Is it Friday again? Free story Friday rides again-Annie and the Trucker-conclusion

I can’t believe another week has already come and gone! Hope yours was fantastic! Happy reading! ~Morganna

Annie and the Trucker Conclusion

After their discussion Luke held Annie until she fell asleep. He smiled down at the woman sleeping so trustingly in his arms gently placing a kiss on her forehead before laying her on his bunk and climbing down from the sleeping compartment.

Luke shook his head as he climbed up into the cab of his truck. He didn’t know quite how it happened so quickly but his little Sunshine had reached in and grabbed a hold of his heart.

He wasn’t sure how to proceed, she was young and hankering to explore and experience what the world outside of No Trees, Texas had to offer.

Luke didn’t want to stand in her way, but he damn sure couldn’t let her go. She was his.

So while Annie slept peacefully on, Luke made plans.

Annie could come back to Colorado with him. His sister Lori had that garage apartment she’d been trying to rent. It was furnished already and would be perfect for Annie. She could work at the line office and explore a little of what the city has to offer in a safe environment.

As far as Luke was concerned it was a perfect plan. Sunshine could spread her wings and fly a little, with him close by to catch her if she fell or steer her out of any trouble she tried to fly into.

Then when the time was right, he could court Annie Southerland openly and make her his.


When Annie woke and climbed sleepily into the cab to sit gingerly next to Luke. He told her about his sister’s garage apartment.

“I don’t know Luke, how would I pay the rent?”

“I thought you could work at the main office for the truck line.”

“What if they won’t hire me? I don’t have any experience at anything other waiting tables.”

Luke smiled. “That’s the easy part Sunshine. I own the company, so I can guarantee you a job in the office.”

Annie frowned, “If you own the company how come you drive a truck still?”

“I don’t. I just took one of my driver’s routes this weekend so he could go to his daughter’s graduation. He didn’t want to lose his route to another driver. So I told him I’d take it.”

Annie smiled over at Luke. The fact that he wanted her around had to count for something didn’t it? “It’s a deal.”

Annie was eager for the new chapter in her life to begin; glad it was going to include Luke.


Annie frowned at Luke as he laid yet another letter to be typed on her small desk.

“Problem Miss Southerland?” He asked with a lift of his brow.

“No Sir. Everything is fine.”

Luke nodded and turned to go back into his own office. Annie glared at his broad back. Yes Sir! No Sir! How high Sir? Two bags full!

Things hadn’t been anything like she thought since her arrival in Peyton Colorado. It was a nice little suburb of Colorado Springs. She liked being close to the city and she loved her new job. Her apartment was great and she could see the mountains from the top of her stairs.

Yes her life had definitely changed for the better since her arrival in town, but one thing was still missing.


Oh he was around at work, barking orders and calling her Miss Southerland, but there was no more calling her Sunshine or even Annie for that matter.

It was depressing in the extreme to realize he didn’t feel the same she did. All her hopes and dreams of a wonderful life with Luke were rapidly shattering before her eyes.

She didn’t know if she could go on seeing him everyday, loving him as she did with no hope of her feelings ever being returned. Yet the prospect of leaving and never seeing his handsome face again filled her with such dread she couldn’t do that either.

Annie was in a quandary of massive proportions. Should she stay or should she go?

As Annie contemplated the decision before her Marissa walked in. Marissa was everything Annie wasn’t a tall thin blond, where Annie was short, chubby and had mousy hair.

Annie hated her on sight. Marissa was what people refereed to a willowy. Even with her height she appeared delicate. She was the kind of woman that men fell all over themselves to please.

Men reacted to Marissa like everything she did was art. She burped and they flocked around her to clap and cheer as if she’d just solved one of the great mysteries of the universe.

Annie heaved a sigh as Luke came out of his office and spotted Marissa. “Marissa! This is a pleasant surprise.” He clasped the blonde’s hand warmly.

Annie snorted in disgust, which earned her a frown from Luke. She quickly went back to typing the letter he’d given her.

She glared over at Marissa in her designer clothing then looked down at her own school marmish dress; it was no wonder Luke wasn’t giving her the time of day.

She looked like Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm!

Well that was something she could change! Even if Luke didn’t notice some of the other men around the place would.

She would go shopping after work and get some more stylish clothes. She might even go for a vampish look; after all she had the figure for it, if not the face. At least she had breasts unlike a certain blond stick she knew.

Feeling better with her decision to totally remake her image Annie got back to work with a smile on her face.

She couldn’t wait to see the faces of her co-workers and Luke when she came into work tomorrow! Even if Luke still didn’t want her at least he would notice her.


