Jeff Trelewicz is here to talk about The Time Traveler’s Journal

Jeff is here with an excerpt from The Time Traveler’s Journal.This is a wonderful story full of twists and turns and the possibility of love…beautifully written and it begs the question…If you had the ability to change a mistake from the past would you?

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Shane and Catherine exited the building. Their bodies accidently bumping into each other as they walked together. Catherine started to walk towards the parking lot but Shane stopped her.

“The coffee shop is like two blocks away. We could walk there if you want?” he suggested. Catherine glanced up at the sky. The morning sky was blue with large fluffy clouds hanging. She shrugged her shoulders.

“I guess we could do that,” she said quietly. Shane tilted his neck, indicating which way they should walk. They made their way quickly down the sidewalk. Because of the time of day, there wasn’t a lot of people walking. A few cars passed them in the street, but for the most part it was a quiet walk.

Catherine felt her palms get sweaty. Her body was tense as they walked together. She hadn’t felt this nervous about being close to a man since junior high school.

“We’re almost there,” Shane said. She glanced down at her watch.

“How’s the book coming along?” Catherine asked.

Shane coughed nervously. “Oh? That. Yeah it’s coming along. I definitely got some good feedback from the kids. Thank you again for setting that up.”

Catherine smiled at him. “Of course. I’m glad to help. I just want a special thanks in your best seller when it comes out,” she joked. He forced a nervous smile at her. “So? When am I going to get to read it?”

Again, Shane let out a small cough. “I’m not sure that it’s anywhere near that ready yet. But I promise you, that uh, you’ll be the first to read it.”

“Not your editor?” she questioned.

Shane thought for a second. “Of course the editor will get it first. But after he gets it, you will get it. That’s a promise.” They walked in silence for another minute. “Here we are,” Shane said. He pointed to a small brick building with a neon sign that read “Kelly’s Coffee Shop.” Shane reached with his right hand and opened the door. He held it open “After you?”

“Such a gentleman,” Catherine remarked. She walked up the small stone step and into the shop. The shop was a small room. There were a few tables set up around the room. Behind the counter stood Kelly Barker, an older woman. Kelly wore a hairnet over her greying hair. She was gently chewing on some gum.

“Good morning folks. What can I get you?” Kelly asked.

Catherine looked at the chalk board to the left of Kelly that had the menu on it. “I will have a large coffee, two creams one sugar and a drop of peppermint?”

Catherine reached for her purse which was on her right shoulder. Shane reached his hand out and gently grabbed her wrist. “No. It’s on me. And don’t argue with me,” he said with a grin. Catherine immediately dropped her hand.

“So pushy,” Catherine grinned. “Thank you.”

Shane nodded his head. “And I will have an espresso. Medium sized?”

“Coming right up,” Kelly responded. She typed it into the cash register. Shane reached into his pocket and pulled out his wallet. He grabbed his credit card and pushed it on the counter. Kelly smiled as she picked the credit card and swiped it. “It will be just a minute. If you want to have a seat, I can bring it right to you?”

“That would be great. Thank you,” Catherine said. She turned around. There was only one other person seated in the shop. “Shall we?” Shane followed her. Catherine picked a table near the front of the shop. Shane ran around her quickly and pulled out her chair. “Okay, seriously? Opening doors. Buying me drinks. Pulling out my chair? You’re too much,” she smiled. Catherine sat down. Shane’s hand made contact with her shoulder. Before he could pull it away, Catherine’s hand grasped his hand for a few seconds. She glanced over her shoulder and smiled at him.

Shane pushed her chair in and walked to the other side of the square table. He pulled his chair out and quickly sat down. There was an awkward moment of silence between the two of them.

“So? Mr. Catherine?” Shane started to say. “Uh, Jake? Tell me about him?” There was a brief grimace of pain on Catherine’s face.

“He’s an assistant banker at Ford-Fisher bank downtown,” Catherine said. She shrugged her shoulders. “We’ve been married for the past eight years. I… I don’t know what else there is to tell.”

“Good looking guy?” Shane paused. “Of course he’s a good looking guy. What was I thinking? He got you.”

“You are shameless, do you know that?” Catherine grins. “Yeah, he’s all right.” She joked. “Six foot two, brown hair and a goatee.”

Shane frowned. “Ahh, so you like them tall do you? That’s a shame.” Catherine looked at him with a perplexed look on her face. “I’m only five ten. He’s got a good four inches on me. It’s a shame for me. That’s why.”

Catherine could feel her cheeks blush. Their eyes locked for five seconds. Catherine was the first one to look away. Kelly appeared carrying a tray with two coffees on it. Shane’s credit card was also on the tray. She set it down between them on the table.

