A spanking in the rain for free Friday


I hope you have a wondermous Friday and an even better weekend! I am frantically trying to finish my revisions for The Reawakening of Aurora Kane a d get them back to my editor so this weeks story is a repeat but its a hot one! Happy reading! ~ Mo

Surrendering Her All

She stood naked in the rain, waiting a wet blind fold across her eyes as the tears of the sky caressed her skin. He was there she could feel him, but he didn’t touch her.

She shivered, the heat of his skin played across her breasts without making contact before moving down her sides…she knew his hands were a hairbreadth from her body but still he didn’t touch.

A whimpering sigh escaped her lips as she fought the temptation to strain towards him, but she held position. Her arms secured to a tree branch above her head.

She needed his touch so badly she ached, “Please…”

“Shhhh…,” he admonished delivering a series of searing swats to her wet bottom that left her gasping for air. A hard arm came across her abdomen pulling her hips out as he continued to spank her hard and fast.

She moaned and turned her fast to rest against her arm as the heat and sting in her bottom seemed to ignite the already burning need between her thighs into a living thing. She could no longer tell what was from the rain and what was from the slick heat leaking from her core.

He spun her to face him and slid a hard thigh between her legs lifting her to sit on his leg as he plucked at her nipples, pulling them to stretch them slightly away from their plump base.

She arched her neck and cried out as he used her nipples and his leg to work her up and down his thigh, the slight pain wrapped in pleasure as he continued pressing against her swollen clit.

Then he lifted her slightly, wrapping her legs around his waist and impaled her on his thick cock as he took one tender nipple in his mouth and sucked as if he would swallow her whole.

The sensations were almost more than she could take, “I can’t!” She wailed.

He began raining another barrage of swats down on her vulnerable ass, each swat driving her down and rocking her on his cock and sending jolt after jolt of pleasure through her needy center.

The pleasure curled into a knot within her belly and wound tighter and tighter until she thought her muscles would snap in two; just before she went over the edge he lifted her off him and turned her body away as he lightly stroked a soothing hand down her sides.

Her body was one sweet ache of need, she craved his possession and the pleasure it would bring more than her next breath.

“Please…oh…please,” she cried.

“Who is in control of your pleasure?” he asked, as he bit lightly down on the spot where her neck and shoulder sending a hard shudder through her in response.

“You do,” she whimpered.

“When do you cum?” he asked, licking the area he’d nipped and nibbling a path down her shoulder. He held her with her back pressed flush against his chest, his hard cock nestling against her hot ass.

“When you tell me too,” was her soft answer as she sank into him, the rain now feeling cool against her overheated flesh. Not being able to see only added to the intensity of the sensations rioting through her body.

He lifted her slightly again, letting one of her legs fall over his thigh as he thrust into her from behind, one hand cupping a breast so he could pluck at her nipple as the other arm wrapped low so his fingers could sink between her wet lips and worry her swollen little nub.

He hammered in and out of her body, his thick hot cock filling her completely as its broad head bottomed out against her cervix.

A high cry of wanton need signaled her complete surrender, she gave up her last vestige of control embracing her submission and all it entailed.

There was no need to think or worry…she let go of everything, immersing herself in the sensations bombarding her body…losing herself in the moment and the untold pleasure found there…

He pressed her clit down so his cock rubbed against it as he pounded in and out of her silken heat while his fingers continued to stroke it from the other side. Higher and higher he drove her until every muscle in her body seemed to tighten at once.

“Cum! Give me what belongs to me!” he commanded and she exploded around him screaming his name into the night as the pleasure took her and remade her into something new.


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Sterling Scott and Sahalie Blue are in the house to talk about spanking saucy maids!


Sterling Scott and Sahalie Blue are here to talk about their new book, A Sterling Maid for You! A spanking clean house guaranteed! Sounds like the perfect service!

A Sterling Maid for You

Amazon buy link:

Marketing Blurb:

A swish of sweetness with a dusting of spice.

Cleaning was never this much fun. This collection of five romantic spanking fantasies showcases the erotic adventures of lively, but errant maids in the employ of Tanya Sterling’s house cleaning company: Sterling Maids.

Tanya has promised exemplary service to her customers. When her sexy, spunky maids are delinquent in their work and derelict in their duties, Tanya and her clients have a special way of dealing with the business at hand.


In story one, The Man of the House, maid Maria and Mark Sterling, Tanya’s author husband, both find out how the boss-lady deals with lazy birds-of-a-feather when their work is not up to her standards. Will she tan their hides?

In story two, Two Maids and a Feather Duster, maid Meg, her boyfriend Sam, and her best girlfriend Willow discover that pleasure can be found from a swish of the feather duster. Will the threesome enjoy the sensual delights of each other?

In story three, Maid in a Tub, maid Madison finds a special thrill in taking a bath. Madison is up to her neck in trouble when Tanya discovers her up to her neck in bubbles. Will Tanya clean up?

In story four, A Helping Hand, maid Jocelyn falls under the strict supervision of proper British butler and former prefect Malcolm Chippingham. He trains her in the art of housekeeping and of lovemaking. Will his helping hand — and his cane — correct her nervous, inept ways?

In story five, To Catch a Maid, maid Kelly is a catch for any man. When she is accused of stealing a family heirloom from Mr. Grant’s house, Tanya must expose the real thief to prove Kelly’s innocence. Will Mr. Grant fall for Kelly, crook or no?



Jocelyn noticed, as he approached her that he was swishing a thin, flexible piece of wood through the air. And, while his countenance was stern, his eyes twinkled.

“Um, is that what I think it is?” she asked.

“Why, yes, my dear. It is one of my old canes,” the butler responded.

Her heart started beating faster and her breathing became shallower. Her nipples started to swell and her bottom tingled. “What do you intend to do with it?”

“Your last comment was highly uncalled for. And, I think your attitude needs improving.”

Standing, she drew herself up to her full height and put her hands on her hips.

“My attitude is just fine, thank you very much.”

He did not say a word as he slowly, deliberately rolled up his shirt sleeves. His stare and his raised eyebrow told her what was to come. She had gone too far. She knew there was nowhere to run and no place to hide. His strong hands reached out to turn her around and bend her over at the waist.

She jumped involuntarily from his touch on the small of her back. She shivered as he lifted her skirt and slowly pulled her panties down to her ankles. The cool air raised goosebumps on her naked flesh. She sputtered, “What are you doing? Stop that!” However, she did not resist him.

He inhaled sharply and then cleared his throat. “Your complaining will do neither of us any good. I intend to help you see the wisdom of having a positive attitude. My dear woman, you are much too tense. I think four mild strokes from the cane should impart the message, plus help you relax.”

“No, please, Malcolm, I promise I won’t complain anymore. You don’t have to do this.” Even as she begged, her lady bits began to itch with anticipation.

“Ah, but I do. You must have heard of the saying What hurts you today, makes you stronger tomorrow. Now, step out of your panties,” he demanded. “Bend over, hands on your shins, knees as straight as you can and feet together. As long as you follow my instructions, we can get this business over with quickly.”

About the Authors:

Sahalie Blue was born and raised in the Midwestern US along the shores of Lake Michigan. She now lives in the Pacific Northwest, treasuring the great outdoors of her new home.

Sahalie loves hiking in the region’s majestic Cascade Mountains, dense mossy forests and sagebrush-filled deserts. Her revered, special place is Sahalie Falls, a roaring waterfall that pounds the McKenzie River into a rainbowed mist.

She’s been married for several years to a computer guy who loves to tell jokes. She appreciates laugh-out-loud moments. She enjoys reading just about anything, but mysteries, romances, and science fiction are her favorites. She is passionate about expressing her thoughts and feelings in her writing.

Sterling Scott writes of his imagined adventures within the backdrop of actual historical events. While some of his stories are more fictional than others, he likes to entwine real events into a new version of how it should have happened. Additionally, he includes experiences from his life and those friends who have shared events with him.

When not writing, Sterling travels the highways and visits his children. He spends a lot of time playing with his first grandchild.

A Vampire finds his mate on free Friday


Yay Friday!!! Here’s hoping you have a fantastic weekend! Happy reading! ~Mo

His Brandiwine


Brandi shivered as she followed Callie through the room’s smokey interior.  Even for a bar it was extremely dark, the people they walked past watching them unnervingly. No one seemed to blink as they stared.


She didn’t know why she’d allowed Callie to talk her in to this; vampires…the things that went bump in the night. Everyone knew they were real now but in her wildest dreams Brandi had never imagined actually seeking the creatures out.


Callie had been determined though; Brandi relented when her friend said if she wouldn’t go with her she’d just go alone. So now they were wandering around a bar that catered to the undead. Nosferatu.


Surely two humans were better than one in this situation. She shivered again, she felt like a chicken walking around a bunch of starving picnickers.


“I might as well be wearing a sign that says dinner’s served,” Brandi muttered under her breath.


A strong but cold arm suddenly wrapped around her middle and pulled her backwards against an unyielding chest, “What a lovely invitation my dear.”


She almost screamed when he buried his face in the hair on the nape of her neck and took a long sniff. “You smell absolutely delicious.”


“Please…please let me go,” she whimpered, more frightened than she had ever been in her life.


He spun her to face him, pulling her in close and dancing with her across the floor as if they were lovers. His dark eyes holding hers prisoner as they seemed to almost float in circles as if to some music only he could hear.


It was strange, she felt trapped in his gaze. She couldn’t look away…couldn’t speak but she was completely aware. “If you don’t want this my dear you need to say no now.  I find it difficult to stop once I start to feed.”


He told her smiling deliberately and showing her his needle sharp fangs. Her terror was complete, she couldn’t scream or move but her heart beat like a wild thing in her breast.  He enjoyed her terror; she could see it in his cold dead eyes.


