Free Story Friday!-It Ain’t Santa

I hope you’ve all have a truly wonderful week and a relaxing weekend follows. I hope you enjoy this weeks story, I couldn’t resist writing one based on a news story from last year. Happy reading! ~Morganna

It Ain’t Santa

Frankie studied the steeply sloped roof as she tried to decide if she was really going to go through with her plan. It was risky, she could go to the trouble of coming down Grant’s chimney stark naked and he could still reject her.

It had been thirteen days and roughly six hours since he’d broken up with her and she’d missed him every minute of it.

Frankie knew he still loved her; he just had too! She’d thought about a way to throw herself naked at his feet but the only surefire way to make sure she made it in the door was to go down the chimney.

He’d ignored every one of her phone calls and the day she’d knocked on his door Grant had totally ignored her.

With her chin stiffened in resolve Frankie climbed the tree next to the house and then carefully walked up the roof to the big chimney. Once there she stripped completely and left her clothes neatly folded next to the large brick structure.

She shivered slightly in the wind then quickly climbed over the edge of the chimney before she lost her nerve and began her decent.


Grant was making himself a salad to go with his solitary steak dinner when he heard a strange noise from the living room.

Frowning he wiped his hands on a hand towel and walked towards the sound. He heard it again…a rustling sound and a groan followed by a decidedly feminine sneeze.

“What on earth?” he said as he approached the fireplace where the sound seemed to originate from.

“Damn it!” a very familiar voice sounded from behind the mantel.

“Frankie?” he asked incredulously.

“Grant? Is that you?” she asked with an almost desperate quality to her voice.

“Who else would it be? This is my house. Where are you?” he asked with a frown.

“In the chimney,” she said with a loud sigh.

“Why on God’s green earth are you in my chimney?” he asked.

“It’s a long story I’d rather not go into at the moment,” Frankie said primly.

“Come down from there immediately,” Grant said sternly.

“I can’t!” she wailed.

“What do you mean you can’t?”

“I mean I can’t!” Frankie yelled and then in a much softer voice she said, “I’m stuck.”

“How did you get in there?” he asked, alarmed as he got down to try and look up into the murky darkness of his chimney flue. A few feet above his head he saw one soot covered toe. “Why on earth would you climb down my chimney barefooted?”

Grant had to pause when he considered the words he’d just uttered; it said a lot about Frankie that he didn’t just ask why she climbed down his chimney.

“Ummmm…well…you see I just wanted…ummm…” Frankie’s words stuttered lamely to a halt.

He shook his head, one thing was certain he and Frankie were going to have a long overdue conversation when he got her out of there. This time he wasn’t taking no for an answer.

Grant reached up and managed to catch a hold of her foot and gave an experimental tug, Frankie’s response was immediate, “Owwwww! Grant don’t pull it hurts!”

After a few more tugs with similar cries of pain and no movement, Grant sighed. “I’m going to have to call the Fire Department,” he told her.

“What!?! No Grant you can’t!” she cried in an obvious panic.

“Why not? I’m sure you won’t be the first person they’ve pulled from a chimney,” he assured her though he was certain this wasn’t a regular occurrence, at least not in real life.

“You really can’t call the fire department Grant,” she said desperately.

“Why not?”

“Because…you just can’t…that’s all,” she snapped.

“Francis, what aren’t you telling me?” he asked trying to prepare himself.

“Nothing,” Frankie said sullenly.

“Francis Jean Willard answer my question!” Grant barked.

“Fine! I’m naked okay? You can’t call the Fire Department because I’m naked!” she yelled.

Grant fell back on his rear with a thud on the tiled hearth, of all the things she could have said that was the least expected. “Naked?”

“Naked,” she affirmed.

He was going to kill her! Grant shook his head as he climbed up from the floor to find his phone; if he didn’t love her so much he’d wish he’d never met her. She was the nuttiest woman he’d ever known and had a penchant for disaster. He sighed then gave a resigned little half smile as the phone began ringing; at least Frankie kept life interesting.

“911 What’s your emergency?”


“Owwiee…owwiee!” Frankie cried as the big Fireman began pulling her the rest of the way out of the tight confines of the chimney. Her skin had been scraped and scratched by the rough bricks the entire way and she wasn’t sure she even still had a left nipple.

“Almost there honey, I’ve got you,” he said as he pulled her out the top of the chimney and over the edge into his waiting arms.

Frankie had never been so happy to see another human being in her life; even if she was stark naked. Thankfully he quickly wrapped her in a big blanket before handing her off to another Fireman at the edge of the roof.

She closed her eyes as she was lowered from the roof into the waiting arms of the fireman on the ground. She felt her blanket flapping open in the wind giving an eyeful to all the neighbors and anyone else standing around to watch the show.

Frankie was beyond caring, this was the single most humiliating moment of her life. Nothing was working out like she planned and Grant would probably never speak to her again. It was just awful.

She just wanted her clothes so she could go home.

“I’m not sure what happened to you clothes ma’am,” the young fireman wrapping her back up in the blanket told her. “It’s a windy day so they must have blown off the roof. But you need to be checked out by EMS before you can leave. You have some pretty nasty scrapes on your…er…”

Frankie blushed anew realizing she’d spoken her thoughts aloud; with a weary nod she allowed herself to be led to the waiting ambulance, dignity was obviously a thing of the past.
A warm hand caught her by the shoulder as she heard Grant’s deep voice from just behind her, “I’ll see she gets checked out.”

“No problem,” the fireman said giving Frankie into Grant’s keeping without argument.

Frankie gasped when turned her to face him and tucked the blanket more securely around her before scooping her up in his arms.

“I can walk Grant!” she protested loudly.

“Hush Frankie,” was all he said as he proceeded to carry her to the waiting ambulance. She held her tongue as it was obvious this wasn’t an argument she would win.

Grant didn’t say a word as he carried her inside the large vehicle and sat her on the cot for the paramedic to check her out.

Frankie blushed as the medic thoroughly checked out her naked body under Grant’s scrutiny. She couldn’t help but squirm under his serious regard.

Finally the paramedic straightened with an understanding smile, “It’s all superficial damage we just need to get these scrapes cleaned up and you’ll be good to go.”

“If that’s the case, then I can take her in the house and clean her up and treat the scrapes myself,” Grant told the medic.

The Paramedic looked at Frankie questioningly, “Is that okay with you Ma’am?”

She nodded, suddenly wanting away from everyone who knew what an idiot she’d been, climbing down Grant’s chimney.

Before she could protest Grant picked her up again, “Let’s go get you cleaned up baby.”

Frankie sniffled at his tender words, no way could Grant want her back after the stunt she’d pulled by she allowed herself to pretend everything would be all right, laying her head on his shoulder and closing her eyes.

She didn’t open then again until Grant set her on her feet in front of the shower in his bathroom. He pulled the blanket from her body and frowned down at her, shaking his head he turned on the shower and herded her inside.

“I’m sorry Grant…I…”

“We’ll talk about it later Frankie, right now I just want to get you cleaned up and get those scrapes treated. You really did a number on yourself this time,” he told her, she watched warily as he stripped and stepped into the shower with her.


“Be quiet Francis,” Grant said warningly.

She obeyed and closed her mouth as he guided her under the warmth of the spray then soaped her hair. Frankie groaned with pleasure at the feel of his fingers massaging her scalp as he washed the soot and lord knows what else out of her hair. She’d seen some nasty stuff in that chimney before she got in so far that it was too dark to see. Frankie shuddered as she thought about the crusty yet gooey substance she’d felt squish between her fingers and toes.

She sighed and gave herself completely over to Grant as he finished her hair and moved on to gently wash the filth from her body. By the time he was finished she was as limp as a noodle.

He wrapped her in a big fluffy towel and then sat her on top of the vanity. She blushed when he pulled the towel from around her and dropped it to the floor so he could inspect each and every scrape.

“Look what you’ve done to yourself,” he said with a shake of his head. Moving to a cabinet and pulling out a bottle of alcohol, Neosporin and Band-Aids.

She made a face at the alcohol knowing it was gonna sting like the dickens. Frankie decided to brave it all stoically; she’d gotten herself into this mess and she could deal with the results like an adult.