“There you go,” Kelly said. Both thanked Kelly before she walked away. Shane grabbed his credit card and put it back in his pocket.

“Thank you for the coffee,” Catherine said quickly. The steam poured out of her paper cup. She pressed it to her lips, but quickly pulled it away. “Ow!”

“Burn your lip?” Catherine nodded her head. “Sorry.” Shane picked up his cup and lightly blew on it. Catherine playfully stuck her tongue out at him.

Catherine glanced down at her watch. “Oh shit, I think I’m going to be late if I don’t leave soon.”

“You should make the students wait a few extra minutes, that’s what I think,” Shane chuckled.

“You’d like that wouldn’t you?” Shane nodded his head. “I don’t know if my bosses would like it though.”

“You don’t have to tell them,” Shane shrugged his shoulders. “Well it was worth a shot on my part right?” Catherine smiled at him. Shane jumped to his feet. “At least we have coffee for the road.” Catherine smiled at him and stood up from her seat. Shane tilted his head, gesturing to the door. “Shall we?” With his left hand, Shane grabbed his cup of coffee off the table. Catherine nodded, grabbing her coffee as well. Shane waved at Kelly as they made their way out of the shop and walked down the steps.

A few short minutes later they were standing in front of Shane’s apartment complex again. Catherine stood two feet away from him. They just looked at each other for a moment, neither of them sure what to say.

Catherine finally broke the ice. “So? Meeting tonight right?” Shane nodded his head. “Well then I guess I will see you there. Have a good day” Catherine smiled at him again. Shane grabbed her quickly, embracing her close to him. At first she was shocked by it, but she responded by wrapping her arms around his waist.

Shane released her. He looked at her sheepishly. “I’m sorry. I.. I uh shouldn’t have done that.”

Catherine bit down on her lower lip. “No, it was fine. Don’t worry about it. Bye. See you tonight.” Catherine turned around and made her way to the small parking lot on the other side of the building. Shane watched her for a moment before entering the building.

Catherine walked quickly to her car. She reached into her pocket and pulled out the keys, unlocking the door. She sat down in the seat. She could feel herself blush for a moment before she started the car.


Professor Catherine Donato just met Shane Barr, who is working on his first novel. She is immediately drawn to him despite her best efforts to resist his charm. He needs the help of her smartest students to get the science of his book right. The closer they get to helping Shane, the more it doesn’t add up. What secrets lay in the Time Traveler’s Journal? Come along with them on a journey that will change everything. But remember what happens tomorrow can change today, permanently

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Its a great sci-fi/paranormal read. This is not a spanking romance its just a wonderful read! Happy Reading! ~Morganna


Sara Fields is visiting with a hot snippet from her new book A Gift for the Doctor and Morgana is getting spanked! What!?!




After allowing herself to be taken captive in order to save her friends, Morgana awakens to find herself naked, bound, and at the mercy of a handsome doctor named Kade. She cannot hide her helpless arousal as her captor takes his time thoroughly examining her bare body, but when she disobeys him she quickly discovers that defiance will earn her a sound spanking.


His stern chastisement and bold dominance awaken desires within her that she never knew existed, but Morgana is shocked when she learns the truth about Kade. As a powerful shifter and the alpha of his pack, he has been ordered by the evil lord who took Morgana prisoner to claim her and sire children with her in order to combine the strength of their two bloodlines.


Kade’s true loyalties lie with the rebels seeking to overthrow the tyrant, however, and he has his own reasons for desiring Morgana as his mate. Though submitting to a dominant alpha does not come easily to a woman who was once her kingdom’s most powerful sorceress, Kade’s masterful lovemaking is unlike anything she has experienced before, and soon enough she is aching for his touch. But with civil war on the verge of engulfing the capital, will Morgana be torn from the arms of the man she loves or will she stand and fight at his side no matter the cost?


Publisher’s Note: A Gift for the Doctor is the sequel to A Gift for the King. It is an erotic romance novel that contains spankings, sexual scenes, medical play, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.




She had never submitted to anyone in her life, and wasn’t about to. Raising her chin with as much attitude as she could muster, she glared back at him. She was the king’s sorceress, a woman to be respected and revered. Her station had made sure she was always taken care of and never wanted for anything.

There was no way in hell she’d bow down to this arrogant doctor. Not today, and not any other day.

“Don’t you dare lay a hand on me. I am Morgana, sorceress to King Dante, and you will respect me. I am not a force to be trifled with,” she said, her voice strong and unafraid as she challenged him.