He threw his head back and laughed as if she’d told him something funny and continued to twirl ever faster in the air with her planted firmly against him.


“My name is Raphael,” he told her in low cultured tones that somehow chilled her blood even more. “I do think it’s rude to eat without introducing myself.” He leaned in close and sniffed her again, closing his eyes as if in ecstasy.


His eyes popped back open before she could recover her voice, trapping her inside her own mind once again. “That piquant scent of fear…it adds such a delightful hint of spice to the blood.”


Not even a whimper escaped her but she felt big fat tears rolling down her cheeks. She didn’t want to die anonymously in this awful place, like a human cow.


“Let her go Ralph,” a commanding voice spoke from right next to them.


Ralph? She thought hysterically, she was going to be eaten by a vampire named Ralph?


“It’s Raphael you asshole,” the vampire holding her hissed.


“It’s Ralph, I refuse to call you Raphael because you’ve decided it makes you more elegant to your victims,” the other voice sounded almost bored.


“Do you hear her protesting? Telling me no?” Ralph asked.


“You have her trapped in your gaze and you’d do well to remember who you’re talking to puppy.” The voice hardened, the command in it was implicit.


“Fine,” Ralph said petulantly before letting Brandi go suddenly.


She got her voice back almost immediately allowing her to scream as she realized they had been spinning around the room at least twenty feet in the air and began the rapid decent towards the floor below.


Her rescuer snatched her out of the air before she could land in a tangle of broken limbs, holding her close as he lowered them slowly to the floor, “You foolish, foolish little girl.”


He scolded her as their feet touched down, Brandi found herself caught in a vampire’s gaze for the second time that night, this time stern green eyes captured her own.


“I ought to give you the spanking you deserve for putting yourself in harm’s way,” he told her, obviously very unhappy with her.


Brandi felt a spark of annoyance. “Thank you for saving me Mr…Mr…Mr?”


“You may call me Caleb,” he told her magnanimously as if he’d granted her a boon.


She pushed away and glared up at him, “Thank you for saving me Mr. Caleb, but I am not a child to be threatened with childish punishments!”


“I assure you I haven’t no desire to treat you like a child and it would be no child’s punishment you would receive from me,” Caleb said, leaning down until they were almost nose to nose.


The sudden flood of wetness in her panties caused her cheeks to flush and made her react with uncharacteristic anger given the fact he’d just saved her life. Brandi kicked him in the shin then turned to walk away.


She didn’t even make a step before he swooped in and snatched her into the air with one arm, as he tossed her over his shoulder.


“Put me down asshole!” Brandi hollered when she found herself suddenly dangling upside down over his shoulder.


He patted her lightly on her upturned bottom, “Language, young lady…you’re already in trouble.”


“You can’t just decide I’m in trouble,” she spluttered.


“Really? I missed that memo because you little girl need taking in hand,” Caleb said as he made his way through the throng of vampires watching  their exchange with an air of bored amusement.


“Firstly, I am not a little girl and secondly, I really need to make sure my friend Callie is okay,” Brandi chewed her lip worriedly. What if another vampire looking for some fast food snatched Callie?


“Callie being the cute little blonde you came in with?” he asked.


It was really weird holding a conversation while dangling over a man’s shoulder, she tried to raise up and crane her neck to the side so she could see him but a firm hand pressed her back down. “Would you let me down so I can find Callie?”


“No. You and I have unfinished business and Callie is fine. A friend of mine has her safely in hand as well. That little girl needs a good lesson too.” Caleb said as he walked into a dark room with her still slung over his shoulder.


“Unfinished business? A good lesson?” she asked suddenly alarmed to find herself standing on her feet in front of him again…alarmed and embarrassingly aroused.


“You will find I do not allow my bride to put herself at risk like this young lady,” Caleb said as he caught her firmly by the arm and led her over to a couch across from the office desk.


“Bride?” Brandi asked incredulously.


“You think I do not see how your body responds to mine? It already prepares for my possession,” he told her with a grin that turned her knees to jelly.


“It does not!” She protested in outrage.


“Dearling I can smell you…your arousal…your body’s need for mine,”  Caleb leaned down to whisper in her ear; sending a shiver through her spine.


“I do not smell!” Brandi yelled.


“I love the smell of your body’s need…it’s intoxicating,” he told her.


She blushed both mortified and turned on, “Don’t say things like that!”


“I will always be forthright regarding my need and desire for you,” Caleb promised as he sat down and pulled her to stand between his legs. “Before we can discuss our mutual desire further you and I have something to talk about.”


Brandi blushed as he pulled her skirt up then tipped her face down over his lap, she’d imagined scenes like this in her head but never thought to actually experience it. She knew she should resist but this might be her only chance to get a spanking.


When his fingers hooked in her panties she had to protest, “Wait no you can’t!”


“All spankings are given on the bare bottom, little girl.” He told her implacably before pulling her panties to her knees and baring her to his gaze. “What a lovely bottom you have…it will be even prettier when I paint it red.”


He patted her rear almost affectionately then asked, “Why are we here?”


“Here in this office? In the club? Or are we talking in the metaphysical, cosmic kind of sense?” Brandi asked archly.


Her reward was a volley of sharp swats to her bottom that left her gasping for air.


“When I ask you a question young lady you will answer respectfully without attitude,” Caleb told her firmly. “Why are you here over my lap?”


“Because you put me here,” she said sullenly.

Another volley of even harder swats followed this time, ten in row to her left sit spot and another ten on the right. Each swat fell in the exact same place by the time he was finished with the round her bottom was on fire and tears were gathering behind her eyes.


“Now are you ready to tell my why you are getting your bare bottom spanked like a naughty child?” he asked.


Brandi sniffed, “Because I put myself at risk.”


“Much better,” Caleb said running his hand lightly across the heated flesh of her ass. It was all she could do not to arch into his hand. “And?”


“I shouldn’t have come to a vampire bar,” she said softly.


“Very good, do you realize what would have happened to you earlier had I not arrived?” he asked her.


“Ralph would have eaten me,” Brandi said with a shudder of distaste.


“He would have completely drained you and left your body in an alley like a discarded and broken doll,” Caleb told her with a certainty that chilled her blood.


“I didn’t know it would be so dangerous…unwise and a little risky but not dangerous,” she told him earnestly.


“How could vampires be anything but dangerous?” he asked incredulously. “It was beyond foolish for your girls to come here tonight. Neither of you would have left here…you would have just been used up and dumped like garbage.”


“I’m sorry Caleb,” Brandi said softly beginning to realize just how lucky she was he’d come along.


“You will be. By the time I finish with you, little girl I can assure you that you won’t take foolish chances with your life again,” Caleb said with firm resolve clear in his voice.


“Wait! You already spanked me!” she cried as she felt the weight of his hand leave her backside.


“That was for your refusal to answer me properly, we haven’t even begun your punishment spanking,” he told her as he brought his hand down hard and fast.


“Oowwww…ooohhoooo…owwww,” Brandi yelped as his hand fell again and again. She’d only thought he was spanking her hard before, his hand fell so fast she couldn’t keep count. She could only writhe and try to avoid his hard palm.

Caleb held her in place easily, giving her a spanking she’d remember every time she sat for the next week. He brought her bottom from pink to red from red to scarlet, not stopping until she hung limply over his laps sobbing out her apologies.


Her bottom felt hot enough to heat the entire club, Brandi was so caught up in her misery she didn’t even notice the spanking was over until she found herself straddling Caleb’s thighs.


She seemed to have lost her panties sometime during the spanking so her wet heat rode the seam of his jean making her want to grind against him. Caleb’s big hands each cupped a sore bottom cheek, as she buried his face against his chest, embarrassed by her loss of control.


“Look at me dearling,” he instructed her in a tone that belied argument.


Brandi looked up at him, her cheeks still damp from tears. “I’m sorry I took such a chance and then gave you attitude after you save me.” She blurted it fast a flush filling her face.


Caleb smiled and kissed the tip of her nose, “All is forgiven dear one. Just don’t ever take such a chance again.”


She felt all warm inside at his words, “Yes sir.”


He began to rock her gently against the ridge in his jeans, she could feel his cock hard pressing against the zipper. The pressure against her clit was delicious, she moaned as he rocked her harder and harder…the heat in her bottom combining with the delightful throb in her clit until she stiffened with a little scream and shuddered against him.


“Beautiful,” he murmured into her ear before shifting her off his lap and onto her back. Caleb smiled down at her as he spread her legs wide and then lowered his head. His hands still cupped her ass as he buried his face between her thighs.


The first touch of his tongue was electric, he licked up and down her slit lightly rimming her heated core before making a wide circle around her clit. It felt so good all she could manage was a little mewling cry of pleasure…then he zeroed in and sucked her clit into his mouth worrying it with his tongue at the same time.


She came when he thrust two fingers inside her hard, “Caleb!” She cried his name her fingers wrapped in his hair as if it could anchor her in this maelstrom of pleasure.


He brought her off again and again, until her cries became hoarse and raspy, “I think you can cum one more time for me Brandi-wine.” Caleb said as he sank a finger into her ass while lightly scraping a fang over the tip of her clit.


Brandi came so hard she saw starbursts, her body clamping down hard on his fingers and milking them greedily. Her entire body was alive with pleasure, there wasn’t a place he hadn’t touched her…a place she couldn’t feel him. She stiffened as his fangs rubbed back and forth across her femoral artery, amazed at the shudder of pleasure it sent through her.


Caleb raised his head and smiled at her as he coasted up her body to kiss her deeply, He drank her in as if she was the finest of wines, making her feel both consumed and cherished.


Brandi was helpless to do anything but respond, her tongue stroking his as it moved in and out of her mouth as if mapping the territory he’d claimed as his own.


He lifted his head slowly, reluctantly. “I would never bite  you without your consent Brandi-wine and I won’t fully claim you until you decide you want to spend eternity with me.”


