Shannon is Naturally Naughty on Saturday Spanks!

It’s great to be back on Saturday Spanks with my new book Naturally Naughty. In this excerpt Landon and Shannon are about to have some erotic spanking and bootie action.

Naked and in the corner, I waited for Landon. He planned to take my bottom tonight, and apparently, waiting in the corner naked as a jaybird was supposed to help me get in a submissive frame of mind.
Not sure I was feeling all that submissive; the corner can be rather boring, but soon I found myself thinking about Landon and his big cock filling my ass.
A shiver having nothing to do with cold ran through me and wetness was trickling down my inner thighs.
Moaning, I restlessly squeezed my thighs together, enjoying a little jolt of pleasure. Where was he?
“I think I said wait in the corner with your legs shoulder width apart, young lady,” his husky voice said from directly behind me.
How long had he been there? I shuddered as his hand ran down my spine and across my bottom, as I obediently spread my legs.
“Have you been a good girl while you waited here for me?” Landon asked, speaking softly in my ear.
“Yes, sir,” I said breathlessly.
He ran his hand between my legs, his fingers stroking through my wet folds, the tip of one finger teasingly grazing my clit before he withdrew. My hips bucked in response.
“Turn around and look at me,” he instructed, his voice darkly seductive, different from any way Landon had spoken to me before.
Turning, I looked up at him and gasped, suddenly embarrassed. He held his hand up for me to see that it was covered in the fluids dripping so freely between my legs.
“Is all this honey for me?” Landon asked before sticking his fingers in his mouth and cleaning my essence from them.
My knees nearly buckled as a wave of desire stronger than anything I’d ever known rolled through me.
“Answer me,” he ordered.
I swear I nearly came from the demand implicit in his voice. “Yes… all for you… only for you.”
“Get up on the bed on all fours, bottom out toward me,” Landon instructed.
Quickly climbing up on the bed, I presented my bottom, eager to get this show on the road. I needed him inside me so badly I ached. Catching sight of a very large black butt plug as I got into position, I felt a tiny sliver of trepidation.
A firm hand pressed down between my shoulder blades, urging my chest to the bed. Then he moved my legs farther apart until they stretched wide, opening me up so he could see all my secrets.
His hand landed on my left bottom cheek, leaving a slight sting in its wake. It fell again and again all over my bottom, alternating the stinging swats with sweeping strokes across my heated flesh.
I found myself pressing my chest even harder to the bed and lifting my bottom to meet his hand, eager for more. A broad finger teased through my folds again, stroking my clit then sinking deep into my needy channel.

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Free Story Friday!!!!!-Insomnia Cure

Well here we are Friday again…thank goodness I was sooooo done with this week. 🙂 I hope all of you out there have a truly fabulous weekend! Happy Reading! Morganna

Insomnia Cure

Courtney walked into the smoke filled room scanning for a good candidate. She’d been suffering from insomnia for a month and it had to come to an end. When here friends first suggested all she needed was a man, she’d laughed it off but now she was desperate. She needed a good nights sleep so here she was.

In the Lazy H Saloon, the seedy country western dive a few miles from her house. She frowned as she studied the clientele…nope…big nope…eeeeewwwww not if it had been a year since she slept!

Then her eyes touched on a group of men playing pool. All of them filled out their wranglers nicely and had big broad shoulders. Now here were some possibilities.

Courtney grabbed a beer from the bar and a quick shot of tequila for added bravery and sauntered over to the pool table. She leaned a hip against the table in what she hoped was a seductive pose.

The men all gave her a funny look and kept on playing. Courtney frowned and leaned back over the table.

“S’cuse me darlin…”

“Yes?” Courtney blinked hopefully up at the handsome cowboy. He was gorgeous, black hair and green eyes, you would have thought she’d custom ordered.

“You’re blockin my shot.”

“Oh,” Courtney moved away from the table with a deflated pout.

With a little stomp of her foot she went for another shot of tequila, then returned to the pool table. Obviously drastic measures were needed.

This time she sat on the pool table.

“Ma’am we’re in the middle of a game here,” this time it was the blond cowboy that spoke.

“Well…can I play?”

“No Ma’am we’re in a tournament.”

“Oh,” Courtney sat there in a bit of dejected slump. She was at a loss. Nothing was going according to plan. These men were supposed to be good time boys out for a party.

It was really very disappointing.

A hand firmly taking hold of her upper arm startled her back into awareness. It was the handsome one that made her move the first time.

“Darlin…you really need to go play somewhere else,” he said as he practically lifted her from the table set her on her feet pointed away from the pool table delivering a swat to the seat of her short man-catcher skirt to hurry her on her way.

“Ooowww!” Courtney wailed rubbing the offended area as she made her way back to the bar.

For some reason the man sitting at the bar looked much better than he had when she’d first arrived he turned and smiled at her.

“Hello little lady. Can I buy you a drink?”

Oh he was much nicer than the brute by the pool table, “Yes thank you.”

The black haired cowboy watched the cute little blond from his position by the pool table with a concerned frown. She was about to land herself in a heap of trouble if he didn’t miss his guess. He’d known from the moment she walked in that she didn’t belong in a place like this. She’d been very unsure of herself till she’d started shooting back tequila.

He’d hoped to keep her out of trouble by sending her away from the pool game but she’d just found trouble of a worse sort. As he thought of the lost look in her big blue eyes when her rather clumsy attempts at vamping had failed he came to a decision. Excusing himself from the tournament he went to the rescue.

Courtney was raising another shot glass to her lips when a hand reached over and plucked it from her grasp.


“You’ve had more than enough of that young lady. I think it’s time I took you home.”

Courtney blinked up at him in confusion, “You told me to go away.”

“You had your chance mister. Now the little lady is with me,” the man who’d introduced himself as Bubba interjected from his precarious perch on the stool next to Courtney.

“The lady is with me and has been from the moment she walked in the door. She’s just a little miffed because I was playing pool and she felt neglected.”

“But…hey…that’s not how…,” Courtney’s fuzzy brain tried to make sense of the situation but couldn’t seem to work its way around it.

