A hot bottom in the corner for WIP it Up Wednesday


Hi all! It’s WIP it Wednesday! Remember work in progress so be nice when you read this excerpt from what I’m working on, tentative title Aurora’s Reawakening. Happy reading! ~Morganna

“Good girl,” he praised her and she frowned at the warmth that filled her chest. She didn’t want to feel warmth or anything else for this man. Shock filled her when he stood her in the corner with her pants still around her knees and her red ass on display.

“Oh hell no!” Aurora snapped as she started to turn around only to be stopped by a firm grasp on her arm and a series of swats on the under curve of her ass that made her swing her hips in a futile effort to avoid them. Tears of embarrassment coursed down her cheeks as she found herself back in the corner with her nose firmly planted.

“Now while you think about how this meeting could have gotten off to a better start I’m going to sit down and go over the edits you sent last night at three in the morning. Apparently we need to get you on a better sleep schedule too, that’s entirely too late for you to be up writing.” He said firmly as he sat himself back down.

Aurora kept her own council as she stood in the corner plotting revenge. Donovan might have the upper hand now but sooner or later he’d leave and once he was out of her home he’d never get back in again if she had to buy several vicious pit bulls and a killer raptor.

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A little hanky spanky excerpt from Primal Heat live today on Amazon in the anthology Twisted and Sinful Stories!


Hi everyone! I’m so excited release day for my anthology with the dudes is finally here! Twisted and Sinful Stories is a group of stories by Jack Crosby, Jeff Treliwiecz, Jeremy Croston and Me! We have brought you four very different tales with something for everyone. A mermaid orgy, ghosts, murder, mayhem and a little spanking…what more could you want for 99 cents? I hope you enjoy the excerpt from my story Primal Heat, happy reading! ~Morganna


“I asked you a question young lady. Kyra?” he swatted her bottom, a tinge of exasperation in his voice.

“What was the question?” she asked.

“Are you thinking about how naughty you’ve been?” Quinn asked again.
“Sure,” Kyra hedged, who wanted to admit to a man that had just spanked your bum that you’d really like to jump his bones now and do the nasty. Four more sharp smacks landed. “Owww…I’m sorry…I just can’t seem to focus.”

He chuckled, “Just what may I ask are you thinking about?”

Her head fell against the wall with a thump as she groaned with embarrassment, “I…please don’t make me say it…”

She gasped when to long fingers slid into her from behind almost lifting her up on her toes as they drove deep into her wet heat. “How wet my naughty little mate is,” he
said as he used his other hand to push her hair off the back of
her neck so his lips could nuzzle there.

Kyra moved her legs further apart as she began to ride his fingers helplessly, when his teeth closed over the back of her neck in a sharp nip she came apart with a soft little
mewling cry.

“There’s a good girl,” Quinn said as he pulled his fingers free from her grasping sheath. Turning her limp body to face him Kyra looked up at him from her slump against the
wall and watched as he licked her essence from his fingers.




A special preview of Twisted and Sinful Stories releasing at an Amazon near you May 20, 2016

Hi all! Welcome to a special blog to preview my new anthology with the boys from Two Dude Brews and Books. This is a special multiple genre anthology. Jack brings us a grim and bawdy pirate adventure, Jeff a wickedly spooky ghost story and Jeremy a twisted and dark take on Cinderella. Me? Well I’m bringing you a sexy spanky Tiger shifter in mating heat. Please enjoy a snippet of each story to whet your appetite for more.


Jack’s Excerpt from Merciless:

My second ale had been poured when another entered the establishment. It was a lady, but she wasn’t dressed like a proper wench at all. She wore an open tan shirt with leather pants and proper pirate boots. Attached to her belt was a long thing sword, a rapier I believe they’re called. She took off her hat and put up one finger. Without a word, she sat down next to me.

Red hair cascaded down her pale face. There was something of amusement in her eyes as she kept gaining my attention. After her first sip of ale, “Argus Fletcher, I’ve been watching you.”

I tipped my cup towards her and drank as well. “Well met my lady. And who do I have the pleasure of sharing a beer with?”

Her laugh was angelic, not fitting her figure at all. “Honestly, I doubt you’d believe me. For the meantime, please just call me Roxanne.”

Roxanne, a name fitting an angel or a devil. “A pleasure to meet you miss Roxanne.” I saw she was empty as was I. Finnegan remedied the situation for us. “I’ve not seen you on the island before; did the bad weather bring you this way?”

