It’s going to be A Very Naughty Christmas with spankings on the menu!

Our Christmas Anthology, A Very Naughty Christmas is finally here! Five Spanky authors(Maddie Taylor, Meredith O’Reilly, Dinah McLeod, Morganna Williams and Sara Fields), five naughty young ladies and five stern heros ready to take them in hand! Want more you say? I’ve included an excerpt from my story, Her Stern Doctor below along with the buy link. Then you can enter our rafflecopter for some great prizes and watch our book trailer! Grab yours today! Happy reading! ~Mo


A Very Naughty Christmas is a five-book collection featuring brand-new holiday-themed titles from five best-selling spanking romance authors. It includes the following books:

Her Christmas Daddy, by Dinah McLeod
When Sara Schroder returns home from college to spend Christmas in the town where she grew up, it doesn’t take long for her reckless driving to get her in trouble. But police officer Alex Maxwell—the next-door neighbor she’s had a crush on for years—decides to handle the situation himself, and instead of being given a ticket Sara quickly finds herself over his knee with her bottom bare for the first spanking of her life.

Though the punishment leaves her deeply embarrassed, Sara cannot deny her arousal at being taken in hand so firmly by a man like Alex, and soon she is calling him daddy and delighting in his caring attention and his hard, dominant lovemaking. But can she learn to behave like a good little girl for him or will she spend the holidays with blushing cheeks and a bright red bottom?

Mistletoe Magic, by Maddie Taylor
Dixie Culbertson has seen more than enough heartbreak in her life, and as far as she is concerned, no man can be trusted. But when her old high school crush walks into the diner where she works, the desire she once felt for him is quickly rekindled.

Kyle Prescott has always regretted the misunderstanding that tore him and Dixie apart over a decade ago, but it will take more than just a kiss under the mistletoe to break down the walls she has built around her heart. He is determined to make things right, however, even if that means taking her over his knee for a bare bottom spanking and claiming her so thoroughly that she is left with no doubt that she belongs to him.

Daddy’s Little Elf, by Meredith O’Reilly
When Chloe Carpenter’s husband, Drew, catches her sneaking away to work despite her promise to take time off to allow them to spend Christmas together, he doesn’t hesitate to bare his naughty wife’s bottom and spank her soundly.

After the punishment is over, Drew quickly reminds his little girl that her daddy will always take care of her, and soon Chloe is snuggling in his lap, drinking hot chocolate, and being given a bubble bath. But when he finds out the secret reason she was slipping off to work, will it make him as happy as she hopes?

Her Stern Doctor, by Morganna Williams
After she speaks rudely to Dr. Derek Malcom one time too many, young nurse Kendra Jacoby finds herself in his office at the end of her shift expecting to be fired. But the doctor has other plans, and soon the sassy girl is lying across his lap as her bare bottom is thoroughly spanked.

Kendra is burning with desire by the time the punishment is over, and being brought to a humiliating climax over Derek’s knee only increases her need for him to take her long and hard. But when a powerful winter storm leaves them snowed in together, what will his plans for the night include?

Kept for Christmas, by Sara Fields
After Raina LeBlanc shows up for a meeting unprepared because she was watching naughty videos late at night instead of working, she finds herself in trouble with Dr. Eliot Knight, her stern, handsome boss. He makes it clear that she is in need of strict discipline, and soon she is lying over his knee for a painful, embarrassing bare-bottom spanking.

Though her helpless display of arousal during the punishment fills Raina with shame, she is both excited and comforted when Eliot takes her in his arms after it is over, and when he invites her to spend the upcoming Christmas holiday with him she happily agrees. But is she prepared to offer him the complete submission he demands?

Publisher’s Note: A Very Naughty Christmas includes spankings, sexual scenes, age play, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