Thankfully Grant made short work of swabbing each skinned knee then coating it with the pain relieving Neosporin before placing a loose bandage over it. The ones on her back, side and elbows weren’t really that bad either, but when he got to her poor abused nipple Frankie lost all sense of decorum.

“OOOOOUUCCCH!!! Stop Grant that burns…it burns!” she yelled, trying to jerk herself away.

Grant held her firmly, “Frankie I know it hurts but this has to be done.”

She pouted as he finished swabbing the fiery liquid over her poor defenseless nipple, then as the air cooled around her abraded flesh the nipple in question suddenly tightened into a hard swollen little bud. By the time he began applying the soothing ointment Frankie’s groan was one of intense pleasure follow by a heated rush of moisture between her legs.

Frankie shifted her legs nervously, hoping he wouldn’t notice her arousal.

“Now that’s taken care of young lady, I think you and I have a few things to discuss,” Grant said firmly tilting her chin so she had to meet his eyes.

“I’m sorry,” she said immediately.

He quirked a brow and waited.

Soon she couldn’t help but fill the lengthening silence, she hated silence when Grant was displeased, “I just missed you so bad. I had to do something, anything to get you back. I love you Grant.”

“You couldn’t have knocked on the door?” he asked incredulously.

“You broke up with me. You haven’t been taking my calls and you didn’t answer the door when I came by to talk to you.”

“Frankie I’ve been out of town on business, I just got back yesterday.”

“Oh…why didn’t you take my calls?” she asked; an enchanting little quiver in her lower lip.

“You never called when I could answer and since you never left a message I figured the ball was still in your court,” Grant told her simply.

“But…you broke up with me…”Frankie said lamely.

“No Ma’am I did not,” he said firmly.

“Yes you did,” she said crossing her arms with a frown.

“No Francis. I told you things could not continue the way they were with you going from one hare-brained scheme to another without consequence. When I told you the consequence I had in mind you simply stalked out the door,” Grant reminded her.

“Well you can’t…” she squirmed in her place on the vanity. It was difficult to believe they were having this discussion with them both stark naked, her on the bathroom counter and Grant standing before naked before her totally confident in his nudity. Talk about leaving a girl vulnerable. Again that infernal brow of his rose in askance. Frankie gave a little feminine growl, and blew a curl out of her face, “You can’t spank me…I’m an adult.”

“Mmmmm,” he said, then he appeared to come to a decision and with a nod he helped her down from the counter. “Let me get you something to wear home.”

“Wait. Don’t you still love me?” Frankie asked, barely daring to breathe as she waited for the answer.

“Yes Frankie, I love you with everything in me but if you won’t agree to accept my discipline it doesn’t matter because I refuse to go on with no recourse available to me for your behavior,” he said and she watched with dismay as he pulled out a pair of sweats and a t-shirt and handed them to her before leaving the bathroom.

The minute he disappeared beyond the door, Frankie knew she’d take a thousand spankings to keep him in her life. He was right, she did have a lot of hare-brained schemes and no self discipline to speak of; she needed what he had to offer. Plus she loved him more than life.

She was going to have to man up and take her medicine.

Frankie ran from the bathroom stark naked leaving the clothes discarded on the bathroom floor, “Grant wait! Ooommf!” She ran right in to him where he waited just outside the door.

“I knew you’d make the right decision baby,” he said with a smile leaning down to kiss her deeply.

Frankie groaned and knotted her fingers in his shirt, “Oh Grant.”

Then he pulled away with a regretful sigh, “First things first.”

Then she found herself caught firmly by the arm and pulled to the bed where Grant sat down and pulled her immediately face down across his lap.

“Wait Grant! I’m hurt!” she cried.

A warm hand glided across her upturned bottom, “Your ass managed to escape from the fireplace completely unscathed.”


A sharp slap stole her breath as a stinging heat began to fill her left bottom cheek. To her great dismay his hand fell three more times just as hard in the exact same spot before moving over to the opposite cheek.

Grant covered every inch of her wriggling bottom before he started to speak, “You will never do something so ridiculously dangerous again young lady. If you put yourself in harm’s way like this again you will get a taste of my belt. Do you understand?”

“Yes sir!” she wailed as she felt herself tipped even further over his leg and his hard hand began to pepper the tender crease of her bottom. “Owwwie! Oooohhh Grant I’ll be good! I promise!”

Her pleas seemed to fall on deaf ears as his hand continued to fall relentlessly until suddenly Frankie gave herself over to the burning pain in her bottom and collapsed sobbing over his lap.

She didn’t even realize the spanking was over until she found herself straddling his lap and crying into his chest.

“It’s all forgiven baby. You’ll do better from now on won’t you Francis?” he asked, his big hands cupping her hot swollen bottom.

She sniffled into his throat pressing a soft kiss against it, “Yes sir.”

Frankie wondered how to tell him she was dripping with arousal, the spanking had hurt badly but it also made her hot for her dominant man.

When two of his fingers sank into her wet heat she groaned, happy he seemed to know how badly she needed him now.

“What a naughty girl I have on my hands,” Grant said softly as he began to nibble on her neck as his fingers worked in and out of her grasping sheath. The feel of his hard cock pressing against her belly made her ache for his possession.

She was moaned in delight when he simply lifted her and impaled her on his waiting cock. He worked her up and down his throbbing organ with his hands tightly squeezing her sore bottom.

Somehow the pain seemed to increase her pleasure exponentially. It only took about five hard deep thrusts before she tightened around him, screaming his name as she came hard.

He stilled inside her as her inner muscles clamped down on his cock, then before she could fully recover her was working her up and down his shaft again. Frankie was shocked at how quickly she was building back up to a second orgasm.

Then he began hammering up into her hard and fast as he slammed her body up and down to meet every thrust. Frankie could only cry her pleasure as he worked her body in time with his.

Grant followed her quickly this time, coming deep inside her with one final lunge. He held her tight against his chest lying back on the bed with her sprawled over him, “I love you Frankie.”

“I love you too,” she murmured placing a kiss in the hollow of his throat.

“Please tell me what made you think of climbing down my chimney naked,” he said still trying to understand the thought process behind it.

“Well I figured it worked for Santa,” she said rather primly.

“Well Santa doesn’t come down the chimney naked and you ain’t Santa!”


Maddie Taylor is in the house!!! She’s here to talk about her HOT new release Hooked!

Morganna… I’m baaaack.

Here I am again, invading your blog but instead of a sweet spanking romance where two people find love on the Oregon Trail, I’ve done a complete one-eighty.

Today, I brought along an excerpt from Hooked, my newest release which is definitely erotica, but of the romantic variety featuring a HOT, but out of the ordinary Dom, a sexy, sassy sub, BDSM club action and there isn’t a hot, dusty wagon in sight.

I’m so excited to host you again Maddie! I just finished reading Hooked and I defintely was!!!


Hooked: Decadence Nights

Whether you’re an old friend who’s looking for more of those sexy Doms, sassy subs and can’t get enough of the exciting, sensual, kinky type play that you are used to finding at Club Decadence, or if you’re a new “club-curious” visitor thinking to make Hooked your first venture into the best damn BDSM club in the southwest, either way, you’ll find what you’re looking for with this new addition to the Club Decadence collection.

With this first of many exciting Decadence Nights stories, I’m confident you’ll be Hooked.



“This is how I want you when I ask you to kneel. I’m strict with my rules, Olivia. Just like here at work. If you are disobedient, I’ll punish you. However, when you obey, I’ll reward you with more pleasure than you’ve ever dreamed of. Can you handle that? Is that what you want?”
“God, yes!”
His fingers tweaked her nipple firmly at her error. “What was that?”
“God, yes, Master Joseph, that’s what I want.”
He chuckled. “Close enough.” His hand found her bare pussy. “Ah, how lovely, you’re soaking wet. It’s funny, our brains sometimes get us in trouble, for whatever reason trying to control our reactions, telling our lips to lie or attempting to hide our emotions behind a false persona or mask, but some involuntary responses are beyond its control. Take sexual excitement, for example: flushed cheeks, accelerated breathing, hard nipples, a pussy drenched with honey. Involuntary, thank goodness. Our bodies can’t lie.” His fingers slid over the wet seam of her lips, pressing more firmly against her clit, circling it slowly all while watching her intently. “Are you hungry, Livvy?”
“Starving, Master.”
He chuckled again. “You’re beautiful in your submission, little one. You’re also very obedient and this pleases me. I believe I mentioned a reward for good behavior. Would you like that?”
“Yes, please.”
“Come to the couch.”
She started to get up and follow him as he walked away, but over his shoulder, he corrected her assumption. “No, pet, I want you to crawl.”