She looked up at him in bemusement, “You just practically made an eight course meal of me.”


“That I did little one, but I didn’t bite you or use anything but my tongue and hands.  When I claim you, you will have chosen me and you will beg for my cock.” Caleb told her firmly, before rising and helping her up.


She stood on shaky legs as he smoothed down her skirt and helped her step into the panties she’d apparently kicked over by the far wall.


He grinned at the blush that filled her cheeks when she spotted them.


Once she was back in some semblance of order he held out his hand, “Come I will see you home safely.”


“Home? But I thought…” Brandi stammered to a halt as he shook his head.


“I want you to go home and think about what becoming my mate for eternity means love…then make your decision. You know where to find me.” Caleb told her as he led her outside.


He lifted her in his arms and in what seemed like the blink of an eye they were standing on her porch.


“How?” she asked, shocked.


“I teleported us,” Caleb said matter of factly.


“Vampires can teleport?” Brandi asked incredulously.


“Not all of us dearling, but that’s a story for another time. I will return for your decision on Friday. Inside with you, it’s almost sunrise and I would see you safe behind a locked door before I take my leave.” He said firmly, turning her with a swat.


She gasped as the one swat seemed to reawaken the throb in her butt. Hurrying inside she locked the door behind her wanting to avoid further discipline.


Looking through the window she saw Caleb was gone. Was it only her imagination that she heard a faint “good girl” in the wind?




Brandi woke with an aching throb of need between her thighs, her body still thrumming from the pleasure Caleb had given her the night before but still the ache for more was real.


She slipped a hand between her legs and sank two fingers deep into her wet heat.  She rubbed the knuckle of her thumb against her clit as she drove her fingers in and out hard.


It didn’t take long before she came hard throwing her head back with Caleb’s name on her lips.


Brandi fell back against the mattress her wet hand on her stomach as she thought about Caleb. She needed him.


She was afraid in her apartment alone, the emptiness seemed to echo around her…emptiness she was beginning to understand only he could fill.  Caleb could fill all her empty places.


He would love and cherish her…discipline her…he would be her whole world and she would be his.


Brandi just had to decide if she was ready to give herself completely…her body already accepted Caleb as its master…her mind was another matter entirely.


She looked around her small apartment, the walls barren of pictures. She didn’t really have any ties. Her parents were gone and there was no other family to speak of…she was alone.


Sure there were a handful of friends but no one she could really count on. Brandi knew instinctively she could count on Caleb, he would hold her close and be her buffer from life’s storms…her shelter and in return she would be his.


The decision was made and Friday was too long to wait.


The day was the longest Brandi could ever remember experiencing. She waited impatiently for the sun to go down so she could go back to the club.


She was there the minute the doors opened, walking into the smoky interior her eyes scanning the throng of vampires for Caleb. She frowned, walking through the throng of humans and vampires looking for the one face she didn’t see.


“Well…well…well if it isn’t my little escaped pigeon from last night,” she heard his voice just as he wrapped his hand around her arm in a punishing grip and spun her to face him.


“Ralph,” Brandi said nervously.


He growled low under his breath as he leaned down to glare at her, “It’s Raphael! I’m not sure why I’m arguing with my food. You’re thoughts are immaterial.”


“I belong to Caleb!” she blurted.


Ralph leaned in close and shoved his face into her hair sniffing all along her neck up to her ear, “You don’t have his scent nor do you wear his collar therefore I don’t believe you little girl. You’re just trying to escape your fate. Caleb might have saved you once but he won’t a second time. You were stupid to return.”


He pulled her tight against him, this time not bothering to subdue her mentally and enjoying her fear as she fought in vain to pull away. He laughed in her face rearing his head back to expose his fangs as he prepared to strike.


Brandi screamed, “Noo!!!” It was unfair, she’d found the man of her dreams and it would all be for naught because she’d been foolish.


She actually felt his hot breath on her neck before he was jerked away from her and flung against the far wall. Vampires and humans alike scattered nervously out of the way.


“You dared to touch my mate?” Caleb roared as he stood over the fallen vampire.


Ralph scrambled to get away, “She doesn’t have your scent isn’t marked or collared man! I didn’t know!”


“Did I not tell you to leave her alone just last evening?” Caleb asked.


“But…she was alone and unprotected…I thought…” Ralph’s voice trembled in fear.


“Thinking has never been your strong suit. Maddox!” Caleb barked and a tall powerfully built Vampire was suddenly next to him. “Take him to a cell below. I will deal with him later, now I must deal with my mate.”


Brandi shivered at his words, her bottom clenching almost of its own volition as he turned to face her, anger still evident in his dark eyes.


She took a step back, “I just didn’t want to wait until Friday…I wanted to be with you and…”


“You put yourself in harm’s way and almost obliterated any possibility of a future because you couldn’t wait safely in your home as I instructed,” Caleb finished for her.


Tears filled her eyes, “I’m sorry.”


As she watched he unbuckled his belt and slid it free from his jeans doubling it in his hand before he started towards her. “I intend to make sure you are one very sorry little girl indeed and doubly sure you never behave so foolishly again.”


Her eyes widened and she turned to run even though wetness gushed between her thighs as his softly spoken promise.


She didn’t even make a full step before he swooped down and scooped her up transporting them both to his office.


“Caleb let’s talk about this,” she said placatingly as he stood her next to the big couch.


“The time for talking is at an end little girl,” Caleb said resolutely as he ripped the dress from her body and then made short work of her bra and panties. She stood before him in thigh highs and heels feeling more naked than ever before in her life.


She felt so vulnerable as she stood there in front of him, being eaten by his hot eyes. “I take care of what’s mine, even if that means paddling your ass red daily to keep you safe.”


“Yes sir,” somehow it seemed the only appropriate answer.


“Bend over the arm of the couch,” Caleb ordered firmly.

“Caleb, I…,”


“Now!” he barked at her with a raised brow and she found herself scrambling to get over the arm of the couch with her bottom arched high.


“Legs shoulder width apart, I want to see everything that belongs to me,” he said matter of factly as he moved behind her.


Brandi squeaked in embarrassment but moved her legs apart as instructed. He wasted no time in further conversation the whistle of the belt her only warning before a line of fire fell across the under curve of her ass.


“Oooooh…,” she cried, almost coming off the couch when another stripe was laid directly on top of the first. Caleb placed a helpful hand on her lower back holding her in place as he laid stroke after stroke in the exact same place.


Brandi howled as the tender crease where her bottom and thighs met was strapped thoroughly, ensuring she wouldn’t sit comfortable for a week. When Caleb was satisfied that part of her bottom was the right shade of crimson he shifted his stroke a little lower to get the tops of her thighs.


She gave one last wail of misery and then collapsed over the arm of the couch quietly sobbing. “I’m sorreee…I promise…I won’t ever do it again…I’ll be good!”


“Ten more,” he said firmly. Then applied those strokes up and down her bottom covering the area he’d already attended and making sure not one spot was missed by his strap.


Her bottom felt swollen to twice its normal size, when she heard his belt hit the floor and his hands caught a bottom cheek in each hand spreading her wide. It hurt but it also felt so good to have his hands on her.


“Does this ass belong to me?” he asked.


“Yes Caleb, only you.” She said softly.


“Good girl,” he told her and then she felt him, hard and heavy pressing against her slick opening and it was all she could do not to shove backward and impale herself on his cock. She clenched against it where it touched her, another flood of moisture springing forth to bathe it in her essessence.


Still holding her wide open he drove inside, burying himself to the hilt with one smooth thrust. Brandi gasped at the equisite feeling of being filled so completely by him as he took possession and staked his claim.


Caleb held himself still inside her allowing them both to adjust to the feeling of being joined to deeply. She could feel the head of his cock butting against her cervix at the mouth of her womb. She could feel every delicious inch of him inside her, pulsing against her walls.


When he began to slowly withdraw she wanted to weep at the loss, needing him deep inside her but he pulled almost completely out then slid just as slowly back in, making her toss her head in frustration. He continued the torturously slow thrusts backing all the way out and then inching back in until she was pleading for him to take her hard. To claim everything that was his.


With every thrust her body released more wetness to ease his path, the wet sound filling the air with every movement.


“Are you ready?” he asked.


“Yes please…I need…more…,” she was panting, on the edge of pleasure staying just out of her grasp.


“Are you read to become fully mine and everything that entails?” Caleb asked, still completely inside her once more.


“Yes…please…take me…I belong to you!” Brandi cried.


His hands left her bottom to clasp a shoulder in each hand bracing her, “I’m going to take you hard and when you cum, I will bite you and bring you fully into my world.”


This time when he withdrew he slammed back inside hard and fast, setting the pace as he stormed her defenses. She could do little more than moan as he took her, completely overwhelming her senses with pleasure almost too intense to survive.


The head of his cock slammed into her cervix with every inward thrust which also pressed her swollen clit into the arm of the couch. It seemed like only a matter of moments and then she was cumming hard, screaming his name as her body spasmed around him.


Caleb didn’t stop his sensual assault, forcing her straight from one orgasm and into another making her cum again and again until her voice was hoarse from crying out in pleasure.


He lifted the hair off the side of her neck, she tilted her head back for him, lost in a haze of pleasure. When his teeth pierced her skin and sank into her as he began to drink she started cumming yet again in what seemed like a never ending orgasm.


Her body clamping down on him over and over again, milking his cock hard as he drank never ceasing to drive in and out of her as he drank; by the time he released her neck and withdrew from her body she was limp with pleasure and a little dizzy. He licked the wound on her neck and then turned her to face him lifting her high in his arms.


Brandi instinctively wrapped her legs around his waist and he immediately impaled on her his still straining shaft.  She was so swollen from their prolonged joining it was an even tighter fit than before and she groaned as she sank on to him.