Excerpt from Her Stern Doctor by Morganna Williams

“Spankings are given to naughty girls on their bare bottoms, young lady. Let go or I’ll finish your spanking with ten licks of my belt,” he told her sternly.
She immediately released her hold on her scrubs, giving a groan of embarrassment when he jerked both them and her panties to her knees.
Her full round bottom was just as delicious a sight as he’d thought it would be; it took everything in him to focus on the discipline needed rather than what her beautiful ass did to his libido.
“This spanking is for the behavior and attitude you’ve given me since I started here; once it’s over you have a clean slate. I warn you though, young lady, any further bad behavior will land you right back over my knee. Are we clear?” Derek asked.
“Yes, sir,” she almost whispered.
He decided that was good enough for the time being, raised his hand, and brought it back down on her left bottom cheek with a resounding smack. She jerked as the sting of his hand sank into her tender flesh.
Derek didn’t give her any time to completely process the feeling, following the first swat with several more in quick succession. Her bottom pinked up nicely, the round curves filling with color.
He continued slapping his hand down across her upturned backside from the middle of her cheeks to the tops of her thighs; she writhed a little trying to avoid his hand but he held her fast as he painted her bottom red.
“Ooohhhooo… owwww… oohhhoo… owww… please… I’ll be good… I’ll be good,” she wailed when he tipped her a little further over so he could concentrate on the tender crease where her bottom met her thighs. He delivered twenty slaps in a row in the exact same spot on her left side.
“Not there! Not there… please, not the same place!” she wailed; he could hear her voice getting thick with impending tears by the time he moved to the right side and gave it the exact same treatment.
By the time he finished, Kendra had gone limp over his lap, finally accepting the punishment and her bottom was a delightful shade of scarlet.
He began to run his hand in circles on her heated flesh until she gave a little moan and parted her legs slightly.

* * *

Kendra’s breath caught in her throat as she moved her thighs apart in invitation. The spanking had hurt but it had also woken up something hungry inside her; something that demanded satisfaction.
His hand skimmed across her bottom and stroked along the shadowed cleft between her cheeks before sinking two fingers deep inside her, making her moan low and loud.
The heat in her bottom seemed to have pooled and centered in her clit; his fingers thrust in and out of her hard and fast and his thumb began to rub her sensitive nub. It only took a few strokes and she came hard with a soft cry. Her body spasmed around his fingers, clamping down tightly as she writhed over his knee.
His fingers continued to move in and out of her, determined to wring every last ounce of pleasure from her body until finally she collapsed over his knee completely spent.
Then he lifted her to sit gingerly on his lap, cuddling her against his chest as he kissed the top of her head. “Good girl. You took your punishment well, Kendra.”
She gave a shuddering sigh and looked up just in time to see him lick her essence from his fingers with relish, and then wink at her.

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It’s a hot bottom for free Friday!


It’s Free Friday! I hope everyone had a happy turkey day! Happy reading! ~Mo

The Sweetest Pain

I waited breathlessly from my position bent over the bed; I could feel you behind me…your pant legs brushing up against the back of my thighs…the heat of your body filling me with warmth. A heartbeat passed and then another, my breath getting more and shallow as you prolonged the agonizing wait.


Suddenly your hand clapped off my left sit spot with a loud slap that seemed to echo in the silence like a gunshot leaving stinging heat blooming in its wake. The force of the swat brought me to my toes as my body absorbed the exquisite sensations.


I loved when you used your hand, the feel of the skin on skin contact filling me with delight. It only happened when it was a spanking for our shared enjoyment; never in true punishment. Punishment always involved implements of your choosing to teach me the error of my ways.


Generally, I never required more than one such lesson on the same subject matter. I avoided punishment like the plague, doing my best to be a good girl or at the very least appear to be one.


Pleasure was an entirely different matter, I loved the feel of your hand slapping rhythmically off my bottom…bringing me right to the edge of what I could take…rubbing across my heated flesh between swats and occasionally making teasing forays into my wet heat.


You would alternately spank me and stroke me until I was almost mindless with need…drawing out my pleasure…your pleasure until the climax was intense enough to steal the very air from the room and leave us both gasping; clinging to one another as we recovered.


I yelped when your hand began to fall harder on my upturned bottom, the swats almost more than I could take…”Do I have your attention again?” You asked and I could almost hear the smile in your voice.


“Yes sir!” I answered quickly as the throb in my bottom beat in time to the pulse riding my clit.


“I think I’d better give you a few with the spatula, to ensure I have your complete focus.” You told me, chuckling when I gave a mewling protest. I hate the wooden spatula and you know it.




“Were you not just miles away from me?” you asked.


I sighed, “Yes sir.”


“Then I think at least ten with the spatula will help you remember to keep your mind on the present don’t you?” The reasonable tone you used always made it so hard to argue, especially when I had drifted away.


“Yes I suppose,” I said with a touch of petulance.


Swift reprisal came in the form of said spatula clapping off each sit spot hard and fast. “I beg your pardon? Would you care to rephrase?” You asked. I didn’t have to look over my shoulder to see your arched brow; I could practically feel it as you watched me awaiting my response.


I took a deep breath reigning in my attitude, “Yes sir.” The lot of a submissive was that a fun spanking could turn into a very real punishment if a girl didn’t watch it.


“Good girl, we said ten didn’t we?” you asked as if I’d said anything one way or another.


