A steamy excerpt for WIP it up Wednesday!

It’s WIP it up Wednesday! I’m sharing a spicy excerpt from the erotic thriller I’m writing with Jack Crosby.

There’s a serial killer stalking FB BDSM groups and he’s got his eye on erotic author, Mona Hyatt. Can FBI agent Leo Jackson save her?

Do you know who you’re talking to?



“How would you know what I need?” I asked, starting to get a little irritated that my attempt to seduce him had failed so utterly.
“I know because every word you have ever written, from your books to your chat logs cries out to me and begs me to give it to you. You need my discipline and my control…my dominance like you need your next breath. You don’t want to conquer, you want to be conquered and taken beyond anything you can imagine. Finish your coffee.” He commanded and I found myself complying.
We left the coffee shop and started back torwards my apartment, I gasped when he grabbed me firmly as we came to the alley and pulled me back into its murky depths. Before I could even ask what he was doing my back was against the alley wall and his mouth was devouring mine.
He didn’t politely ask, he took and I opened to him like a flower to the sun and gave him everything. His tongue drove deeply into my mouth as hard hands caught my under my thighs and lifted so I wrapped my legs around his waist as he staked his claim.
My skirt was soon rucked up around my waist and my panties ripped free from my body as he ground against me in time with his tongue thrusting in and out of my mouth. The rough feel of the bricks against my lower back only drove my excitement higher and when his hands came up between us to cup my breasts and tweaked my nipples hard I nearly came.
Suddenly I was back on my own feet with my skirt smoothed down my legs, “Leo?” I asked, shaking with the need to come and confused by his withdrawl.
“Like I told you inside the coffee shop Mona, you are not in control. I control your pleasure and naughty little girls do not get to come. I’ve been far to lenient with you.” He said firmly.
I was shocked, standing here once again in the alley I’d so recently pleasured myself in with no panties and wetness dripping down my inner thighs. I shuddered in response to his words.
“Go ahead and ask Mona, I know you want to.” Leo said with a little grin.
“Wh…what do naughty girls get?” I asked almost breathlessly.
He leaned in until his lips were pressed against my ear, “Naughty girls lose their rights to painties and they get their bottoms spanked until they promise to be good then do you know what happens?”
“What?” I asked on a gasp as his teeth closed over my ear lobe in a sharp nip.
“Then you’re going to thank me for your spanking and suck my cock like a good little girl before I put you to bed with a body throbbing for my possession.”
“But Leo I need to come!” I protested.
He turned to lead me back out of the alley with a well placed swat, “Then you better earn it. Good girls get to come.”



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A sweet spanking story for free Friday

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TGIF! Happy reading! ~Mo

Staking his Claim

It was spring break with both she and Barrett were home from their respective schools. Suddenly her best friend was looking at her in a way that made her tummy flip.

Beth didn’t quite know what to think, she’d always been able to go to Barrett with everything from problems with her parents to crushes on boys. Other girls had asked her how she could be such good friends with a boy, how could he possibly understand anything…Beth had simply smiled and told them Barrett understood everything.

They’d been thick as thieves since the moment they met on the playground in first grade; supporting each other through skinned knees, divorce, loss of a parent and the heartbreak of first love.

She hadn’t seen him since the September after high school when they’d hugged goodbye before driving in opposite directions to school, him to LSU and her to Baylor. Though they’d talked every few weeks or so, Beth had missed him so bad sometimes she didn’t think she’d be able to take another breath but when their eyes met again after the long absence everything changed in the space of a heartbeat.

The boy she’d once been able to come to with all her problems had grown into a man when she wasn’t looking and the words that had always come so easily with him now died before they could be born.

She flushed and looked down at her ratty Chucks, slowly rubbing the toe of one shoe over the other.

“Bethy,” he stood so close his words actually stirred the hair next to her ear sending a shiver coursing down her spine.

“Barrett,” a breathy squeak was all she could manage. Beth was horrified he’d hear the rapid beating of her heart.

“I’ve missed you,” Barrett told her, his deeper voice rolling over her like a caress. She swallowed and dared to glance up and meet his gaze.

The knowing look in his eyes stole her breath, she felt completely out of her depth. “I…I think I’ll get a drink.” She said in a rush before making her escape determined to avoid him for the rest of the night, the party they’d agreed to meet up at was in full swing surely with so many people around to act as a buffer she would be successful.

Her plans seemed to be working out well until someone suggested a game of spin the bottle. The harmless little game they’d played in junior high, but instead of two minutes in the closet the spinner would make out with whomever the bottle landed on.

They called it a get reacquainted game for adults.

Determined to prove to herself tonight was just an aberration and tomorrow she and Barrett would be back to normal, Bethy stepped forward to spin the bottle.

“Bethy, don’t you dare spin that bottle.” Barrett’s stern voice spoke from across the table.

Her eyes met his and she lifted her chin with a hint of defiance as she leaned forward to spin the empty glass coke bottle. She gasped when a strong male hand reached out and halted it so it pointed straight at Barrett.

“That’s cheating!” Susie Ross exclaimed, frowning up at Barrett.

“All’s fair in love and war,” He said unrepentantly as he made his way around the table to where Beth stood with her mouth hanging open.

By the time he was in front of her she found her voice putting her hands on her hips to glare up at him, “You can’t do that Barrett Jeffers!”

“Really?” Barrett asked curiously. “I think I just did.”

“You!” was all she managed before she found herself upended over his right shoulder and staring down at his broad back.

“Yes me and only me,” he said firmly as he carried her out of the room to the amusement of their friends and straight out the front door.

“Barrett! Put me down!” Beth yelled giving the taunt backside in her line a vision a pinch, only to yelp when Barrett delivered a hard swat to her own bottom in retaliation.

“Behave Bethy,” he admonished as he proceeded to carry her down the street as if he didn’t have a care in the world.

She gaped at his very nice ass as she absorbed the fact that she had no idea how to handle this new Barrett…this man but he clearly knew how to handle her. Beth squirmed on his shoulder as she tried to ignore how wet her panties were…wet because of Barrett and his stern demeanor.