Kade simply moved closer to her, his body towering over hers. He put his hands on the table on either side of her and leaned in toward her face, a dangerous smirk playing at his lips. She leaned backwards, trying to keep a respectable distance between the two of them, despite the events that had just occurred between them on that very table.

“Are you trying to test me, little girl?”

Morgana kept silent, staring him down. She wasn’t about to back down to him, not to anyone. No matter what happened, her pride was at stake.

Kade pushed his hands off the table and backed a step away from her. At first she thought she had won, but the words that came out of his mouth next had her legs feeling like jelly.

“Get up.”
“What?” she answered, her voice faltering.
“Get up off the table. Don’t make me say it again,” he ordered, placing a hand firmly on

her shoulder.
“Don’t touch me!” she yelled back, trying to pull herself out of his grasp.
He sighed at her defiance, and before she knew it, he had lifted her off the table and sat

down in her place. It all happened so fast that she had no time to react as he put her face down over his knees. His left hand gripped her hips, and his leg snaked over hers so that she was effectively restrained without a chance of escaping. She couldn’t even kick her legs.

Whipping back her head, she tried in vain to push herself off of him. Feeling entirely vulnerable at this unexpected position, she recognized how bare and how completely unprotected her sensitive nether cheeks were. She jolted at his touch when he placed his hand on her bottom. Gasping, she realized just how large his hands were, covering what felt like the entirety of one of her cheeks. Suddenly, she was very nervous at her decision to test his patience and bordered on regretting it altogether.

“Now. Are you ready to listen to me?”
“I can’t believe the nerve…”

Smack! Smack! Smack!


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Author Bio:

Sara is an author specializing in erotic spanking romance, who spends the day doing science, and writes by night. She has been on the spanking scene for many years, and has experienced all different types of spankings, from sensual, to fun, to punishments, including all of the implements she writes about!  Sara finally decided to branch out and write some hot spanking fiction, so she could share the sexy fantasies that happen deep in the recesses of her creative mind.


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Twitter:   (@Mrs_Sara_Fields)

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Something’s hot in the kitchen at Pleasure Bay on Saturday spanks!

Welcome to Saturday Spanks blog hop! Mastering Mariah by Maddie Taylor and yours truly has finally been released. Hope you enjoy this little snippet from Chef Byron’s kitchen. Happy Reading!  ~Morganna



Though Dimitri De Luca is everything she could want in a man and in a master, the scars of Mariah Charmant’s past keep her from surrendering fully to his dominance and embracing the lifestyle she has always craved. Yet as her trust in Dimitri grows, so does the pleasure she experiences beneath his skillful hand, and Mariah soon finds herself submitting to him in ways she had promised herself she would never submit to a man again.


Her own romance is far from the only one on Mariah’s mind, however. As head of guest relations at the high-end BDSM-themed resort Dimitri owns and operates, she works hard to ensure that the kinky needs of the guests are satisfied, even if that means playing matchmaker from time to time. But when she goes behind Dimitri’s back to set the resort’s world-renowned chef up with a feisty little submissive who is just perfect for him, she ends up earning a thorough chastisement from the man who is both her boss and her master.


Mariah does her best to help each guest live out their perfect fantasy while keeping her own meddling behind from being draped over Dimitri’s lap too often, but her efforts are interrupted when trouble rears its ugly head in Pleasure Bay. With threats from a violent tropical storm and a dangerous individual from Mariah’s past both looming, can Dimitri battle man and nature to rescue the woman he loves before it’s too late? And if he brings her home safe will Mariah at last be ready to belong to him completely?


Publisher’s Note: Mastering Mariah is the sequel to Dimitri’s Desire. It is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, elements of medical play, and other BDSM content. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.


She jumped, expecting to see him glowering behind her, but she turned to see him towering over Mindy, the one she secretly called Barbie—tall, slim, high pert boobs and a narrow waist. In a word, perfect. Barbie was staring up at him like a deer in the headlights, blue eyes huge and rapidly filling with tears. Kelsey mentally willed her not to break. If she cried, he’d have her for lunch.

Her powers of positive thinking failed miserably, however. Cringing inwardly, she contained a heavy sigh when she heard the first sob escape poor Babs. Crap, she’s done it now.

“Are you crying?” the chef asked in amazement, pointing out the obvious only making matters worse. “Crying in my kitchen is not allowed unless I give you a reason to cry! When I want you to cry, believe me, you’ll cry. Otherwise, suck it up, buttercup, and do as you’re told!” He issued this warning in an ear-splitting bellow.

“Maybe if you backed off and stopped acting like an asshole she’d wouldn’t cry,” Kelsey said sharply before she could stop herself. Well, there went her chance to work under him. But she couldn’t watch as he berated the timid little sous chef anymore. It was like watching someone kick a puppy.