“Yes sir, we said ten.” I took a deep breath well aware these swats wouldn’t be nearly as fun but the heat they left in their wake could end up making this a climax of legends if I minded my p’s and q’s.


When you hand came to brace in the small of my back I knew what was about to happen, I gave a small moan of dismay and you didn’t disappoint. The spatula landed hard on my left sit spot and four more landed in the exact same spot almost faster than I could process.


My right foot kicked up in protest as a squeal of pain escaped me, “Foot down.”


I immediately put my foot back down holding my position and then the spatula came to visit my right sit spot. I could do it, five wasn’t so bad…I’d experienced much worse in punishment but then of course by the time the fifth swat landed my left foot had flown up in an involuntary effort to protect my vulnerable bottom.


“Foot!” you commanded and I put it back on the floor.


“I’m sorry,” I said contritely it truly had been reflexive.


You patted my hip lightly, “It’s okay just keep your feet down.”


I sighed when your hand began to skim across the blistering hot skin of my lower bottom cheeks, the spatula had left them aching but also incredibly sensitive. You continued to rub for a minute, ghosting your fingers through the wet heat beginning to slick my inner thighs before lifting your hand and delivering another barrage of spanks to my left sit spot.


I gasped but also couldn’t resist pushing my bottom out to meet your hand, somehow the pain was morphing into something else…I craved the feel of your hand clapping off my tender ass…I needed it.


My back arched and I pushed my bottom out further as your hand fell again and again in a relentless tattoo covering every inch of my lower bottom cheeks several times over. I shuddered as sweet tears began to fall from my eyes then your hand was back slipping between my legs and driving two fingers deep inside my wet core.


Your thumb played across my clit and I came with a scream, my body locking down on those thrusting fingers as you worked my need channel hard. “That’s right cum all over my hand.”


Your magical fingers continued to work in and out of my wringing every ounce of pleasure from my body. Then you were spanking me again, hard measured swats driving me higher and higher…my body aflush with pleasure and need.


“What do you want?” you asked me as you delivered another deliciously stinging swat to my sensitive ass. “What do you need?”


“Your cock,” I whispered softly…my voice husky with need.


I shuddered when I felt the broad head of your cock prodding my clasping entrance “Is this where you want me?”


“Yes! Please!” I cried trying to push back to impale myself on your length.


“Beg me for it,” you ordered. “Beg me for my cock or I’ll put it away.”


I didn’t think for an instant you’d actually put it away but wasn’t going to take the chance, “Please…please give me your cock!” I begged letting my need feel my voice.


“I’ll always give you what you need,” you told me as you slammed deep inside me taking me hard. The head of your cock bottomed out against my cervix and I shuddered in pleasure.


You pulled out almost to the tip and then slammed back inside giving me the long hard strokes I craved, your balls bouncing against my ass with every inward thrust. Your thighs slapping against my sore ass and keeping the sting alive, as if your body was continuing to spank me.


I began to chant as my pleasure grew and built towards an intense climax. “Yess…yess…please…please…yes…harde…harder!”


You began to pound in and out of me in a relentless rhythm until with a scream I came jerking beneath you…my inner muscles clamping down hard on your still moving cock and spasming around it.


You continued driving in and out of my driving me through one orgasm and hurtling me towards another, then you drove deep and began to grind against a wondrous spot high inside me.


The pleasure stole my breath and I could only pant as it wrapped around me and I began to see spots behind my eyes and then I came again as shudder after shudder filled me…it was almost more than I could bear but I never wanted it to end.


Your teeth clamped lightly down on my shoulder as you emptied into me, your heat splashing against my walls and making me shiver in another orgasm until you collapsed on top of me both of us trying to breath as our bodies recovered from the intensity of what we’d just shared.


I groaned when you pulled free of me my body still pulsing with aftershocks of pleasure, I snuggled into your chest when you pulled me into your arms and lay back with me on the bed.


“My sweet, sweet little sub,” you whispered into my hair.


I smiled as I pressed a soft kiss into your chest happy to be yours and you mine. 

Susannah Shannon is in the house to talk about her new book Rare!

Susannah Shannon is here to talk about her new book, Rare. I love this series and can’t wait to sink my teeth in to this one.

This year not just the turkey will be roasted.
After six months in Chicago filming her TV show, Cass is delighted to be returning to Alaska. But the move home raises a number of questions. How is it possible that she loves Killian more with every passing day? Why is he so determined to take a wooden spoon on their flight? What do the people of Slick Trench think about Hazel’s ambition to bring more business to their small town? Why does Killian seem to be determined to keep the lodge just the way it has always been? Even if they do go ahead, can they get the construction project done in time to begin filming at the lodge? What is the perfect way to roast a turkey? Is ginger good for anything other than the pumpkin pie?
The true love, small town characters, laugh out loud humor, steamy sex and Cass’s even more scorched bottom are what make this book of the Cass Chronicles series so deliciously Rare.
DISCLAIMER: This book contains the spanking of adult women and elements of power exchange. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase this book.