“Put me down Barrett,” she said a little more softly this time.

“I told you not to spin that bottle Bethy,” he told her and she could hear the amusement in his voice.

Beth felt a stirring of irritation, “You are not the boss of me.”

“I intend to be,” Barrett’s response stirred the colony of butterflies that had taken up residence in her belly at her first sight of him this evening into a frenzy of activity.

He carried her into the gazebo in his grandmother’s gardens; they’d played here as children enjoying the way the honeysuckle and gardenia bushes shielded it like a private fairyland made just for them.

Now when he sat her on her feet before him with the scent of honeysuckle and gardenia filling the night with their fragrance and surrounding them in a rich bower of privacy she was at a loss.

“Where is my best friend?” Beth asked with a slight hitch in her voice, suddenly unsure of where they were going.

“I’m still here Bethy, but I’m also the man that loves you…the man that has always loved you. I’ve just been waiting for you to see me.” He said holding her eyes with his serious gaze.

Her breath caught in her throat and she found herself lifting her hand to shakily touch his cheek, “I see you.”

Barrett smiled then leaned down to claim her lips with his own, at first his mouth was light on hers then he delved more deeply, his tongue sliding inside to duel with hers. By the time he let her up for air her legs were shaking and she was pretty sure her arousal had soaked through her jeans.

“Now that we have that settled, I’d like to discuss a few other important topics,” he told her as he led her over to one of the benches but instead of sitting down with her as she’d imagined Barrett sat then pulled her face down over his thighs.

“Barrett?” she asked in alarm.

“Bethy,” he responded just before his hard hand clapped off her upturned bottom.

“Owww!” she cried as his hand fell again and again filling her jean covered seat with a heat that continued to grow.

“I can’t believe you tried to play spin the bottle,” Barrett said, outrage filling his voice.

“I…oow….oooh…I didn’t know…” she cried.

“You knew,” he said as his hand continued to fall even harder and faster until she was kicking her feet and bucking her hips in an effort to escape.

“I’m sorreee Barrett! I’m sorreee!” Beth wailed.

“Have I made my point effectively?” he asked with a firm hand resting on her hot sore bottom.

“Yes,” she said with a little sniff.

“Good,” Barrett said as he lifted her to straddle his thighs and cupped her tear stained face. “Because there will be no one for you but me Bethy and no one for me but you.”

A slow smiled spread across her face as he leaned down to kiss her once more, “Yes Sir.”

Two Tigers meet on free Friday

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Hello everyone! May you have a wonderful and restful weekend. Happy reading! ~Mo


Taryn held her breath to prevent herself from growling at Logan, the Alpha of the local wolf pack to whom she’d sworn allegiance. As a Tigress without a pride or family, Logan had insisted she pledge fealty his pack when she’d moved into his territory.

She’d balked but he’d insisted, “It is not safe for a female shifter without a pride or pack to protect her. I will not have it.”

Her back had just almost bowed at the dominance in his voice, Logan was a strong Alpha male but she bowed to no male.

In the end she’d acquiesced because she’d been able to see the wisdom in his request. Logan had also seen her as a strong asset to his pack and allowed her to join his enforcers.

He shook his head once more as if she were an enigma, “I still find myself amazed at your ability to shift Taryn.” Logan told her.

She sighed; they’d been through this many times. “I’ve told you before Logan, all females have the ability to shift, most just don’t have the ability to embrace the beast that lies within. Their animals sleep, it will not be an easy task to awaken them but it can be done.”

Taryn was weary of this conversation and the fact that Logan clearly did not believe her, despite the proof before his eyes of Taryn herself. He preferred to think she was an aberration rather than believe all females could learn to shift.

Taryn had simply been raised by an old Indian shifter who’d taken her in after her parents were killed by hunters. She’d only been three and the old man; a coyote breed had taken her in and raised her as his own.

Ogden had treated her as he would any cub male or female and began teaching her to embrace her inner beast and learn to shift from the very beginning. Taryn hadn’t even realized most female breeds believed they couldn’t shift until the old man died when she was seventeen and she was on her own.

She’d traveled with a backpack and come in contact with other breeds for the first time. The things she’d learned had shocked her, the women were so subservient to their men it made her uncomfortable.

Taryn was never in one place long, especially when there were shifter communities, she refused to bow and scrape to the males so they didn’t want her to stay. All assumed she couldn’t shift and Taryn often didn’t tell them different. Knowledge was power.

Logan and his pack were different, she’d trusted them from the first smelling the integrity on them, which was why his next words shocked her to her core.
“I’ve invited a Tiger shifter into our community,” he told her as he studied her reaction carefully.

Her hackles raised and she hissed with an arch of her back as she stalked around the room, “Why?”

“Because you are a Tigress in need of mate,” Logan told her with no little exasperation. “The Tiger breed is all but extinct Taryn; you must renew your line. It is imperative to all of our people.”

“I need no mate!” she growled at the stubborn Alpha, her bright blue eyes snapping with anger.

“You do! You’re in heat even now and my men are at a loss; they would try but all fear being disemboweled.” He told her ruefully.

Hearing the wolf males feared her mollified her slightly, “As they should.”

A dark, rich chuckle as a large man entered the room, “Wolves cannot handle a Tigress.” The man said matter of factly.

Taryn spun to face the man with another hiss, baring her fangs. “No male can handle a Tigress!”

A feral smile crossed his face as stalked towards her, his green eyes glowing with purpose. “Not so my little cat, a Tiger can always tame his Tigress.”

A yowl of outrage escaped her as her cat stretched within her in a bid for freedom, fangs slid forward and her fingers itched as claws replaced her neatly manicured finger nails. “I’m not your little cat or your Tigress.” Taryn told him, her voice little more than a growl.

The man looked at Logan, “You were right she’s magnificent!”

