Chapter Eight of Priestess by Rue Raven

  Priestess - Chapter 8 Three days. Three days between the Trials and the Offering. A great deal can be done in three days. Innkeepers cleaned out every room, every cupboard, every nook and cranny, for prospective guests. Some even rented out the stables. Aliera was groomed and prepared, she led worship in the temple… Continue reading Chapter Eight of Priestess by Rue Raven


Another free short

Passion's Flame Your hand rests in the small of my back, tethering me to you as the paddle falls again and again on my hapless backside. Each slap of the paddle sending a jolt of electricity through my core. As the sting grows my skin begins to prickle with awareness as the heat spreads throughout… Continue reading Another free short

Free story: Chapter Seven of Priestess by Rue Raven and an excerpt from her new release, His Captive!

Priestess - Chapter 7: Preparations The morning sun dawned on a busy day for all. Lord Kevan supervised the packing, eager to be on his way. No more of these peasant girls, soon he'd be breaking a princess to his rule. And all those noblewomen enslaved when the Western kingdom fell. Aide to an ailing… Continue reading Free story: Chapter Seven of Priestess by Rue Raven and an excerpt from her new release, His Captive!

Open Letter to Faleena Hopkins

Cassie Sharp


This is not a hate letter.

This is not a public shaming, or a “stoning.”

Now that that’s out of the way, we can move on. So, who the fuck am I, and why the hell am I writing you a letter? In short, I’m Cassie Sharp. I am an indie author. I do not write romance. I feel like I need to make that clear, so you aren’t thinking this is a plea for you to do anything. I will not personally be affected by your TM of the word “cocky.” I write mystery/suspense/thrillers, so unless I want to title a book, The Cocky Detective Who Almost Doesn’t Catch the Psychopath, and somehow categorize it in a romance genre, your TM isn’t going to deter the titling of any current or future works of mine.

Because I’m an author, I’ve been following this madness closely. In my mind, the thought…

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