Wowzers! Is that HOT or what? Join me in getting Hooked today! You know you want too. Happy reading! ~Morganna

Buy links:


Blushing Books

Barnes and Noble



The Blurb:

Two years from forty, legal secretary Olivia Wright’s clock is ticking and she’s afraid she’s running out of time to find Master Right. Several times she thought she’d found the Dom of her dreams, but instead of the prince she sought, he’d turned out to be a slimy toad. The last one had dumped her unexpectedly and nearly broken her. Now, after a long dry spell, she’s ready to try again. She’d really like it to be with the man who’d caught her eye three years ago, but that man is her boss and despite her best efforts, and tightest skirts, he hasn’t spared her an extra glance. Resigning herself to unrequited love, she attempts to move on, procuring an invitation to an exclusive BDSM club, hoping Club Decadence will be the answer.

Joseph Hooks isn’t your typical Dom, NBA tall, with no police or military background to speak of, he wears of all things tweed suits and on an occasion the dreaded bow tie. But behind his somewhat nerdy appearance is a handsome, green eyed, strict but sensual dominant who’s also hell on wheels in a court of law. He’s wealthy, powerful, successful, and enjoys popularity among the subs at his private club, at least those who don’t flee from the swishing sound of polished rattan, but he’s exhausted his search for his perfect submissive and concerned about coming up short. After a frustrating day of watching his gorgeous secretary’s delectable bottom in an incredibly tight skirt, he heads to San Antonio to blow off steam and maybe make a connection.

He thinks she’s terminally vanilla and straight-laced. She thinks he’s not into her, or with the way he ignores her curves and tight skirts, possibly gay. Hopelessly oblivious to what has been staring them in the face for three long years, Joseph and Olivia continue their aimless search for love. Then, one night, as a storm brews outside another rages inside as their paths converge. Will Olivia finally get the Master Prince she deserves, or will her past prevent her from realizing her dream? Will her presence at the club be the sign that Joseph needs to wake up and at long last claim the woman he’s yearned for all along?

Decadence Nights is a new spin off series of novellas by Maddie Taylor, featuring brand new characters as well as a host of secondary characters that you met and fell in love with in the Club Decadence series. These are their stories and their happily ever afters. We begin with Joseph and Olivia to get you Hooked.

Free story Friday on Thursday!-Love in a Hard Hat

Hello all, hope the day finds you well. I’m posting the free story because I have a guest tomorrow. Come back to see who it is, I promise you won’t be sorry! This story was from an embarrassing response I made to a hot guy pic. I thought I was making my comments to the friend who posted the picture but no such luck, somehow I managed to post directly to the hunky man’s page. I was terribly embarrassed, I told my friend I felt like a catcalling construction worker. Then I got to thinking and this story was born. No offense meant to construction workers, I realize this is just a silly stereotype. I hope you enjoy it! Special thanks to Keith Anderson, Meredith O’Reilly, Marianne Maguire, Jamie Miles, Summer Graystone, Sienna Bloom, Christine Sterling, Jordan St. James and Zorha Redwolf Edwards for the great pick-up lines! Happy reading! ~Morganna

Love in a Hard Hat

Stacy frowned as she listened to the catcalls of her fellow employees at the Landmark Hotel construction site. The poor woman walking along the side of the road obviously picked up her pace in an effort to escape the ribald comments from the leering construction workers.

Couldn’t they try to not live up to the stereotype? Was this approach to women ever successful for them? If it was Stacy seriously needed to speak to the women involved about raising their standards.

As for the boys…they needed to be taught a lesson. Stacy grinned to herself and pressed her own hard hat firmly down on her blond head. Technically she herself was a construction worker now, she might not actually build but she was on site complete with ugly hat and she cleaned up after the ungrateful lot of them. Surely that made her a fellow construction worker.

As a construction worker, Stacy suddenly felt compelled to live up to the stereotype herself and do a little leering.

As she walked up to the men pouring concrete, she saw Carlos leaning over to smooth a rough patch, the perfect opportunity presenting itself for a little payback on the behalf of women everywhere.

Walking right behind the unsuspecting man Stacy slapped his ass hard, “Looking mighty fine in those jeans Carlos.” She said as she walked on by, ignoring the look of startled outrage on the man’s face.

The men all stared at her in shock as she made her way through to the area littered with partial boards and nails needed her attention. She grinned as she picked up the waiting debris; this was going to be fun.

She looked over and caught Jack looking at her with a frown; Stacy suddenly clutched a hand to her breast and said, “You must be made of Flourine, Iodine and Neon because you are so FINE!”

Jack blinked and cocked his head at her, “Huh?”

Okay science pick up lines were definitely not going to work with this group, Stacy wriggled her brows at him and sauntered up to the confused looking man, “Baby you must be from another planet because you are out of this world!”

Jack backed quickly away from her, “What are you doing Stacy?”

She pretended confusion, “Well you guys are all so hot, I thought I’d tell you how sexy you are. You really get my motor running, with your tight jeans and I just love men in hard hats!”

“You’re really making me uncomfortable,” Larry said nervously as she set her sights on him.

Stacy grinned and then mouthed the words, elephant shoes to him; making sure to put an extra little pout in her full lips as she did it.

Larry’s eyes widened in alarm and he practically ran out of her clean up area. All the guys moved quickly away making her double over in laughter.

“Stacy Lynn Gibson what is wrong with you?”

She straightened and turned to face, Cole Yeager the crew boss while wiping tears of mirth from her cheeks, “I don’t know what you mean Cole.” Stacy said with the most innocent expression she could muster.

“The little miss innocent look doesn’t work on me Stace, I know better. Why have I had three complaints of sexual harassment this morning?” he asked staring down at her with a frown.

Stacy sighed, “They deserved it Cole. You should have heard the catcalls they were giving the women walking by our site. It was ridiculous!”

“You’re lucky they all know you’re off limits. What would you have done if one of them had taken you up on your offer?”

She rolled her eyes, “Don’t be silly. I’d have told them I was joking and moved on. No harm, no foul.”

“You slapped Carlos on the butt,” he said succinctly.

“It’s a mighty fine butt,” she said with a cheeky grin.

“Stacy!” Cole pierced her with a hard stare until she looked away. “I took a chance hiring you. I was worried about a young attractive woman on my site, but I did it because we grew up together and I care about you. You need this job while you’re finishing your Masters of Science. No more of this nonsense young lady.”

“For heaven’s sake Cole! Chillax already, it was no big deal,” Stacy said in exasperation.

He stepped up into her personal space and bent down to look her right in the eyes, “You’ll think it’s a big deal when the palm of my hand slaps down on your bare butt young lady. Trust me on that.”
Stacy gasped, her face going hot at his words, “You wouldn’t dare Cole Yeager!”

“Don’t test me on that little girl,” Cole said before walking away.

She had to take several calming breaths to slow the rapid beat of her pulse at the images he’d placed in her mind. She’d had a crush on the boy next door for as long as she remembered but Cole had always treated her like an annoying little sister. Looking out for her and patting her on the head.

Stacy had long since given up on him seeing her as a woman, but threatening to spank her was new. She wondered what he would think about the fact that his little threat made her panties wet.

Shaking herself she got back to work.

The catcalls stopped for the rest of the day and the guys made it all the way to about four o’clock the next afternoon before starting up again.

“Ooh baby I want that swing on my porch!”

“Did you hurt yourself when you fell from heaven? Cause you must be an angel.”

“Do you eat chicken? Cause I wanna neck!”

“Are your feet sore baby? Cause you’ve been running through my mind all day long!”