Something about this big male made her nervous and her cat was wary so she was also pissed. She wasn’t accustomed to this unsure feeling so she refused to give in to it.
“Do not speak about me as if I were not here.” She said in outrage.

A low rumbling growl escaped the Tiger’s throat, rolling around her like an invisible caress that made her want to yowl in response. Instead she gave into the fear that was growing inside her, changing to her cat and leaping from the study window with another hiss of displeasure at the men.

Both men watched as the beautiful white tigress made her escape.

“Well?” Logan asked the Tiger. “Liam?”

Liam inhaled deeply breathing in the scent a combination of cat, woman, fear, anger and sweet feminine heat. A rumbling sound escaped him as he began to strip off his clothes.
Logan blinked when he realized he was hearing a purr.

“I will never be able to thank you enough my friend,” Liam said with a toothy grin. “She is mine. My Tigress…my mate,” he said the words almost reverently before his shifted and a huge Bengal Tiger stood in his place.

The Tiger gave him one soft chuff that almost sounded like laughter before he leapt out the window after his Tigress.


Taryn ran landed smoothly before turning her sleek body towards the forest and taking off at a run. In her animal form she could speed through the trees her feline body skirting around the trunks with grace as she ran.

She gave a low his when she heard the chuffing of the male entering the forest behind her, fighting her own instinct to yowl back in a combination of invitation and challenge. She growled softly instead leaping onto a low hanging branch and climbing high above the ground until she found a broad branch to lie across and hide.

Part of her wanted to greet the interloper of her territory in fierce battle but the wiser part of her recognized the male tiger would be larger and stronger than she and the risk was too great.

Not that Taryn believe the big male cat would hurt her, but he would mate her and once that happened she was trapped; bound to man and beast for the rest of her life.

He was below her, calling out to her with a yowl of impatience. She pulled her large frame as tight into the tree as possible wishing not for the first time that she had the more subdued tones of a Bengal rather than the bright white and black of her stripes. The white did not blend well against trees or leaves; why hadn’t she picked a snowy territory to settle?

Suddenly the Bengal shifted and instead it was a large naked man staring up at her with impatient green eyes. “Come down here little cat.”

Taryn narrowed her eyes and hissed.

“Are you afraid?” he asked in a taunting voice.

A growl was the only warning he got before she launched herself from the tree straight on top of the man.

He laughed, wrapping both arms around her body and twisting as he changed beneath her until it was the large male tiger she wrestled. Taryn hissed and clawed at the male trying to force her into submission.

He growled back his mouth closing warningly over her throat. Taryn froze, unsure if he would rip out her throat. She wanted to fight and claw his belly but the female cat; her beast was ready to flip to her belly and lift tail for the male cat, the yowl of female need that warbled out of her mouth was embarrassing.

While Taryn and her cat were one she often fought the instincts that urged her to submit to strong males. She couldn’t allow herself to be lorded over by the males in the shifter world; they were stifling in their efforts to protect females.

She neither needed nor wanted protection.

He shifted above her, “Shift little cat. Submit to your mate.”

Taryn shifted and immediately punched him as hard as she could. The big males head went back and he grunted but he stayed where he was straddling her nude body.

He laughed, his greens eyes sparkling with good humor, “Naughty little cat now I will have to punish you.”

“You wouldn’t dare!” she hissed.

In response he simply sat up bringing her with him as he sat with his back against the tree and tossed her across his naked thighs.

Taryn’s eyes widened in alarm as her hands were caught in one big hand in the small of her back and one heavy thigh came down over hers to pin her in place. “You can’t do this!” she wailed in outrage as his large palm came down hard on her upturned bottom showing her indeed he could.

“Naughty little mates end up with sore little bottoms,” he told her matter of factly as his hand landed again and again in barrage of swats that left her gasping.

“Bastard!” she screamed, his hand began to fall even harder.

“Tsk…tsk, it seems my little cat is looking for a sore backside inside out,” making her gasp as his fingers slid effortlessly between her bottom cheeks and she felt the tip of one broad finger pressing against the shy little rosebud of her ass.

“What are you doing?” Taryn asked in horror.

“Teaching you what happens when you call your mate names little cat, you may call me Master…or Liam,” Liam told her as his finger breached her ass even as her muscles tried to keep him out.

“Ooooh,” she cried out as his finger began to work in and out of her ass punishing her and yet there was pleasure beginning to intermingle with the pain. Taryn closed her eyes at the moisture beginning to gather between her thighs.

She panted as he released her wrists and his hand slipped beneath her body and his fingers found her throbbing clit.

“You will come for me Taryn,” he commanded as his finger continued to move in and out of her ass as his other fingers worked her needy clit.

“Nooo…I…ooooohoooooo,” she cried, her body spasming as a long finger slipped deep inside her wet sheath and his fingers began to work in tandem bringing her quickly to a shattering climax that left her whimpering across his lap.

Liam lifted her to her knees and pressed her chest to the ground as he moved behind her, her ass was sore both inside and out just as he promised and her insides quivered with liquid heat and need.

She no longer cared that she was submitting to this male, she needed to feel him deep inside of her, she craved him more than her next breath. Taryn spread her legs in invitation as she looked at him over her shoulder, “Please.”

His hands came down to palm her sore ass cheeks and spread her wide as he came down over her, she shuddered when she felt the broad head of his cock pressing against her weeping slit.

As he pressed inside taking her to the hilt with one hard thrust they both groaned. The feel of his thick cock stretching her tender unused muscles without mercy was a mixture of pleasure pain that was almost too sweet to be born.

He began to pump in and out of her hard as his lips made their way up her spine, “Do you like the feel of my hard cock stretching you open and making you take me as I please little cat?”

“Yes!!” she cried all thoughts of pride and refusing him gone in the haze of her need.

Liam’s arms snaked around her and lifted her against his chest as she cried out with each hard thrust. One hand cupped her breast tweaking the hard nipple as his other hand slipped between her wet thighs and catching her clit between two fingers.