“Come on honey. It’s time to go home,” The big cowboy took her by the arm and pulled her up from the stool.

Courtney swayed on her feet and looked uneasily up at him. “I feel funny…,” she said softly before falling swiftly to one side.

He quickly swept her limp body into his arms. She was out cold. He wondered how many shots of tequila she’d had. Stupid little fool! It was a lucky thing it was he and not some other randy cowboy that happened along when she did.

Shaking his head he carried her out to his truck.


Courtney woke to a pounding in her head and a roll in her stomach. She groaned and sat up in bed then realized it wasn’t her bed. She gasped in horror as she took in the very masculine décor of the room. What on earth had she done? Looking down she noticed with puzzlement she still had on all of her clothes.

Frowning she rose gingerly from the bed and looked around for the bathroom. Her stomach was rolling and she had a feeling she was about to need it badly. A tall dark haired man appeared in the doorway, after taking a quick look at her he jerked his head toward a door on the right.

“Through there.”

Politeness forgotten, she dashed through the door just in time. She was surprised when strong hands came to support her and hold her hair but was too busy to give much protest.

When she was finished he handed her a cup of cool water and a cold wet rag. She rinsed her mouth.

“Thank you. You’re very kind.”


“If you’ll let me borrow the phone, I’ll call a cab for a ride back to my car and get out of your hair,” Courtney told him in a polite little voice, avoiding eye contact. This had to be one of the most embarrassing moments of her life. He’d just held her head while she threw up and she didn’t even know his name!

“I don’t think so,” he said before turning and walking from the room.

“Wait….what do you mean…I’m ready to go home!” She cried as she followed him into a brightly-lit kitchen.

He pulled a carton of eggs from the fridge and set them by the pan on the stove before turning to address her, “You aren’t in any shape to be driving just yet and…I feel under the circumstances I deserve and explanation for your behavior.”

“What do you mean my behavior?”

“The little vamp act at the bar last night.”

She fidgeted a little nervously, “I…I do that all the time. Keeps life interesting.”

“Do you now? Somehow it didn’t seem to be your regular scene.”

A flush stole up her cheeks. “Well it is. I pick men up all the time!” A defiant tone crept into her voice. Then she cringed, had she really just said that?

“I don’t think you do Courtney. In fact I don’t think you’ve ever done anything quite like that before in your life. So I’d like to know what prompted your little trip to the Lazy H.”

The look in his eyes did funny things to her tummy, must have still been a holdover from all that tequila. “How’d you know my name?”

“I looked in your wallet. I thought it might be nice to know the name of the passed out woman I was carting home. I’m Jason by the way.”

“Nice to meet you Jason,” She replied automatically then blushed at the absurdity of it in the current situation.

Jason watched her thoughtfully, pleased that she was so disconcerted at waking up in a strange apartment with a man she didn’t know, “One egg or two.”

“Ewwww…none for me thanks,” The thought of food was repulsive.

“One it is. You’ll feel better with something in your stomach.”

“I said I didn’t want anything.”

“I heard you,” he said as he deposited a plate with and egg and a piece of toast in front of her. Then he handed her a glass of water and some advil and set a cup of coffee down next to her plate, “Eat up.”

Not feeling up to a battle it was beginning to look like she’d lose, Courtney complied. Taking the advil and drinking the water before sulkily picking up her fork.

To her surprise by the time she finished what was on her plate she did indeed feel better. She smiled at Jason, “Thank you. You were right I do feel better.”

Jason nodded and placed her plate in the dishwasher. When he finished tidying up the kitchen he turned and took her arm, urging her off the stool and into the living room. “Now that you’re feeling better I think it’s time we discussed last night’s little adventure.”

“It’s really not any of your business,” she informed him primly from her seat on the couch.

“Let’s just say I’m making it my business,” he said in a tone that brooked no argument.

Courtney studied his implacable features and then sighed. It wasn’t like this situation could get any more embarrassing than it already was so she decided to give in so she could go home. “Well…I’ve been having trouble sleeping at night. It’s been over a month since I had a decent night’s sleep. It started kind of as a joke at work that I just needed a man. Then yesterday a friend and I were talking and I decided to give it a try. I mean what could it hurt? It might have even cured my insomnia.”

“What could it hurt? Do you have any idea what kind of trouble you could have ended up in? You could have ended up raped or worse! You didn’t have any idea where you were waking up this morning did you?”

Courtney flushed deeply and looked at the floor.

“Did you?”

“No! There! Are you happy? I admit I’m an idiot! Can I go home now?”

Jason sat watching her for a minute, “I’ll take you to your car and follow you to make sure you get home okay.”

“Thank you.”

“Will you promise me you won’t do anything like this again?”

She glared at him with a mutinous expression. It wasn’t any of his business what she did or didn’t do!

Jason sighed and gave in to the inevitable, “Let’s go.”

Once she was safely home Jason got out and walked her to her door, “If you’re still interested I’ll be by tonight at ten with your cure for insomnia.”

Courtney blushed as her body quickened at his words. He was so handsome. She took a deep breath and faced him bravely, “Okay.”

He simply nodded before getting back in his truck and driving away.


The doorbell rang at ten on the dot. Courtney fidgeted with the belt on her robe a minute before answering the door.

“You shouldn’t open the door without finding out who it is.”

She frowned up at him, “Must you always lecture?”

“Only if you continue to do foolish things,” Jason said walking past her into the living room. “Shut the door young lady. Let’s get this over with.”

Courtney gasped, shocked at his crudity, “I think I’ve changed my mind.”

“I haven’t,” Jason said matter of factly taking her hand and leading her to the couch.

To her great surprise instead of pulling her down into his arms he jerked her face down across his lap.

“What are you doing?”

“Delivering the naughty girls cure for insomnia,” he explained as he flipped the back of her robe up and jerked her silky panties to her knees.

“You can’t do this! This isn’t what I wanted!”

“Too bad, it’s exactly what you need.”

Jason studied the alabaster skin of her rounded bottom thinking how good it would look with color. He brought his palm down across her upturned cheeks with a resounding smack.