“I think my phone is broken cause your number isn’t in it! Come on baby! Don’t run away!”

On and on it went until Stacy couldn’t stand it anymore. The poor woman across the street was going to break a leg trying to get away from their site.

She saw a denim encased ass bent over a few feet away and walked up and slapped it as hard as she could, “You remind me of my little toe, cause sooner or later I’m gonna bang you on a table.”

The man went rigid then slowly straightened and turned to face her. It was Cole! The muscle twitching in the side of his cheek indicating she’d gone way too far.

Stacy began to back rapidly away, “Cole…I…ummm…”

He started to advance towards her with determined steps and she did the only thing a sane woman could do in such a moment. She turned and ran.

Cole caught her before she got three steps and tossed her over one broad shoulder, “Cole put me down!”
“I don’t think so young lady,” he said firmly as he began to stride towards his office.

Catcalls from the workers followed them to the trailer where he kept his office. “Show her who’s boss Boss!”

Stacy straightened over his shoulder to glare at the men menacingly, letting them know from her look she’d get payback. They all immediately got back to work and found something else to look at.

A hard slap bounced of her jean covered seat making her yelp.

“Stop threatening my workers Stace.”

“I didn’t…I…” she began.

“I can see you’re reflection in the office window. Don’t lie to me baby, you’re in enough trouble as it is,” Cole advised carrying her into the office and setting her on her feet before shutting and locking the door.

Locking the door was not a good sign. “Now Cole,” Stacy said holding a hand up as he walked back towards her. “Let’s talk about this.”

“I am going to talk about this and you’re gonna listen.” Cole caught her firmly by one arm and used the other hand to deftly unfasten her jeans.

“What are you doing?” she asked trying to evade him but failing miserably. Faster than should have been possible she was standing in front of him with her jeans and panties around her knees, desperately trying to cover her mound with her free hand.

“I think it’s obvious what I’m doing,” he said hooking a chair with on foot and pulling it around so he could sit down and throw her across his lap. “I’m doing exactly what you asked me to do.”

“What? I didn’t ask…ooowwww!” she yelled as his hand slapped down on her bared posterior hard.

“I told you to stop. I even told you the consequences to defiance and you did it again anyway so you obviously wanted to find yourself over my knee.”

“I didn’t know it was you!” she wailed.

That made his hand fall harder and faster until her little feet were kicking as she squirmed to evade his hand.

“You better not ever suggest banging anyone else but me on a table again young lady,” Cole said as he hand continued to fall again and again until he had a very contrite little girl sobbing over his lap.

“I’m sorry Cole,” Stacy sniffed miserably, her bottom was so hot and sore she didn’t think she’d sit for days, but even worse was the slick moisture pooling between her thighs. She would die if Cole noticed.

A broad finger slid through the moisture and sank deep inside her wringing a shocked groan from her lips.

“Stacy Lynn, you are soaking wet,” Cole tsked as he began to thrust his finger in and out of her hungry sheath.

He worked her hard, another finger joining the first and pounding into her without mercy as his thumb found her swollen clit.

“Ooohhh…Cole,” she moaned, as her body raced towards what was promising to be an orgasm of epic proportions.

Then he stopped, withdrawing his fingers just as she was about to fly.

“Nooooo!” she wailed, all embarrassment overridden by the need he’d left her in. “Please Cole.”

“Please what baby?” he asked as he pulled the panties and jeans from her trembling legs.

“Please bang me on the table,” she said using her earlier line.

A snort of laughter sounded as he lifted her and laid her face down on the edge of the big conference table he used as a desk.

“With pleasure baby,” Cole said. She heard the sound of his pants unzipping and then he caught a tender bottom cheek in each hand and spread her wide. Then he was there…driving deep inside her…taking her to the hilt with one hard thrust.

Stacy could only moan, as he filled her completely. He held himself still as her body stretched to accommodate him and then when she started trying to work herself on his big cock Cole stilled her movements with the hands on her throbbing butt.

“Hold on to the table Stacy, I’m going to take you hard,” he told her.

A fresh burst of moisture bathed his cock in answer to his words as Stacy grasped the other side of the table.

Then he was pulling out and slamming back inside hard, pounding into her body relentlessly giving her no option but to take everything he had to give.

The first orgasm took her by surprise, bowing her back and hurtling her into the sky as she screamed his name, “Cole!”

“That’s it baby, come for me.” Cole said as he began to take her even harder, shooting her straight from one orgasm into another until she was emitting a continuous wail of pleasure.

His hands slipped down her body and caught her nether lips stretching them tight around his cock making her even more sensitive.

“Cole I can’t…I…” she finished on a hoarse moan as he pressed against something deep inside her and ground against it. Stacy screamed again as he sent her over the edge and into the abyss beyond it.

She came again when he released inside her and his hot seed bathed her sensitive walls. He rested his face against her for a moment before pulling out.

Stacy whimpered at the loss as he pulled free of her sore well used body.

He sank back down in the chair and pulled her to straddle his lap, kissing her deeply. “Let that be a lesson to you young lady. My woman doesn’t make overtures to other men, even in jest.”

“Yes sir,” Stacy said with a dreamy smile and snuggling into his chest, happy to be in Cole’s arms where she’d always known she belonged.

Corinne Alexander is visiting today!!! Come on in and read the HOT excerpt she has from Melissa’s Saving Grace!


Melissa Toselli is a wild child with a troubled past. Having been on her own since she was fifteen she is desperate to find the one who will take her into his arms, heart, and control. She has a tendency to pick all the wrong men for all the wrong reasons.

Unbeknownst to Melissa she has caught Corbin’s Bend newbie, Jason Donovan’s, attention. The wild spitfire stirred something inside of him that he could not let go. He could see right through Melissa’s devil may care attitude to the vulnerable child within who just needed someone to care for and watch out for her. She was crying out for some guidance; both the kind that would tuck her in at night and the kind that would take her over a knee for some much needed discipline and structure.

Can Jason give Melissa what she needs and tame the wild child that she is? Can he show her the way a true gentleman treats the woman he has feelings for? Will Melissa turn out to be too much for Jason to handle? Will she fall back into her old ways? Or will Jason and Melissa find exactly what their looking for in each other?


Setting her down on the sofa, he sat next to her. He should probably let her sober up the rest of the way before having this conversation. Taking in the firm set of her jaw and ramrod straight line of her spine, she was obviously ready to have this out now. “What were you thinking, Melissa?” He started as gently as he could, but could feel all of his earlier emotions begin to boil again.
Melissa obviously felt them too because she immediately went on the defensive. Her eyes flashed. “You think there’s something wrong with going out dancing?”
He leveled his eyes on hers. “Is that really the stance you want to take right now?”
“Why not?” she spat. “I went out to have some fun. While I admit it got a little out of control, it’s over now. As you can see, I’m fine.”
His mouth dropped open in dismay. “A little out of control,” he sputtered. “Melissa, if I hadn’t found you, who knows what would have happened to you.” He clenched his fists. “You were passed out against a wall for God’s sake.”
“So what are you going to do about it?” she dared him.
Shock zinged through him as her words sunk in. He didn’t know what had gotten into his normally level-headed friend, but this was not a dare he was going to resist. “Melissa, so help me you are about to wind up panties down, bottom up over my knee if you don’t take this conversation seriously, starting now.”
“Oh, I’m taking it seriously, Jason,” she answered back, the fire gone from her voice. “I just think you’re exactly like everyone else in this community. You talk a big game, rushing in to rescue me, but you’re afraid to put your money where your mouth is and give me what I really need.”
Was she really daring him to spank her? Did she honestly think he wouldn’t follow through? His mind scrambled to keep up with the turn of events along with any potential ramifications, but there was no doubt in his mind that before this night was over she would be getting exactly what she asked for.
“Are you going to spank me or what?” she asked, a fierce bravado flashing in her eyes.
He shook his head at the sheer courage she could muster at the blink of an eye. He stood, pulling her with him. Crooking a finger under her chin, he lifted it so that he could look into her shining eyes. “Oh, I’m going to blister your bottom all right,” he said, lowering his voice, allowing the energy to sizzle between them for a few heartbeats. He ran his hands down her arms noticing the little shiver she gave at the contact. “But not yet.” He could see how desperately she needed to gather her thoughts. There would be no spanking until he determined that she was sober and in a better frame of mind. Turning her toward the bathroom, he gave her bottom a soft smack. “Take a shower. We’ll talk when you’re done.” She gave a little squeak, but headed in the direction he sent her.

