been the perfect weight, had the perfect IQ, or caught the perfect guy. She has always been surrounded by beautiful people, high achievers and success, but she herself has decided she is destined to settle for her own mediocrity. So the day she is pulled over as she tries to multitask while driving, she isn’t truly shocked. However, the moment she meets the eyes of the policeman standing outside her car window, her entire life is turned upside down.

Bernie knows that Officer Levi Jackson is everything she is not; handsome, successful, and has the Midas touch. Everything he touches seems to flourish, and yet Bernie cannot accept that he truly wants her. No matter how she fights against his hold, she finds herself falling more and more in love with his overwhelming dominance and tender care.

Levi comes from a tight-knit family, his parents and siblings giving not only encouragement and support to one another, but helping those who come to their camp to learn that they are not worthless, that they all can fulfill their dreams. After a routine traffic stop, unable to stop thinking about the feisty, curvy woman behind the wheel, he learns that she wasn’t quite as honest with him as she’d promised. Despite her bravado, he sees a woman who is uncertain, not only about her physical appearance but about her very worth. He wants nothing more than to hold her close and teach her that she is exactly what he has been searching for his entire life… even if he has to hold her over his knees and redden her rear until she knows how very much she is loved.

Will his patient encouragement and consistent discipline be exactly what Bernie needs to get out of her rut? Or is she truly too broken to be of any use to anyone?

DISCLAIMER: This book contains the spanking of adult women and sexual scenes. It also deals with the desire to self-harm in the form of cutting. If any of these themes offend you, please do not purchase.

He performed the same loving assault on her back, every space feeling the loss of his lips and a slight chill when he moved on to the next. He smiled as he brushed her ass with his lips, happy to feel the heat still in them, a few slight marks from the spatula the day before. He made sure to kiss each of the marks several times and was rewarded with heavy sighs and moans of happiness from his maiden. He exhibited his own self control when he mildly nibbled the backs of her knees and he could see every part of her body straining to hold them still. He decided it would be mean to torture her. Today. But he would definitely be making use of that information, and filed it away for a later date. Kissing the soles of her feet once more her gently flipped her back.
Bernie was fluctuating between every nerve ending in her body screaming for release and feeling like a completely liquid pile of goo. She couldn’t even think anymore, just receive. She had never felt so wanted and desired. She did not know it was possible to be this cherished by another human being. Her eyes widened and she gave a sharp intake of air as he finally, finally, lowered his mouth onto her breast.
“OH GOD!” Her body rolled into an intense orgasm with a nip of his teeth on her nipple. She had never experienced an orgasm outside of clitorial stimulation and didn’t even know it was possible, but as it rolled through her she screamed in ecstasy, no time to ponder or second guess her body just took control.
As the intensity died down she looked into his eyes and whispered, “I’m sorry. I don’t think I was supposed to do that yet. But. . . Wow.”
Levi kissed her deeply on the lips and looked right back at her eyes. “That was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, Miss Douglas and I wouldn’t have changed a thing.”
Giving a devilish smile he sat back up. “But, I am not done yet.”
Wooo! Fanning myself…that was smoking! I’ve got to read immediately…just click the link to grab your copy today. You know you want to! Happy reading! ~Mo

It’s a spanky wolf menage on free Friday



It’s that time again! How about a little spanky wolf menage you start your Friday? Happy reading! ~Mo



She held her breath as the moon broke over the top of the trees, holding completely still in an effort to blend in to the rest of the night. It was silly really, they would find her; they could probably already smell her arousal where it was dripping down her inner thighs.


It was the night of the blue moon…the night to hunt and claim a mate. Two Alpha’s hunted her, her heart beat faster in anticipation…they would take her together and life would never be the same.


This was no ordinary mating, it was a triad.  When they all came together it would unite the pack. It was not a choice it was a matter of fate…she would submit to her Alphas and to her own nature, but first they hunted and earned the prize.


Peering around her, she thought she saw a flash of movement out of the corner of her eye and it startled her into darting out into the open. She heard the growl of triumph just before strong arms wrapped around her from behind and tumbled her to the ground.  He rolled with her taking the brunt of the fall, his body wrapping around hers.


She moaned at the feel of his flesh on hers, her body ached with the need to be possessed by both of her mates. She growled and nipped at his shoulder, instinct to free herself warring with the need to submit.


Another set of hands grabbed her wrists and pulled them above her head, “Enough of that little wolf, you are well and truly caught.”


