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A heartfelt spanking on free Friday


Have a wonderful weekend! Happy reading! ~Mo

All I Need Is You

He caught her arm just as she excused herself from her partner and turned to leave the dance floor, pulling her into his chest and wrapping both arms around her just as a slow song began to play.

Her eyes sprang to his and for a moment joy filled her face before she shut it down and tried to pull away. “Let me go Luke.”

“I don’t think so Megan, you owe me an explanation.” He said firmly as he continued to turn them around the dance floor with her held tightly against him.

“I don’t owe you anything Luke Jamison! I filed for divorce so you need to let me go,” she spat at him, daggers flashing in her eyes.

“You don’t think you owe me an explanation as to why my wife of four years filed for divorce while I was out of the country on business? You see I do. When I left as far as I knew everything was good; we were happy…talking about having a family and then suddenly its over?” Luke said fixing his wife with a glare of his own that made her swallow hard and look away.

“Yes. It’s over, that’s all there is too it,” Megan said softly.

“Not good enough,” he said succinctly.

A shuddering sigh went through her as she obviously struggled to hold back tears, “It’s going to have to be good enough Luke. It’s all I’ve got.”

Luke sighed, “Megan don’t make me force the truth from you.”

Megan’s eyes sprang up to his, “There isn’t anything to tell you. I just reconsidered our relationship and realized I wasn’t happy and…”

“Bull…” he held his hand up when she started to say something else. “I’ve spoken to Kelly.”

Megan shook her head as the tears she’d been holding back began to fall down her cheeks as she pulled sharply from his arms. “I can’t do this. I’m sorry Luke,” she said quietly before she turned and ran from the dance floor.

Luke followed at a more sedate pace, knowing he catch her before she could get to her car.

Megan hurried to the cloak room and asked for her jacket, she looked nervously over her shoulder and saw him quickly making up the distance between them. She had to get away before he caught up to her again, she wasn’t strong enough to stand firm not loving him as much as she did. When she realized there was no way to wait for her jacket and get out of the building before he caught he she just turned and ran again leaving it behind.

She hurriedly ran out the front door of the building and into a cold rain, shivering Megan hurried to her car digging frantically in her bag for the keys.

She breathed a sigh of relief when she finally had the key fob in her hand as she hit unlock and reached for the door; but just as she opened it he was there pushing it closed.

“You aren’t running from this Megan,” he said as he wrapped his coat around her shoulders and lifted her into his arms. “Lock it.”

She studied determined set of his features and her shoulders slumped as she complied, clicking the lock button twice and setting the alarm.

“Good girl,” Luke told her as he turned and carried her to his truck. He continued to hold her with one arm while he unlocked and opened the door then set her inside. “Scoot over.”

Megan sighed and scooted across the bench seat and fastening her seat belt knowing there was no way to avoid this confrontation.

Once Luke was seated in the driver’s seat her started the truck and turned the heater on full blast pointing the vents in her direction, but made no effort to put it in gear. “Why Megan?”

“You talked to Kelly so you know why,” she said turning to look stubbornly out the side window because she couldn’t face him.

“No I don’t,” he said firmly.

“I can’t give you what you want,” Megan wailed, turning to face him fiercely with tears once again wetting her cheeks.

“What I want is my wife,” Luke said sternly.

“I can’t give you babies Luke. The big family you’ve always wanted? You can’t have that with me! I’m flawed,” she said bitterly.

“Megan Marie Jamison I better not ever hear you say that again. So what, we can’t have kids of our own, we’ll adopt if we decide we can’t live without them. But what I really want…what I can’t live without, is you.”

Hard sobs started shaking her small frame and Luke undid her seatbelt and pulled her across the seat and into his lap. “You deserve to have a little boy with your dimples and bright blue eyes,” she sobbed into his chest.

“And you don’t? You don’t deserve to have a little girl following you around with big inquisitive green eyes asking why every three minutes?” he asked. “It’s not about what we deserve baby, it’s about what is. Yes I wanted those things but not with just anyone.  I wanted them with you.”

“Luke I’m so sorry,” Megan said with her face buried against him.

He pushed her back and tilted her face up to his, “I wanted those things with you. You…no one else…you are my love…the only baby I need…you’re the very air I breathe and I will not let you throw that away.”

She threw herself against him, pressing kisses against his face and neck anywhere she could reach, “I love you so much. I just didn’t want you to be trapped with me, when I couldn’t…”

“I am not trapped, never have been and never will be. Do you understand me young lady? I love you and I always will. I can’t believe you thought you had the right to make such a ridiculous decision without me,” Luke said furiously. Now that he had his woman back where she belonged, they had a few things to discuss.

Megan drew in a deep shuddering sigh as she ran a finger down the center of his shirt, “You going to punish me?”

“What do you think baby girl?” he asked her with a raised brow.