“Young lady,come with me,” he whispered. She felt butterflies in her stomach and stood up. He took her laptop from her and with his other hand under her elbow led her to a storage room.
“Are we actually going to do this?” she whispered.
“Oh yes we are, darling girl. I told you to buy some food and you didn’t.”
“You said that was my warning,” she playfully protested.
“And then I found this spot and I changed my mind,” he answered. He pressed his back against the door, and tucked her under his left arm. “Put your elbows on the door, honey,” he said. No one could walk in on them, there was some relief in that. Still, she was worried about
the noise. “No one is nearby, now is arguing with me a good idea, right now?” Well, the answer to that was a resounding no. So she leaned across him and braced her elbows against the door.
He wrapped his arm around her waist and laid her skirt up over her back. He wasted no time in vigorously applying the wooden spoon. It stung and left tiny fireworks in its wake. She shimmied and buckled at the knees. “Now stay still, or it will be worse,” he chided with no
sternness in his voice whatsoever. Just as it was beginning to not be fun for Cass, he stopped.
How did he always know that? She wondered. He slid his hand between her legs and it took his strong fingers about a minute of tweaking before she came, burying her moans in her own hands.
She caught her breath. Turning around, she dropped to her knees, he had somehow already gotten himself unzipped. She pulled him into her mouth sucking hard while his hands gathered
up her hair. She swirled her tongue around his cockhead, willing him to come in her mouth. He did and then it was his turn for his knees to buckle in pleasure. “Goddamn, baby” he muttered.
“I know,” she responded, smoothing her skirt over her hips. “You were a genius for marrying me!”
They peered around the door as they left, hoping no one was in the hall. #3(R)
Surveying the clean kitchen, she gratefully wrapped her arms around his waist. “My God,
I love you.” she whispered.
He reached back around her and cupped her bottom with his hands. “Right back at ya, baby.”
She was delighted to feel his erection pressing against her. Being irresistible rocked. Setting down her cup of coffee, she reached back and stroked him. His lips were hot on her neck. She whirled to face him and pulled him closer to her. Decisively she unbuckled his belt and
pushed him to the ground. She whipped off her PJ pants with a stripperesque move and with a flourish straddled him impaling herself with one hard thrust. His hands grasped her thighs as he
pumped underneath him and she arched her back like she was riding a mechanical bull. Killian reacted to the voice before she did, reflexes honed by years of tracking animals. It was the voice of her nightmares. “Yoo hoo—kids,” her mother’s voice sailed tinnily on the air.
Cass leapt off her husband so fast that for a split second she was afraid she’d broken his cock off.
Killian was able to hoist his jeans up while Cass hustled into the pantry to put her pants on. She had forgotten they were arriving. Barb had returned to teaching and her school was now on some
inexplicable calendar. It seemed to her daughter that every other week school was closed. Barb and Ken had come to spend the week before Thanksgiving in Slick Trench.
“I’m so sorry, we didn’t meet the ferry,” Cass heard Killian say.
“Oh it’s fine, that nice girl from the pizza place ran us over.” Only Barb would ever think any of the girls who worked at Slick Trench Pizza were “nice.” Cass grabbed the first thing she could reach and tried to saunter nonchalantly out of the pantry. “Hi, Mom, hi, Dad. I was just
grabbing something for lunch.”
Her father’s brow furrowed as he looked at what was in her hands. “Lightbulbs?”

That was hot stuff! A definite obe-click for me. How bout you? Happy reading! ~Mo

Susannah Shannon lives in the Midwest with her family. She is fascinated by the dynamic of a smart, independent woman who longs to submit to that one special man. She thinks sexy and spanky can also be funny. She can be found at
please come chat or
the delicious recipes from the “Cass Chronicles” can be found at

Jack Crosby is in the house talking about his new book!!!

My friend Jack is here with a hot excerpt from his new book, The Electric Mile! This book looks deliciously intriguing! One-click your copy today! Jack Crosby never disappoints! Happy reading! ~Mo


Hot Excerpt:

I’m not sure what came over me, but I had a need to close in and give Ali the biggest kiss I could give her.  The red head AI didn’t back away.  No, she actually escalated the issue by grabbing my crotch.  A little of this and a little of that later, her cat suit was unzipped in just the right place and I was getting ready to put it in.