She bit his wrist and was promptly rolled to her stomach and ten sharp swats applied to her upturned bottom.


“A bit of punishment first then brother before we take what belongs to us,” Merrick said with a growl as he lifted her by the shoulders to all fours.


A rumbled laugh sounded behind her just before Saber nipped her left bottom cheek and spread her wide, “A bit of pain and pleasure I believe brother.”


Saber forced her legs wide and pressed the broad tip of one finger against her anus, Elli whimpered softly as his finger shoved deep breaching her tender ass. “That’s it…this is what happens to naughty little mates.”


Merrick’s thick cock appeared in front of her face as Saber’s finger began to thrust in and out of her tender hole, suddenly she was ravenous for the taste of him and she opened her lips wide.


“Good girl,” he rasped as he pushed the head of his cock into her mouth. Elli groaned taking him hungrily, licking and sucking as the taste of his precum filled her mouth.


Saber added a second finger to her ass, stretching her anew and making her moan as he began to spank her hard.

“Good little wolves submit to their mates, Elli girl. No more fighting, you will take everything we give you and beg for more.” Saber said as he applied another volley of swats hard and fast that left her gasping around Merrick’s cock.


He pulled his fingers free from her ass then she felt the head of his cock at her weeping entrance, she moaned encouragement as Merrick began to thrust deeper into her throat.


Saber held her hips still and lunged inside her to the hilt with one hard thrust bringing his balls flush against her body. She was impaled on their cocks, pinned between them.


“Now little wolf we will show you what it means to be ours,” Merrick growled, fisting her hair in his hand as he began to thrust in and out of her mouth while Saber took her heated core in tandem.


Though she gagged around Merrick’s length and girth she relished his possession. Tears flowed from her eyes as his thrusts got deeper and deeper. Her body clamped down on Saber as he pounded in and out of her as if desperate not to let him go.


Suddenly everything within her tightened down and then released like a taunt bow string as she came hard with a muffled scream. Merrick groaned and shot his hot seed down her throat as Saber’s splashed off her inner walls.


They flipped her to her back as they pulled free of her body, she gasped as her tender bottom came in contact with the hard ground. Her men switched places Saber kneeling over her chest and pressing his reawakened cock to her lips, “Lick me clean Elli.”


She opened her mouth for him eager to taste herself on his cock. Elli moaned with pleasure at the taste of her essence and his seed sucking and licking him clean as Merrick spread her legs wide and sank his tongue into her still pulsing channel.


He groaned at the taste sending vibrations straight to her clit as he devoured her like a starving man.


Merrick licked her hard, spearing his tongue inside her as if to catch every drop of her arousal. Elli came screaming around Saber’s cock as Merrick’s tongue curled against some special hidden spot inside her.


Her body felt almost too sensitive but they gave her no respite, Saber pulled free from her mouth and began to feast on her tender nipples, pinching one hard as he sucked the other deep into the heated cavern of his mouth.


Merrick’s mouth surrounded her clit and he sucked hard as he slammed three fingers deep inside her wet core.


The combination of Saber’s attention on her breasts and Merrick between her thighs was too much; building into something she was sure would be more than she could take.

“Wait! I can’t!” she wailed.


“You can,” Saber told her firmly. “You will…you will take everything we give you and when you are weeping from cumming beneath our tongues and cocks the pleasure almost painful…you will cum so more if we demand it.”


Her back bowed as another orgasm took her body with the strength of a tsunami. Then Saber lifted her to straddle his thighs and impaled her on his huge cock, his big hands cupping a sore bottom cheek in each hand and spreading her wide for Merrick.


Elli gave a little mew of pleasure pain as the thick head of Merrick’s cock breached her tender hole and then sank deep. They filled her completely…her tender ass muscles stretching wide to take him making her pussy even tighter around Saber.


They worked in tandem one thrusting in while the other thrust in, until she was chanting their names as she came again and again around their pounding cocks. They gave her no mercy, forcing her from peak to peak with no pause between until the pleasure was so intense it was almost painful.


Ellie was so lost in a haze of pleasure she thought she would surely die, then Merrick caught her breasts in his hands and begin to tweak her nipples as Saber caught her clit between two fingers, sending her need spiraling once more.


They changed their rhythm both pounding inside her together making her feel impossibly full as they hammered in harder and harder, then she screamed as she exploded. The head of Saber’s cock pounding into her cervix with every inward thrust hitting some delicious spot deep inside while Merrick’s cock hit the same spot from inside her ass.