“I meant for it too,” his hand began to fall in a relentless rhythm on her rapidly reddening posterior.

Soon the only sounds in the rooms were of flesh hitting flesh and Courtney’s whimpering sobs. Jason spanked until all of the fight left her and she hung limply across his lap, quietly crying. Her bottom was a glorious shade of crimson; he took a moment to admire his handiwork as she calmed.

Then he flipped her in his arms and scooped her close to his chest rocking her as she cried, “Now I want your promise that you will never do anything so foolish again.”

Courtney sniffed and hiccuped against his chest, “I promise. I won’t.”

“Good girl,” he said rubbing her back.

As he sat and held her Courtney felt her eyes begin to get heavy. She yawned and snuggled more deeply into him.

Jason smiled and stood with her in his arms, “Which way is your bedroom.”

Courtney opened one eye and pointed before closing it again.

Jason lay her gently on the bed and pulled the covers up over her, watching with a smile as she burrowed in. He leaned down and kissed her forehead, “Since we have that out of the way, how bout I pick you up for breakfast in the morning about nine?”

“Okay,” she mumbled sleepily into her pillow.

“Sleep tight,” he said turning to leave.


He turned to see her sitting up in bed smiling at him, “Yes?”

“Thank you.”

Jason watched as she snuggled back in then turned out the light, “Anytime.”

I have Helen Karol on my blog today to talk about His by Design

HIS By Design – “I’m in serious trouble, aren’t I?

Thanks for having me over, Morganna. Just loved Naturally Naughty, although it was a terrible distraction for me! Why not check out my review on Amazon. I’ll never get to write my scenes for my own books if you keep writing such good stuff to entertain me!

I am so excited to have you here Helen! I’ve already pre-ordered the complete book His by Design and I can’t wait! What did you bring us today?

I thought I’d share an excerpt from my latest book HIS By Design. A friends to lovers spanking romance, it’s available for pre-order at the special price of $2.99 reverting to $4.99 after release. If you can’t wait for the complete book, the first episode Coveting Claire is out now for $0.99 for a limited time and FREE to borrow on Kindle Unlimited. This excerpt is from the next episode to be released later this week. It joins Julian and Claire almost a week after Julian has warned Claire he will punish her severely if she is not more careful with her keys. She promised she’d try and she’s been good all week until Friday when she’s distracted by a commission from her editor. When Julian arrives to take her for dinner, much to his frustration, he finds exactly what he warned her against.

Julian sat across from Claire watching as she studied her menu, pondering her dessert choice. His own thoughts were contemplating what he’d found when he arrived at her apartment earlier that evening. It meant he’d no choice other than to deal with her as he’d warned her last Sunday. He found himself considering what effect that would have on his determined courtship of her. Since the first night of her return he’d hopes of marrying her, but he wasn’t arrogant enough to consider it a sure thing. Just because she was attracted to him didn’t mean she’d fall in love with him.
“Chocolate Brownie Delight.”
“Huh.” He looked at her, confused.
She closed her menu and threw him a flirtatious look. “Dessert, silly. What are you having?”
Julian smiled sexily and raised his eyebrow unable to resist the opportunity she’d naively presented. He laughed delightedly when she blushed and threw him what she meant to be a quelling look, but only revealed the sexual longing awakened by his blatant innuendo. He took pity on her – almost. “Just coffee. For now.”
“You’re shameless.”
“Yes, you! Don’t look so innocent. You’re evil. Working your sexy magic on me in a public place. Embarrassing me because I can’t hide my reaction. Especially considering some paparazzi might snap me with lust written all over my face!”
“Just lust, Claire?” He asked, his voice lowered meaningfully.
She looked down at that, her face flushed at his question, well aware that it harked back to their discussion over lust turning into love. He took pity on her for real this time. “Don’t worry. You know I never eat in places that allow paparazzi or any press presence for that matter.”
She looked up at that. “Really? What about me? I’m press.”
Now who’s being silly? You’re my companion. Besides, you’re magazine has no interest in me.”
She bit her lip at this and then looked him square in the eye. It was then that Julian realized there was more to this than flirting. “Actually that’s not true. Stella called me into her office today and asked me to persuade you to agree to a profile for the front cover. She wants it as the first in a series on the ‘movers and shakers’ in the L.A. film and fashion scene.”
Julian gaped at her, not sure what to say. His first reaction was surprise. “What for, Claire? Your readers are interested in the clothes I design, not me.”
“No, Julian, you’re wrong. People are always interested in someone like you. Don’t tell me no one’s asked to interview you before.”
“Yes, but that was because of Susanna. Mainly after her death. I refused to talk about her then and word got around that I didn’t give interviews and after a while they stopped bothering me. No one has wanted to do a profile on just me. I’m not a celebrity.”
“Yes you are. You’re one of the top names in fashion design here in L.A. and you have a romantic past. Not that I’d make that the center of my article.”
She went on to tell him her ideas, her eyes sparkling. Looking across the table at her animated features, he realized this wasn’t just a commission from her editor. This was something she really wanted to do. He reached out and covered her hands that were curled around her wineglass with his own.
“You really want to do this, don’t you?”
She looked at him, straight into his eyes. “Yes, I do.” Then she looked down at their hands intertwined together on the white tablecloth. “But I don’t want you to say yes for that reason, if you really don’t want to do it.”
He nodded. “Alright, I won’t. Let me think about it and I’ll give you my decision soon. Okay?”
She agreed and they left the restaurant soon afterwards. They were traveling up in the elevator of her apartment building when the issue Julian had been anticipating all evening presented itself. Claire started rummaging around in her purse. At first her searching was casual, but when she failed to find what she was looking for, her movements started to become a little frantic. By the time they reached her apartment door, she was visibly upset and wouldn’t meet his eyes. When a furtive search on the ledge above her door proved fruitless, she turned to him with a mixture of shame and defiance.
Reaching into his pocket, Julian drew out the articles he’d stowed there earlier in the evening. He held them up unhurriedly in front of her. “These what you’re looking for?” Then he reached into his other pocket and held up her second set of keys. “Or maybe these?”
Her mouth fell open and he swore she just barely stopped herself from stamping her foot. “You’ve had those all evening, haven’t you?” She threw at him accusingly.
Some of the fury he’d felt when he’d arrived earlier to find her keys in her door for anyone to gain entrance to her apartment gripped him again. The fury had increased even further when a quick check had found the spare set on her door ledge. She hadn’t listened to a word that he told her on Sunday! When she hadn’t answered his knock, he was pretty certain she was in the bath.
Completely naked and vulnerable to an intruder!
It was all he could do not to storm in there, pull her out of the tub and paddle her wet, disobedient little ass scarlet, there and then. He hadn’t felt that strong an urge to severely punish a woman since Susanna’s antics. He’d taken numerous deep breaths and practically torn his hair out. It was not good. That kind of hot emotion did not fit with the plan. He’d taken the keys from her door to ensure no one could enter and gone for a brisk walk round the block several times to dissipate his anger so he could shelve the issue and deal with it now when it arose naturally and he was calmer.
He fixed Claire with a stern stare and spoke in a no nonsense tone. “You are in no position to be acting aggrieved.” He turned the key in the lock and pushed her door open wide. “I warned you about this last weekend, Claire.” Indicating with an angling of his head that she should enter the apartment, he told her sternly. “We’ll discuss this inside.”
Claire hesitated, hovering at the doorway. She didn’t look at him, seemingly fascinated with her shoes. Her voice revealed that she knew she’d crossed the line. “I’m in serious trouble, aren’t I?
Julian’s voice was tight. “Oh, yes. You most certainly are.”
She looked at him then. “I’ve tried hard all week. Thinking about profiling you threw me. Don’t I get any credit for my efforts?” She almost whined.
He smiled slightly at that, but gave her a knowing stare. “I know you’ve been trying, but I’d be more impressed with those efforts if I hadn’t found the spare set back on your ledge. You just put them right back after I checked the last time. I warned you and you blatantly defied me. I arrived here to find your keys in the lock, plus you opened the door in your towel without looking through the peephole to see who it was. Enough is enough, Claire. I’m going to spank the daylights out of you for this.” He held up his hand when she opened her mouth to protest. “No. Not another word. Get inside. The hallway is no place to have this discussion.”
Reluctantly she obeyed him. She dragged her feet about it and looked resentful, but she walked through the door into the middle of the living room. Julian followed her in, closing the door and locking it.
“Can we at least have a discussion about it before you spank me?”
“Sure we can. We’ll be discussing it before, during and after I spank you. However, not one single word of that discussion will get your sweet little ass off the hook.”