“Is this legit?  I mean, I can keep going?”

Between pants, “Shut the fuck up, Vector and stick that cock in me!”

I didn’t need to be told twice.  I wasn’t exactly Mr. Lady’s Man in the real world, so a chance to fuck this hot piece of ass was too tempting not to take.  Oh my lord, did it feel unbelievable as I put it in.  There was no way I was lasting very long and the lustful look in her eyes told me it was okay to let one go quickly.

And ho boy did I.  An orgasm that seemed to never end began filling up Ali’s sweet pussy.  The little redhead minx began nibbling on my ears as I was finishing; that was her way to ensure I didn’t go limp after.

When the first orgasm subsided, we fell to the floor with her on top.  She pinned me down by the shoulders with her hands and closed her eyes.  “Ughhh, thank the maker for this feeling!  When they told me that a player would be the one to unlock my full potential, I laughed.”

How in the world could she have a serious conversation while I was balls deep inside her?  “Unlock… potential?”

She stopped going in circles and began just riding me up and down.  “Yes, yes, yes… your juices are going to level… me… UP!!!”

Ali began to tighten around my shaft and jerk, which caused me to once again deliver the goods right into her.  Did AI’s need birth control or condoms?  Whoops, too late for those questions.  The second orgasm, in conjunction with hers was ever more amazing.  I didn’t stop slamming it into her until the final drop was spent.

Her eyes came back from being rolled up in her head.  “I can’t even begin to tell you how much I needed that.  The NPC’s in this game just don’t have the imagination that a player from the real world would.”

I took that as a compliment.  “Thanks, glad I could assist.”

There was another low chime, a bit different from mine.  Ali smiled, “It looks like I just leveled up too.”

“What level are you at?”

“Thirty-eight– I’m getting closer to the level fifty cap.”

And with that, I was once again completely amazed.  “How fucking cool is that?”



From the mind that brought you Death Among Us and Derrick Grimm…

Ash Wilde (also known by his gamer handle of Vector) doesn’t have the greatest of lives. Besides being a homeless high school dropout, he doesn’t even have enough money to buy a burrito. Don’t worry though, things will get better for him. You see, as one of the world’s greatest gamers, he’s about to get up close and personal with the world of The Electric Mile, the rage of players everywhere. What’s so great about this game? No one’s beaten it, yet.

Once he gets pulled into the game’s master file, Ash discovers there’s a lot more going on than a normal game should have. With the help of some busty beauties, Ash decides to help everyone by beating the game from the inside. What follows is crazy, action packed, naughty adventure that answers one very important question: Can anyone survive The Electric Mile?

**Reader warning – this book contains love, and happiness, and puppies – err wait no it doesn’t. This book actually contains a lot of sex, cursing, plenty of rock and roll references, possibly a semblance of a storyline(?), and a questionable main character. Did I also mention sex? That too. Reader discretion is advised**

Free Friday is here again!!


Have a fantabulous Friday! As promised a brand spanking new story this week! Happy reading! ~Mo

Peace in His Arms

She was tied spread eagle on the bed…naked and blindfolded waiting for him to touch her again…the wait was excruciating…her breath coming faster with each moment.

Was that a slight touch she felt along left her side? Just the softest whisper of sensation and then it was gone. Another almost nonexistent caress along the right side, he was playing with her…teasing her.

She whimpered doing her best to hold position…still he said nothing…the silence in the room magnifying every sensation. Something tickled across the pebbled nipple of her left breast wringing a mewling little cry from her lips as she strained against her bonds, wanting to press into whatever continued to twirl lightly across the tight bud over and over.

“Please!” she cried as her head thrashed on the pillows.

His only response was a sharp swat to her swollen labia making her body jerk as she gasped. She knew it was the riding crop with the little flat leather paddle at the end she braced herself for more punishment, knowing she was supposed to have been silent.

He didn’t disappoint, the little paddle snapped down on her bare mound four more times in quick succession leaving her entire labia in stinging awareness. She imagined her lips had grown even puffier from both the small punishment and her increased desire.

She could feel moisture weeping helplessly from her core, trickling down her inner thighs and along the cleft of her ass.

He’d been teasing her so long a fine sheen of sweat covered her body, every nerve ending felt alive…every inch of skin on her entire body seemed to be crying out with a need to be stroked…caressed…tears of raw need began to leak from her eyes as her agonizing wait continued.

“Shhhh…does my baby need some relief?” he asked, in smooth controlled tones.

“Please…please…please….” She almost chanted.