The orgasm was so intense Elli’s head fell back as everything went white, they both lunged deep one final time and she could feel the heat of their seed as they filled her with their cum.


She was pinned, limp between them completely spent and irrevocably changed. She was theirs and she couldn’t think of anything more she wanted to be.

Susannah Shannon is here with a hot spanky excerpt from her new book, Rendered


Rendered by Susannah Shannon

“Note to self, thought Cass, “Spanx don’t protect you from spanks…”
“Cass may be the cook, but Killian wields the wooden spoon.”
If you can’t stand the heat…
Cass and her beloved Killian are in Chicago filming her new cooking show. Being the star of her own TV show does not keep Cass Harper-Nelson from being herself which means she flies by the seat of her (often rather toasty) pants. Her wit and down-to-earth manner has her making new friends and embracing a former enemy when she goes head to head with an adversary from her past.
How does a conflicted, feisty submissive embrace all that life has to offer while dueling with Men’s Rights Activists? Trust her loving husband to make sure the beloved cook learns what happens when you jump out of the frying pan into the fire.
Friends from Slick Trench, Alaska, visit and a new venture is embraced. Rendered features all the love, heat, belly laughs and scrumptious recipes that are a feature of the Cass series.

DISCLAIMER: This book contains the spanking of adult women.


“Bend over the bed and wait for your husband.”
Oh my. She stretched her back—she had a kink between her shoulders. The thought made
her giggle. “Kink in my ass, more like it.” She hesitated. She was still dressed, but he hadn’t told
her to do anything about it. She grabbed a pillow and lay across it allowing her bottom to crest
sky high. She had to to stand on her toes to do this. Very vulnerable indeed. His thigh pressed
against her. “Good girl, very good girl.” He smoothed her skirt over her curves. HIs hands roved
over her and then with a suddenness that stole her breath, a hard spank landed on her left cheek.
He moved all over her bottom, hard and fast. She tried to control her breathing, to relax into it.
To surrender. How could something you wanted so much be so hard to do? Her ass was getting
hot and it was getting harder not to squirm. She was beginning to think she couldn’t take
anymore when he suddenly stopped. He helped her stand. He kissed along her neck. He stripped
her. Efficiently and quietly.
Not a word was spoken. Her shirt and bra were tossed onto the chair. Skirt yanked down.
Panties peeled off. He kissed the side of her waist, taking his time moving the flat of his tongue
over her curves. He lifted her back unto the bed and buried his face between her legs, claiming
her with his mouth. She tried to be ladylike, but she failed, grinding up against him begging for
release. He gave it to her and she rode the orgasm like a tsunami. Her head was still spinning
when he turned her back over the pillow, her legs stretched out behind her. He kissed between
her shoulder blades, nipping the center cleft. His hands moved under her, cupping her breasts and
tweaking her nipples. She shuddered with desire. He settled on the edge of the bed and reached
over her. She felt the paddle make a circle on her flesh. The first slap was feather light. He was
arousing, not correcting. Little whaps against her warm skin. The leather grew warm and melded
with her skin, glowing. She was glowing, she felt it. Radiance poured from her heart, and
through her pussy. She felt her energy pulsing like the tide. She was aware of her connection to
her man and their being nestled by the universe. Love was powerful and she loved him so so
much. She became aware of Killian rubbing her back. “Cass? Baby? You with me?”
She nodded. She was on the edge of something huge. “More,” she whispered. “Please,
please. More.”

Yummy, now that was delicious! I’ve already got my copy. Have you gotten yours? Happy reading! ~Mo

TGIF!!!! Free Friday is here again!

Once again another week rolls by…TGIF…have a fantabulous weekend and as always, happy reading! ~Mo


Safe Haven

I ached…I missed the feel of your arms around me…the touch of your hand on my face…once you filled my world with sunshine and laughter…I was left with emptiness and a hollow feeling that echoed through my soul.

I stood alone at the edge of your grave, staring at the stone I picked so carefully for you…my love…my best friend…my Dom.  People asked me how I was doing…did I need help with anything…they don’t understand I lost more than my husband.

I’d been cast adrift…floating through and angry sea without an anchor. I was lost…lost and sad…I’d been alone so long.