New from #1 Amazon Bestselling Author of the Rancher’s Woman and Her Keeper

HIS By Design – Special Price $2.99 for pre-order only! Will revert to $4.99.

When a mutual friend convinces Hollywood haute couture designer Julian West to escort feature reporter Claire Fitzpatrick to the Annual Spring Charity Ball it is the start of an enduring friendship. A friendship where both comfortably forget the sizzling attraction that flared between them when they first met. Now, six years on, that attraction has re-emerged and Julian and Claire discover that the compatibility they share as best friends is echoed in their erotic preferences. As their romance blossoms, it is not long before he takes her across his knee to deliver lengthy bare bottomed spankings both erotic and disciplinary. But neither of them is prepared for the unexpected passion that rules them both. When they are finally faced with the release of overwhelming emotions Julian has spent years repressing, both Julian and Claire must decide if they will go their separate ways or if theirs will be a love designed to last.

Free Story Friday! (Almost)-The Bronc Rider

Well here we are and its Free Story Friday again. Today I’ve decided on The Bronc Rider its a sweet spanking short I hope you will enjoy! Happy Reading!


The Bronc Rider

Missy watched the cowboy ride the bucking bronc with her heart in her throat. A hush went over the crowd as the rider neared the eight-second mark. He looked as if he were an extension of the wild horse, his big body bucking and swaying in unison to every move the angry animal made.

When the buzzer sounded the crowd roared. Missy licked suddenly dry lips as he carefully lifted his leg over the still bucking stallion while holding on with one hand and then jumped off with seemingly no effort. After his smooth landing the rodeo clowns came in to drive the kicking horse away from the rider. The cowboy took off his hat and gave a sweeping bow to the audience before exiting the arena.

Tucker Radison was the best bronc rider in the whole state of Texas. He was a crowd favorite, with his tall dark good looks and friendly grin and Missy Malone had been in love with him since the eighth grade.

She and Tucker had grown up next door to each other. She’d followed him around like a lost puppy and he’d treated her like the kid sister he’d never had.

Missy had waited in vain for him to notice she wasn’t the same pig tailed little girl anymore, but she’d given up hope. It was time to move on, but every time she saw him a flush stole across her cheeks and her heart started beating like it was racing against the wind.

“Come on Missy, let’s go congratulate Tucker,” Jack Littleton said as he grabbed her hand to drag her along.

“No Jack, you go. I think I’ll find the ladies room.”

“Missy I need you with me. I want Tucker to endorse my new line of western wear and I need your connection to get in with him.”

“I don’t have a connection with Tucker,” Missy said a little desperately. She didn’t want to see Tucker again; it was too hard to fight off those old feelings.

“Sure you do Doll. You grew up next door to the man didn’t you?”

“That was a long time ago.”

“Don’t be silly. Come on this is my future I’m talking about. Possibly yours too if you play your cards right,” he said with a grin that up until that very moment she’d found charming.

“Fine,” Missy reluctantly allowed herself to be led to where Tucker stood signing autographs.

Tucker looked up as she and Jack approached, she could tell the moment he recognized her by the big grin that spread across his face, but then his welcoming smile was replaced with a frown as he glared down at the proprietal hand on her arm.

“Hello Tucker.”

“Missy,” he nodded at her then looked pointedly at Jack. “Who’s your friend?”

“Jack Littleton,” Jack said stepping forward and shaking Tucker’s hand with enthusiasm.

Tucker shook Jack’s hand then turned his back on him to frown down at Missy, “Does your Mama know you’re out in public in your underwear?”