The first sounds of the hurricane echoed across the harbor, the wind starting to pick up. I looked worried as did the barkeep, but Roxanne drank as if nothing was out of place. “I’m here because of the weather, yes, just not in the way you think.”

“I’m intrigued and that doesn’t happen often enough.” I leaned in closer. “Care to share your twisted words?”

She waved her hand and everything around us froze in time. Finnegan was in mid-pour, the beer hanging in the air unnaturally. “There are certain truths you’ll have to understand. For one, I’m not human as you just put together.”

“Bloody hell…”

Jeff’s Excerpt from Paranormal Contact: A Short Story

The sun had set. Slowly the street lights were flickering on in the parking lot. Shawn and Brad exited out of the lobby of the hotel. They walked quickly through town and a few minutes later, they arrived in front of a cemetery.

Brad leaned forward, his hands grasping the cold fence. Shawn stood with his back to the cemetery and his arms folded. “Hi James, do you remember us?” Brad asked. He stood in silence as he waited for an answer. There wasn’t one. “We came by with our friends this morning. They left you a gift earlier in the week. We just wanted to check in on you. To see if you were still enjoying the ball.” Brad glanced over at Shawn who just stared off into the distance. “Come on, say something.” Brad gently nudged Shawn.

“I don’t want to,” Shawn responded back. “I told you that you’re more than welcome to talk to dead children. I’m good not to.”

“So when you’re picking what we’re doing tomorrow, it’s okay if I just act like little bitch then? I’ll go along but I won’t actually do anything? I mean if it’s okay for you to act like that….”

“Ghost kids scare the shit out of me, okay. There I said it,” Shawn blurted out. “Nothing about the paranormal scares me. Nothing – except this!”

Brad raised his eyebrows in a quizzically gesture. “Really? What about dead kids scare you?” Both of them let out a small laugh. “Okay I think I just answered my own question. But come on Shawn, if you can deal with demons possessing your friend, I think that you’ll be okay with a small child who died hundred years ago.”

Jeremy’s Excerpt from The Tragic Tale of Cinderella:

“I need not excuses, but better employees. I am sorry to say that you are no longer needed at this manor Cruxley. Take the worthless rat over there on your way out with you.”

Cruxley looked dumbfounded at the sharp words Tremaine just laid out. “My lady, I understand firin’ me, but leave the boy here. He’d be the best stable hand we ever had!”

Cruxley’s words of pride made me beam just for a second. Anastasia looked back at me and had a few yacking noises. “My God mother, they look and smell like animals. Can we leave now?”

She gave her daughter a pat on the shoulder. “Yes, I think our work here is done.” As she turned to go, Cruxley reached out with his hand to her shoulder. I think he wanted to plead his case, but the moment he touched her, the lady spun around and put something into his chest. “How dare you touch me animal?”

It all happened so fast. Red began showing on his dirty white shirt and Tremaine pulled out a dagger from his chest. Cruxley fell to the ground; his eyes wide open in horror. He gasped for breathe, but life left his body too quickly.

Then I realized something, I just witnessed a murder. Tremaine came to the same conclusion and started walking over to the stable I was working in. Her small knife dripping red with Cruxley’s blood.

I had one choice. Forcing myself to move, I jumped on the back of Comet. The horse was far from tame, but maybe in that moment he realized my peril. He bucked forward a few times and plowed through the stable door. Without even turning around, I urged him on into the dark forest that surrounded the manor…

Morganna’s Excerpt from Primal Heat:

It was complete and utter nonsense! Kyra had some irrational fear of mating but once she and Quinn were together is would be fine. In this instance her sister didn’t know what was best for her and it was up to Kalypso to see that her mating was handled. After all their parents weren’t around to see to things, so it was up to her to see Kyra settled and happy.

She’d researched things and knew Quinn was currently the only tiger on staff. The rest were mated. If everything worked out like she planned, Kyra would be happily mated within the month and she could settle in with her own mate once she knew her sister was safe and settled.

Kyra’s notion that she could live safely among the humans was ridiculous – eventually she’d get hurt. Kalypso knew that for some reason Kyra was afraid of mating and she thought moving away from the shifter communities would keep her mate from sensing her.

It was a silly fear though and Kyra would never be happy until she was happily mated like Kalypso herself.

Taking a deep breath Kalypso pushed into the inner offices of Sensual Fantasies, to her dismay Quinn was the one manning the office. She relaxed when she saw his nose twitch in distaste as the scent of her heavy perfume filled the room.

“May I help you,” his deep rumbly voice came out in a rasp.