Taryn’s head began to thrash against his chest, “Please…more…harder…deeper,” she begged.
“With pleasure mate,” he told her as his teeth closed over her shoulder sinking deep as he took her hard giving her everything as he shafted in and out of her tight sheath relentlessly. Each thrust of his cock pressing against her clit and forcing it back across the fingers riding it until with a screamed her body locked down on his milking his cock as if she would wring ever last bit of seed from his body.

Liam gave a hoarse shout of pleasure as he emptied into her then began to lap as the bite on her shoulder as if too sooth the little injury. Taryn came again as he pulled free of her body turning her to face him as he laid them both in a bed of grass and curled around her.

Taryn gave a sigh of surrender as she sank into the welcoming heat of her mate’s body, sheltering her from the cold.

His rumbling purr vibrated against her neck and filled her senses, a soft raspy purr rose from her own chest the sounds seeming to twine together as the mated pair slept.

Steamy spanking and forced orgasms on free Friday


Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Happy reading! ~Mo


A breathless sigh escaped her lips as she waited.

She was bound hanging suspended above the floor, her legs spread wide and attached over her head leaving her open and vulnerable to anything he wanted to do…her arms were secured on either side of her head. A silken blindfold covered her eyes seeming to make ever moment stretch into eternity as she waited for his touch.

Relaxing into the complex weave of ropes supporting her weight, she felt light as air…almost weightless as she hung securely in the web of ropes he’d woven as expertly as any spider.

Was that a touch?

She shivered as another fleeting caress slide over her right nipple almost as light as air, but this time she knew it was him…he was toying with her…making her want to beg for the feel of his hand on her skin.

One finger slid down her chest between her quivering breasts and over her softly rounded belly, then lifted away as her body strained to follow. The ropes beneath her began to move slightly as if echoing the need of her body.

She gasped when he caught a nipple between the thumb and forefingers of each hand and pinched. The delicious pain sending a jolt of electricity all the way to her clit and causing a trickle of moisture to drip down her inner thigh; she whined when he released her and backed away once more.

Her need was almost palpable…the sweet ache almost more than she could bear, “Please…” she whispered.

Firm hands caught the lips of her labia and spread her impossibly wide, stretching the skin exquisitely…her clit standing at attention the opening to her core taunt and sensitive. Hot air wafted across her and sent a shudder of longing through her a moment before his tongue began to play at her entrance.

The way his hands held her open seemed to magnify ever sensation, his tongue slipping barely inside of her before retreating once more teasing her until she felt almost mindless. “Yes!” she groaned with pleasure when his tongue suddenly plunged deep giving her the pressure she craved only to withdraw and leave her wanting even more.

“Noo!” she wailed in disappointment when his hands left her completely, her body felt cold and bereft as she shivered in her need.

“Owwww!” she yelped when his hand slapped the under curve of her bottom, exposed perfectly by the way she was bound. Again and again his hand fell in a rhythmic pattern only he understood as he covered every inch of her backside.
Every stroke of his hand on her rapidly heating flesh making the fire of her hunger burn ever brighter until she felt like she became lust personified. Every nerve in her body awakened and crying out with longing for his touch…his possession; echoing the emptiness that seemed to be amplified in her core as her body spasmed and clenched around nothing.

When she felt the head of his cock being fitted to her body she almost wept with relief, his hands gripping the ropes holding her suspended he jerked her body onto his, impaling her to the hilt.

The orgasm that washed over her caught her by surprise as it swept through her body like a tsunami of pleasure, leaving her gasping for air as she shuddered helplessly while he continued to hammer in and out of her…allowing no quarter.

He took her without mercy…demanding her response as he drove her from one pinnacle of pleasure to another without respite. The orgasms seemed to bleed together until she was simply floating in a sea of unending pleasure that was almost painful in its intensity.

“I can’t!” she wailed desperately when he caught her beneath her shoulders and ground high inside her against a hidden spot sent her impossibly higher.

“You can…you will…you will give it to me because it belongs to me!” he commanded darkly and she shattered into a million fragmented pieces as her world imploded in a maelstrom of carnal pleasure.

“Good girl,” he said against her neck as he stiffened above her and filled her with his seed, the heat of it bathing her inner walls as her body continued to spasm around him, milking his cock as if to ensure not a drop was wasted.

He kissed her deeply his tongue tangling sweetly with her as she shivered in the aftermath of the storm he had wrought upon her senses. He gathered her in his arms after releasing her bonds, holding her close as he carried her to their bed and wrapped himself around her.

She gave another soft sigh as her body sank into his…replete and satiated…complete.

A remote punishment on a very late free Friday


Heartbeat to Heartbeat

“Have you been a naughty girl?” I shiver as your voice comes across the phone line and its as if I feel it whispering across the sensitive skin behind my ear.