“Look at me mate,” Caleb commanded, when her eyes met his he spoke again. “From my body I will give you my mate sustenance and life.”


He lifted one finger and before her eyes the nail seemed to grow and sharpen, then he drew it sharply across his throat. She watched in curious horror as blood sprang forth.


“Drink,” he instructed her.


“I don’t know if I can,” she said hesitantly.


“You will drink,” Caleb ordered bringing her face to his neck and she reluctantly opened her mouth and as the taste of his sweet blood hit her taste buds she was suddenly greedy for more.


It was like nothing she’d ever tasted before, delicious and she could actually feel the blood rushing into her veins…she could feel Caleb filling her everywhere.  As she drank he began lifting her up and down on his stiff cock again sending her into her orbit as she feed.


As he lifted her up and down he powered his hips up into her driving her towards some impossible peak… his pelvis grinding into her clit until she released his neck and threw her head back with a primal scream as she came one final time and felt him empty into her, his hot seed splashing her inner muscles.


Caleb held her close, kissing her deeply their tongues tangling together briefly before he lowered her slowly to the ground on shaky legs. “My love…my mate you…I will cherish you always as my greatest treasure.”


She smiled up at him, “I love you Caleb.”


He grinned and lifted her hand to his lips in a gentle caress, “Come let me introduce my world…to the night.”


They dressed and together walked out into the night hand in hand and into their future.


Brandi knew she would never be alone again because Caleb was her home…her family…her mate.




A runaway wife gets a spanking on free Friday!


Friday is here again! Hope you have a lovely weekend!! Happy reading! ~Mo


The Runaway Wife

She knelt on the dirty cell floor, the rough potato sack shift that had been pulled over her head barely reached the top of her thighs. She felt bruised and more tired than she’d ever been in her life.

A deep sigh escaped her and Lisbette recognized that she was also at peace, it was finally over. No more brutish brothers to slap her around…no more warring clans…no husband to do God knows what…it was all over. In death she would finally escape them all.

She wondered how long it would take him to come…her executioner…her betrothed.


Sir Eldrick entered the great hall with a smile as he walked up to his over lord, “Lord Garrick, we’ve found her.”

Garrick straightened and looked at his man at arms, “You’ve found Lisbette?”

“Yes my lord,” the man said with a grin.

“Where is she then?” Garrick asked with a puzzled frown.

“In the dungeon of course, awaiting your decision on her life,” Sir Eldrick said with a frown.

“Her life? I would never harm my wife Eldrick! Nor have I ever said I wanted her placed in the dungeon when she was found,” he roared.

“But a faithless wife milord…”

“Lisbette is not faithless you imbecile! She’s a frightened child raised by brutish barbarians and expected little better from the man the king gave her to. She ran because she thought she had to survive and thanks to you now she fears me even more.” Garrick told the man, disgusted by the whole situation as he left the room and hurried towards the dungeons, yelling at a maid he passed to have a bath delivered to his rooms.

He’d known from the beginning he’d have to handle Lisbette carefully, she’d looked so timid as he brothers had grudgingly escorted her into his keep. Then that night when he’d gone by her rooms to see if she found them to her liking she’d heard them talking to her.

“He’ll use you good girl, rut between your thighs like an animal until you scream, but he’ll not stop. He’ll take you over and over again until your belly swells with his babe and you’d best hope it’s a boy. He will punish you girl and soon you’ll not be so uppity. You’ll realize how good you had it with yer brothers, but it will be too late…we won’t have you back once you’ve been sullied by the likes of him.” Then all four of the louts had stormed out of her chamber and left the keep, while their sister, his timid little bride had sobbed herself to sleep.

Garrick hadn’t had the heart to disturb her further after hearing them and the next morning she’d been gone.

The three weeks it had taken to find her had been agony, he’d worried for her safety.  Their marriage had been completed by proxy; Garrick had done it to ensure she was safe from her brothers, now he had to convince her she had nothing to fear from him.

When he opened the door to the cell and saw her kneeling on the cold floor in a potato sack he was enraged. Her usually tawny colored hair was dirty and matted; he could see bruises and dirt on her bare legs.

She didn’t even flinch when he entered, just stayed frozen in place with her head down. “Lisbette?”

She turned her head and looked up at him with wide blue eyes when he said her name, her gaze serene. “Milord,” she said softly, her voice light and clear.

“There’s been a mistake,” he began.

She frowned, “Aren’t you here to kill me?”

Garrick looked at her in horror, “Kill you? What on earth made you think such a thing?”

“I meant no offence milord; the other man just said death was too good for the likes of me so I thought…”

He could no longer stand the sight of her kneeling there so peacefully, as if she was ready for him to strike her dead and release her from the hell of this world.  Garrick stalked towards her and lifted her off the cold floor and straight into his arms.

“The other man should be horse whipped, and I might see to that matter personally.” He told her cradling her carefully against his chest as he strode from the cell and up the stairs back into the main hall. “The mistake that was made is that you weren’t simply placed in our chambers wife.”

She stiffened against him, “Wife? No…I…no!” She began to twist in his arms like a wild thing, suddenly in a blind panic.

Garrick held her fast and walked swiftly past his gawking people as he strode through the hall and up the stairs to their chambers. “Shah…sweetling…shh…you’ll hurt yourself.”

She continued to buck in his arms as she pled for freedom, “Please…I’m sorry…please let me go…please…please…”

Garrick sat her on her feet next to the steaming bath the maid had left. “Calm yourself woman. Right now you will simply bathe.”

Her blue eyes widened and she tried to rush past him in another effort to escape. Garrick caught her easily and ripped the wretched potato sack garment from her trembling form, leaving her naked before him.

He couldn’t help but see her beautiful body, full breasts with pouty nipples, a tiny waist and full hips though she’d obviously lost so much weight in the last three weeks her belly was almost concave.

Scooping her back up he then gently lowered her into the hot water, “Wash yourself please.”

Suddenly her blue eyes snapped fire up at him, “I won’t! Why should I clean myself for you to rut me like a pig?”

Garrick grinned, pleased to see some fire in his bride. “There will be no rutting like animals my dear. By the time I take you Lisbette, you will be begging for my cock.”

Lisbette gasped in outrage, “I won’t!”

He laughed, “You will, but for now young lady you will wash your body and your hair or I will spank your delectable bottom rosy red.”

She gaped at him, shocked and unsure how to react to such an audacious threat, “I…you…I am not a child to be threatened with a smacked bottom.”

Shaking his head he knelt at the side of the tub picking up the ignored rag and soap. “A woman fully grown you are wife and it’s not the smacked bottom of a child I’m threatening, but the very well spanked backside of a woman disobeying her husband.”

She spluttered, as a big hand came up to hold her head and the soapy rag began to gently wash the dirt from her face. Closing her eyes automatically as she submitted to his care for a moment, no one had taken such care with her since her mother died when she was ten.

The warm, soapy rag felt good cleaning the grime from her; she relaxed as he finished her face then soaped her neck and shoulders. Her eyes sprang open when the rag dipped into the water before coming up to soap her upper chest. “I can do it!” she cried, grasping frantically for the rag.

“Too late, you’ve lost the privilege of cleaning yourself and you’ve earned a spanking,” he told her matter of factly.

“What?” Lisbette gasped sitting up taller in the water, then glared crossing her arms over her chest. “I’ve been beaten before.”

Garrick frown, “I will never beat you Lisbette but I will apply my hand firmly to that naughty backside of yours when its needed. Now move your arms and straighten up.”

She found herself obeying almost without thought as the rag slid over her skin, her breasts puckered when the rough fabric abraded them gently and a soft moan of confusion escaped her.

He moved to her back the rag scrubbing in delicious circles that almost made her want to purr with pleasure. Then he soaped each leg in turn and by the time he reached her womanhood she barely flinched as he washed her there, then he lifted her slightly from the water and his soap slicked fingers rubbed between her dewy lips, slipping over the little nub protruding slightly there.

Lisbette was lost in a haze of need she didn’t really understand, her head falling against his chest as his fingers continued to play between her legs then one long finger slid deep inside her as another toyed with the pucker of her asshole.

She gasped and jerked against him, a softly whimpered protest escaping her drowned out by a gentle kiss and a thumb placed strategically against her clit. “Shh…you’ll see sweetling…you will enjoy being my wife…such pleasure I plan to visit on your delectable body…and I swear by all that is holy…no one shall ever harm you again.”

Her body stiffened her hips bucking helplessly to take his finger deeper and deeper as she built towards some pinnacle, “Milord? What’s happening?” she cried, as everything seemed to stretch ever tighter, then explode when the tip of the finger teasing her anus slipped just inside.

Lisbette gave a soft little scream as her body convulsed delicately in his arms. The pleasure like nothing she’d ever known. “Good girl.”

Garrick pulled his fingers free from her body and finished washing her, then poured another warm bucket of water over her head, she shivered as he washed her long hair then rinsed it. “Stay in the water.”

He rose and walked to the door, yelling down the hallway for a maid. A woman appeared almost immediately. “I’ll need at least three more buckets of hot water.”

The woman curtsied and hurried away, in almost no time three women entered each carrying a bucket of steaming water. “Anything else Milord?”

“I’ll call when I’m ready for the water to be removed,” Garrick told the women.

“Yes milord,” they are bowed then hurried from the room closing the door behind them.

Lisbette watched the entire exchange wide eyed from her rapidly cooling bath, she was still reeling from the response he’d drawn from her body and the way he dealt with servant was another revelation.

Nothing in her experience had prepared her for gentleness and kindness from a man. It had just never been a part of her world. It made her nervous.

At least with her father and brothers she knew what to expect from them.

“Stand up sweetling,” he told her with a reassuring smile.

She found herself obeying him without protest, standing naked before him in the bath water. “Good girl,” he told her as he poured the first bucket of water over her head. The hot water felt delicious running through her hair and down her body.