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Corinne Alexander is an erotic spanking romance writer who loves nothing more than to snuggle up with a cup of coffee, a warm blanket, and a steaming hot erotic romance. She enjoys strong alphas, feisty heroines, and a good old fashioned spanking romance. A Brush of Violet (Corbin’s Bend) is her debut novella, now up for the Golden Flogger Award. Corinne’s favorite kind of day is when she can slip away into nature to get lost in her daydreams (spinning her fantasies) with the forest floor under her feet, the wind rustling through her hair, and sunbeams kissing her face.


Author Links:
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Excerpt One

Maddie Taylor is dropping by today to talk about her new book The Trail Master’s Bride. Her hero is one hot, dominant man!

Thanks for having me as your guest today Morganna.

Always glad to have you Maddie, I can’t wait to hear about The Trail Master’s Bride!


I’m excited about The Trail Master’s Bride. It seems historical westerns are becoming near and dear to my heart. There’s something about a sexy, rugged cowboy and in this case, Weston Carr is one of the sexiest.


The setup for my snippet:
Jealousy over the pretty new widow flourishes among the women of the wagon train. They bring their concerns to the Trail Master insisting that something be done about what they feel are her inappropriate overtures toward their husbands. Weston sees it for what it is, petty nonsense, but he can’t have this upheaval on his wagon train and proposes what he feels is the only solution.

An excerpt from The Trail Master’s Bride:
Mina felt the blood rush to her face. Weston Carr was anything but hard to look at. Ruggedly handsome was more like it. Tall, muscular, he was also very capable and confident, and made her feel protected. He was also quite strong, thrilling her in the way he lifted her like she was little more than a bag full of down. And he made the effort to see that she was safe and secure, which was something else uncommon to her for most, if not all, of her life. Moreover, he stirred something deep within her that no man ever had before.
“I think marrying me is the best of all three options.” His hand rose to her cheek, holding her gently as his thumb arced out to lightly brush her lower lip. He leaned down, and as he did, Mina closed her eyes, feeling the warmth of his breath on her face. She anticipated his kiss, a sense of disappointment sweeping over her when he stopped just shy of doing so. When he next spoke, she could feel his words on her lips. “What do you say, darlin’? Wanna get hitched?”
Her lashes swept up and their eyes met. His lips had tilted up in a teasing grin and his blue eyes sparkled with mischief, although she read concern for her in their depths. He didn’t have to do this. Other men, uncaring, indifferent men like her father and Elliott, would have packed her off at the first opportunity, no questions asked, washing their hands of her. Not this man.
She cleared her dry throat. “With such a gallant proposal, how could any girl say no?”
“Smart girl.” He smiled, his long arms curving around her shoulders and pulling her in for a hug before he got serious. “I’ll take care of you always, Mina, and try to give you a happy life. You mind me, as well as you have these past few days, and we’ll get along just fine.”
Mina stiffened. How could she have forgotten he was so dictatorial, and worse, a spanking kind of man? Sakes alive!
“Come on,” he said, after he pressed a kiss to her forehead. “Let’s go find the preacher.”

I am one-clicking this one post haste! Come on everyone join me in a Trailmaster’s Bride reading party!!! Wooo hooo! Happy reading! ~Morganna

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The official blurb:

Being cast out of her childhood home by her horrid stepmother and forced into a marriage by her uncaring father were bad enough, but it is only when twenty-year-old city girl Mina Hobart begins the journey west on the Oregon Trail with her detestable new husband that she begins to truly understand life’s cruelty. She hates every minute of each hot, dusty day, and her husband’s constant insults certainly don’t make matters any better.

Mina’s life takes another abrupt turn when tragedy strikes and she is left a widow. The west is no place for a young, newly single woman, and the job of keeping Mina safe—and keeping her in line—falls to Weston Carr, the rugged trail master. Weston quickly proves more than ready to tame the feisty redhead’s careless ways and sassy tongue, even if that means taking her over his knee for a good, hard, bare-bottom spanking.

Unfortunately, even as Mina does her best to learn to cook over a camp fire, make coffee properly, and do the laundry in a creek, jealousy and gossip among the other wives quickly build into significant strife in the wagon train. To quell the gathering storm, Weston is forced to take matters into his own hands and make Mina his bride, whether she likes it or not.

Despite Weston’s rough ways and firm-handed discipline, Mina soon finds pleasure in his arms far beyond anything she has experienced before. But when a series of mishaps befalls the wagon train—incidents in which Mina is the prime suspect—the new couple’s growing bond is badly strained. Can Mina prove she is not at fault before things come to a head, and if she does, will Weston be able to protect her from whichever of their travelling companions is up to no good?

Publisher’s Note: The Trail Master’s Bride is an erotic romance novel that contains sexual scenes and spankings, including domestic discipline in a historical setting. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Free story Friday is here again!-Annie and the Trucker part two

Is it just me or is time going by crazy fast? I can’t believe it’s Friday again, but can’t say I’m not happy about the weekend. 🙂 Hope every one has a fantastic Friday, sensational Saturday and Stupendous Sunday! Happy reading. ~Morganna

Annie and the Trucker-part two

The ride to the next town was done in complete silence; both lost in their own thoughts.

Annie stared out the window wondering how in the world to explain to Luke that she didn’t normally take such chances. He’d never believe her and if she told him she’d just known he was the one for her and couldn’t bear to watch him drive away he’d really think she’d lost it.

She studied his strong profile. She’d been horrible to him earlier; the combination of disappointment that he wasn’t at all pleased to find her and fear he’d toss her out on her ear had made her brash and foolhardy.

Annie frowned and squirmed in her seat as she thought about his last comment. He couldn’t mean what she thought he had surely. He wouldn’t spank her. Would he? She shivered at the thought caught in a curious mix of fear, excitement and a little grain of hope that he’d follow through.

Just admitting it to herself made her blush.

When Luke glanced her way she hurriedly looked out the side window terrified he’d be able to tell what she was thinking with one look at her flushed face.

Luke shook his head as he studied his silent companion. Every time he thought of the risk she’d taken he got angry again. Part of him wanted to drop her and the trouble she was sure to bring off at the next stop. The other part wanted to give her the paddling of her life to keep her from ever doing anything so foolish again, then hug her tight and keep her around to see what would develop.

Sulky as she was now, he remembered the sunshine in her smile. It was a smile that could bring color and warmth on cold, rainy day.

He sighed, a man could put up with a lot too keep that brightness around, and the trouble was nothing a few trips across his knee couldn’t handle.


They pulled into a Love’s Truck Stop, just outside of El Paso. Annie quickly hopped down from the cab with nothing but the nearest bathroom on her mind.

“Hold it Sunshine.”

Annie turned back to Luke with a frown, anxiously shifting back and forth on her feet. “What?” Her level of discomfort made her a little short.

Luke’s eyebrows climbed into his hairline, “What did I tell you about that tone young lady?”

“Sorry, but I’m kind of in a hurry,” she said with a meaningful look in the direction of the building.

Luke almost smiled at her predicament but managed to keep a stern look on his face. “Just so you know I expect you back at this truck in fifteen minutes.”

Annie rolled her eyes and turned to run into the store with a shout of agreement over her left shoulder.

Luke followed her in with a different goal in mind. He bought a couple of sodas, a bag of chips and a paddle that he intended to introduce to his young friend before the day was over.


Fifteen minutes later Annie climbed back into the cab of the truck, smiling when Luke handed her a cold soda.

“Thanks,” she leaned back in her seat and went to prop her feet up on the dash only to freeze with them halfway there.

A small paddle lay on the dash right in front of her. It was like a miniature fraternity paddle, the same shape but on a much smaller scale, but Annie was in no doubt that wielded correctly it could turn a sinner to a saint in a matter of minutes.

“What’s that?”