“Yes sir,” I whisper, afraid if I speak to loudly the moment will be lost. “I’ve been very naughty.” I tell you breathlessly.
You click your tongue disapprovingly, “What am I to do with such a naughty little girl?”
“Punish me?” I ask as everything inside me tightens with a need for you to do just that, I ache for your attention with a desire that can’t be denied, the moisture of the need already dampening the gusset of my panties.
The insistent throb of my clit matching the pulse fluttering at my throat as I wait for your decision.
“Naughty girls get very red sore bottoms,” you tell me sternly.
“Yes sir,” I tell you the words sounding thick and raspy.
“Get the bath brush,” you say me firmly.
I hurry to comply with your instruction knowing to dally will only make it worse. In the bathroom I take hold of the long thick wooden brush knowing it packs a wallop even when delivered by my own hand.
“I have it,” my voice comes out in almost a squeak as my bottom clenches reflexively and the wetness begins to drip to the top of my inner thighs.
“Take off all of your clothes then bend over and brace yourself on the edge of the bathtub.,” I shiver as I comply with your command, my heavy breasts swaying over the edge of the bathtub.
“Yes sir,” I am breathless with the fear of what is to come as well is with the almost desperate anticipation of it. I want and need your discipline so badly.
“I want ten hard swats to your left sit spot. Each one in the exact same spot and I want to hear them.” Your voice brooks no argument.
I take a deep breath as I place the phone on the edge of the tub next to where my hand is braced and hit the speaker button. The first swat lands hard and I gasp.
“Harder. That one doesn’t count.”
I groan but immediately comply, gritting my teeth as I deliver another blow to my own quivering posterior.
“Better. Again.”
Following your commands I give my self ten searing swats to the same place on my left sit spot.
“Now. Ten more in the same place, harder this time.” You command.
I whine in protest even as my clit swells even more with the instruction and my arousal is dripping down my thighs.
Ten more swats even harder than the first ten land leaving a blistering heat in their wake. I am breathing heavy from both the exertion and the pain.
When you instruct me to repeat the process on my right cheek I am both relieved and anxious.
When it is finished my bottom is on fire, your displeasure with my behavior feels as if is has been tattooed across my sit spots.
“Now back to your bedroom. I believe we will finish with twenty strokes of your belt to the naughty bottom. I want each spot to land across your well paddled sit spots. You will do ten strokes from the left side and ten from the right.”
“But sir,” I can’t keep the little whine of complaint from my voice.
“Are you arguing with me about your punishment?” you asked, your voice deceptively soft.
“No sir,” I say as I hurrying to fetch the thick leather belt from my closet and bend across the foot of my bed, laying the phone near my face so you can hear everything.
“I’m ready sir,” I say submissively.
“Begin,” at the command I swing the belt towards my already sore bottom hissing as it connects rather spectacularly. I methodically lay nine more strokes over the top of the first ensuring that each swing of the belt is true and hard enough that you can hear the whistle of it just before it connects.
“Good girl. Let’s get the last ten done.” you tell me, your voice filled with the dark tenderness that promises a reward for a punishment well delivered.
I deliver the last ten strokes, a lone tear sliding down my cheek as the last line of fire is laid across my throbbing backside.
“Is your punishment chair in the corner?” you ask me.
“Yes sir,” I tell you breathlessly as I study the fuck chair, the tip of the dildo barely showing through the hole in the middle of the chair. I had attached the longest, thickest vibrator in my collection under your instruction earlier with the clit stimulator at the base. You held the remote controller for the contraption that worked on my Wi-Fi.
When we couldn’t be together it enabled you to give me exactly what you wanted to, effectively snatching away all my control as I could only hand on to the back of the chair and take everything you gave me.
“Are you wet for my cock?” you asked.
My core clenched hard at your question, “Yes sir.”
“Mount up,” You instructed and I straddled the chair until the tip of the dildo rested just outside my entrance making me moan eagerly at the feel of it. “Can you feel me?”
“Yes please!” I moaned loudly as I gripped the back of the chair, the hard wood pressing uncompromisingly against my sore bottom.
“Are you sure?” you ask, as I hear a slight whir and the tip barely presses up then retreats.
“Oh please…please sir…please I need your cock…please…” I chant.
You reward me by turning it on high and it slams inside me to the hilt with the first thrust, not giving my inner walls time to grow accustom to it before it began thrusting in and out of me in long hard strokes. The clit stimulator hits my clit with every inward thrust but the vibrator is not yet on but still the pleasure build quickly.
“I’m going to cum!” I cry out.
“Not without permission. If you cum before I give you permission we will start the whole punishment from the beginning,” you warn me.
I gasp, holding myself still as the thick dildo pistons in and out of me mercilessly then the vibrator starts and you change the rhythm so its grinding high inside me as the little vibraotor rides my clit.
“Siiirrrrrr!” I wail as it builds inside me knowing I won’t be able to keep myself from hurtling into space.
“Do you want to cum?” you ask me.
“Yes!” I gasp writhing on the chair. “Please sir… please!”
“Cum now!” I explode with the command hurtling into orbit as the dildo continues to ride high inside me driving me from one orgasm straight into another and then another until I fragment into a million pieces with a final scream of pleasure.
The dildo withdraws completely and turns off as I lay collapsed over the back of the chair as I catch my breath and come back to myself to you.
“That’s my good girl. Can you make it to the bed?”
“Yes sir,” I whisper softly.
“Then come lay down with me,” I happily comply as I cuddle against a pillow in my bed and you talk softly to me until I fall asleep.
I am comforted by your voice, I feel your touch across the miles and know its only a matter of time until I am resting against your body…heartbeat to heartbeat where I belong.

A hot and sexy spanking on free Friday!


We made it through another work week! Yay! Time to get ready for the weekend! I hope everyone has a wonderful Mother’s day with friends and family. Happy reading! ~No

The Wildness

She teased him mercilessly throughout the evening, a flirtatious glance, fleeting touches in passing…tantalizing views of her hand skimming her breast. The darkening of his gaze and flaring of his nostrils emboldening her ever further until she began to audaciously flirt with their male guests.

Moist heat thrummed through her core, she knew he would punish her for the wanton behavior and then he would take her without mercy to remind her to whom she belonged.

She reveled in the wildness inside him that remained hidden from the rest of the world. The beast he would unleash upon her as soon as he bid goodnight to their guests…the beast she craved with a wildness all her own.

When the men retired to the saloon to smoke she excused herself and went to her rooms, quickly stripping from her ball gown and the semblance of propriety. Opening the window wide she embraced the wildness coursing through her veins and jumped from the window to land on her feet with a gleeful cry before racing into the woods to await her mate.

She knew the instant he found her discarded clothing in the empty room they shared, his bellow carried across the wind to her sensitive ears. He was coming.

Her body ached with need, the wet evidence of her desire dripping down her inner thighs as she laid waiting for him in the tall grass of a meadow. When she felt his moonlit shadow fall across her naked form she cupped her breasts and tweaked her nipples.

He growled in response as she smiled lazily up at him.

Grabbing her firmly about the arms he lifted her to her knees as he knelt to the side of her his fists wrapping in her hair as he pulled her face down to his cock. She opened her mouth eagerly accepting his forceful thrust inside, hungry for his taste.

