Before our story begins we must meet out fair heroine. Though our fair Shy is the epitome of grace and beauty she does not see it or realize the truth of from where it springs.
Shy is a master of make-up the results of which are pure artistry and indeed beautiful but her beauty radiates from her regardless of the outer trappings she might don. She is on occasion a fairy complete with stars and fairy dust…or a Valkyrie on a mission of justice…perhaps even Jessica Rabbit might be found.
Whatever the trappings may be she is above all always our Shy.
Her beauty springs from a well of light that lives within her soul. It flows from her in radiant waves even when her gamine face with its liberal sprinkling of freckles is bare. The light of mischief is ever present but it is the purity of her soul and her kindness that draws all and sundry to bask in her light.
She reminds us all that though life is sometimes hard, it is worth the struggle. Shy knows that if you look there is always joy and laughter to be found. She gifts it daily to the world around her and we thank her for it.
But I digress, on with our heroine’s story…


“I am a whole ass potato, I’m just really good with make-up,” Shy said with a winsome smile that belied her words. The hint of mischief sparkling in her eyes was never far from the surface. She was doing a Tiktok Live and her friends were in residence laughing and chatting as she donned today’s make-up.
“A potato sometimes needs to be stuffed and devoured,” Sensei_flex interjected giving the whole room pause as they absorbed the potential of those words.
Shy blinked for a moment nonplussed as she shivered with the implications. Not to let the Dom in her box( the LIVE box not her actual box nor have we in any way abused any Doms by boxing them…note to self Dom in a box; food for thought) Shy did what any Brat would do…she teasingly bratted. If I’m honest she might have called the Sensei_flex a good boy…but in a court of law this would be heresy so therefore inadmissible.
Unfortunately, the Sensei in question had Shy’s daddy’s email so a few minutes later Tanner was there his hand about her throat. “Be good and be nice to Flex.”
Every submissive in the room shuddered at the heat inherent in the moment and Shy was reduced to a delightful puddle of submissive goo.
After a moment Shy recovered, dignity intact and resumed applying her make-up. The rest of the live was uneventful or this writer chooses it was as it was necessary to leave to write Shy’s story.

Later in the day…

“You are not a potato,” Tanner said firmly as he looked at the beauty that was his girl.
“I am. I am a whole ass potato; I’m just really fucking good with make-up.” Shy assured him.
“You are radiant.” Her Daddy insisted.
“I’m a radiant potato…does that mean I’m baked?” Shy grinned the ever present mischief shining from her eyes.
He could not allow this to continue, though it would be hard to make Shy see how beautiful she truly was the lesson needed to be taught.
“Shy; please get the strap from the toy closet.” Tanner’s deepened voice gave her pause.
Head cocking to one side Shy froze, “Beg pardon?”
“Strap now.” He said succinctly.
“Ummm…,” She pointed a finger haphazardly in the air. “When I said potato…”
Shy moved in a flurry of movement to do as her Daddy had requested. Was it really a request? She paused for a moment pondering the situation and if he could be dissuaded from his course of action.
A smile lit her features as she quickly stripped off her clothing before grabbing the strap.
She presented herself to her Daddy dropping nude to her knees before him and offering up the strap with a smile designed to sway him into more pleasant activities.
Tanner’s only reaction to her nudity was a raised eyebrow that made her bottom tingle. “Good thinking my love. Lesson’s are always better taught on bare flesh.”
“Well shit,” that hadn’t gone as she planned.
This time it was her Daddy that smiled, how could he not when his girl was so precious…precious and precocious.
“I want you on your hands and knees on the stool.” Tanner requested in a quiet tone that she knew was not to be defied.
The stool was an overstuffed square that while she would fit on all fours she would have to concentrate in order to keep her balance. The added need for focus would help make the punishment a little more effective since his girl loved to hate her spankings.
Shy moved quickly into position shifting her from her hands to her elbows at Tanner’s instruction in order to present her ass in a beautiful target.
“The count is twenty. With every stroke you are to give the count followed by the words I am beautiful.” Tanner said firmly.
Her head came up sharply, “I can’t say that. This is silly.”
Shy heard the whistle of the strap an instant before it landed to curl around the under curve of her backside in a parody of a hug leaving a line of fire in its wake. “Oooh…mother fucker! I wasn’t ready.”
“The count is twenty. With every stroke you are to give the count followed by the words. I am beautiful.”
“Twenty? Didn’t that one count? Fuck me.” She closed her eyes as she heard the sound of the strap flying through the air once more. “Ouch! One! I am beautiful!”
“Good save,” Shy decided to ignore the obvious amusement in her Daddy’s voice.
“I am nothing if not obedient,” She said with a sniff, then yelped as the next stroke fell. “Two. I am beautiful!”
The lesson continued the strap soon making her ass feel as if she’d sat on a hot stove. Tanner did not dally, delivering the prescribed strapping quickly and efficiently.
A lone tear tracked down Shy’s cheek as the last stroke fell. “Twenty. I am beautiful.”
“Good girl.” His hand ran over the hot skin of her ass sending a shiver through her body and a flood of heat to her core.
Shy bit her lip as a moan rose to her throat. One long finger traced down the crack of her ass until it slid through the slick heat of her pussy.
“Oh god…” She whimpered as his finger slid deep. She shifted her legs as far apart as the overstuffed stool would allow moaning as his finger fucked in and out of her while his thumb slid over her clit. He worked her right to the edge of orgasm then stopped.
“What are you?” Tanner asked.
Shy blinked, “What?…oh fuck me…I’m beautiful.”
“Good girl. Just ensuring the lesson stuck and I will fuck you.” He moved behind her and then she felt the head of his cock at her slick entrance. He pressed lightly in then pulled back teasingly.
“Please…I need…please…” She shuddered when instead of driving inside of her he let himself glide through the lips of her labia and over her swollen clit. Back and forth he played there until once more she was poised on the precipice. “Damn it!”
Once more Tanner pulled back. Her Daddy was diabolical! “What are you Shy?”
“I am beautiful. Will you please fuck me Sir?” The sweetly voice words were something no Dom or Daddy could resist.
Then he gave her his cock, slamming inside her to the hilt with one hard thrust. His hands came down to rest on her shoulders stabilizing her on the stool as he began to pound in and out of her in a relentless rhythm.
It only took a few strokes before she came with a soft cry but he didn’t stop. He fucked her straight through that orgasm and into another driving her pleasure higher and higher.
His hand slipped around her to find her clit and he lightly pinched it between two fingers sending her over the edge again.
Soon she was lost in a sea of pleasure…her body bombarded by sensation. One orgasm bled into another until it seemed like one long never ending climax.
Finally, he found his own release, giving hoarse shout as he came lunging inside of her one final time.
They stayed there for a moment as their breathing returned to normal then he pulled free of her sending another delicious shudder through her body.
Shy staid in position and sighed softly when he returned with a wet cloth and gently cleaned her before helping her off of the stool and hugging her tightly.
Tanner pinched her chin lightly between his fingers and turned her face up to his. “The reflection you see in the mirror isn’t an accurate picture.”
Shy frowned, “What do you mean?”
“What we all see in the mirror is an image distorted by every ugly thing that has happened or been said in our lives. The true and most beautiful reflection you will ever see is in the eyes of people that love you. That is the reflection you should pay attention to. See yourself in my eyes.” Then he kissed her. It was a kiss of pure domination, his hand shifting from her chin to her throat holding her firmly and just tight enough to feel his strength.
She sighed allowing herself to sink into his dominance losing herself in the peace of submission.

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