He continued the process with each bucket until her hair and body were free of soap then wrapped her in a thick white robe and lifted her from the tub. Lisbette laid her head on his shoulder as he carried her to a chair in front of the fire and sat down with her on his lap.

He smelled so good, like leather and a hint of orange, Lisbette smiled as she rubbed her nose against the rough fabric of his shirt.

“Sit up Lisbette, I wish to comb the tangles free from your hair as it dries.” Garrick softly commanded.

“I can brush my hair,” she told him as she sat up straight on his leg.

“I’m sure you can sweetling, but I wish to do it,” he said lifting the big ox bone comb he began carefully working its teeth through the snarls in her wet hair.

Garrick patiently worked the comb through every bit of her hair until it hung down her back in thick luxurious waves, almost dry.  Throughout the process Lisbette had become more and more relaxed until she was almost falling asleep in his lap.

She startled back to awareness when he stood with her in his arms carrying her to the bed. He stood her on her feet and pulled the robe from her body leaving her naked once more.

Lisbette blushed and covered her breasts with her arms.

“It is time for bed sweetling and before I make you fully mine I owe you a spanking,” he said firmly as he sat down on the edge of the bed, catching her neatly by one arm when she turned to flee in the other direction.

“Wait! No…I…,” she pulled frantically at her arm.

“Tis best you fully understand how I will deal with disobedience and defiance now,” Garrick said as he deposited her face down over his knee.

Lisbette barely had time to adjust to the position before his broad palm began to fall on her defenseless bottom. It hurt! It stung…heat filling each area where his hand landed. The sting only grew as swat fell upon swat until there wasn’t an area of her bottom that didn’t feel scalded.

She began to kick her feet helplessly as his hand continued to fall, the heat in her bottom had grown to almost unbearable proportions and she sniffled as tears began to fill her eyes.

“Please…I’ll be good! Please…” Lisbette cried.

“I intend to make sure you are wife,” Garrick said tilting her over more and paying special attention to the crease between her bottom and thighs. She howled in response kicking her feet wide and he took advantage of the opening and slide a finger straight into her very wet little quim. “Seems to me someone is enjoying her spanking.”

“Ohhhoooohh,” Lisbette groaned, caught between the pleasure of the invasion and embarrassment that her body responded to his chastisement.

“Fret not sweetling, it is normal for your body to respond to my dominance,” he told her as he began working his finger in and out of her pulsing sheath, his thumb playing over her clit as his other hand continued to fall hard and fast.

She found herself lost in a sea of pleasure and pain, the orgasm when it came surprised her stealing her breath as she shuddered over his lap. Garrick laughed and then flipped her over to her back on the bed where he immediately fit his mouth to her swollen clit and sucked hard.

Lisbette writhed beneath his tongue like a wild thing begging for more, “Please…please…I need…” She cried desperately.

When he rose above her and fit the head of his thick cock to her needy channel she wrapped her legs instinctively around his hips trying to pull him to her.

“Tell me what you want sweetling,” Garrick said teasingly, as he rubbed the head of his dick against her weeping slit.

“You! Please I need it…,” Lisbette begged.

“Need what?” he asked almost idly.

She remembered his words earlier and flushed but boldly looked him in the eye, “I need you cock…please fill me.”

It was all Garrick had been waiting for, with a surge of his hips he drove all the way inside her wet heat and through the thin barrier protecting her maidenhood.

Lisbette gasped at the stretching of her tender tissues as he filled her completely. He captured his mouth as he began to move. His tongue filling her mouth as his shaft filled her body, mimicking the same movement.

Garrick swallowed her cries of pleasure as he drove her higher and higher until she shattered around him, her tight inner muscles squeezing him tight and pulling him with her into the vortex.

The feel of his hot seed filling her, splashing against her inner walls sent another jolt of pleasure through her loins, her inner muscles contracting reflexively as if trying to get as much of his cum as possible.

Lisbette gave a soft whimper of discomfort as he pulled free from her body but then he was cuddling her close and praising her as he stroked her hair and back.

She sighed contentedly as she laid against him her head resting on his heart.

“You’ve experience punishment and pleasure wife, what think you of married life?” Garrick asked her quietly.

“I think this will be a happy marriage,” Lisbette said with a grin, before snuggling down in her husband’s arms free of her fears and happy with her lot.

A naughty coed gets punished on free Friday!

Happy Friday! This story is by special request for my friend Rebecca Franklin. I hope you all enjoy it! Happy reading! ~ Mo
Educating Jackie
Jackie stood outside Professor Jenkins’s office, she knew the Professor was out of town and his TA, Ed Walters was inside grading the midterm papers. She knew her paper was complete crap, she’d been partying to much this semester and was in serious danger of losing her scholarship.

Jackie had to convince Ed to give her a pass, so she could keep her scholarship and finish her education. She didn’t have the money to finish school without that scholarship. Jackie knew it was her own fault but still…she had to convince him.

Ed was a handsome, graduate student that had taken over as the Professor’s TA this semester, he had a quiet studious air but she was hoping still waters ran deep.

Jackie took a deep breath and looked down at her low cut sweetheart neckline, cupping her breasts to give them a quick plump up before knocking on the door.

“Come in,” Ed’s deep baritone sounded from inside.

Jackie walked into the office with an exaggerated sway of her hips, “Hello Ed.” She hoped he liked the husky quality she’d put into her voice.

He looked up at her with a quirked brow, “Miss Simmons, how may help you?”

“Well I was hoping you could help me out with my grade some. My paper wasn’t my best work and…well…I can’t afford to make a bad grade and lose my scholarship,” she finished in a rush. Something about the way he was watching her made her feel like a naughty child and she couldn’t keep herself from fidgeting from one foot to the other.

Ed cocked his head at her, “How exactly do you propose I help you?”

Jackie licked her lips and leaned across the desk to give him a good eyeful of cleavage, “Please…help me…I’ll do anything for a good grade…anything…,” she finished meaningfully.

His eyebrows rose almost into his hairline before snapping back down in a stern line over his hard eyes as he rose from behind the desk and began to walk around.

She started to rise from her pose bent across the desk, “No…stay exactly as you are young lady.”

Jackie blinked, “Yes…ummm…sir.” She froze in position unable to resist the absolute authority in his voice.

“Are you proposing to exchange sexual favors for good grades?” he asked conversationally as he began to roll up his sleeves.

“Well…when you put it that way it sound so…so…well naughty,” Jackie said softly.
“It is naughty,” Ed sad matter of factly, as he moved to stand behind her and she gasped when he lifted her short skirt and tucked it into the waistband.

“I…ummm…well…I…” she stammered, unsure of exactly how things were going to go at this point.

“I am going to help you Miss Simmons but not in the way you initially proposed.” Ed told her.

“How are you going to help me?” Jackie asked.

“First, I’m going to give you the spanking of your life for being so audacious and then I’m going to sit your hot bottom down on that chair and help you make your paper something that deserves a good grade.” He explained sternly.

Jackie tried to ignore the heat that sprang to life between her legs at his words and the little pulse that had developed in her clit, straightening to stand in outrage. “You can’t spank me!”

He cocked his head and studied her again, “Really? You’d rather I call the Dean of Students and report you for offering sex in exchange for a good grade? I’m pretty sure that would not only result in the loss of your scholarship but expulsion as well.”

She felt her face pale as she realized exactly how foolish she’d been, “Please don’t.”

“It’s your choice my dear, take your punishment and fix what I’m sure must be a disaster of a paper or I’ll call the Dean.” Ed told her. “What’s your choice?”

“You,” Jackie said with a shudder.

“Right, back over the desk with you then,” he instructed.

Jackie got back into position and gave a moan of embarrassment when his fingers hooked in the waistband of her panties and pulled them to her knees. “Is that really necessary?”

“Discipline spankings will always be given on the bare without exception,” was all he said before his hand began to fall hard and fast on her upturned bottom.

“Oooohooo…oww…oww…owww…ohhh that hurts! Please it hurts!” Jackie cried as one of his big hands came to rest in the small of her back to hold her in place as his hand seemed to fall harder and harder.

“This is a punishment young lady, it’s supposed to hurt. This is to help you remember why you should never behave this way again,” Ed said as he continued to spank her rapidly reddening bottom.

By the time he stopped her bottom was on fire and Jackie was giving soft little hiccupping sobs.

She shot up grabbing her sore cheeks and rubbing frantically, “Back over that desk young lady, your punishment isn’t over.” He said to her horror.

“It’s not?” Jackie whimpered as she bent back over the desk.

“I’m going to give you twenty swats with this pointer,” he told her as she looked over her shoulder to see the long wooden pointer used in class to emphasize things on the transparencies. “Not a traditional cane but I do believe you will get my point.”

She saw his lips quirk at his play on words but before she could react the pointer landed on the under curve of her ass in a line of fire that made her mewl of pain. Ed wasted no time bringing the nasty stick down ten times in a row from the crease of her bottom to the middle of her thighs then laid another ten back up.

Jackie was crying earnestly, when he lifted her and tucked her against his chest. “I’m sorry.” She sobbed against his shirt while he rubbed her back and rocked to and fro.

“There…there little one, you took your punishment like a good girl. We will put it behind us and move forward. You clearly need more structure and I will be happy to provide it for you.” Ed told her as he led her around the desk to his hard wooden chair. “Sit.”

“Yes sir,” she said submissively as she obeyed him and sat down with a hiss as the wooden seat came into contact with her hot bare bottom. “Ooohh…oooh.”

“That will help you remember why it’s better to do quality work the first time,” Ed told her with a smile.

Too her surprise Jackie found herself smiling in return, “Yes sir.”

For the next two hours Ed worked with her on her paper until it was at least B worthy and Jackie felt a sense of accomplishment.

“Good girl, now pull up your panties and I’ll take you out to dinner,” He said with a grin.