I knelt at the foot of your headstone…rubbing a hand over the smooth cool marble, my fingers sinking into your name etched across it abrading my fingers…a bit of roughness to go with the smooth…not unlike you.

A soft smile came over me as I remembered, the feel of your firm hand applying much needed discipline to my posterior. Lord but I’d missed that too…you taking me firmly in hand then reminding me who I belonged to…I could almost feel you filling me and a pulse springs to life between my legs in answer to the sensory memory.

I shook my head to chase away the memories that I could completely lose myself in if allowed it. Today is for the living.

I allowed myself to stay with you in the past for almost five years but then I met him, Callum…he decided to help me wake up from the dream of you.

“You can’t live in the past little one…his ghost cannot keep you warm or spank that naughty bottom when you need it,” he’d told me.

At first he made me angry…I didn’t want to let go of you…I still needed you…but slowly he began to get through to me; reminding me that you would not have wanted this for your babygirl.

You would have wanted me to go on living and loving as hard as it was to face.

“You would like Callum,” I said softly, the sound of my voice sounding strange in this sacred place. “He’s a lot like you. He’s handsome and loves to laugh but knows when I need to be taken in hand as well. He might even spank harder than you.”

I blushed when I voiced that thought aloud and looked around nervously in case someone had come upon me to visit their beloved. I was relieved to find myself still alone with you. Callum waited for me in the car but I knew he would give me all the time I needed.

“We got married today,” I choked up on those words…not because I was unhappy with Callum…I loved him just as much as I loved you…but the words were like the final nail in your coffin. Our time was at an end.
Though we said goodbye long ago…it suddenly felt very fresh. I was no longer yours…I was his…you would never be forgotten but I had to move on…to live.

“Goodbye my love,” I said quietly, pressing a kiss to my fingertips and laying them against your name.  Then I drew myself up to walk towards my future…my Callum.


You looked over at me as I slid into the car next to you, “You okay baby?”

I teared up suddenly feeling as fragile as a snowflake drifting towards the earth. You opened your arms and I flung myself across the car into them. “I don’t know why I’m crying.”

You smiled against my hair as you rocked me gently against you, your warm hard body filling me with your strength. “Saying goodbye is always hard baby, and it’s okay to cry…to feel…it doesn’t alter what you feel for me or what we have. That’s the wonderful thing about love…it stretches and grows the more you give the more you have.”

I relaxed against you, I had to be the luckiest woman on the planet…you understood me so completely; everything would be okay. I would always love Jacob but he was my past, a sweet memory but you were my now…my future and you were right there was plenty of room in my heart for you both.

“I know exactly what you need,” you told me as you put the car in drive and pulled away from the curb.

I leaned back in my seat content in the knowledge that you would care for me and give me whatever it was I needed even when I didn’t know what that was, “Good.”

When we arrived home, you ushered me into the house with your hand in the small of my back.  You led me straight to the back of the couch and bent me over it. I looked at you over my shoulder with a puzzled frown. “Why?”

You smiled reassuringly at me, “Because it’s what you need.”

Then you pulled my pants and panties down and completely off, leaving me bare from the waist down to the cool air of the room. I felt goose bumps spring up on my skin…whether in response to you or the temperature I wasn’t sure.

Your hand skimmed lightly over my upturned bottom leaving a delicious shiver in its wake before the warmth of your skin left and returned hard and fast with a resounding slap that echoed throughout the house.

“Owwww!” I yelped, barely registering the pain of the first swat before it was followed with several more that left me gasping for air. You were spanking me almost as hard as you would in punishment and soon you had to place your other hand in the small of my back to keep me in position. Again and again your hand fell until I sank into the couch cushions beneath my belly and gave a wail of surrender…sobbing in sorrow and in joy for today they went hand in hand.

Then you spread me open and filled me with your cock, stretching me open almost painfully as you drove inside to the hilt. I moaned at the pleasure and pain of our joining, while at first my inner muscles protested the intrusion they quickly softened around you accepting you and welcoming you home.

You took me hard, hammering into me so deep that when I exploded around you I felt the orgasm deep in my womb. I shivered with delight when you followed me and your hot seed splashed against my inner walls.

When our breathing slowed you pulled free and lifted me in your arms carrying me to our bedroom where you laid me on my back and came down over me.

I looked up at you, your hands cupping the back of my head. “I love you, more than you could ever know.”

Your words rolled over me, caressing me deep inside and soothing my soul. You were my safe haven…my anchor…you held me in the palm of your hand.