Missy gasped, then straightened to meet him glare for glare. The cropped halter style top paired with tight jeans was perfectly presentable, “I’m a grown woman Tucker, and no one tells me what to wear.”

“Someone needs to.”

“What’s wrong with my clothing?”

“It’s too … too … well look at yourself!”

Missy looked down to where her full breasts plumped in the deep scoop neck of the halter, “I look the same as at least twenty other women standing around here.”

“No you don’t and you aren’t any of those other women.”

“How am I different Tucker?” she asked with her heart in her throat. Both of them had forgotten Jack’s presence.

He chose that exact moment to remind them by wrapping his arm tightly around her from the back and pulling her tight against his chest. The arm beneath her breasts pushing them further up into the neckline of the top, “She sure isn’t like the rest of the fillies out here is she Tucker? Missy is a whole lot of woman if you know what I mean.”

Missy’s face turned bright red in embarrassed horror; Jack had just implied a relationship that they didn’t have. This was only their second date. What would Tucker think of her? She wanted him to realize she was grown, not think she’d become a slut.

She tugged at the arm across her body, “Please let me go.”

“What’s the matter Baby Doll? You don’t want Tucker to know you’re my lady?”

Tears began to fill her eyes, “You’re being an ass, let me go.”

If she’d looked at Tucker she’d have been shocked to see the level of rage evident in his expression, “Let the lady go Littleton.”

Jack flung Missy behind him and faced Tucker with a belligerent stance. Obviously he’d forgotten all about getting Tucker to endorse his new line of western wear.

“The lady came here with me cowboy and she’ll be going home with me.”

“The hell she will. Missy go on to my truck while I have a chat with your friend.”

Missy glared at them both, “I’ll do no such thing Tucker Radison! You’ve no right to tell me what to do or who to do it with!”

Jack grinned at Tucker tauntingly but before he could say anything else, she rounded on him.

“I don’t ever want to see you again Jack Littleton, you are a disrespectful asshole.”

They both gaped at her retreating back as she walked away from the arena and towards the parking lot.

Jack recovered first, “Good riddance. I was about tired of the little slut anyway.”

Tucker responded by planting his fist into the other man’s smirking face. Jack still hadn’t gotten up when the handsome bronc rider left to find Missy.

He found her at the back of the lot where all the rodeoers kept their stock trailers. She stood looking small and dejected leaning up against an old oak tree.


“Go away Tucker. I don’t know that I ever want to see you again either.”

“Too bad, I plan for you to be seeing a lot of me.”

Missy straightened from the tree with fire in her eyes, “So out of the blue you just decide you want me cause you saw me with someone else and I’m supposed to thank my lucky stars? It doesn’t work that way you …you … you dime store cowboy!”

He held out his hands in a gesture of peace, “Hold on Honey. I just …”

“No I won’t hold on! I’ve held on since I was fourteen, I WILL NOT hold on anymore you Jackass!” warming to her topic she poked a finger in his chest hard. “It’s too late do you hear me? I’ve moved on! I’ve gotten on with my life! I’m happy dammit!”

“Missy you need to calm down. I’m sorry if the way I handled Littleton upset you but I couldn’t let him put his hands on you or talk to you like that.”

“Jack wasn’t yours to handle! I’M not yours to handle! Goodbye!”

She’d gotten about fifteen yards when the rope landed over her head and tightened around her mid-section. Missy struggled to get loose from the rope but it just got tighter as she pulled and Tucker began to reel her in.

“You let me go this instant Tucker Radison!”

“I don’t think so darlin’, I caught you fair and square and I aim to keep you.”

“You god damn well aren’t going to keep me!”

“I think the first thing we’re going to have to do is have a talk about your language young lady,” Tucker said as he took hold of her shoulders as she came back into range.

That made her struggle anew, “Don’t you young lady me you Bastard! I will do and say as I please and there is nothing you can do to … heeey!”

Missy yelled as he suddenly went down on one knee and she found herself face down across the other one. His big hand landed six times fast and hard on the seat of her tight jeans.

“That will be about enough of that young lady. I understand that you’re upset but you are way out of control.”

“Stop it!”

Tucker sighed and began to pepper her bottom in earnest not stopping until her all the fight went out of her and she hung limply over his knee making little sniffling sounds.

He lifted her gently off his knee and pulled her into his chest as he sat back against the old oak, “Don’t cry Baby. Everything’s going to be all right. You’ll see.”

Missy snuggled into him suddenly feeling more at home than she had in years, “I can’t believe you spanked me.”

“You’d best be thankful we were in public little girl, give me cause to do it again and next time I’ll pull down those tight jeans and panties and paddle your bare bottom rosy red,” Tucker informed her sternly.

Missy gasp as she felt her heart rate speed up and a little flood of wet heat between her thighs. She quickly buried her hot face in his chest trying to hide her reaction to his words. Why would she react like that to such a ridiculous threat? Of course given the stern look on his face when he’d said it there wasn’t a doubt in Missy’s mind he’d meant what he said.

She suppressed a little shiver as he lifted her face with two long fingers, “Why did you try to run away from me?”

“I was so embarrassed and confused,” Missy admitted.

“Why were you with a guy like that to begin with?”

“I didn’t know he was like that, it was only our second date,” she said honestly.

“Well it was certainly your last,” he said firmly.

Missy bristled again and leaned a little away so she could glare up at him.

“Don’t glare at me like that squirt. It was your last date with Mr. Littleton; from now on you’re with me.”

Intense brown eyes met fiery green, “What makes you think I want to be with you?”

“This,” Tucker gently cupped her face in his hands before leaning in to take her lips with his own. The kiss sizzled all the way to her toes and Missy decided to stop fighting. This was where she belonged and she’d always known it.

In the arms of the bronc-riding cowboy that had lassoed her heart in the eighth grade.

Free Story Friday-Stirred…Not Shaken

Well friends its another Free Story Friday! Today I’m posting a little 007 Spanking Fan Fic in honor of the new movie coming out. Who’s your favorite Bond? Feel free to picture the Bond of your choice in the following story. Before I leave you with your free read I’m excited to announce my new book Naturally Naughty should release on Saturday. Happy reading everyone!