She groaned as she felt him climb up on the bed between her legs and he parted her still sensitive labia with his fingers and then she gave a slight buck of her hips as his tongue licked through her wet slit.

He moaned as he lapped up her cream, her body obliging him by producing more for his greedy consumption. She gave a soft cry of pleasure as his throaty moans sent delicious vibrations through the entire area then zeroed in on her needy little clit.

As she felt his lips close over her stiff clit one thick finger sank deep into her slick channel.

“Ooohhh…,” she cried out, a shudder going through her body, an orgasm hovering from just that first stroke.

His finger worked in and out of her as he began to suck her clit hard, “Are you going to be a good girl and cum on my fingers?” He asked around her clit.

“Yess….please…yes…” she cried her hips now rocking up and down as much as possible with her restraints to take more of his finger. When a second finger joined the first, stretching her open more she came with a little scream.

He continued to work his fingers in and out, as she spasmed around his fingers.

He pulled his fingers free and gave her still pulsing slit one last lick before he moved away but then she felt the broad head of his cock pressing against her entrance without pushing inside.

“Oh please! Yes! Please!” she yelled, trying to press up to capture his cock but he held her down continuing to tease her opening with the head.

He pulled back and then his cock slapped down on her wet mound making her jerk in response. His cock slapped down on her pussy again and again, making a wet smacking sound.

Every little swat of his cock drove her need higher and higher until she felt almost mindless…the sweet ache of need grown to almost epic proportions.

“You want my cock?” he asked.


“Beg for my cock,” he told her as he pressed just an inch or so inside stretching her opening exquisitely around the broad head.

“Please…please I need it…” she cried.

“Beg me,” he commanded as he pressed another inch inside her greedy channel. “Beg me or I’ll take it out.”

“Please…I need your cock so bad…please…fill me up…please!” she cried out.

“Good girl,” he told her driving deep inside and groaning as her tight walls enveloped him in their slick depths.

The feel of him stretching her wide around his girth and pressing relentlessly deeper as she took his whole length. Finally, he bottomed out against her cervix his balls resting against her ass.
She moaned loudly as she began to rock her hips helpless, trying to fuck herself on his thick cock. She wanted him to move.

“You want me to move baby? You ready to cum on my cock?” he asked.

“Yesss…ohhooo…yes…” she whimpered as she continued to rock on him.

Then he began to pull free all the way until just the tip rested against her entrance. She cried out at the emptiness he left behind then he slammed back inside.

“Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!” she yelled.

His hand gripped her ass and he began to take her in long hard strokes, pulling almost completely free before filling her up again.

She loved the way he stretched her open with each inward thrust as he pounded into her, her body began to tighten up beneath him as he rode her hard.

Her breath came in soft pants as she neared an explosion of pleasure. Every time he slammed inside he ground against her clit driving her higher and higher…pleasure building on pleasure until she screamed his name as her body clamped down hard on his pistoning cock and milked it dry.

“Good girl…that’s my good sweet girl,” he said pressing kisses against her hair as he came deep inside her leaving them both shuddering in the aftermath.

He rested over her for a minute as he caught his breath, before he pulled free sending another aftershock of pleasure through her.

He carefully undid her binds and took off her blindfold before gathering her tight in his arms, pressing kisses all over her face as he praised her.

“Sleep babygirl,” he told her as he cradled her against him.

She gave a soft breathy sigh of peace and fell asleep safe in the arms of the man she loved.

A old fashioned spanking and some punishment anal on a late free Friday!


Happy very late free Friday! This is a repeat from a year or so ago but I hope you still enjoy it! I’ll be back with a brand spanking new story next time. Till then happy reading! ~Mo

One Less Egg to Fry

Jessica tried not to cry as she sang along with the words as the voices of Fifth Dimension filled the room.

One less bell to answer
One less egg to fry
One less man to pick up after
I should be happy

But all I do is cry
(cry, cry, no more laughter)
Oh I should be happy
(oh why did he go?)
I only know that since he left my life’s so empty

At that line she finally gave up the pretence and dropped into a chair and wailed out her misery. She was so lost in her sorrow she didn’t notice at first the music had ended abruptly. When she finally noticed the silence in the room with the exception of her own sobs Jessica sat up with a frown and looked around.

At first the sight of Jim standing next to the doorway leaning against the wall with his arms crossed over his chest filled her with joy but then she remembered. He’d left her!

“Why are you here?” she asked with a noisy sniff of misery.

He quirked a brow, “Really Jess? One less egg to fry? That’s a little dramatic even for you.”

Jessica stood up and glared at the man she’d once promised to love forever, how dare her accuse of her being dramatic! He left her! “You left me you big…”

A broad hand reached out to cover her mouth, “No name calling young lady, you’re in enough trouble as it is. I did not leave you and you know it.”