“Yes sir!” Jackie said, trying not to wince as she pulled her panties up over her sore nates. She had been afraid once the paper was fixed he would send her on her way and she wanted to know this man better.

“Over dinner we can discuss appropriate behavior and study habits for my girl,” he told her as he guided her out of the office.

“Your girl?” she asked, hope springing in her chest.

“You don’t think I spank every woman that offers me a blow job in exchange for a better grade do you?” Ed asked incredulously.

“You’ve been asked before?” Jackie asked in surprise.

He snorted, “Several times a semester. You are the first one I’ve spanked. I was going to ask you out next week, you simply moved up the timetable.”

“Oh…,” she said suddenly feeling a little shy and unsure.

“Just so you know young lady,” Ed said sternly. “When you are a naughty girl you will be punished. Are we clear?”

A broad smile covered her face, “Crystal Sir.”

A lonely vampire finds love and discipline on free Friday

TGIF! Happy reading! ~Mo
I’d held out as long as I could…thirst and lust building in me until they were both a physical ache; the loneliness of my existence becoming like a wall of silence and unanswered need.

The hunger I could handle but the loss of touch…being so totally alone…these were enough to make me want to meet the sun.

The wall of silence becomes a tangible thing…echoing both my need and the emptiness inside me. How long since I’d know the touch of a man…or anyone? Felt a man pin me to the wall and take me hard as we both lost ourselves in the moment.

Nothing…not so much as a pat on the shoulder from a kind soul who recognized the depth of my misery; though they say misery loves company I avoid it.

There is no real answer to my dilemma, so why even try?”

It was time to hunt…I could at least quench my thirst for blood if nothing else.

I went to the roof, lightly jumping from mine to the next…it was easy to traverse the entire city and back this way in a very short amount of time.  I paused at the edge of a building and studied the people scurrying around on the street below.

Their heartbeats pounding in my ears as I felt my incisors lengthen at the promise of blood, as I watched a man turned down the alley and I gracefully jumped from my perch to land before him.

“What the hell?” he exclaimed, stopping short and staring at me with a mixture of fascination and horror.

I knew what he saw, a tall, curvy woman with blood red hair and bright green eyes. My full red lips parted in a smile allowing the edge of one fang to hang out…the blood tasted so much sweet with a burst of fear.

I took a swaying step towards him only to be grabbed firmly around the waist. “No little one. He is not for you.”

The hard, unyielding chest pressed against my back made me gasp. I was no longer accustomed to the touch of another which made me pause and give a deep breath as I absorbed the feeling of his body against mine.

“Run human!” that same gravelly voice ordered and I hissed in outrage.

Jerking from his hold I spun to face him, “That was my dinner!”

“No,” he said succinctly. “You will take too much; you’ve waited too long to feed. Besides I do not want my mate tasting another male.”
I blinked in shock, “Your mate? I have no mate!”

He grinned flashing his own fangs, “You just never met your mate until now Daniella. I have been searching a lifetime for you.”

“How do you know my name?” I cried.

He stalked towards me, “I know everything about you my sweet one. The minutes I saw you sitting atop your building I knew you were mine but then you retreated into your lair. So like any good hunter I examined my prey…I knew you would eventually become hungry enough to emerge from your self-induced solitude again.”

“I am not your concern!” I yelled backing away involuntarily until my back his the bricks of a building and he walked up and caged me with his arms.

“You are my everything, little mate. You would do well to resign yourself to your fate.” He told me with a smile.

“No!” I gasped, bringing my knee up hard between his legs and quickly scaling the building at my back when he backed up for a moment.

I panted as I pulled myself over the top, lack of blood making the extra effort to run difficult. The big vampire landed in front of me with a whoosh, landing with bent knees then rising in front of me with a wagging finger. “What a naughty minx you are Daniella.”

Something about the look in his eyes gave me pause, a frision of heat forming low in my belly.

“I know just how to deal with your naughty nature,” He assured me as he grabbed my arm and went down on one knee tugging me across the other.

“You can’t do this!” I cried in dismay.

“Oh but I can,” he told me as he made short work of jerking my pants and panties completely of my writhing body. Then his hard hand began to fall in a blur of supernatural speed and strength.

I would never have thought a spanking could hurt me…I was mistaken…the heat built in my previously untouched bottom at an alarming rate. In very little time at all I was whimpering and begging for my punishment to be at an end. Begging me, a fierce vampiress…pleading with the vampire to stop paddling my poor throbbing ass with hot blood tears trickling down my cheeks.  “Please I’ll be good! I promise!”

How had this male turned me into a trembling little girl?

He flipped me over and came down over me, spreading me wide as he brought his mouth to my aching slit. I hadn’t even realized I was wet…my back bowed as I gasped in surprised pleasure as he feasted on my flesh until I was bucking against him like a wild creature.

My body tightened as I approached orgasm.

“No,” he growled as he lifted his head. “You will not cum until I am planted balls deep inside you mate.”

I groaned in frustration from the loss of his mouth, but then he unbuckled his pants and freed his long, thick cock and drove it into me in one hard thrust.  His cock stretched me wide as it drove into my tight heat almost painfully hard…yet I wanted…needed more…I craved the feel of him pounding in and out of me with every fiber of my being.

His hands cupped my ass and tilted my hips up to take him even deeper as he gripped my sore cheeks.

The feel of him filling me was indescribable…he filled me so completely it was like all the empty places were gone. He took me without mercy, driving my passion higher and higher until I shuddered beneath him with a scream of pleasure.

He did not still his almost punishing rhythm, allowing me no respite from the overwhelming pleasure. His hands came up from my ass and gripped my shoulder to hold me in place with one hand as he drew a sharp nail across his throat.

“You will drink,” he commanded pulling me up to his neck where I latched on instinctively as he continued to plunder my depths.

The taste of him was like ambrosia to my tongue, sating my hunger for the moment but I knew I would always crave his taste. I lapped lightly at his neck as the wound closed then whimpered when he pulled free of my body.

Before I could fully voice my protest he flipped me over and put me on my hands and knees. He grabbed my shoulders as he thrust back inside me hard, somehow going even deeper still.

My body tightened down on his cock, needing and wanting everything he had to give me. He began to rain slap after slap down on my bottom as he took me hard. Tears began to form in my eyes as he rode me harder and harder.

“You will never run from me again,” he said firmly.

I answered almost without thought, “No sir.”

“Say it!” he commanded.

“I will never run from you again,” I wailed as pressed my chest to the ground to hammer against my cervix. I begin to moan louder and louder in my pleasure…as he began to weave a tapestry of pleasure and pain that was breathtakingly beautiful.

His hands cupped my breasts beneath my shirt and lifted me to rest against his back, his cock still hard inside me. I instinctively tilted my head to the side for him and his fangs sank deep sending me into a hard orgasm that seemed never ending.

My sheath clamping down on his cock once more and milking it in an effort to gain his seed deep within my womb; he released my neck as he came shooting hot jets of his essence to splash against my inner walls.

“Mine,” he rasped.

I fell against him, my sated body suddenly feeling boneless, as I recognized the truth of his words. “Yours.” I whispered softly.

His hand cupped my cheek and turned my face up to his as he kissed me deeply. He tasted of my blood and arousal as his tongue filled my mouth. Our combined flavors were addictive.

“I am your mate…your master…I am Drago,” he rasped again as he gave me another devouring kiss.

As I let him consume me once more I sank into him, knowing that after centuries of isolation, I would never be alone again. I had found my home in his arms.

Kara Kelley stopped by with two panty sizzling excerpts from her new book, Taking in Dani



Dani Torkaz has no room in her life for a romance with anyone, let alone with ‘God’s gift to women’ Adam Fiori, but everything changes when circumstances compel her to accept a job as a nanny to his two young children.

Adam makes it clear that he will have no patience for rudeness, and it isn’t long before her sharp tongue earns Dani a painful, humiliating bare-bottom spanking. The stern punishment sets more than just her backside on fire, however, and she is left begging to be taken hard and thoroughly.

As she settles into her new position, Dani finds herself feeling like she is part of a real family for the first time in her life, and her lust for her stern, handsome boss begins to blossom into love. But Adam has secrets he isn’t sharing, and Dani has been hurt too many times to give him the benefit of the doubt. Can he win her trust before the wounds of the past destroy their future?

Publisher’s Note: Taking in Dani includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

Excerpts for Taking in Dani

Excerpt 1:

“You were right,” he says. “This isn’t going to work.” His eyes are unsure, and flicker heat, but the weight of his words crush my chest. I can’t believe I managed to screw things up so quickly. Jenny and I will be living in a cockroach infested apartment by the end of the week. Without Adam on my side, Tahlia will throw me out on my ass.

“I’m fired?” I say numbly, blinking at him. I wasn’t a bitch to anyone else, why him? Was I just trying to prove he couldn’t be trusted—like every other man in my life, except Ollie?

“Fired?” He tilts his head. “Oh, Daniela.” He reaches forward and tucks my hair behind my ear, caressing my cheekbone with his thumb. “I told you I would never solve things between us that way.” He sighs. “It isn’t working because I want to hold you—take care of you. I want to fuck you. And I want to put you over my knee all at the same time.” He shovels his hand through his hair and looks away for a moment. “I have no control with you.”

“That makes two of us,” I say softly. “I feel like a crazy person around you.”

His head snaps back so he can look at me. I see all of the things he’s said in his stare—care, sexual frustration, and irritation. It makes my eyes well and the apex of my thighs drip.

“That is the most honest thing you’ve ever said to me.” He sighs again. “Resisting you was easier when I saw you in small doses—a ride in the elevator, a glimpse down the hall, the smell of your shampoo in the lobby. Having tasted you didn’t satisfy me at all.” His jaw clenches. “I’m craving you all the more.”