“Yes. I’d like to hire a tiger shifter to kidnap me for a weekend fantasy,” she said softly. Kalypso took care to look down submissively.

Bonus Excerpt: Frothy the Snowman (Adult Christmas Story)

A figure entered the bar, two coal eyes burning with hate and merriment. Frothy the Snowman was here and he was pissed, in a peaceful, kind way. “Benson,” he roared with polite disdain. “The beer you sold me yesterday was total junk!”

Groveling with season’s cheer, “I’m sorry Frothy, but that’s all I had. The vendor ripped me off too!”

“Enough of your pathetic excuses,” Frothy steamed, his snowy knuckles cracking, much like the sound of children laughing. “This is the second time this week you’ve ripped me off. You know how I hate to be ripped off Benson.”

The old barkeep knew it was time for a beating, the gift of broken bones and black eyes aplenty. The baseball bat he had would do no good to the plush exterior of the delightfully angry snowman. He put it down and hung his head, following Frothy outside.

A short time later, Benson reentered the bar. His arm was in a sling and his left eye was swollen shut. The patrons looked on in awe and merry disgust. “It’s okay,” he bravely cringed. “Frothy is gone for now, but I have a feeling that awful snowman will come back.”

I forgot to mention the bonus story and I’m afraid Frothy is a bit of an asshole. Well hopefully you enjoyed the preview. Watch for me on a podcast with the Dudes next Thursday when we’ll discuss our upcoming release and where in the hell Jack is. Until then, happy reading. ~Morganna

Sterling Scott is in the house to talk about Rescuing Diana



A journey of divine love and extraordinary adventure.


Diana Wells has led a charmed life – that is, if you discount her strict governess, who wields a disciplinary paddle expertly. Diana is the beloved ward of Sir Alfred Thorsby, and is destined to marry into Victorian England’s aristocracy. But all this is fated to change when she meets the handsome American Naval officer, Captain John Bates. Tantalized by his first kiss, Diana inadvertently sets a sequence of events into motion that will carry her beyond her wildest dreams.


Her adventure begins when she is captured by an Egyptian prince who is intent on making her into his trophy harem slave girl. After her indoctrination into the erotic arts, Diana’s beloved John Bates arrives to rescue her. However, this is not the end of her ordeal as a slave girl… it is only the beginning. Secretly following her brother – Herbert – and Captain Bates, Diana makes the mistake of boarding her uncle’s Moon Car. Diana’s Uncle George is a professor studying the lost Egyptian science of anti-gravity and levitation. He is planning a trip to the moon. Unknown to the others, Diana stows away and inadvertently joins the voyage.


 Going up is easy. Getting back down – not so simple.


This romantic science fiction story, set in July, 1840, offers exciting discoveries and an alternate meaning to ancient mythology; including a different outlook on the inspiration behind the famous Venus in the half shell painting.


John again cleared his throat. “But I might also wish to join your suitors.”

As her face flushed, Diana turned away and resumed her stride. “In matters of the heart, you must do what you must do.”


After three more paces, the couple was behind the hedge. Captain Bates followed her glance towards the house. Now aware of her tactical maneuver, he paused to take full advantage of their brief seclusion. He pulled her close. “Diana, may I precede the formal party and ask that I might kiss you?”

Her stomach danced as she tilted her face up to see the tall man’s eyes. Her lips parted as she gasped for air, trying to think of what to answer. John took her change in posture to be an unspoken invitation to advance. He pulled her up onto her toes as he pressed their lips together. The kiss was short, but not without its sensual energy. The fullness of her bosom crushed against his chest; she imagined that he felt her nipples harden.

“Oh, dear!” Diana, gushed and quickly pulled John several steps forward before resuming their former gait. Thus, they emerged from behind the hedge as though there had been no pause. They walked in silence for several more moments. This had been the first time that Diana had actually been kissed—on the lips—in a romantic way.

The sparks reported in the romance novels are real!

Her heart raced as she felt her skin flush. Her Venus itched ferociously. The puffiness between her legs caused her to walk somewhat bowlegged. The insides of her thighs became sticky. She had felt the firm bulge of his groin pressing into her belly; she had felt his cock twitch. She had never before actually felt the protuberance below a man’s belly.

She glanced again toward the house to ensure that they were in full view of its windows. Then, she once again stopped their progress and turned to John. “You may kiss me as often as you like, but we must never be observed. It is strictly improper for me to be with you unchaperoned. And I beg that you don’t press the issue.”

It would mean another paddling for me!

“Aye, I understand,” John said.

