Before our story begins we must meet out fair heroine. Though our fair Shy is the epitome of grace and beauty she does not see it or realize the truth of from where it springs.Shy is a master of make-up the results of which are pure artistry and indeed beautiful but her beauty radiates from… Continue reading Potato…Patato

The Panda and the Fidget Spinner

I asked some friends for suggestions  on what my story should entail. My assignment was a story that included: a panda, a fidget spinner, pudding, lots of leather, lace, a ghost, camping, s’mores, bondage, and of course spanking. I hope you enjoy my slightly offbeat offering. Happy reading! ~Mo  Rylie stood fidgeting in her leather… Continue reading The Panda and the Fidget Spinner

Beast in the Woods, a new short story

Finley danced across the moon kissed meadow lifting her skirts as she carefully avoided the flowers in her path. She loved everything about the spring…the new growth of grass carpeting her steps…the flowers…their heady scent filling the air…the soft flow of the warm air blowing across her skin….everything was beautiful and new. The world reborn… Continue reading Beast in the Woods, a new short story