“What does it look like?”

“A paddle.”

“Good then I don’t need to tell you what it is.”

“Why did you buy a paddle?”

“Why do you think I bought a paddle?”

“Would you stop answering my questions with questions! Tell me why in the hell you bought that damn paddle!”

“First, I’ve told you before about the language. Second, I see no reason to answer a question you already know the answer to.”

Annie gaped at him like a fish gasping for air. Finally finding her voice she spluttered, “You can’t think that I’d allow you to … to … to well …”

“Paddle your butt?”

“Yes! I mean NO! I won’t let you!”

“I actually wasn’t thinking on getting your permission first Sunshine.”

“I can’t believe you!”

Luke smiled, “That’s all right, you will soon enough. In the mean time I think your time would be better spent reflecting on your actions and what you should have done differently.”

Annie looked away from Luke and back at the paddle. Funnily enough the paddle wasn’t any easier to look at so she turned instead to the scenery outside her window.

They were passing through some beautiful country as they climbed into the mountains, but Annie didn’t see any of it. She was too busy trying to think of what kind of explanation she was going to give the big man sitting next to her for her behavior.

All too soon the truck took a detour off the main highway. If she’d been with anyone else Annie would have feared for her virtue, but she had a hunch the only thing in any danger was her backside.

Butterflies began twirling a merry dance in her tummy as Luke parked the truck along side an abandoned shed.

The butterflies did double time when Luke turned his attention to her. His dark eyes seemed to pierce her very soul pinning her in place.

“Now I think it’s about time you and I had our little talk.”

“Talk?” she asked hesitantly.

Luke quirked a brow at her, “Meet me in the sleeping compartment. Bring your paddle.”

Annie watched as Luke climbed down from the truck feeling like her heart and stomach had switched places.

She frowned at the paddle before grabbing it, muttering to herself as she climbed down from the cab of the truck, “MY paddle … why does it have to be MY paddle? It’s not like I want it!”

Taking a deep breath she walked around the truck and climbed into the sleeping compartment with Luke.

“Okay. I’m here,” she said shooting him a dark look.

“Good girl. You’ll find things much easier if you cooperate.”

“Oh it will be much easier if I COOPERATE with my beating!”

Luke placed a gentle hand beneath her chin and tilted her frightened eyes up to his, “I’m not going to beat you Sunshine. I’m going give you a spanking. A spanking you deserve for taking such foolish chances with your life.”

Annie flushed guiltily, tears gathering in the corners of her eyes, “I’m sorry.”

He smiled and hugged her close, “I know you are Sunshine, but I want to make sure you never do anything so foolish again.”

Annie relaxed as he hugged her; somehow the fact that he was still calling her Sunshine made her less afraid of what was about to happen.

Luke unsnapped her jeans and lifted her slightly to tug them down her hips before guiding her gently across his lap.

He nearly laughed out loud when he saw her yellow underwear was decorated on the seat with a big smiling sun in sunglasses. Sunshine had been the perfect nickname for his Annie.

Annie felt ridiculous. Lying across his lap with her bottom pointed skyward. She’d imagined being in a state of undress with the handsome truck driver, but this wasn’t exactly how she’d pictured it.

“Why are we here Sunshine?”

What did he mean why were they here? It wasn’t like it was her idea! “Huh?”

A sharp swat on her right cheek made her gasp, “I asked you question young lady.”

“Because I was stupid and stowed away in your truck?”

“Why was that a poor choice?” three more swats accompanied his second question.

“Because I didn’t know you?”

“That right. You didn’t know me, I could have been a rapist or a murderer for all you knew,” Luke began spanking her in earnest, making sure to cover every area.

“Oooowwwwwwww! Okaaaaaayyyy!”

“No it’s not okay! You’re lucky you’re not lying in a field somewhere!”

Annie jerked in surprise when she felt his fingers in the waistband of her panties, “Nooo Luke!”

“Yes Annie! Naughty girls get spanked on their bare bottoms.”

Soon she forgot about being embarrassed as his hand began to make contact with her bare bottom. He was a very thorough spanker, every inch of her posterior felt like it was on fire; then he tilteded her forward and paid special attention to the tender undercurve bringing fresh tears.

“OOOOWWWWWWWWEEEEEEEEEE! I swear I’ll never do it again! I promise!”

Luke patted her back gently, “No you won’t, but just to make sure you get the point, hand me the paddle.”

“Please no, I promise Luke. I’ll be good from now on…a veritable saint!”


Annie whimpered and placed the paddle in his hand. The cried out as it bit into her tender flesh.

Luke brought the paddle down six times in quick succession on Annie’s sit spot. The last of her resistance fled and she sobbed, lying limply across his thighs.

He turned her in his arms and cuddled her close to his chest, “Shhhhhh … it’s all over Baby. You’re okay.”

She quieted as he crooned gently to her, feeling safe and secure in his arms. She realized she also felt loved. Special that he cared enough to correct her foolish behavior.

A secret smile came across her face as she pressed her face into his chest. He really was the one.

Alexis Alvarez is visiting today with a smoking hot excerpt from her new novel, Return!

return cover for blog

Ava Grimaldi models the hero of her kinky erotic novel on her crush, sexy gym owner and artist Damián Perez, without asking his permission. When Damián finds out, he’s furious, and Ava is worried he will sue her. Damián demands a different payment entirely, though, and soon the two are involved in an intense BDSM relationship of their own.

With each sexual encounter growing more passionate and personal, Ava falls hard for Damián, but is hurt when he continually insists they their relationship is only physical and temporary. He refuses to acknowledge their relationship in public, even though he spends time with his bitchy ex. Eventually Ava has enough of being second best and won’t settle for less than she deserves. Can they work through their misunderstandings and hurt to start again, this time with a basis of trust and love?