When she pulled her mouth from his hand to argue he held up his hand to stop her, “No. You know better. You threw the tantrum of all tantrums last night. Throwing books and lord knows what else at me. Completely refusing to listen to reason, I told you I worked late. I am not now nor have I ever had an affair and I will never have an affair. By the time I walked out the front door I was so angry with you I knew I had to leave or break the promise I made to myself never to lay a hand on you in anger,” he told her sternly.

Jessica had the grace to flush, “I know I behaved a little…”

Jim snorted, “Your behavior was totally out of control and completely unacceptable young lady.”

She paled at the implacability in her husband’s voice her bottom clenching almost reflexively at the tone. It was a tone she was quite familiar with after ten years a marriage and generally preceded a very thorough spanking.

“I’m sorry honey. I don’t know what gets in to me sometimes I know you’d never cheat on me but you’ve been gone so much lately and I’ve missed you sooo much…I guess I just needed a little attention,” she finished lamely.

“Well you’re about to get more attention that you bargained for little miss,” Jim said grabbing his wife firmly by the arm and hooking a chair out from underneath the table with one foot as he pulled it to him and sat down.

In less than a heartbeat Jessica found herself face down over her husband’s strong thighs with her pants and panties pulled all the way off and tossed over his shoulder. Her bottom clenched again, if she didn’t need pants and panties anymore this was going to be bad.

The thought barely had time to register before his hand started falling on her upturned backside with gusto.

“Jessica Remington I better not ever see a tantrum the likes of that again! You behaved worse than a three year old,” Jim scolded as his hand continued to fall hard and fast.

“Yes sir!” she yelled. “Ohhh Jim not so hard!”

Her pleas were ignored as Jim gave his wife the longest and hardest spanking he’d ever administered in their ten year marriage. By the time he stayed his hand she was sobbing limply over his lap and her full bottom was the color of a ripe plum.

Jim eased her legs apart to straddle his right knee and then used his left hand to spread her bottom cheeks apart.

Jessica stirred over his knee with a wail, “Please no Jim! I’ll be good I promise!”

“I intend to see to it you are,” he told her firmly as he began to sink one long finger into her tight bottom hole.

“OOOH Jim it burns!” she cried as he began to work his finger relentlessly in and out of her vulnerable ass. Soon though even though she was terribly embarrassed by the anal punishment her moans became a little less distressed and she couldn’t help raising her bottom up to meet each thrust.

Then he added a second finger bringing the discomfort back as she uttered a distressed wail. Ignoring her protests Jim continued to stretch and work her tender hole until once again her whimpers were of the more pleasurable variety.

Then he withdrew his fingers and slapped her tender bottom before lifting her to stand, “What happens to naughty wives Jess?”

She blushed prettily, “Naughty wives get their bottoms punished inside and out.”

“That’s right,” Jim said as he stood and turned her to face the table. “Now you bend over that table, spread your legs and then hold your bottom cheeks open for me like a good girl.”

Jessica shuddered in response to his words, then turned to comply with a softly voiced, “Yes sir.”

“Why are you bending over the table Jessica?” he asked firmly as he washed his hands and pulled some lube out of his pocket.

She pressed her hot face against the cool surface of the table as she reached back and caught a sore bottom cheek in each hand with a wince as she spread herself wide for her husband, “Because naughty wives take their husbands big hard cocks in the ass.”

Jim smiled as he pressed the tip of his well lubed cock against her shy little hole, “That’s right baby, bad girls get it up the ass.”

She whimpered as the broad head of his shaft slipped inside her and he began working himself in and out of her tight hole. Moisture dripped from her as the pleasure pain of his entry made her want to beg for more.

Soon he was in to the hilt and she could feel his balls against her body as he pressed deep. It wasn’t long before Jessica was pressing back against him with each hard thrust as he took her hard and fast. She craved this ultimate act of dominance…his utter control…her legs moving further apart in an effort to take him even deeper inside.

When he sank three fingers into her waiting heat and began to work them in and out of her in time with his thrusting cock she couldn’t contain her cry of pleasure.

Her hands convulsing on her sore bottom and pulling it open even more for his pleasure and hers. The pain in her burning cheeks and the sting in her ass as he pounded into her entwining with her pleasure in such a way that she could no longer separate the two.

Now she cried out in need as he pounded into her, “Harder Jim…harder please…yes…oh Jim!”

Then he reached beneath her with his other hand and caught her swollen pulsing clit between his fingers and pinched it hard and she exploded around him clamping her muscles down tight on his cock as he released into her with a groan.