Stirred…Not Shaken

Natasha watched him enter the room with an elegant woman on each arm. She gave the women a cursory glance then dismissed them. Yuri and Boris would deal with the female agents. He was her objective. His ice blue eyes met hers as he accepted a flute of champagne from a passing waiter. He raised a sardonic brow in acknowledgment raising his glass to her before taking a sip his eyes not breaking contact.

Natasha smiled and took a deep drink from her own glass before deliberately turning her back on him. She stalked towards the dance floor swaying her hips provocatively. She pretended surprise when a large hand caught her elbow.

He turned her to face him with knowing smile, “I’d love to.”

She frowned puzzled by his words, “Love to?”

“I’d love to dance. Wasn’t that what you asked me?”

“I beg your pardon. I didn’t ask anything of you,” Natasha said smartly, then flushed as she remembered the plan was to attract not repel.

“Oh but you did Natasha,” he said smiling down at her outraged expression as he pulled her tightly to his chest easily leading her across the floor.

Natasha relaxed against him her body fluidly following his to the beat of the music.

She tilted her head back and smiled up at him, “I believe you have me at a disadvantage Sir.”

“I don’t believe that for a second Madam.”

“You know my name but I don’t know yours,” she told him sweetly innocence projecting from her green eyes.

The look in his own told her he didn’t believe her for a second, “Bond. James Bond.”


All evening long they matched wits as they danced with the cream de la crème of Paris. She seduced him with her rapier sharp tongue. He captivated her by parrying her every thrust with one of his own. She found most men dullards that were about as sharp as a spoon. It was refreshing to be matched word for word.

Soon they found themselves wrapped in each other’s arms in his hotel room. He was a masterful lover. She would not be mastered. She met him kiss for kiss…touch for touch. Every restless sigh he elicited from her was answered with a tortured groan of his own. He gave no quarter, she asked for none. Each wrung everything from the other until they collapsed upon the bed in utter exhaustion, sated beyond the ability to move.

Natasha woke to find James sleeping beside her. Her entire body thrummed in awareness. As she stood she was surprised to still find tiny aftershocks still shooting through her body twitching and aching in the most delightful way.

Shaking her head she got down to the business at hand. Since Bond had told her nothing about his reasons for being in Paris, she would have to do things the old-fashioned way. She would have to search his hotel room; quickly and efficiently as he slept and hopefully find out why he was in Paris. The information would be useful to several key people she knew; people that would pay her well for that information.

Natasha dressed and began her search.

“Find anything interesting?”

Natasha started at the sound of his voice directly behind her. She hadn’t heard his approach! Spinning around to face him, with her gun in her hand Natasha gave him a friendly warning, “That’s far enough James. Be a good boy and play nice.”

He sent her a lazy smile before suddenly rushing her and removing the gun from her grasp with relative ease, “Nice? Nice little girls don’t play with guns.”

He tossed the gun behind the couch and pulled what looked like a cell phone from his pocket, “Well thanks to Q I have the equipment to deal with naughty little girls.” He did something with the phone and it turned into what looked like an old fashioned wooden backed hairbrush.

Natasha blinked at the hairbrush in his hand and the determined glint in his eye, “You wouldn’t dare.”

“Oh but I would,” She was across his knee with her bottom bared before she could voice much protest.

“You can’t! I’m a grown woman!”

His hand slapped down hard across her naked buttocks bringing a gasp to her lips. The first smack was followed in quick succession by several more and soon her entire bottom began to fill with stinging heat.

“Oooowwww! Stop it this instant! Bastard!”

“Mmmm…not quite the response I was looking for. Perhaps the brush will help,” The hairbrush cracked down with precision as he methodically covered every inch of her tender behind then started the journey a second and third time.

All too soon Natasha lay limply across his knee crying softly. Then his hand stroked lightly across her heated flesh sending a shiver of a different kind through her. Slowly the glide of his hands moved between her legs with gentle purpose and her whimpers changed to cries of delight.

“Oh James,” She sighed in wonder, surrendering to the pleasure and the man who gave it. Surrender? The thought sent Natasha scurrying from his lap in horror as she pulled her dress back down to cover her aching bottom. She wasn’t sure where her panties had gone but they were unnecessary; escape had to be the priority.

She was aghast at the mix of emotions running through her. She wanted to surrender; to give in to his mastery. She was appalled at her own desires. Never before had she met a man whose spirit was as strong as her own, his was possibly even stronger.

There was danger here with this man, dangerous to who she’d always known herself to be.

Natasha backed across the room to the window, while he watched her with a lazy smile.
He looked….bored!

“Going somewhere?”

“Yes!” She snapped pulling the repelling device from where it was clipped inside her dress. Deftly hooking it to the window ledge she smiled triumphantly at him, “I’m sure we’ll meet again James. Auvoir.”

James smiled as he watched her head disappear from sight, “Count on it.”

It’s Free Story Friday Again!-What Would You Do If I Kicked You?

Well it’s another free story Friday! Did this week fly by for you? Hope yours was as fabulous as mine was! Happy reading! Morganna

What Would You Do If I Kicked You?

I stood quietly by the bar and sipped a glass of Merlot; my eyes skimming the sea of faces for the one I was most curious about. It was my graduating class’ fifteen-year reunion.

It had been a nice evening of reminiscing, but I’d yet to see the one face I’d been wondering about since graduation. Actually if I’m completely honest with myself, I’d been wondering for much longer than that. Isn’t it odd how certain memories burn themselves into your brain and don’t let go? Such was the case with Jack, Jack Gerard, the thought of his name alone sent shivers up and down my spine. It made me feel ridiculous, we’d not exchanged three words since the eighth grade, and then we’d not shared much but the confrontation that burned itself into my very being.

I took another sip of wine as I remembered.

In the eighth grade I was going through a late version of the-I hate boys stage. I yelled at them every chance I got, teased and made fun of them, revealing in my quick wit that they hadn’t quite caught up with.

