The Panda and the Fidget Spinner

I asked some friends for suggestions  on what my story should entail. My assignment was a story that included: a panda, a fidget spinner, pudding, lots of leather, lace, a ghost, camping, s’mores, bondage, and of course spanking. I hope you enjoy my slightly offbeat offering. Happy reading! ~Mo 

Rylie stood fidgeting in her leather bustier and G-string waiting for her dom to collect her from the dressing area. 

With an impatient sigh, she began spinning her glittery purple fidget spinner on her index finger. It was pretty and she liked it but it wasn’t all that entertaining in the grand scheme of things. 

Brad said if it kept her hands busy, it kept her out of trouble when she was waiting, so she should have it on her at all times. 

Something fuzzy caught in her peripheral vision and she turned her head to see a rather large furry in a panda suit coming from the men’s dressing room. 

Rylie straightened, dropping her spinner mid-spin, eyes wide to watch his approach. He had on a panda head with the big eyes that in costumes always reminded her of fly eyes with their multifaceted surface. 

The eyes of the costume were kind of creepy. His chest was covered in white fur with the rest of his torso in black; it was the rest of his costume that gave her pause.

The legs looked like furry chaps, strapped on so his hugely engorged cock stood out from all the black and white fur like a red and purple torpedo, a tight cock ring and black leather ball cage ensuring he stayed that way. 

The panda passed her without comment and treated her to the sight of a very nice ass as he walked away. 

Curiosity filled her and she found herself following the tight-assed panda into the dungeon. 

Rylie had never seen a scene with a furry, much less a panda. She wondered what it would entail. She was so involved with the images dancing through her active mind she totally forgot she was supposed to be waiting for Brad at the entrance of the dressing area. 

Would the panda’s mistress or master also be in panda-wear? Would he get that deliciously tight ass spanked? 

Rylie wasn’t a domme by any stretch of the imagination but she would still appreciate the sight of color blooming in that magnificent bootie. 

Then she wondered idly what would happen to the impressive cock stand he was sporting and if the cock ring and ball cage hurt as she watched the panda standing docilely by a tiny leather-clad woman carrying a leather crop.

The small domme pointed to a tall spanking bench with some extra fasteners attached. The panda bent obediently over the end of the bench with his knees resting on the leg extensions. 

His mistress made short work of fastening his cock ring and ball cage directly to the bench and the panda gave a soft hiss as his dangly bits were pulled taut. 

Rylie felt her face grow hot as the woman lightly lubed a large butt plug before slipping it into her submissive’s waiting ass. The plug had a big ball of white fluff on the end completing the panda costume. 

No one noticed or heard the gasp of the voyeuristic apparition floating high above, thoroughly enjoying spying on the people who now came to play in the home of her birth. 

The ghost smiled down at the young girl watching the panda and woman with such wide eyes and couldn’t resist running a spectral finger down the girl’s spine. 

Rylie shivered with a sudden chill, gooseflesh rising on her arms as she watched the pair, noting the way the domme stroked her hand over his bare bottom and whispered reassuring words of praise. 

Was she about to spank him? 

Rylie found herself holding her breath as she waited for whatever would happen next.

“Where are you supposed to be, young lady?” The deep sharp tones spoken directly behind her made Rylie jump a foot. 

She spun to face her angry dom with her heart in her throat. “I… ummm… there was this panda and…” 

“Is this where I told you to wait for me, little girl?” Brad asked with a raised brow. 

Her heart began to beat faster as she took in his stern countenance. His impressive chest was bare, perfectly covered in a light mat of hair that narrowed into a delightful treasure trail and disappeared into his tight leather pants. 

As usual, she felt her eyes glaze over as she took in the perfection that was her dom… her sir… 

“Rylie!” She jumped again and felt herself blush as she looked up at him. 

“Huh?” she asked. 

A little tic came to play in the side of his jaw that didn’t bode well for her bottom. “Is this where I told you to wait for me?”

Rylie gulped. “No, sir.” 

“Where are you supposed to be?” he asked. 

“By the dressing area,” she said softly. 

“Move,” he said succinctly as he pulled his thick leather belt from his pants, making her eyes widen once more and a flood of moisture fill her thong. 

“Now, Rylie.” She spun and hurried toward the dressing room, hearing a whistling sound just before his belt licked across her bare ass in a fiery stroke. 

“Oohhh!” she cried as she moved faster, hoping to reduce the number of licks by getting there as quickly as possible. 

It didn’t seem to matter how quickly she moved; he was faster, landing the belt once for every two steps she took. 

By the time they reached the spot she’d been standing BP (Before Panda), her bottom was already tight and blazing with heat. 

“What’s that?” he asked, pointing to her sparkly purple toy. 

“My fidget spinner,” Rylie told him as she bent to pick it up. 

“Where is it supposed to be?” Brad asked. 

She sighed. “In my hands spinning anytime I am waiting for you or supposed to be still.” “Why is that a rule?” he asked. 