She nodded and moved out of his lap and back to her own seat, “Then take me home.”

Luke nodded and put the truck in gear.


Once they were home Luke wasted little time and before she knew what happened Megan found herself bare bottomed across his lap with his hand slapping down again and again.

The fire built quickly, leaving her crying out her apologies as he continued to spank her bottom to a bright crimson hue. Finally, she collapsed over his knee as she let go of the guilt and flew free…accepting his punishment with every ounce of submission in her soul.

The punishment freed her…freed her to love him…freed her to love herself again and embrace who they were together.

“That’s it baby girl, let it all go…we’re fine…together we can handle anything that comes our way…you won’t forget that again will you?” he asked her as his hand skimmed the hot flesh of her bottom.

“No sir, never again.” Megan cried as he lifted her to face him.

Megan reached between them and freed his cock from his jeans, straddling him and taking him deep inside her.

Luke cupped her hot bottom in his big hands and helped her ride him hard and fast their passion building quickly as he slammed up to meet her every downward stroke.

Soon they were crying out together as they were consumed by their desire, each losing themselves in the eyes of the other as they shuddered in each other’s arms, totally spent…replete in the magic they shared.

A spanking in the rain for free Friday


I hope you have a wondermous Friday and an even better weekend! I am frantically trying to finish my revisions for The Reawakening of Aurora Kane a d get them back to my editor so this weeks story is a repeat but its a hot one! Happy reading! ~ Mo

Surrendering Her All

She stood naked in the rain, waiting a wet blind fold across her eyes as the tears of the sky caressed her skin. He was there she could feel him, but he didn’t touch her.

She shivered, the heat of his skin played across her breasts without making contact before moving down her sides…she knew his hands were a hairbreadth from her body but still he didn’t touch.

A whimpering sigh escaped her lips as she fought the temptation to strain towards him, but she held position. Her arms secured to a tree branch above her head.

She needed his touch so badly she ached, “Please…”

“Shhhh…,” he admonished delivering a series of searing swats to her wet bottom that left her gasping for air. A hard arm came across her abdomen pulling her hips out as he continued to spank her hard and fast.

She moaned and turned her fast to rest against her arm as the heat and sting in her bottom seemed to ignite the already burning need between her thighs into a living thing. She could no longer tell what was from the rain and what was from the slick heat leaking from her core.

He spun her to face him and slid a hard thigh between her legs lifting her to sit on his leg as he plucked at her nipples, pulling them to stretch them slightly away from their plump base.

She arched her neck and cried out as he used her nipples and his leg to work her up and down his thigh, the slight pain wrapped in pleasure as he continued pressing against her swollen clit.

Then he lifted her slightly, wrapping her legs around his waist and impaled her on his thick cock as he took one tender nipple in his mouth and sucked as if he would swallow her whole.

The sensations were almost more than she could take, “I can’t!” She wailed.

He began raining another barrage of swats down on her vulnerable ass, each swat driving her down and rocking her on his cock and sending jolt after jolt of pleasure through her needy center.

The pleasure curled into a knot within her belly and wound tighter and tighter until she thought her muscles would snap in two; just before she went over the edge he lifted her off him and turned her body away as he lightly stroked a soothing hand down her sides.

Her body was one sweet ache of need, she craved his possession and the pleasure it would bring more than her next breath.

“Please…oh…please,” she cried.

“Who is in control of your pleasure?” he asked, as he bit lightly down on the spot where her neck and shoulder sending a hard shudder through her in response.

“You do,” she whimpered.

“When do you cum?” he asked, licking the area he’d nipped and nibbling a path down her shoulder. He held her with her back pressed flush against his chest, his hard cock nestling against her hot ass.

“When you tell me too,” was her soft answer as she sank into him, the rain now feeling cool against her overheated flesh. Not being able to see only added to the intensity of the sensations rioting through her body.

He lifted her slightly again, letting one of her legs fall over his thigh as he thrust into her from behind, one hand cupping a breast so he could pluck at her nipple as the other arm wrapped low so his fingers could sink between her wet lips and worry her swollen little nub.

He hammered in and out of her body, his thick hot cock filling her completely as its broad head bottomed out against her cervix.

A high cry of wanton need signaled her complete surrender, she gave up her last vestige of control embracing her submission and all it entailed.

There was no need to think or worry…she let go of everything, immersing herself in the sensations bombarding her body…losing herself in the moment and the untold pleasure found there…

He pressed her clit down so his cock rubbed against it as he pounded in and out of her silken heat while his fingers continued to stroke it from the other side. Higher and higher he drove her until every muscle in her body seemed to tighten at once.

“Cum! Give me what belongs to me!” he commanded and she exploded around him screaming his name into the night as the pleasure took her and remade her into something new.


Spend Valentine’s Day with Kindle Unlimited!



Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!!! I hope you have a joy filled day. I thought since this is a day of romance I’d remind everyone which of my books is available for free on Kindle Unlimited. If you’re in the mood for a little spicy hanky spanky, I’ve got you covered on KU! Happy reading! ~ Mo



Sterling Scott and Sahalie Blue are in the house to talk about spanking saucy maids!


Sterling Scott and Sahalie Blue are here to talk about their new book, A Sterling Maid for You! A spanking clean house guaranteed! Sounds like the perfect service!

A Sterling Maid for You

Amazon buy link:

Marketing Blurb:

A swish of sweetness with a dusting of spice.

Cleaning was never this much fun. This collection of five romantic spanking fantasies showcases the erotic adventures of lively, but errant maids in the employ of Tanya Sterling’s house cleaning company: Sterling Maids.

Tanya has promised exemplary service to her customers. When her sexy, spunky maids are delinquent in their work and derelict in their duties, Tanya and her clients have a special way of dealing with the business at hand.


In story one, The Man of the House, maid Maria and Mark Sterling, Tanya’s author husband, both find out how the boss-lady deals with lazy birds-of-a-feather when their work is not up to her standards. Will she tan their hides?

In story two, Two Maids and a Feather Duster, maid Meg, her boyfriend Sam, and her best girlfriend Willow discover that pleasure can be found from a swish of the feather duster. Will the threesome enjoy the sensual delights of each other?

In story three, Maid in a Tub, maid Madison finds a special thrill in taking a bath. Madison is up to her neck in trouble when Tanya discovers her up to her neck in bubbles. Will Tanya clean up?

In story four, A Helping Hand, maid Jocelyn falls under the strict supervision of proper British butler and former prefect Malcolm Chippingham. He trains her in the art of housekeeping and of lovemaking. Will his helping hand — and his cane — correct her nervous, inept ways?

In story five, To Catch a Maid, maid Kelly is a catch for any man. When she is accused of stealing a family heirloom from Mr. Grant’s house, Tanya must expose the real thief to prove Kelly’s innocence. Will Mr. Grant fall for Kelly, crook or no?



Jocelyn noticed, as he approached her that he was swishing a thin, flexible piece of wood through the air. And, while his countenance was stern, his eyes twinkled.

“Um, is that what I think it is?” she asked.

“Why, yes, my dear. It is one of my old canes,” the butler responded.

Her heart started beating faster and her breathing became shallower. Her nipples started to swell and her bottom tingled. “What do you intend to do with it?”

“Your last comment was highly uncalled for. And, I think your attitude needs improving.”

Standing, she drew herself up to her full height and put her hands on her hips.

“My attitude is just fine, thank you very much.”

He did not say a word as he slowly, deliberately rolled up his shirt sleeves. His stare and his raised eyebrow told her what was to come. She had gone too far. She knew there was nowhere to run and no place to hide. His strong hands reached out to turn her around and bend her over at the waist.

She jumped involuntarily from his touch on the small of her back. She shivered as he lifted her skirt and slowly pulled her panties down to her ankles. The cool air raised goosebumps on her naked flesh. She sputtered, “What are you doing? Stop that!” However, she did not resist him.

He inhaled sharply and then cleared his throat. “Your complaining will do neither of us any good. I intend to help you see the wisdom of having a positive attitude. My dear woman, you are much too tense. I think four mild strokes from the cane should impart the message, plus help you relax.”

“No, please, Malcolm, I promise I won’t complain anymore. You don’t have to do this.” Even as she begged, her lady bits began to itch with anticipation.

“Ah, but I do. You must have heard of the saying What hurts you today, makes you stronger tomorrow. Now, step out of your panties,” he demanded. “Bend over, hands on your shins, knees as straight as you can and feet together. As long as you follow my instructions, we can get this business over with quickly.”

About the Authors:

Sahalie Blue was born and raised in the Midwestern US along the shores of Lake Michigan. She now lives in the Pacific Northwest, treasuring the great outdoors of her new home.

Sahalie loves hiking in the region’s majestic Cascade Mountains, dense mossy forests and sagebrush-filled deserts. Her revered, special place is Sahalie Falls, a roaring waterfall that pounds the McKenzie River into a rainbowed mist.

She’s been married for several years to a computer guy who loves to tell jokes. She appreciates laugh-out-loud moments. She enjoys reading just about anything, but mysteries, romances, and science fiction are her favorites. She is passionate about expressing her thoughts and feelings in her writing.

Sterling Scott writes of his imagined adventures within the backdrop of actual historical events. While some of his stories are more fictional than others, he likes to entwine real events into a new version of how it should have happened. Additionally, he includes experiences from his life and those friends who have shared events with him.

When not writing, Sterling travels the highways and visits his children. He spends a lot of time playing with his first grandchild.