I also developed a nasty habit of kicking them when things didn’t go my way or they teased me back. I kicked hard, which often resulted in said boy whining or crying and in one instance rolling around the hall floor holding his leg. Such babies they were! Then there was Jack; he watched it all shook his head and walked away, which always resulted in making me feel a little silly. Something about the frowns he shot my way made me leery of kicking him.

Till that fateful day in Speech Class. The teacher had gone to the office for a moment and for some reason most of the class was gone as well. I was taking advantage of her absence to bedevil one of the boys in my class. I was building to a classic finish when a quiet voice spoke from directly behind me, “Knock it off Casey.”

I spun around at the interruption and was surprised to see Jack standing there, “Mind your own beeswax bucko!”

“Quit being such a brat Casey and sit down and shut up!”

I saw red and did the one thing my gut had always warned me not to try with him. I swung my leg back to deliver a good kick to his shin.

To my utter surprise and mortification he jumped slightly backwards and grabbed my leg, pulling it up to hold it next to his hip.

I gaped at him from my position balanced precariously on one leg with the other one extended fairly high. He continued to hold my leg and watch me hop around trying to keep from falling.

He looked me straight in the eye, “Will you think twice before trying to kick me again?”

I felt a hot flush fill my cheeks and looked away while nodding slightly. He held my leg aloft for another moment then let me go. I went quickly and quietly back to my seat. The boys in the classroom hooted and hollered for Jack. I spent the rest of class in embarrassed silence.

That was the last time I kicked anyone. When I saw Jack after that I ducked quickly out of sight and watched him, confused by the fluttery feeling in my tummy.

I shook my head at the memory with a smile. Now I had a better understanding of those butterflies and was dying to see if the boy from eighth grade had grown into all that masterful potential.

I sighed; it was time to stop watching for Jack and to join the mingling throng of old friends and bitter rivals. High School hierarchy was such a hoot.

It wasn’t long before I found an old group of friends and began laughing with them about old times and teasing each other about what had gone on since high school. It was turning into a fun evening.

I’d lost count of how many trips to the bar I’d made, but my glass was empty and in my estimation it was time for another. I grinned brightly at the bartender, “Another Merlot please.”

“Don’t you think you ought to try water?” A deep voice asked from the barstool next to me.

I frowned and turned to look into deep chocolate brown eyes. Oh my! He was a handsome one! The rest of him went spectacularly with those eyes. Tall and broad shouldered with dark hair, a strong jaw and a mouth with more than a hint of sensuality. I blinked and smiled, “I can handle it. I know my limits, besides I have a room here so there are no worries of driving while slightly…ummm…buzzed.”

He frowned, “I would say you were a bit more than slightly buzzed, since you just shared with a strange man that you’re staying here.”

I waved aside his concern with a laugh, “Don’t be silly. We all went to school together. It’s all perfectly safe! Although I’m not sure who you are.” I squinted and peered up at him again. “Who are you?”

A rich laugh boomed from his chest, “You haven’t changed a bit Casey.”

I took my refreshed wineglass from the bartender and pouted up at the wonderfully intriguing man beside me, “No fair! You know me and I don’t know you.”

He merely smiled plucked the wineglass from my fingers, set it on the bar and pulled me to the dance floor after him. He had me tucked tightly to him swaying on the dance floor before I could even protest. I frowned up at him, “You’re supposed to ask if I want to dance.”

“Yes, but you might have said no and I wanted to dance with you,” he spun me out and back, which made me clutch dizzily at his shoulders. “Definitely no more wine for you.”

I scowled, “Bossy Man! Who are you anyway?”

“Jack Gerard. I’m truly hurt that you don’t remember me Casey,” he smiled down at me.

A flush stole up my cheeks and the butterflies in my stomach must have had a heck of a mating season because there were tons of the little boogers zooming around in there. He had more than lived up to the promise he’d shown as a boy.

“Ahhhh…you do remember me.”


“We didn’t speak much in high school. You ran ever time you saw me as I recall.”

“I did not! We…we just didn’t move in the same circles.”

Jack grinned and pulled me closer, “At least you’re not running now.”

I smiled up at him before laying my head on his chest as our bodies moved to the music. I’d never been that good a dancer but I seemed to have no problem following his lead.

Throughout the evening we talked, danced and shared the events of the last fifteen years. He was a civil engineer and did a lot of traveling. I told him about the various jobs I held before becoming a writer. Although I didn’t tell him about everything I wrote.

The evening was a great success even if I didn’t get anymore wine. Every time I got a new glass Jack found a reason to remove it from my hand and distracted me. I pretended I didn’t notice his high handedness.

At the end of the evening Jack walked me to my room, after taking the key and opening my door he pulled me close and kissed me. I felt his kiss zing all the way down to my toes and back up again.

When the spectacular kiss ended the look in his eyes as he straightened turned my legs to wax. “I’ll pick you up at eight for breakfast.”

I grabbed his arm and grinned mischievously up at him, “What would you do if I kicked you?”

The answering twinkle in his eye told me he remembered that day in the eighth grade as vividly as I did. Jack leaned down and whispered in my ear, “I take you in that room, bare your bottom and blister it.”

I gasped and went hot all over as he kissed my nose and started down the hall, “See you in the morning!” He called over his shoulder.

I watched him until he was gone from sight. Oh my!


The morning found me antsy, I was eager to see Jack again and see if the magic of the evening before was more than a glitch. I also found my innate curiosity piqued beyond belief. Would he really blister my bare bottom were I to through caution to the wind and kick him? God I hoped so!

Jack arrived a little after nine. He kissed me lightly then took my hand and pulled me down the hall after him without a word.

“Well good morning to you too! Are you always so chatty in the AM?”

He chuckled and pulled me close as we waited for the elevator, “I have a feeling that you are plenty chatty for both of us.”

“Hmmm…you wouldn’t by any chance be inferring that I talk to much would you?” I grinned up at him.

“For the moment I will refrain from comment,” he said placing another kiss on the tip of my nose with a grin.