“Because if I don’t have something to occupy me, I get bored or distracted and get into trouble,” Rylie said with a slight pout. 

“I think I need to help you remember why you keep your spinner with you. Follow me,” Brad commanded. 

Rylie hurried to keep up with Brad, clutching her fidget spinner tightly in her hand. What was he going to do to her? How much trouble was she in?

Brad stopped in front of the very spanking bench the panda had previously occupied. 

The panda was now at his mistress’s feet with the bulky head of the costume at his side as he leaned against her and her fingers ran through his hair. 

Rylie’s tummy flipped as she realized the pair she’d intended to watch would now be watching her. 

“Strip,” Brad commanded. She eyed the growing crowd of people who’d watched him whipping her as she’d returned to where she’d been supposed to wait for him and now intended to see what else was in store for her naughty bottom. 

“I…” she began, only to be stopped when he held up one hand. 

“Either safe word or do as you were told,” he said in a tone that brooked no further argument. 

“Yes, sir,” Rylie said as she pulled her tiny thong down her legs and then turned so Brad could unhook the leather bustier. All too soon she stood naked before him with her head bowed submissively. 

“Bench,” Brad said and she climbed into place with her knees straddling the high bench, her breasts hanging over each side and her bottom arched high. 

The bench was waist high so she was at a perfect height for almost anything he chose to do to her. He walked to the front of the bench and lifted her face to his with a finger beneath her chin. 

“I want you to use your fidget spinner throughout your punishment. Do not drop it and keep it spinning.” 

“Yes, sir,” she replied, hoping her horror at his instruction didn’t show on her face. 

This was going to be almost an impossible task. She looked nervously around as she spun the little spinner between her fingers while he tied her to the bench. 

There was a camping roleplay going on in the next space, but instead of whatever camping games they’d intended to play, they were sitting around the fake campfire watching her punishment unfold. 

One girl was grinning ear to ear as she stuck her spoon in a chocolate Jello pudding cup, her eyes meeting Rylie’s over the campfire. 

She forgot about her audience when she felt the familiar press of a large butt plug; taking a deep breath, she pushed her hips back like Brad had taught her and it slipped in place fairly easily though it stretched her wide. 

Once it was seated, he patted it lightly and a strange burning tingle started deep inside her. “Wh-what?” she asked, looking over her shoulder in alarm. 

“Ginger oil, darling, remember your spinner,” he reminded her with a smile and the burning, itching feeling in her ass grew, bringing new meaning to the word fidget. 

Rylie tried desperately to focus on her fidget device, spinning the little purple thing for all she was worth even as the first swat of the paddle came down. 

Again and again the paddle fell until her ass was on fire inside and out and Rylie was fairly certain the campers could roast marshmallows for s’mores over her backside. 

Tears tracked down her cheeks and she continued to spin the toy to the best of her ability, though it was getting more and more jerky with each paddle swat. 

Then Brad’s big hand was rubrubbing across the seared skin of her ass as he leaned down to speak directly into her ear. 

“You took that like such a good girl, Rylie, now I want to you come for me and all these people. I want you to scream for me, scream loud enough to wake the dead… but mind you don’t drop your spinner,” he told her just as he sent two fingers deep inside her wet heat. 

He began working the plug in and out of her ass as his fingers worked her quim. 

Suddenly the intense burning discomfort from the ginger oil began to translate as pleasure and she found she wanted it hard. 

“Please… please… please…” she cried, tossing her head and doing her best to buck back against the plug and fingers. 

Her fingers were now clumsy as she tried to keep her fidget spinning though at this point it was lopsided and precariously balanced on her fingers as her pleasure grew. 

“Do you need more, baby?” Brad asked. 

“Yes… harder… oooohoooo… Please, sir,” Rylie cried out, tears leaking from her eyes for a totally different reason now. 

Soon both his fingers and the plug were slamming in and out of her without mercy and Brad’s thumb moved to rub her clit in a circular motion and Rylie came with a loud keening wail and gush of moisture between her thighs, the spinner hanging motionless from her fingers.

“Good girl,” he told her as he sank to his knees and turned so he could suck her clit into his mouth as he continued to use his fingers hard. When he sucked her clit deep while simultaneously rubbing some magic spot high inside her channel, she gave him the shrill scream he’d asked her for, exploding once more, this time dropping the fidget spinner. 

She was still shaking in the aftermath when Brad released her bonds and lifted her in his arms. “You were such a good girl,” he told her as he carried her over to the aftercare area where he pulled a soft cotton and lace teddy over her head and wrapped her in a blanket. 

He cuddled her close, feeding her little bites of chocolate and giving her water as she came down from her high. 

As Rylie’s heart rate finally slowed, she cuddled into her dom and kissed his chin. 

“You know you dropped your spinner, I might have to punish you,” Brad said softly as he kissed the top of her head. 

She grinned up at him with sleepy eyes. “Meet you over there in a few,” Rylie said, unafraid, then promptly laid her head back on his chest and fell asleep. 

Brad laughed, delighted by his incorrigible girl.

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