She sucked hard on the swollen head as he pumped his hips in and out of her willing lips, then she gasped around him as his hand began to fall on her backside in time with his thrusts. She tried not to let the growing heat in her bottom distract her from sucking on his cock, catching the drops of precum leaking from its tip greedily.

She moaned in protest when he pulled free of her mouth and turned her fully away from him so he could spank her harder and faster. With a sigh of surrender she pressed her chest to the cool grass remaining on her knees and lifting her ass high for his discipline.

His hand fell over and over until her bottom felt as if it might burst into flame and tears fell unheeded down her cheeks. She barely had any warning when the spanking stopped before he slammed his cock inside her hard the head butting up against her cervix even as two fingers crept around to catch her clit between them and press it down to ride his cock.

Every stroke pushing it back against his rough fingers so it seemed it was worried from every side as he pounded in and out of her without mercy.

The first orgasm stole her breath and cause sparks to dance behind her eyelids but still he took her, determined to remind her who was in charge. He brought her to three more hard orgasms before he pulled free of her still spasming sheath, only to fit the head of his cock to the rosebud of her ass.

She gave only the softest whimper as she pressed back against him aiding his invasion of this most private of places. He gave her no quarter, pressing hard and seating himself fully without preamble.

A cry of pleasure and pain escaped her as he possessed her utterly…owning her so completely in that moment the rightness of it brought tears to her eyes. His hands reached beneath her to cup her breasts and lifted her to rest against his chest with her legs splayed on either side of his strong thighs as he continued to pound in and out of her tender ass.

He took her with hard deep thrusts that shook her to her very foundations…tearing her apart even as they rebuilt…as if he was reshaping her into a new creature; his creation. She gasped, her head falling back against his shoulder as he released one breast to slap a hand down on her wide open pussy.

Again and again his hand slapped down catching her tender clit with each swat even as he drove ever deeper into her ass until with a scream she shattered completely around him. The orgasm seemed to go on and on as he bit down on her shoulder and emptied inside her, bathing her tender inner muscles with jet after jet of his hot cum.

She gave a soft mewl of protest as he withdrew from her body and pulled her into his arms as they lay together under the moon.

She was replete…she was renewed…she was reborn.

Meredith O’Reilly is visiting with a hot excerpt from His Little Captive




Thank you so much for having me over on your blog! Today, I have a naughty snippet to share from my newly released book, His Little Captive!

“It’s a little hard to wash dishes when someone is playing with your breasts,” I countered as he squeezed my nipples, sending a small bite of pain coursing through my body that switched quickly to pleasure after a moment.
“I have faith you can do it, even if someone is playing with your breasts.”
With more determination than I thought I ever possessed, I continued to wash the dishes. They were spotless in record timing. While I was scrubbing the pots, Charles was kissing the spots behind my ears, my neck, my cheeks, while his fingers were twisting, pulling, and rolling my nipples. I felt like a rubber band that was stretched to its limit and was ready to snap any second.
“Done!” I screamed, turning in his arms. Pressing my lips to his, I needed the physical contact after all the pent-up arousal he caused.
He drew me back away from him, both of us panting.
“This is going to be fast.”
“Thank the Lord,” I murmured, pulling down my pants and kicking them off as he unzipped his jeans and pulled his hard shaft out.
He lifted me up and I wrapped both of my legs around his waist, as he slammed his cock into me.
“Yes!” I screamed as his shaft filled me.
He carried me to the wall, pushing me against it, and pumped in and out of me as I ran my hands over his large deltoids, biceps, and triceps. Nothing got me more turned on than when I felt his bulging muscles as he took me.
He turned and walked over to the kitchen table. One of his hands left my ass, and a moment later there was a loud bang. He had pushed the box of cookies and unlit candles off the table. He laid me down on top, never missing a beat while pumping in and out of me.
“Oh, my… gosh, Charles!” I cried, as he broke our kiss and his lips slid down to kiss the side of my neck.
The thought that he was so desperate to have me that he was knocking things off the table turned me on way more than I thought it would.
“Come for me, Lilly,” he huffed, plunging inside of me and letting his seed fill me. A second later, my inner vaginal walls clamped down on him as I found my release.
Pleasure consumed my body as I lay on the table where we had just eaten dinner, trying to catch my breath.
“That was amazing,” I finally got out.
He looked up at me, a grin crossing his face. “We aren’t done yet, this was just the appetizer.”

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His Little Captive Blurb
After waking up in a room she doesn’t recognize, twenty-year-old college student Lilly Parkins discovers that she has been placed in a secret government program for adult women who would benefit from living under the care of a firm but loving daddy. For the next few months, all of her needs will be provided for so that she can experience the childhood she never had.

Having been orphaned years ago, Lilly has grown accustomed to depending only on herself, and she is none too pleased by this arrangement, but when she meets her new daddy, Charles Davidson, she cannot help being impressed by the handsome, kindhearted businessman.

Charles makes it clear that while he will never be harsh with Lilly, he will be stern if her behavior makes it necessary, and when she speaks rudely to him he bares her bottom and spanks her soundly. In spite of his strict discipline, however, Lilly delights in Charles’ care and attention, and she soon finds herself longing for him to take her in his arms and make her his. But when her time in the program comes to an end, will it mean saying goodbye to him forever?

Publisher’s Note: His Little Captive includes spankings, sexual scenes, and age play. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

Thanks for having me over to visit!

Two steamy hanky spanky excerpts!