We sat down in the hotel dining room and ordered breakfast. I decided to experiment a tad and crossed my legs underneath the table “accidentally” kicking Jack in the process. His eyes shot to mine, “Oh excuse me. Did I kick you? I thought it was the table leg.”

Jack gave me thoughtful look before getting back to his fascination with the perfectly sugared cup of coffee. It was interesting to watch. He would sprinkle a very small amount in the cup; stir and taste then sprinkle a little more. Several sprinkles later he sat back with a satisfied smile.

“Wouldn’t it be quicker to start with a whole spoonful?”

“Ahhhh but you see that’s the problem with people today. Quicker isn’t always better Casey,” I felt a blush begin at my ears and spread across my face as he sent me a smoldering look with that last comment.

“Yes…well…in some instances I would have to agree,” Unable to continue the heated eye contact I busily began pleating my napkin. A strong hand came across the table to cover my fidgeting fingers.

“Relax. Your perfectly safe…for the moment,” I laughed as he wriggled his brows at me with a pseudo-evil leer.

I couldn’t help crossing my legs in the other direction, “Oops! Did I kick you again? I’m so sorry.”

“Mmmm…just be sure Casey.”

I frowned as the waiter set our food before us on the table. He asked us if we needed anything else and we both declined. As soon as he was out of hearing I pounced, “Be sure of what?”

Jack sent me an enigmatic look from beneath his brows, “Be sure that you truly want the fire playing with matches can bring.”

I think that the flush spread all the way down to my pinkie toes that time, heat following quickly in its wake. Me playing with matches? The man seemed to be able to ignite flames with a glance, as well as stir the butterflies into quite a frenzy.

The rest of breakfast was a quiet affair. I was torn between wanting to strike a few more test matches and being a little afraid of the resulting fire. Jack seemed to be contemplating things of his own.

After breakfast he walked me back to my room. I let him get a little ahead of me as we approached my door; it was the moment of truth. Now or never. I took a deep breath and walked behind him timing my steps to his; waiting for the next time he lifted his foot to take a step. The minute he did I kicked him in the center of his foot. The jarring impact didn’t hurt but it sent his leg out in a wobbly reflexive kick.

I grinned and then bumped smack into his chest as he spun around, “Ooooomppphhhh.”

Firm hands gripped my upper arms, “What did I tell you Casey?”

“I…ummm…well…about what exactly?” I hedged, now perversely completely unsure this was what I really wanted.

“You know very well about what young lady.”

I continued to stare at his chest, far to chicken to look up into those dreamy chocolate eyes, “It wasn’t really a kick.”

“Just like those weren’t really kicks in the restaurant?” He let go of one arm to lift my chin so I had to look at him.

Once eye contact was made I was helpless to look away, “Yes.”

“You knew what would happen if you kept pushing didn’t you?”

I took a deep shuddering breath, “Yes.”

He stroked a hand down my cheek then stepped back, “Open the door Casey.”

I found myself wordlessly doing as instructed. Then we were both in my room with the door closed and I was nervously swaying from one foot to the other. Terrified he would, but even more terrified he wouldn’t.

Jack seated himself on the couch in the sitting area and held a hand out to me, “Come here Casey.”

I nervously walked to stand beside him placing my hand trustingly in his.

Without a word he guided me across his thighs. The reality of lying face down across a man’s lap was more embarrassing than I’d ever thought it would be. I gasped as my skirt was raised to my back and the cool air hit my scantily clad bottom. His hand glided across the silk of my panties before his finger hooked in the waistband and tugged them to my knees.

I squirmed in self-consciousness as he gazed down at my naked bottom.

“What did you ask me last night Casey?”

“I asked what you would do if I kicked you.”

“What did I tell you would happen if you did?”

I wondered briefly if the same rosy hue that filled my face had reached my bottom and squirmed again.

“I’m waiting Casey.”

“You said…you said that you would bring me in here bare my bottom and then blister it,” I was amazed that I had been able to say it aloud.

“What did you do this morning?”

“I…uh…might have kicked you a few times,” I gasped as his hand came down sharply on my bottom.


“Okay. I kicked you three times,” I said quickly thinking that this was one of those occasions when haste was good.

“What did you think would happen when you kicked me?”

“I…well…I wasn’t’ sure.”

He sat hand resting lightly on my bottom and waited, soon I could stand the silence no longer.

“Well…I thought maybe…but…”

“You weren’t completely sure I’d really spank you?”

“No,” I really couldn’t believe I was having this conversation while lying across his lap with my bare backside thrust up in the air. I squirmed again and was rewarded with another stinging slap.

“What do you think now?”

“I think you really will.”

“What do you think will happen next?” The question sent shivers all across my body.

“I think you’re going to do it.”

“Do what Casey?” The implicit demand in his voice was not to be ignored.

“You’re going to spank me.”

“Yes. Why am I going to spank you?”

Oh god. Didn’t we just cover this? I was mortified but knew I had to answer, “Because I kicked you.”

Apparently discussion time was at an end because his hand began to fall repeatedly upon my bottom with stinging precision. I bucked and kicked as I cried out more with each resounding smack. There was definitely a fire being lit and it was a hot one. Jack covered every inch of my bottom and then went back across it a second and third time. When I was sure my butt couldn’t get any hotter he tilted me forward and delivered several stingers to the tender under curve of my posterior.

Then suddenly it was over and I was upright again, cuddled close to his chest. He’d settled me against him with my scorched bottom between his legs. Jack stroked my hair and kissed the top of my head before tilting my chin up so he could look in my eyes, “Did you find what you were looking for?”

I felt tears fill my eyes and bit my lower lip before nodding, “I think so…I hope so.”

“Don’t cry Casey. You weren’t the only one looking.”

I looked hopefully up at him, “Really?”

Jack smiled and wiped a stray tear from my cheek “Really, I only came to the reunion because I’ve wondered for years if you would still run at the sight of me.”

I grinned and placed kisses all along his jaw, “Nope. I kind of like the butterflies now.”

Jack laughed then pulled me tightly to him and kissed me deeply. Oh my! That fire was really starting to burn hot. I leaned into him and hoped the hotel had some good insurance.