His words strum my insides like a musician strums his most cherished guitar. I’m speechless. I’ve never had such conflicting emotions. I hate him. He is frivolous and cold towards his children; he dismisses people—thinking they are beneath him, and he sets off warning bells inside me. On the other hand, I’ve never been so attracted to anyone in my entire life. The way he looks at me with deep concern and care is like a being given a nutrient I’ve been deprived of and desperately need to survive, but it’s the desire he evokes in me that causes me to feel like a starving beast. His heated looks touch so deep, they feel corporeal. He is firm and gentle all at the same time. He pushes and pulls me like the tide, both drowning and saving in the same moment.

“But that isn’t even what I meant when I said this wasn’t going to work.”

“Oh?” I mutter, feeling vulnerable.

My walls are down, and all the precious things I hide from not only the world, but myself as well, are exposed. My muddled thoughts are suspended and floating in my brain to be dealt with later. “And what did you mean?”

“You’re exhausted working two jobs.” He takes both my hands. Numbly, I let him. “Take a vacation. I’ll double your wage right now.”

My jaw drops. It’s ridiculous. I’m already overpaid. For heaven sakes, he pays me more than Ollie did. What is his game?

“No.” I pull my hands back. He blinks, shocked, so I continue. “You already pay me too much.”

“If it means never hearing you tear a strip off me for being four minutes late again, it’ll be worth it.” There is a glimmer of humor in his eyes, but everything else is serious about him.

“I’m sorry. I overreacted, and I should never have done that in front of Nadia.”

“You’re right.” His mouth is pressed, his stare hard, and his brows knitted. “But you’re exhausted and I won’t ever punish you when you aren’t in the right frame of mind.”

I look down in guilt and he places a finger on my chin, pulling my eyes back to his.

“But make no mistake, Daniela, you will be spanked for it.” I swallow hard again.

Was there some point I agreed to this with him? I can’t remember. I do, however, remember very vividly the last time he spanked me. I also know from the center of my being, it’s exactly what I need.

Knowing he offers what I need evokes so many emotions. My crusty exterior melts and I lean into his hard chest. The words, I need you to take care of me tonight, slip from my lips. I’m not even sure I’ve said them aloud until he grabs my ass and lifts me onto the counter top.

He fits between my legs and I feel his rock-hard cock against my already swollen-with-arousal clit. His hands cradle my face, and his eyes smolder as he leans close to kiss me. I’m not sure what to expect. Will he kiss me roughly like before? My belly flutters. He doesn’t though—his mouth is soft, gentle and persuasive. I’m caught up in a mating of tongues, but I note our bodies mold so tightly together I’m not sure where either of us begin or end.

He lifts me again, and I wrap my legs tightly around him. He takes us to my room. I try to break our kiss to tell him which one, but he knows and refuses to release my mouth. He sits me down gently onto the modern four poster bed. I’m held by his eyes as if they have powers beyond human.

He guides my arms above me, and his large smooth hands run down them to my ribs and then to my waist. When he slides them up again, my pink scrub top goes with them. His touch against my bare skin ignites a blast of heat within me. My insides bubble and squirm, as if brought to a boil by his touch. I’m in nothing but scrub pants and a sports bra as he takes a long minute to look at me. I feel shy but so wet and ready for his deeper touch that I don’t focus on it.

His tongue darts out, and he licks his bottom lip. I stand and repeat the move using my tongue. He moves me back, smiles and pulls the string holding my pants up. They slip down, and he wastes no time grabbing my bottom in his hands——first a squeeze, then a rub and then he caresses down and pulls my right leg up leaving my pants behind. With my leg still hitched on his hip, his hand finds the elastic band of my panties. His fingers slip inside, and I gasp. As his touch becomes more intimate, I clamp my teeth over my lip to keep from calling out. He spins us and before I know what’s happening, he’s sitting on the bed, and I’m straddling his left knee. I cling to him as he plays a torturous game between my folds—sliding his fingers in the slippery wetness he’s created. He stops, and instantly I feel myself clenching in his absence as if my body is reaching out for him. A sharp swat stings my left cheek and my breath hitches.

“Tonight isn’t about punishment,” he says. “That will come, but tonight, this is what you need.” He growls and bites my shoulder hard enough to make me whimper but not enough to leave a mark.


Excerpt 2:

Fiori is asleep, slumped on his expensive leather sofa with his phone still gripped in his hand. I swallow hard as I shut the door as quietly as I can. He starts awake and scrubs his unshaven face with both hands before he sits up and looks at me.

“What time is it?” he asks groggily.

“Seven,” I answer and set my purse on the little table by the door.

“Seven A.M.?” His eyes clear and his mouth presses in a firm hard line. “Where the hell were you last night?” he asks, his voice stabs me right in the diaphragm and crotch.

He’s angry— blood-boiling angry. “When did you get home?”

“I walked to Fran’s after work.” I didn’t think it was possible for his eyes to burn angrier but they do. “I didn’t come home.”

“You walked at eleven at night and stayed over without bothering to tell me you weren’t coming home? You knew I was waiting for you.”

“I feel bad today, Adam. Last night I was too angry to care that you were waiting for me. Don’t push me back into pissy.” I walk briskly to the kitchen and start the coffee.

“Apparently too angry to regard your safety, too,” he adds and yanks my arm to pull me to face him. I grit my teeth and glare at his hand on my arm. His jaw looks painfully tight, as well, but I don’t back down. He releases me suddenly and gathers a breath.

“I’m going to be late for a meeting, but I’m telling you right now, this isn’t over. In fact, it isn’t even close to started!” His hand finds my chin and forces my eyes to his. “You can be mad all you want, but we both know you were wrong. My mistake came from a place of care and concern and yours was vindictive and inconsiderate.”

I swallow. Adam’s right. I swear under my breath and look away.

“That’s right, little girl, you know it too.” He stalks off, and I take a moment to breathe before continuing to make coffee. He’s back before the machine even begins to percolate. He grabs me roughly again and this time, he doesn’t release me while he opens a drawer and pulls out a wooden spoon. He pushes my front against the counter and the spoon splats against my scrub-clad bottom. The material is thin and the spoon unforgiving—full force, I’m sure. I gasp and bite my squeals, thinking of the children on the other side of the condo. My fingers turn white as I grip the counter.

“Adam, the kids!” I manage through a hissed breath, but then I’m squeezing my eyes tightly and squirming to avoid yet another punishing swat. He presses further on me to keep me still and then his hand reaches around the front of me to once again pull the string that keeps my bottoms up. I whimper and wish they wouldn’t betray me by slumping down my legs so easily—again.

“I just checked. They’re asleep.” The spoon stings and bites my flesh and I have to lower my mouth to my forearm to cry out into it. I can’t wake the kids. I try to drop to avoid another punishing swat, but when I do, he pins me tighter. His swats increase and I start to sob dryly. He tosses the spoon in the sink and straightforwardly pulls my pants up. He spins me to face him, tying the strings quickly.

“That was just a taste of what’s coming.” His words bite out through clenched teeth. He clasps my chin between a finger and thumb again and even though I can see he’s trying to ignore my tears there’s compassion in his eyes, too. “You are getting a hell of a thrashing when I get you alone.” I nod through blurring eyes. “I’ve never been so worried in my whole God-damned life!”

“Okay. I’m sorry,” I say with a shudder. His hard look melts and he pulls me into his chest. He kisses my head and leans down to whisper into the crook of my neck.

“You undo me, Daniela Torkaz. I don’t know how or why, but you do.” He pulls back and looks me in the eye. “I waited at your bus stop half the night,” he croaks, and I can’t help but dissolve into tears and snuggle as deep as I can into him. “Clara made a fortune.”

This time, when he pulls me back, I cling like an octopus. “Please,” I beg. “Don’t go. I need you.” I let out a small desperate cry. “I fight it, Adam, fight it so hard, but I do. God, I do! I need you.”

He grabs both my shoulders and lifts me to my toes so he can take my mouth. His is hot and demanding, and I yield to his forceful lips and tongue. I’m molten and dizzy with want. I grab for his clothes, and he handcuffs my wrists like he did before with one hand.

He shoves me roughly against his gargantuan high-end refrigerator keeping my hands pinned above my head and torments a nipple through my t-shirt making me writhe. His mouth follows and heat blast through both the material and my core. His hand burrows in my hair and yanks my face to his. As our mouths mate, he releases my wrists and grabs my sore ass with both hands pulling me up, so my center presses against his hard bulge. I bury my hands in his hair, and his face burrows into my neck. I’m ready to combust when I hear the big bag of blocks crash onto the floor.

“The kids. The kids!” I whisper urgently. He drops my legs and cocks his brow. Adam’s gaze isn’t aimed at the living room where I’m sure Charlie is knee deep in blocks. It’s aimed at me.

“Dani,” he pants. “We’ll finish this later. First the spanking of your life and then your ravaging.”

Nadia comes into the kitchen, and we both pretend to be busy. Me getting two mugs and him grabbing the cream from the fridge. She eyes us both skeptically. I note how disheveled Adam looks and know I’ve been pawed far more.

“Good morning,” I say, still a little breathless. “What would you like for breakfast?”

Her brow quirks in the same high arch as Adam’s, but she finally walks out. “Charlie, what do you want for breakfast? It’s your choice today.” I hear Nadia ask. I let out a breath and lean my hip against the counter. Adam grins cheekily and hands me the spoon from the sink. “Bring that to your apartment.” When I look down at it in my hands, he swats my ass making me lurch from its tenderness. I rub it as he whistles out of the room.