He spun on her, his face frozen in astonishment. Slowly, his expression morphed into anger, a spark like blue fire shooting from his eyes as he demanded, “Did you just call me an ass?”

Tempted, she decided in for a penny, in for a pound and answered boldly, if not stupidly, “No. I actually called you an ass-hole. Emphasis on the hole. You are deliberately making her nervous and yelling with the intent to make her cry. Stop it. It’s not necessary to behave this way to determine the right fit for your sous chef,” she told him with a glare, crossing her arms over her ample breasts.

He tilted his head and studied her for a moment before giving a slight smile and nodding, “You’re right.”

She felt her jaw drop. “I am?”

“Yes. You’re going to be punished for the ass remark, but I’m sure you expected that when you did it,” he said almost conversationally.

“Punished?” Kelsey echoed. What had she done by bringing his attention away from the other girl?

“Good god, you’ve become a fucking parrot. Lose the pants and panties, then plant your nose in that corner while I deal with these two,” he ordered sternly, indicating Babs and Malibu Barbie, her fake tan counterpart. Both girls were crying.

“I beg your pardon?” she asked in outrage.

“You heard me, brat,” Byron said succinctly.

The term startled her, but something in his tone made her move. She quickly stripped from the waist down, leaving her standing before him in nothing but her chef’s shirt and rubber soled non-skid shoes, her hands crossed low in front of her. The top was long on her, but not nearly long enough. He would still be able to see her bare slit in the front and most of her ass in the back. She was horribly embarrassed, more so when she felt the tell-tale trickle of moisture leaking from her heated core.

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Sterling Scott stopped by to talk about her new spanking romance, My Pirate Wife



Evelyn was so determined to escape her pirate captor, she never considered that, when the opportunity finally arose, she might not want to leave him…

Abandoned by her family, Evelyn Douglas is working as a cook in a brothel when her long lost Uncle Henry finds her and convinces her to accompany him with promises of high seas and adventure. Together, they set out for Jamaica and the New World. At first, all is well, and Evelyn takes to seafaring like a natural; even learning to navigate. But then they encounter pirates.

Evelyn is taken hostage, and the pirate captain John Howell strikes a deal with her uncle. Henry Douglas has six months in which to return to England, collect the ransom money, and return to the Bahamas to rescue his niece. In the meantime, Evelyn will serve her new master, John Howell, in more ways than one. With nothing but her wits to protect her, she struggles to stay alive until Henry can save her.

Evelyn knew that nothing would ever be the same when she and her uncle set sail from England, bound for the New World. She knew that adventures awaited them on the voyage to Jamaica. However, being kidnapped, ransomed, and sold into slavery were not the sort of excitement she had anticipated. Nor does she expect to realize that, when she does find an opportunity to escape her captor, her newfound feelings for him ensure she doesn’t really want to leave…



Hours later, she heard, “Boy… boy… BOY!” Realizing that it was Captain Howell calling for her, she ran up the stairs to his cabin.


“Aye, m’lord.”


“I had to call you three times.”


“It won’t happen again, My Lord.”


“Not to worry, I know how to encourage you to keep your mind on your work. Drop your breeches and bend over the desk.”


Her mouth opened, to beg for mercy, to attempt resistance.


No, that’s what he wants. He will spank me in the end. If I resist, his men will hold me down. Making him angry will only make him spank harder.


Evelyn’s experience with Mr. Fulford had taught her that a strategy of appeasement was best, the best way to minimize a punishment. She untied the rope and let the breeches drop to the deck. She bent over the desk and displayed her bare bottom for him. Mr. Fulford had taught her the position. Standing on her tiptoes, she placed her hips on the edge of the desk, then she bent forward until her elbows supported her. She crossed her ankles, locking her legs together.


“I see that this is not your first spanking,” he said.


She said nothing as she waited for the inevitable. She hoped he would hurry before someone came into the room.


Captain Howell began his punishment with a gentle caress of her smooth, pale skin. His hand lifted and came down hard with a resounding SMACK.




Evelyn was more surprised by his suddenness than the pain, though it was a sharp swat. He continued landing more hard smacks. “You do have a nice firm ass. You must be more active than a socialite sitting all day creating lace.”


Thinking the spanking was over, she started to rise.


“We’re not done.” A hand pinned her to the desk. He started spanking again. Each smack made her bottom sting, these swats were more severe. She whimpered as tears began to well up in her eyes.


Wowzers! I wonder what happens next? I guess we’ll all have to one-click on the link below to find out. Come on, you know you want to! Happy Reading! ~Morganna

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