Chapter Thirteen of Priestess by Rue Raven

  Priestess 13 - Hiatus The Offering was over. Pale morning saw many weary revellers trying to remember the way home, or at least to remember where they left their underwear. The stage was dismantled, the incense drifted away on the morning breezes and the silken pavilions were taken down. Celebrations would continue for a… Continue reading Chapter Thirteen of Priestess by Rue Raven


Bondage and Dominance on today’s free story

The Tapestry Need rolled through her, raw and uncompromising.  A thick heavy throb settled between her legs accented by viscous fluid leaking from her core. She moaned softly leaning her head against one of her arms bound above her head. She straddled the Symbian, set low between her legs so that only two inches of… Continue reading Bondage and Dominance on today’s free story

3 Ms-Wonderfully Wicked

In Between the Pages

There’s a reason that I’m calling Morganna Williams, Maddie Taylor, and Meredith O’Reilly the 3 Ms. That’s because the 3 of them share a newsletter, and that’s how it comes. And also, I’m just terribly amused by it. And as a side note, can I just say how awesome I think the name Morganna is? It’s not one you see a lot, so it’s so neat.

Anyway, back to Wonderfully Wicked. Morganna, Maddie, and Meredith have collectively written 12 stories. Many of them are pretty short, which is hard to do. I’ve heard writers say that writing really short stories are harder than writing the longer stories. I expect that would be true because trying to keep everything tight in 300 words would be harder than 3000 words. Not that any of the stories are that short, but you get what I’m saying, right?

Most of the stories are…

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