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Amazon.com: http://tinyurl.com/z2hoypw

Amazon.ca: http://tinyurl.com/zl7zfog

Amazon.com/UK: http://tinyurl.com/jftc9md

Sterling Scott stopped by with a spanky excerpt from South Pass Brides



Women conquering the Oregon Trail…

In 1848, the United States government was giving every man who settled in the Oregon Territory free land. Pioneer families by the thousands headed west on the Oregon Trail to capture a slice of this fertile countryside in the Willamette Valley for themselves. The promise of a homestead in the temperate climate along the west coast was irresistible. However, the trip was not without peril, and many failed to arrive.

After nineteen-year-old Olga is married off to an older man, the two begin their own arduous journey along the famous, but danger-filled Trail. Before too long, her naivety and nervousness give way to the joy of sex, despite the occasional bit of discipline her husband applies to her soft and gorgeous behind. Soon, though, tragedy strikes and Olga is left on her own. Until… 

Thomas, a lawyer in a previous life—well-off and pampered—sets out to make his own way in a new land in defiance of his overbearing father. His journey begins when he accepts a position crewing on a riverboat. When he learns of the gold discovered in California, he joins the rush to the west coast. Fate soon intervenes in the form of a new job scouting for the same wagon train on which three newly widowed women ride. His new task also involves caring for and disciplining the widows. He and Olga have a special spark, which causes Thomas to rethink his plans. The two begin their own journey west to claim a new land. And each other.

Thomas dreams of marrying for love, and not money. Olga dreams of having a loving husband and children. They seem ideally suited for one another, yet their journey to happiness is not an easy one. Along the way, the two face all sorts of dangers—both physical and emotional. How will they navigate the untamed lands of the new frontier? More importantly, how will they navigate an untamed emotional connection more powerful than any they’ve encountered previously?


“Come here,” Peter commanded. He pulled the chair from the washstand and sat in it. He patted his thigh.

“Oh, no, Mr. Graus, you can’t mean to—”

“I most certainly do intend to punish you. We should have had a conversation about how I intend to manage your discipline earlier. It is most definitely my intention to perform my husbandly duty as stipulated by the preacher.”

“But,” she took a breath, “he was talking about transgression with our Lord.” Olga knew that her father spanked her mother and that her argument was on shaky ground.

“You know that was not the only intention of the preacher’s words—his command to us as husband and wife.” Peter swallowed and patted his thigh again. “As this is the first time, I won’t be harsh—if you submit now.”

Olga realized that she had reached the end of her rope. If she persisted, he would overpower her and eventually have his way. The sounds of the tussle would certainly draw the notice of everyone in the boarding house. To avoid this humiliation, she surrendered.

Olga rose from the bed and took the three steps to her husband’s side.

“Lift your skirt.”

“No, please!” Her hands jerked back as if to shield her backside.

“Yes, your spankings will always be on the bare bottom. Your skirts offer too much protection.” He patted his thigh again. “Let’s get this over, quietly.” He whispered the last word. Olga began to lift the back of her skirt and petticoat. When she had the hem up to her mid-thigh, she bent over his lap.

Peter pushed the material up and over her bottom. He placed his warm hand on her bare flesh.

“As I said, I will not be harsh for your first spanking as my wife. However, be warned that repeated transgressions will be met with more severe punishment. Since you are new to this role as a wife, I will take the time to give you a maintenance spanking each day, perhaps in the mornings to ensure your obedience.”

“Peter, really—”

“Yes, that is what I have decided. You know what it means when I have decided an issue?”


He lifted his hand and applied the first swat. True to his word, the spanking was largely symbolic. Olga had received much worse from her mother. Peter applied the swats slowly, allowing their sting to full penetrate her thin skin before the next one. He spread them out to cover her entire bottom.

“There, how many was that?” he asked.

“Uh, I don’t know. I wasn’t counting.”

“You should always count. Let’s do ten more and I want you to count each one saying that you promise to do your duty as my wife.”

He smacked her derrière again, this time with noticeably greater force.

Olga grunted with the new pain. “One, I promise to be your dutiful wife.”

He repeated nine more swats, and she replied with nine more promises. Olga offered no resistance in an effort to hurry him along. She was concerned that the sharp report from these spanks could be heard in the hallway.

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Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01N21700Z

About the Author:

Sterling Scott writes of his imagined adventures within the backdrop of actual historical events. While some of his stories are more fictional than others, he likes to entwine real events into a new version of how it should have happened. Additionally, he includes experiences from his life and those friends who have shared events with him.

When not writing, Sterling travels the highways and visits his children. He spends a lot of time playing with his first grandchild.

I’m sharing a steamy excerpt from my new release Captive Desire!


Jack and Morganna are at it again, tag teaming up a set of stories for you!

In our first tale, Laurel McGovern is a timid woman who’s been raised by her overbearing uncle, Albert. Even as an adult, he kept her under thumb, working for him and living in one of his buildings. But all of that is about to change…

Mark is used to having his way with women. When one catches his off-guard and ties him up, a mixture of anger and lust form inside of him. He needs his mystery Goddess, in many more ways than he can explain. What happens when he discovers the timid waif Laurel is his fierce Goddess?

For our second story, we find ourselves in New York, circa 1962, following the Lust demon Roxanne yet again. Her master, Beelzebub has sent her here with one task in mind – to execute the assassination of JFK. Now what she does as long as that task is performed is up to her.

With New York and Dallas as her playgrounds, Roxanne rediscovers the humanity inside of her that one Captain Argus Fletcher helped cultivate centuries prior. Will Roxanne submit to her master’s will? Or will she find the inner strength that’s always been just beneath the surface. Red With Lust answers all these questions, and more!

*Publisher note – Captive Desire is a re-mastered edition of a web story first published on author’s blog. This book contains spanking of adult women and sexual situations, if this offends you do not buy this book.

Laurel came to slowly, confusion marring her features as she tried to understand the pressure on her arms and the fogginess in her head.

She looked up to see her hands caught in fuzzy cuffs above her head, strong arms held her so that she didn’t strain her arms before she got her feet.


A low chuckle rumbled in her ear, “Turn about is fair play … don’t you think, Goddess?”

Her sharp intake of breath and the stiffening of her spine were the only indications that she’d heard him.

He knew!

Laurel straightened her legs; surprised to find that she could easily hold the position he’d placed her in on her own. Her arms stretched comfortably above her head, the fur lined cuffs caught on some sort of hook placed halfway up her wall.

“How did you know?” she was unable to keep herself from asking.

He placed a kiss on the nape of her neck before straightening to stand a little apart from her.

“How could I not? Your smell … your taste it’s all I can think about. My body recognized yours the minute you leaned across me to pour tea.”

Her heart pounded as she licked suddenly dry lips, “What are you going to do to me?”

Mark walked in front of her, looking down into her eyes with a wicked grin, “Exactly what I promised, Goddess … what did you think?”

She shuddered delicately at the images his words evoked…how could she forget his promise?  It had haunted all her dreams since that night.

“I didn’t hurt you!” she yelled a little desperately.

“And I’m not going to hurt you,” he replied, running a teasing finger down her throat, past where her pulse beat madly, down to the first button of her shirt.

Laurel gasped as he undid each button with a flick of his fingers. In a panic she began to pull at her bonds, suddenly desperate to be free before he used those wicked fingers in more tender spots.

Somehow she knew if he took her here tonight, she would forever be changed. 

Marked … a captive of her own desire.

“Shhhhhh … don’t fight me, Goddess, you want this as much as I do.”

Laurel whimpered low in her throat as she acknowledged to herself that it was true. She did want this … more than air.

He watched as she accepted her fate – and his.

Her shirt hung open in the front, revealing a tight white sports bra that seemed to be doing its best to smash her flat.

Mark frowned and grabbed the scissors he’d left on the vanity. 

“No … don’t!” she protested the destruction of her clothing.

“I should burn the entire outfit,” he said, as he cut the clothes from her body with relish. 

Her breasts sprang free from the confining cotton, raw angry red lines beneath and above them told the tale of the price she paid to hide her figure.

He frowned anew and pressed gentle kisses to each red spot. 

“Don’t ever do that to yourself again,” he admonished, as he kissed her better.

“Uncle Albert says that it’s unladylike to bounce,” she offered in way of explanation.

“Uncle Albert is an ass.”

Laurel bit her lip as she watched Mark, suddenly unsure of his mood.

A few snips of the scissors later, she stood naked before him once more. He ran his hands up the back of her legs, skimming them across her buttocks, her back then her neck, before losing themselves in the tight knot of hair on the back of her head.

Soon, he was tossing pin after pin over his shoulder until her wild mane of hair spilled free around her shoulders and down her back. She purred like a kitten as his fingers massaged her tender scalp. It was such a relief to have the heavy weight of her hair released.

“That dreadful bun is a thing of the past as well.”

Laurel decided to play along, “Yes master.”

He laughed and kissed her deeply before pulling away again, “Careful … I could get to like that.”

“You wish,” she said smartly, only to end on a gasp as he caught one nipple between his teeth and worried it with his tongue. Mercilessly he worked the ever tightening bud before sucking it deep and hard into his mouth.

Laurel could only hang onto her bonds as the delicious torment sent shudder after shudder of sensation through her.

Mark gave the other nipple the same treatment before kissing his way down her stomach and lifting her legs over his shoulders.

Laurel jerked suddenly as she realized his intent, “No!”

He laughed, “Yes! What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, but even better for the goose.”

He showed her just how good for the goose it could be in mere seconds, wringing more of those little gasping sounds from her that he so loved. She couldn’t believe how good it felt to have his firm tongue sliding around her delicate folds then zeroing in on her swollen clit.

Taking the little nub firmly between his lips and sucking it hard, the sensation was so intense it was almost too much for her.

When she would have pulled away from his maddening tongue, his hands cupped her bottom and held fast. Mark didn’t let her go until she shuddered against him with a faint scream. As she began to contract against his lips he sank his tongue deep inside her pulsing channel eager to swallow every drop of her desire,

Then as her orgasm subsided he lifted his hand from where it cupped her bottom and brought it back with a resounding smack.

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