Annie got out of her car and tugged on the low neckline of her new dress. It was a sleeveless black dress with a heart shaped neck that ended in a point between her breasts. Thanks to her new HELLO-NICE-TO-MEET-YOU bra her breasts plumped nicely in the vee. The short black skirt hit her mid thigh and she’d worn thigh highs with a seam up the back of the leg, which managed to give the illusion that she had long legs. A short bolero jacket toped off the outfit accenting her tiny waist and drawing further attention to her full breasts.

Annie checked her lipstick in the car window and fluffed her newly shortened curls. She felt like a million bucks! Ready to take on the world and any Marissa’s that happened by.

She took a deep breath and walked into the office.


“Annie? Is that you?”

“OOH Baby!”

Annie blushed at all the comments from the drivers; glad they liked her new look. Tom one of the driver’s closer to her age put a friendly arm around her shoulders.

“So Annie, you look fantastic. How bout painting the town red with me Friday night?”

“Well … I don’t know …”

It was at that moment Luke sailed through the front door and right past Annie without noticing her new look.

Annie lifted her chin with resolve to get on with her life. There was no sense waiting on Luke to notice she was a woman.

“I’d love to Tom. Pick me up at seven.”

“Great Annie! Promise to wear that hot little number you’ve got on now and I’ll dream of Friday.”

Annie laughed and sat down behind her desk. She had a stack of letters to type.

Around eleven-thirty Marissa came to stand in front of Annie’s desk. “Is Luke ready for our luncheon appointment?”

Annie frowned up at the blond. “I’ll check.” She put a finger down on the inter-office intercom and yelled. “Boss man you’re date is here and eager to get busy with you.”

Marissa’s jaw dropped as she stared down at Annie. Then she blinked and stared at Annie’s chest.

Annie smiled sweetly. “They’re called breasts. It’s all right I’m used to getting stares from those that are challenged in that area.”

“Why you little …”

“Annie! Apologize at once!” Luke barked from the doorway to his office.

With a long-suffering sigh Annie turned to face him.


Annie blinked at Luke’s bellow, “Yes. I decided it was time for a new look to go with my new life.”

Luke’s eyes widened as he took in the rest of the changes Annie had made.

“For God’s sake doesn’t that jacket button?”

Annie gasped as he reached to do just that, trying in vain to get the jacket to pull together enough to cover her breasts. He only succeeded in plumping them up more.

“Luke Stop it!”

“I can’t believe you left the house like that! You go home and change at once!”

“I will not! You can dictate all the letters you want but you CANNOT dictate what I wear!”

Luke stared at her as if he’d never seen her before, then a hand across his face as if he was trying to keep his temper. “I don’t have time for this right now. I have a luncheon engagement that I can’t break, but it would behoove you to go home right now and change your clothes young lady. Either way we will be discussing this later.”

Marissa shot Annie a triumphant glare as Luke took her arm to lead her from the building and Annie lost the last of her sense.

“I know what Marissa reminds me of! A preying mantis! It’s that deceptively stick-like figure. Be careful Lucas, she might bite your head off after you mate!” She yelled loudly to the office at large as the pair started out the door.

Luke’s broad shoulders froze in the doorway for a full minute before he turned around and stalked back to Annie.

When Annie caught sight of the determined gleam in his eye she wished she’d kept her big mouth shut.

“Luke I was only … ommph!”

Luke leaned down and hoisted Annie neatly across his shoulder in a fireman’s carry.

“Put me down right now!”

In answer he brought his palm up to swat her sharply on the bottom discovering that her excuse for a skirt revealed the tops of her stockings and a flash of red silk panty.

With a muttered curse Luke jerked someone’s windbreaker from the coat rack and covered Annie’s bottom with it.

On his way out the door he paused before a stunned Marissa. “I’m afraid I’m going to have to take a rain check on lunch. Tell your father that I’ll call to reschedule.”

Silence echoed throughout the office as every eye in the room watched Luke and Annie’s exit.


The trip to Annie’s apartment was made in silence.

Annie sat glaring out the window at Luke’s high-handedness. So she had gotten carried away with her pot shots at Marissa! She wasn’t Luke’s daughter or anything else for that matter! She was a secretary plain and simple! He could fire her but she would be dammed if she’d allow him to tell her what to do anymore!

Luke was still spinning from the shock of seeing his sweet little Sunshine in such provocative dress. He’d wanted to club every man in the room for looking at her curvy little body. She was his! Luke shifted uncomfortably in his seat as he thought about stripping the offensive dress from her body and sinking into her warm heat, staking his claim for all time. Then his jaw tightened with determination first he would make sure that she winced every time she sat for the next century!

He parked the car in front of her little garage apartment.

Annie shot him a disdainful look before climbing down from her seat. “Thank you Mr. Danvers. You will have my resignation first thing in the morning.”