That sounds like a fantastic read to me! Better hurry and grab yours below! Happy reading! ~Morganna

Amazon Buy Link:


Jaye Peaches is visiting with Chosen by the Governor and someone’s getting spanked!!


Thank you for hosting me today. I’ve brought along an alien – Marco, the hunky tattooed governor of a distant penal colony.  He has a new prisoner. Freya has recently arrived from Earth and has caught his eye. Marco has chosen her to his, and only his, but first he needs to ensure she understands what he expects from her.

Wow, this sounds super hot Jaye! I bet everyone will want to one-click immediately after reading this! I know I do! Happy reading! ~Morganna


He rested his hand on the base of her spine, steadying her as her legs began to shake. She gritted her teeth and all the muscles in her body locked solid.

The smack rebounded around the room, unlike the acute smart of his spank—a brief sting on her left buttock, then gone.

“Try not to tense up. It won’t help you.”

She nearly snapped at him, but didn’t. She smirked to herself. He had the upper hand in this, not her.

The governor was precise. He landed his steely palm right on the tight curve of her raised globe, where the skin was drawn tight and smooth.

“Tell me, Freya. Did your friend force you to go to that den?” he asked the question before delivering a slap on the other cheek.

“No, sir. I suggested it.” She flinched. The third smack had come swiftly after the second.

“What did they think of your idea?” He swiped her bottom again, harder. Much harder.

Freya screwed up her eyes. So far, she’d managed to keep still, but for how much longer?

“It was a bad idea. Risky.” Saying it, confessing her own stupidity, had sealed her fate.

Marco tut-tutted. “I’m not punishing you for helping a friend. I’m punishing you for your impulsive lack of care.” A volley of smacks landed in quick succession to accompany his words.

She dredged up her excuses. “I just thought… I could make a difference.”

“Like your spying? Discovering the secrets of terraforming, so you could save your fellow humans?”

“Yes,” she finally snapped. “What’s wrong with serving your planet?”

“Sir. Remember to be respectful.” He emphasized his correction with a round of smacks, whipping his hand back and forth between each cheek. “There is absolutely nothing wrong with it. It’s admirable. However, here, on this ghastly hell-hole, your number one priority is your safety, Freya. Look after yourself and you’ll serve me.”


When she is caught spying on the alien empire which has conquered Earth, Freya is shipped off to a prison colony on the distant planet Tagra. Upon her arrival, she is subjected to a thorough, intimate medical examination intended to assess her response to sexual stimulation, and when she protests the humiliating procedure her bare bottom is soundly spanked.

Marco takes his job as governor of Tagra seriously and he is well-known among the prisoners for his firm-handed discipline, but from the moment he first encounters Freya he cannot keep the feisty Earthling off his mind. After taking it upon himself to personally oversee her initial exam, he delights in bringing the naked, blushing human to one quivering climax after another.

Though Marco quickly proves that he will not hesitate to punish Freya when she defies the rules of the colony, her burning backside does nothing to diminish her growing need for him to claim her and take her long and hard. She soon finds herself falling ever more deeply in love with the handsome, dominant alien who both demands her submission and brings her pleasure beyond anything she could have ever imagined, but can she dare to hope that Marco will one day see her as more than just his prisoner and his plaything?

Publisher’s Note: Chosen by the Governor is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, medical play, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.







Sunday’s Six of the Best!


Hi all! For Sunday’s six of the best I’m offering up a snippet of my Tiger Shifter short story Primal Heat coming in an Anthology with the guys from Two Dudes Brews and Books!


Quinn began to stalk towards her once more, the intoxicating scent of her arousal filling his nostrils despite her denial to the contrary.


Kyra retreated with his every step forward then she seemed to shake herself and stepped towards him with a glare, shaking her small fist at him, “Stop stalking me! You’re making me nervous!”


“Good. You should be nervous,” Quinn told her with a feral grin.


“Asshat!…ohh!” she cried as he finally lost patience and pounced again, going down on one knee and tossing her over the upturned one. “You can’t do this!”


“I not only can, I will…you will learn not to lie to your mate and you certainly will not call me names,” he told her as he worked the ugly tweed skirt up over her hips then pulled her panties down her writhing legs and completely off.


“You aren’t my mate!” Kyra yelled.


“Yet another lie,” he said as he brought his hand down hard low on the under curve of her bottom making her yelp. Quinn brought his hand down ten times hard in the exact same spot.


Don’t forget to check out the other great posts in today’s blog hop! Happy Reading! ~Morganna


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