Finally the door opened and there he was, standing in front of her, as gorgeous as ever. When he saw her, he smiled.
“I like you here in my bedroom,” Damián told her in a low voice, his eyes glittering in the lamp light. “Even though, once again, you didn’t follow directions.” He wrinkled his brow. “You showered?” He glanced toward the bathroom door. A moist humidity wafted out, carrying the smell of masculine shower gel and shampoo.
“You might not have enjoyed the ten pounds of dirty sweat I had on, Sherlock,” said Ava, standing up and stretching her arms high, allowing the robe to skim the top of her thighs. She let the backs of her wrists touch and posed her fingers before drifting her arms downward.
Damián sucked in his breath, smiled and shook his head. “Dirty is fine, Ava—I just want you here, ready to fuck. But since you showered, I’ll match. Give me five minutes.” He strode past her, taking off his shirt. Ava peeked up through her lashes and sucked in her breath at his muscled chest. He looked back at her. “Ava?”
“I distinctly told you to be kneeling. It’s almost like you’re asking for punishment.” His voice rolled over her like a caress, and he gestured to his belt. “I’m more than happy to oblige.”
Ava flushed, didn’t answer.
“When I finish my shower? The first thing I want to see is you, on your knees. Or I’ll double what I had planned.”
He winked, disappeared, and the sound of rushing rain roared from the showerhead. Ava ditched the robe and picked up a random book from his nightstand.
The shower seemed to go on for hours and then he came out on a drift of citrus sandalwood steam, unzipped jeans showing his abs and chest, rubbing his hair with a towel.
Ava was ready to play.
He tossed the towel to the bed and stopped short when he saw her in the chair. Ava sat with her legs crossed, lips red and pouting, finger tracing a line down the page of her book.
A muscle in his jaw clenched and he crossed his arms, and a dangerous smile played on his lips. “I see that you are completely unable to obey my instructions, querida,” he told her.
Ava slid one leg down inch by inch, until both thighs were together, her toes pointed, touching the floor. She set aside her book, arched her back, and put her hands into her hair to shake out her curls. While she re-crossed her legs, she ran her hands down the sides of her chest, fingers lingering on her breasts, and shot him a smile. She licked her top lip, making the wet crimson lipstick gleam in the low light.
“Your instructions…” she paused, rubbing circles over her nipples, skimming them with her fingertips, “were so dirty. You’ll have to work harder to convince me to wait in such a naughty pose.” She glanced at him, giving a slight moan as she ran her hands up and down her chest, then lowered them, teasing, toward the V of her thighs. She let her fingers dip between her legs.
Damián’s entire body was taut, his eyes locked onto her. Ava saw that he was hard through his jeans. She was on stage, performing for a private audience of one, and she loved the thrill of power.
She made a breathy sound and worked her fingers over her slick skin. “You took so long in the shower, Damián, that I had to amuse myself. And I’m very good at… amusing.” She wiggled to allow her hands better access, and pushed one finger inside her body. “I had to get myself wet. Now that makes me very disappointed.” She rubbed herself with growing enthusiasm. “Mmm… so nice and tight. Soaked, really. Sorry you had to miss it.”
Damián sucked in a breath, took a step forward, and arrested himself.
Ava continued in a haughty voice, “Since I was alone for so long, I had to move on to other activities. I’m very involved in this book. So perhaps you’ll just have to go amuse yourself.” She lifted one hand from her lap to her lips. While his dark eyes burned at her, she slowly opened her mouth, inserted her index finger, and sucked it. “And I taste divine,” she told him. “Why don’t you think about that while I reread my favorite chapter from,” she took a quick look at the book on the nightstand, “101 Strategies for Sole-Proprietorship Start-Ups.”
He made a growling noise in his throat and his whole body seemed to vibrate with pent-up energy. His eyes burned with an intensity that was almost feral, and she couldn’t stop a small, satisfied smile from stealing over her lips.
Ava picked up the book and opened to a random page, pretending to read. Her heart was beating so ferociously that she could hear her pulse in her ears. The words were tiny hieroglyphs dancing around, drunken ants swirling on the white page.
Her whole body wanted to lean toward him; she felt a craving in her core, a crazed fascination that was increasing moment by moment as he stood there, tall, muscular, all dark planes and eyes, so very sexy. His dark gaze sent her stomach fluttering like papers in the wind. She kept her eyes on the illegible symbols, and in a flash, success. He was at her side with a few strong strides. Ava could smell his masculine heat as he stood, legs wide, arms again crossed, beside her.
His voice was low and stern. “Tell me, Ava, what exactly does it mean to you to be submissive?”
Ava just shook her head and nodded at her book, keeping her eyes trained on the page. “Busy, Damián,” she said in a distracted voice, giving him a little dismissive wave with the fingers of her right hand.
Damián trailed one index finger up her shoulder and neck, the lightest touch, and Ava shuddered with desire as he removed the book from her hands and tossed it to the corner, where it landed with an unceremonious thunk.
“Not a reader, then?” she teased him, glancing up. “Any good librarian would be very mad at you for such blatant literary disrespect.”
“Look at me, Ava,” he said, brushing his index finger under her chin, the barest graze. His eyes were liquid heat.
Ava looked up at him, standing strong over her, and it occurred to her that she should possibly be frightened—after all, she was here, alone, in the bedroom of a man who wanted her at his mercy. But all she could feel was a burning passion to be skin-to-skin with him, body against body; any fears fled when he smiled.
“You seem to have such trouble obeying, my little naughty librarian,” Damián said conversationally, running his finger over her lower lip. He leaned in, lips so close she could feel his breath. “And I think I already made it clear that disobedience will require correction. Hmm?” His low voice was harsh and sexy. “I’m going to punish you extra now. Te voy a castigar.” Ava sucked in her breath hard, and Damián chuckled. “Te acuerdas? You remember?”
His confident voice in Spanish made her swoon, and she was ready to do whatever he asked, no matter what it was. Her lips parted and her eyes widened as she breathed in, watching him, waiting for his command.
Ava made a small moaning noise, and Damián ran both hands lightly down her shoulders, rubbing.
“But on the other hand, such a sexy surprise, finding you sitting here like this—maybe that should be rewarded.”
Ava nodded. “Now that idea I like, Damián.” Her voice came out low and hoarse. Every fiber of her body was thrumming with desire for his lips, his arms, his burning gaze. She could feel her breath coming faster, the excitement building.
“Both, then,” he said decisively. “Punishment, then pleasure.”
Damián ran his fingers over her lips, and Ava’s eyes widened at his touch and at the dual promise; the suggestion alone was enough to make her wet.
She sucked his finger, making eye contact, running her tongue up and down his thumb. “Do you like that?” she asked him with a wide-eyed, faux-innocent gaze. “Does it feel… good?” She wanted to get him to her level of heat.
“Ava, fuck.”
“Oh, I see. You do want to fuck? So the shower was your idea of foreplay? Poor baby. I think you need lessons. You seem to have lost your touch. Usually? When you engage in foreplay? You have to actually be in the room with the person you plan to fuck. Just for future reference. And you can look that up in the card catalogue if you forget.”
Damián moved fast, and Ava found herself pulled to her feet, up against his hard, lean body. “Oh, you’re giving lessons, now?” he whispered into her ear, biting at the lobe.
“Eep! Yes, since you need pointers, I’m going to have to—Ow!” Ava stiffened as Damián slapped her once on the ass. “That hurt.”
“Oh, did it?” Damián murmured in an interested voice against her neck. “Did that sting your pretty little ass?”
“You know it did,” Ava said in a mock-accusing voice, rubbing.
Damián grabbed her hand. “Did I tell you to reach back?”
“Are you really going to give me double the spanking?” Ava asked, suddenly nervous.
“Of course I am.” Damián rubbed her ass cheek where he’d slapped it. “In a little bit.” Now he leaned in and kissed her neck, bit it, and trailed his fingers over her breast. “It’s going to be hard and you’re going to take it all, unless I hear the word Red, yes?”
“Red again?” Ava queried. “What if I prefer another word?”
“Do you want a different word? Library, maybe? Bookmark? Ava’s going to get whipped with a nice riding crop?” He nipped some light kisses down the side of her neck, stopping at her shoulder and looking at her, dark eyes burning.
Ava smiled. “Not right now. Red is fine. But if I want a new one, I’ll choose.”
“You can pick any word you want, Ava.” His voice was low. “Is there anything else here you want to pick tonight? Green. Remember green? It means you like what we’re doing and you want more.”
Ava put her hands against his bare chest. His heart was pounding. She leaned in and kissed the side of his neck, then his ear. “Green,” she whispered.

I KNOW! That was totally hot right? I’m in the middle of reading this book right now and wooo hooo, you certainly don’t want to miss this one! Join me and one click today! Happy reading! ~Morganna

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Also check out then hot short story by Alexis, Capture also on Amazon

Danielle Logan is visiting with an excerpt from Taming the Preacher’s Daughter!

taming preacher daughter cover

Savi wanted to be everything she wasn’t. Tired of being the perfect preacher’s daughter, she wants to step out of her father’s shadow.
Deciding to go against everything she has been taught and wanting her first summer back from college to be a wild one, she begins to party and she sets her sights on the local lifeguard Eric.
Eric has always had a place in Savi’s heart, secretly she has always wanted to be with him.
After finding out that Eric attends her father’s church and realizing what her father’s church really practices, Savi goes on a downward spiral. Can love conquer her fears?


A tear streamed down his cheek, he turned back to the window, hoping Savi didn’t see it. “I’m sorry Savi, I don’t think this can work. I don’t think we can be together. We want two very different things. I can’t stand to hurt you, not again. I just love you too much.” He hung his head in shame.

“Oh, Eric. That’s definitely not what I want. I want to fix this problem. You aren’t the reason I drank. I drank because I wanted to have fun. I did want to forget about the spanking, but not because I was mad at you. I was confused; I am still confused. I shouldn’t have told you that I was ready; I don’t think that I was, but I was so afraid of losing you. But I’m ready now. I want you, I love you, Eric. I can do this now. Together we can make this work, I know we can.”

Eric could feel Savi’s presence behind him. She grabbed his shoulder to turn him around; locking eyes with him she whispered, “I love you, Eric. I am so sorry for the pain I have caused you.” Savi then leaned in and pressed her lips to his.

He grabbed her neck and pulled her in closer, she was sweet like honey. He could feel the passion behind her lips, and with a smile, he pulled away and rested his forehead on hers. He was breathless and full of regret when he spoke. “Savannah, we can’t be doing this.”