Today I bring you two spanky releases from my two newest books. Are you ready for some hanky spanky?  Happy reading! -~Mo
Excerpt Sternly Chastised:
She studied him while he slept sprawled on his back covering most of the bed. The night before he’d driven her wild, first with his mouth then his cock; he’d made her come so many times she lost track.
Forcing her to come until she’d practically begged him to stop, at that point he’d said, “One more,” and the resulting orgasm had been so intense she’d seen white lights behind her eyes as she screamed his name.
Then she’d fallen in an exhausted sleep almost immediately, not stirring till a few minutes ago when she woke curled next to his big body. Perhaps it was time for a little payback.
She slowly pulled the covers down his form until she’d revealed his entire body to her gaze. In sleep he looked so relaxed, rather than the barely contained energy that seemed right beneath the surface when he was awake.
Everything was relaxed except his cock, she thought with a grin. It was long, thick, and just as hard as it had been last night when he used it to pound her into the mattress. Kneeling between his spread legs, she licked her lips in anticipation.
Her mouth practically watering for the taste of him, wrapping one hand around the base of his thick shaft, she leaned forward to catch the head between her lips, sucking hard as her tongue played along the bottom then lapped at the little slit at its tip. She released him from her mouth with an audible pop before licking him from the base of his shaft to the tip and all around like her favorite decadent ice cream cone.
When she got back to the head of his cock again she began placing little sucking kisses along the ridge around the bottom of the head. He groaned and lightly bucked his hips, making her smile as her hot mouth engulfed the head fully again.
She continued to suck hard and began bobbing her head up and down, taking a little more of his length each time while still plying her tongue everywhere she could reach. She looked up and met deep blue eyes watching her intently as he sucked him.
Pulling completely off just before he was about to come, she sat up with a grin. “Good morning.”
“You’d best finish what you started, little girl,” he ordered, his voice still raspy with sleep.
“I kind of need to paint my toenails first,” she said jokingly, only to gasp in surprise as the bed exploded into motion. “I was kidding!” she cried as she found herself face down over his lap with his hand clapping off her bottom over and over.
She had real tears falling down her cheeks by the time he stopped and turned her to face him. He stood next to the bed and pushed her down to sit on the edge with a wince as her sore bottom made contact.
“Now, are you ready to finish what you started, young lady?” he asked firmly.
“Yes, sir,” she said softly, opening her mouth to receive him again. He fisted both hands in her hair as he drove his cock into her mouth and immediately down her throat, gagging her slightly and causing more tears to fall from her eyes.
He worked in and out of her mouth as she continued sucking and licking everything she could reach to the best of her ability. Then he thrust deep and held her in place with her nose flush against his body as he shot ribbon after ribbon of cum down her throat.
She swallowed everything he gave her and then as his hands released her hair she began bobbing up and down his shaft again, sucking to milk every drop of cum from his cock before licking him clean.
“Good girl,” he said with a grin, leaning down to kiss her deeply. “Morning, baby, did you like your spanking?”
“Yes, sir,” she said with a saucy grin.
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Excerpt Rewriting the Rules:
She heard the paddle drop, as his hand came up to cup her weeping pussy. “My naughty girl is very wet,” Donovan commented.
Aurora groaned into the couch cushion, unable to deny how much his punishment affected her even though it had hurt so badly. He thrust two fingers deep, working them in and out of her while his thumb played across her clit.
“Ooohhh…” she groaned low and loud, thrusting her hips back demandingly as an orgasm built, but just before she went over the edge he pulled his fingers from her body and gave her a sharp swat with his hand.
“Do naughty girls get to come, Aurora?” he asked.
“No!” she wailed. “Please… I’ll be good… please let me come.”
“If you’d been a good girl, you’d be getting all the orgasms you could want right now, but you weren’t, were you?” Donovan asked her.
“No, sir,” Aurora said softly.
“Do you think you deserve to come like a good girl would?”
Her shoulders slumped. “No, sir.”
When she felt the tug on the plug in her ass it was almost a relief; at least he would fill something. He made short work of pulling the plug out and then she felt the broad head of his cock against her tender opening while he pressed her legs even further apart.
Aurora groaned in dismay when she realized he was positioning her in such a way that he ensured her clit got no pressure. He really wasn’t going to let her come!
“Take a breath and press back against me,” he instructed.
Aurora pressed back, eager to feel his length deep in her ass, stretching her wide even without the orgasm.
She whimpered, her ass burning as the tissues stretched wide to accept his cock and then he was inside, moving ever deeper with each thrust until she felt his balls pressing against her ass.
She felt impossibly full and her clit throbbed in need when he began to pull out and slammed back inside… pleasure warred with pain as he took her ass in a punishing rhythm.
Aurora found herself pressing back to meet every thrust as the orgasm she’d been told she wouldn’t get built inside her; she wanted more. The feel of his cock plundering her most private place made her feel owned completely and satisfied a need she hadn’t even realized she had.
“Oooh… yes! Harder!” she cried as he pounded in and out of her.
“You come and I will strap that naughty pussy of yours,” he whispered in her ear and that was all it took; Aurora exploded around his pistoning cock. Her ass clamped down hard and then he groaned and shot his hot seed deep inside her, bathing the tender inner muscles of her ass.
Aurora shuddered as he pulled out, and then she collapsed over the arm of the couch like a limp noodle. She began to shiver, every muscle in her body shaking in reaction to the intensity of what they’d shared.
She moaned when he used a warm washcloth to clean her up; she hadn’t even noticed when he’d left to get it. Then she groaned as she felt the tip of that damn plug pressing against her tender asshole then sliding home to seat deep inside her again.
“Why?” she whined.
“You will wear it until we return from getting the car detailed. Take the plug and your pussy strapping like a good girl and when we get back I will make you come until you see stars,” Donovan told her, pressing a kiss to her red ass before picking her up and laying her on her back on top of the coffee table. “Spread those pretty thighs wide for your strapping.”
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He makes her ache with need on free Friday

TGIF!! Are we ever not glad it’s Friday? Happy reading! ~Mo
Make Me Ache
A soft moan escaped my lips as the silken sheets slid across my already overly sensitized skin. Your hand skimmed slowly up my nude body until you cupped an aching breast as you leaned down to capture my tightly furled nipple between your lips.

My back arched as you sucked me deep within the recesses of your mouth your teeth lightly biting the tip of my nipple. I moved my legs restlessly on the bed parting them wide in invitation as my hands came down to twine in your hair.

You immediately released my nipple with a loud popping sound, “Where are your hands supposed to be little girl?”