He watched in disbelief as she slammed the truck door and sailed up the stairs to her apartment with her nose held high.

“The hell I will!”

He caught her as she was opening the door to her apartment grasping her firmly and carrying her easily across the threshold before shutting the door.

“Let me go! How dare you! You great Bully!”

Luke sat down on the couch depositing his wriggling burden face down over his lap. There was no need to pull her skirt out of his way between her squirming and the shortness of said skirt the target area was fully revealed. The scrap of red silk was quickly disposed of then his hand was falling down upon her white bottom.

“OOOWWWWWWWWWW! Stop it this instant! You’ve no right!”

Her pleas fell on deaf ears as his hand continued to fall with relentless precision, “You will wear respectable clothes! I’ll not have MY woman parading her wares to other men. You will apologize to Marissa for your rudeness. Her father is one of my best clients!”

The lecture and the spanking continued until Annie was sobbing heartbrokenly across his knee.

A spasm of guilt hit Luke at the sound of her sobs. He lifted her gently into his arms and cuddled her close, “Shhhhh … don’t cry Sunshine … it’s over.”

Annie sat straight trying to pull away with an angry sniff, “You blister my bottom then tell me not to cry?”

“You deserved it!”

He wouldn’t let her completely off his lap so Annie contented herself to sitting ramrod straight with her arms crossed over her chest.

Dignity was a difficult thing when you are sitting with your skirt rucked up around your waist, no panties with a flaming bottom on the man responsible for the flames knees, but she made a valiant effort.

“I WON’T apologize to Marissa. She is a cat!”

“Cat or not, you WILL apologize young lady. If you need further incentive I can get that paddle.”

Annie fixed him with a glare, “FINE!”

Luke almost smiled at her mutinous expression. The near smile turned to a groan when he studied her pose. His sunshine looked like molten lava with her pouting lips, heaving breasts and thoroughly reddened bottom on display, “I meant what I said about not having you wear provocative clothes for anyone but me.”

“Why should my attire be of any concern to you?”

“Because you’re my woman.”

Annie blinked, “Your woman?”

“Yes and I won’t have you showing your charms to anyone but me.”

“When did I become your woman?”

“You’ve always been my woman.”

“When did you think you’d get around to sharing that with me?”

Luke sighed, running a weary hand over his eyes, “I was trying to give you some space…wooing you gently.”

Annie frowned, “Wooing? Was this wooing taking place telepathically? Cause I’ve got to tell you I’m not telepathic!”

“Annie don’t be difficult.”

“Difficult! You great big idiot! It’s about damn time! If you’d done your wooing more openly you’d have found out I’ve just been waiting for you to make a move!”

Luke felt a smile begin to spread as she moved to straddle his thighs, “Don’t call me an idiot and watch your mouth.”

“Oh Shut up!” she said without rancor as she sealed her lips and her life to his.


Luke frowned as he searched the house for Annie. He hated having to drive out route today of all days, but it didn’t seem to bother her at all. When he’d told her last night he’d expected a small tantrum at the very least, but she’d simply kissed him on the cheek, said, “That’s nice dear, I’m beat.” Then rolled over and turned out the light on her side of the bed.

“Annie!” He bellowed tired of having to look for her to say goodbye.

She popped out of the baby’s room, “Shhhh … Really Luke. You’ll wake Lucas.”

Luke flushed guiltily at the thought of waking his small son, “I’m sorry I just wanted to say goodbye.”

Annie smiled sweetly and bounced over to give him a quick kiss, “Goodbye. Have a safe trip.”

Luke frowned as she danced her way into the kitchen; so much for sentimentality. He gave a long-suffering sigh and let himself out the front door.

Annie grinned as her sister in law came in the back way as he went out the front, “You’re right on time Lori! Thanks. The baby is asleep and the bottles are in the fridge. Don’t wait up!”

Lori laughed as her sister-in-law danced out the back door. Life around Annie was certainly interesting.


Luke was about an hour outside of Peyton when he heard it. There was a thumping noise coming from the sleeping compartment.

He pulled into the rest area he’d been about to pass and climbed down from the cab to investigate.

He opened the door to the sleeping compartment to find Annie sprawled naked across the narrow little bed with a glass of champagne in her hand.

She gave him her wide warm grin, “Hiya stranger! Going my way? I’m in the need of a little excitement to spice up my life.”

Luke climbed up into the little compartment with his wife. “I thought you’d forgotten.”

Annie laughed. “I’ve told you before to try not to be such an idiot. How could I forget that it’s two years ago today that I hitched a ride with my handsome trucker?”

Luke smiled and wrapped his arms tight around his sassy wife. He would take her to task for her tart tongue later.

For the moment all he wanted to do was bask in the warmth of his sweet Sunshine.

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