Savi grabbed his hand and pulled him to the couch. “I know, but there is something we can do. Well, rather, you can do.” She looked at him, gazing into his eyes meaningfully.

He could tell she was trying to tell him something, and he knew he should be getting it, but he just wasn’t. He looked at her blankly. “And what’s that?”

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It’s Free Story Friday again!

I thought I’d post a short novella I wrote a few years ago. There are only a few chapters but I’m going do one every Friday for the next three or four weeks to stretch it out for you a bit. Hope you enjoy it! Happy reading. ~Morganna

Annie and the Trucker

Annie sighed as she refilled yet another coffee cup. Her life was sooo boring! All she wanted was a little excitement!

Was that too much to ask?

Apparently it is if you live in a town like No Trees, Texas.

Annie had never been anywhere; she’d hardly ever even gone to out of town football games when she was in school. She was too busy working at her after school job. Which was as luck would have it in the same truck stop she worked in today.

Lucky’s Truck Stop and Café; it was your typical trucker dive. Greasy spoons included.

She’d worked here since she was sixteen. Now she was twenty-three and going no where fast.

It would have been nice if she occasionally met eligible men. No such luck.

Well, some of them were eligible, but she chose to think the ones that smelled bad didn’t count.

This got her right back to zero.

Annie wasn’t a classically pretty girl, but she had a wholesome appeal. Long brown hair framed a pixie like face complete with upturned nose and wide hazel eyes that were always ready to smile. She stood 5’1” in her stocking feet and had more curves than she would have liked.

Not that the truckers she waited on seemed to think so. She had a hard time convincing many of them that she wasn’t on the menu.

So there she was, pouring her five hundredth cup of coffee when he walked in.

Annie had to apologize and wipe the coffee off the poor man she’d been serving she’d gotten so distracted.

He was a man that drew every female eye in the room.

He stood at least 6’1” with broad shoulders and a wide chest. His hair was coal black and his dark eyes were full of secrets and promises. Promises that every woman in the café’ hoped he’d follow through on.

He sat down at one of the booths in Annie’s station. She knew in that instant that he was the one.

The one that would catch her dreams, hold them for her then chase away all the boredom. He was her ticket out of this dreary life!

Annie smiled her brightest smile and brought him coffee.

“Thank you Sunshine. I’ll also have the number five with the eggs over-easy.”

The sound of his gravely voice sent shivers down her spine.

Her mouth went dry, “Coming right up.” She turned bright red as her voice came out in a whispered squeak.

He grinned at her revealing a dimple deep in his right cheek, “Take your time Sunshine, I’m in no hurry.”

Luke grinned as he watched the pretty little waitress scurry away. Too bad he was just stopping for a quick bite to eat; he would have enjoyed getting to know her.

Oh well, it wouldn’t have worked anyway. He rarely drove through this part of the country and long distance love wasn’t his forte.

Luke enjoyed the hour he spent at the café’ with his pretty little Sunshine at his beck and call. All too soon it was time to go. He grinned as he left a hefty tip on the table.

He walked to his truck and grabbed a change of clothes before taking advantage of the truck stop’s showers.

Annie quickly grabbed her street clothes out of her employee locker; she knew she had to move fast. If he showered as fast as he ate she’d never make it.


Luke had been on the road for about four hours when he heard a faint feminine sneeze coming from his sleeping compartment.

“What the hell?”

He pulled over with a frown and stepped down from the driver’s seat to pull open the door to the sleeping compartment.

Annie sat straight up on the bed with a start, “Uh … hi …” She stammered out lamely.

What do you say when you’ve been caught stowing away in the sleeping compartment of someone’s big rig?

“Sunshine? What the hell are you doing in my truck?”

“I … well … you see … I kinda …” Annie struggled to find the words to explain her presence in his sleeping compartment.

There really weren’t any that formed a plausible explanation.

“I’m waiting.”

Annie blinked; his tone had hardened to match the glint of flint in his eyes.

“I just wanted out of that one horse town so badly and you seemed nice so I kinda hopped a ride in your truck.”

“What on earth possessed you to get into a strange man’s truck? Have you no sense at all?” Luke was outraged that any woman would take such a risk.

“Of course I have sense,” Annie snapped as she made to climb out of the truck. “I was hoping you’d be a little more open to my company when you found me. Apparently I was mistaken.”

Annie turned intending to start walking. A firm hand halted her progress.

“Where do you think you’re going?”

“I am vacating the area since you apparently don’t want my company.”

Annie jerked her arm free and then started walking again; only to realize that she’d left her uniform on the trucks small bed.

“Dammit!” She turned and walked back to Luke’s side.

“There is no call for such language.”

Annie glared up at him, furious that he wasn’t going to be the one to make her dreams come true, “I’ll talk anyway I damn well please Mr. … Mr. … Mr. …”

“It’s about time it occurred to you that you don’t even know my name.”

“Well now I don’t care to Mr. Truck Driver Man! If you’ll just hand me my dress out of the sleeping compartment I’ll be on my way.”

“On your way where?”

“On my way … well … that way!” Annie finely just pointed in the direction she’d been walking since she had no earthly idea of where they were.

“You really don’t have a lick of sense!” Luke exclaimed in exasperation.

“I do too! Now hand me my clothes!”

“You’d best check that tone young lady,” his voice dropped an octave in warning.

A warning Annie chose not to heed.

“Give me my Fucking clothes and you won’t have to worry about my tone!” Annie didn’t normally talk that way, but she’d managed to pick a few choice words up from the trucker’s in the café.

“Young Lady I’ll not warn you again about the language or the tone.”

“My language and my tone are none of your concern!”

“You made them my concern when you decided to stow away in my truck! I’m responsible for you until I find someplace safe to leave you.”

“I’m responsible for myself! Fine if you won’t give me my clothes I’ll leave without them!”

He caught her before she took two steps. Turning her and delivering three sharp swats to the seat of her jeans.

“The only place you’re going is into the cab of the truck with me.”

Annie gasped with shock and rubbed the sting in her backside, “How dare you!”

“I’ll dare a lot more Sunshine if you don’t get that cute fanny into that truck.”

Annie eyed him warily and decided not to call his bluff for the moment. She climbed up into the cab of his truck muttering under her breath about bossy men.

Luke shook his head, this one didn’t learn very fast. He decided to let the small show of further disrespect slide. Luke climbed into the driver’s seat and glanced over at his sulky passenger.

“Well since we’ll be traveling together for a little while I guess we should introduce ourselves. I’m Luke.”

Annie stared sullenly out the window refusing to acknowledge his gesture. She still couldn’t believe he’d swatted her on the behind!

“Sunshine, I’ve put up with all the attitude I’m willing to for the moment. What’s your name?”

Annie heaved a sigh of great sufferance, “Annie … Annie Southerland.”

“Well Annie Southerland, we’d better get you to a phone so you can let your family know you’re okay.”

“I don’t have any family. My Aunt raised me; she died three years ago. When I saw my opportunity to get out of No Trees I quit and climbed into your truck.”

Luke took a deep breath. He could not believe how foolish this girl was. Not only had she stowed away with a complete stranger, NOW she was telling him no one would miss her! She wasn’t safe to be allowed to cross the street by herself!

He glared across the small space between them.

Annie sat up a little straighter, “What?”

“Are you really that stupid?”

“What do you mean stupid?”

“What if I’d been someone with rape and murder on his mind?”

“Well you’re not are you?”

“No but that’s not the point Annie. I could have been and you just told me no one on earth would miss you if you disappeared.”

Annie paled a little, “I never really thought…”

“That much is glaringly obvious. It’s clear to me that you didn’t spend much time thinking about anything. I intend to make damn sure you think before you try a fool stunt like this again though.”

Annie’s throat went dry, “What do you mean?”

“You’ll find out soon enough. Relax and enjoy sitting on that pretty behind of yours while you can.”

Luke grimly started the truck and pulled back on to the road. He’d let his little Sunshine chew on his last words for a while. If he remembered correctly the next truck stop ahead sold those little souvenir paddles, which were exactly what he needed to make his point with his foolish little traveling companion.