I obediently put my hands back up over my head clasping my hands together in an effort to hold position. As soon as my hands were back where they were supposed to be you returned your attention to my breast.

You sucked my nipple hard as you worried it with your teeth making me more and more aware of the throb of my clit and the aching emptiness within my core. I knew from experience you would continue to tease me until I was almost mindless with need.

I could feel the wetness of my arousal dripping down the crack of my ass and I was sure I was leaving a wet spot on the bed.

You finally released my left nipple and moved to the right, the cold air washing over the damp tip tightening it to the point of pain. My hips began to lift almost of their own accord as my body sought the weight of yours.

Suddenly, your body moved between mine spreading me wide and pinning me to the mattress so I couldn’t move, the head of your cock resting just to the side of where I desperately needed it.

You gave one last sharp biting kiss to my right nipple before you began kissing down my body as I whimpered, my body filled with the sweet ache only you could assuage.

“Please…” I cried gripping the covers over my head in my fists as I fought the desire to wrap my arms around you.

“What do you need sweetling?” you asked, your voice a husky growl.

“You…please…please sir,” my head tossed restlessly from side to side as I begged for you to fill me.

“Tell me what you need,” you commanded.

“Your cock…filling me…taking me…please,” a tear coursed down one cheek as the ache between my thighs became almost unbearable. I felt as if you’d been teasing me for hours.

Without warning you flipped me over and brought me up on my knees, my chest pressed to the mattress my thighs spread wide as you pressed the tip of your cock to my wet slit.

“Ooohhh…yes…oh please…please…please,” I chanted, unable to move back against you because you held my ass firmly in your grip.

The head of your cock slid lightly through my slit, moving easily because I was so wet, “Look how wet my naughty girl is.” You said with a rough laugh as your hand slapped down on my bottom jolting your cock where it rested against my clit.

“Ahhh!” I cried out as your hand slapped down again and again, each and every swat causing the tip of your cock to brush my needy clit. The stinging heat that filled my bottom seemed only to magnify my need to be filled.

Just when I thought I could take no more, you slammed your cock into me hard and fast; taking me to the hilt. I was so primed…I came immediately my body locking down on yours as I spasmed around your pistoning shaft.

You gave me no time to recover from the orgasm, continuing to take me hard without mercy or respite; driving me from one orgasm straight into another until I was wailing my pleasure as I took everything you gave me.

As the final orgasm ripped through my body, I jerked and I felt the gush of fluid release as I came bathing your cock in the balm of my pleasure. You pounded into me one last time then I felt the hot spurt of your seed filling me, as aftershocks of pleasure ran through my body.

We collapsed to the bed as one, a tangled mess of arms and legs, your body enveloping mine protectively. I sighed as I pressed a kiss to the hand beneath my cheek; happy to be in your arms where I belonged.

Can’t Touch That!

ZomboMeme 21042017140008

Sorry for my absence last week. I’m back this week with a new story I hope you enjoy and a new release! Sternly Chastised is another compilation of short stories.  Unfortunately, it’s not.live yet on Amazon but here’s a peek at the Cover! Happy reading! ~No


Can’t Touch That

I stood in the shower and rubbed body oil into my breasts, imagining your hands in place of my own. I shivered as I plucked at my nipples until they tightened into hard little buds throbbing for more attention.


My slippery hands slid down my stomach gliding over the top of my bare mound until they ghosted over my aching clit. I moaned rubbing my fingers over my swollen bud in a circular motion.


“What are you doing young lady?” your firm voice growled at me from the bathroom doorway making my jump.


I flushed and pulled my hands away from my body as I gave you my sweetest smile, “I was just rubbing in body oil so my skin was silky smooth for you.”


You arched a brow at me, “Who owns your pleasure?”


My lips twisted a little and I looked at the floor, “You do.”


I gasped when your large hand suddenly cupped my sex your fingers sliding into my wet folds, “Who does this belong to?”


“You…ooh you!” I whimpered as my hips bucked helplessly against your hand.


“Are you allowed to touch my things without permission little girl?” you asked as one long finger sank deep inside me while your thumb played across my clit.


“No sir,” I said softly as pleasure began to steal my breath.


“Why were you touching yourself without permission?” you asked.


“I was thinking of you and I felt all achy and I…”


“What a naughty little girl you are,” you said as you placed one of you feet on the edge of the bathtub and placed your other hand on my backside using it and the finger inside me to guide me over you upraised knee.


“Yes Sir…I was very naughty…pleasure punish me,” I begged and then yelped as your hand landed hard on my upturned bottom; the oil still slick on my skin increasing the sting exponentially.


Every slap on my bottom forced me down on the finger inside me and caused my clit to ride your thumb. The combination of the intense sting and the pleasure making me hyper aware of both until I was sobbing, lost in a sea of warring sensations.


Again and again your hand fell my bottom on fire and the pain of the spanking bringing tears to my eyes even as your other hand drove me closer and closer to orgasm.

I moaned loudly through my tears as another finger joined the one inside me and your thumb began to rub more firmly even has your swats began to fall harder and faster until I stiffened then screamed as release shuddered through me.


You continued to spank me lightly as you fingers stroked in and out of me wringing ever bit of pleasure from me possible. I collapsed over your knee completely spent by the intensity of the orgasm.


Lifting me from your knee you pushed me over the edge of the bathroom vanity and filled me from behind with your long, thick cock. I groaned appreciatively as my tender tissues stretched wide to accommodate you.


You took me without mercy, slamming in and out of me the head of your cock pounding against my cervix as your thighs slapped against my sore bottom with every inward thrust.


Another orgasm washed through my body as I clamped down tight on your pistoning cock with a wail of pleasure. You groaned against the back of my neck as you stiffened inside me then I felt the hot jets of your seed against my sensitive inner walls.


You chuckled as you pulled out of me and lifted me into your arms, “That will teach you to touch what’s mine.”


I smiled against your neck and snuggled into you, “Mmmhmmmm.”