She shivered as she felt his hot seed pouring deep into her and felt a peace wash over her that had been sadly lacking as of late. Jim still loved her.

Jessica didn’t realize she’d spoken aloud until he pulled free from her body and slapped her ass hard before gathering her up in his arms and sitting back down with her in his lap.

“Of course I still love you, you little idiot. I never stopped loving you and I never will. That stupid song you play about one less egg to fry? Not ever happening babe,” he said kissing her deeply.

Then he sat her on her feet in front of him once more, “Now get cleaned up and fry me some eggs woman!”

Jessica jumped to do as he asked with a wide grin on her face.

Allysa Hart is here to talk about Adopting Katie


Sales Blurb:

“If you ever put yourself in danger like that again, I will take you over my knee and spank your little bottom until I am convinced you have learned your lesson… How does that promise make you feel? Because make no mistake about it, Baby, it is definitely a promise.”
A successful CEO by day, Katelyn looks forward to the minute she crosses the threshold to shed all of her adulthood stress and worries and become a carefree, mischievous little mess maker. Her husband and Daddy, Mark, is one of the most beautiful people, inside and out, that she has ever met. His dominance turns all of her switches, but she learns quickly that he means what he says and testing Daddy is not in her backside’s best interest.
Mark is not alone in his endeavor to create a safe and loving environment for Katie. His best friends, Keith and Rose, round out their little family. Being intimately familiar with alternative lifestyles, the couple love and spoil Katie in abundance, but never think twice about turning her bottom red if she steps out of line.
Surrounded by her loving Daddy and adoring Auntie and Uncle, Katie learns that the love, safety, and guidance of this family are what help to make her feel complete. Exploring the little girl who lives inside, the one that she has hidden for far too long, she spends her time building elaborate Lego structures and playing in her special tree house that Mark built by hand.
When tragedy strikes, Katie’s idyllic life is shattered and it takes all of the love, support, and discipline of her family to pick up the pieces and put them back together. However, will love and spankings be enough? Katie is not convinced. She doesn’t believe anything will ever be okay again.

About Allysa Hart

I am a full-time mom to a sassy, strong-willed, loveable little girl. Okay, so she is all me. I am on the wrong side of 30, and I have been married to my best friend for over eight years. Like most couples, we have our ups and downs, but I could not imagine doing life with anyone else by my side. We are Southern California transplants, currently residing in a very rural part of the east coast. I have two crazy dogs that I adore, even though they drive me out of my ever-loving mind, most days.
I have recently rediscovered my love of words and decided to become a writer. My first story is my heart and soul, and it reaches into the depths of all that is me. I also create covers, promos, and logos for  authors. I have met some amazing friends on this journey that I now happily call family. Without my family members, whether biological or chosen, I would not be half the person I am today. Their constant love and



“It’s been a long time since this naughty bottom has been over my knee. I think it forgot what happens when it ends up here.”

“No! It’s not a naughty bottom. See how white it is? It’s a good bottom!”

Rose shook her head, “Oh baby, you just issued a challenge that no Dom would ever ignore.”

“No! It’s not a challenge! It’s not. Lemme go!” Her feet scissored helplessly in the air before they were trapped under Keith’s strong leg. There was no pleasure or ‘adult’ stimulation when Keith spanked Katie. Their relationship was purely familial, so when she was sent over her uncle’s knee, she was a little girl to him and nothing more.

“Hmm, I wonder how long it would take to turn your bottom to the same color as these pants. What do you think, Rose?”

“Her pajamas are pink and I thought you hated the color pink. Can’t you do better than that?” She coaxed.

Katie could tell that they were teasing, but she also knew that once in this position, there was no escape without a hot bottom. Keith’s hand had the ability to set a fire hot enough to cause a naughty little girl to fall asleep on her belly.

“Let’s see how many licks it takes to get to the center of a naughty girl’s attitude.” “No! I’m not a tootsie pop!”

“One.” The sound of the smack reverberated through the room.

“Ow! I’ll go to bed!”

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Because Beards is LIVE! For only $0.99, you can experience the sexiest men this November has to offer the romance world. With all proceeds going to The Movember Foundation to benefit men’s health, this charity anthology has 21 handsome athletes, CEOs, police officers, movie stars and regular guys, each
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Join 21 of your favorite romance authors as we bring you hot, sweet and steamy stories…bearded for your

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Be it a little scruff or a full length beard, there’s nothing more attractive than a man with a well-groomed face. Masculine. Powerful. Sexy. Devoted. Lose yourself in this tantalizing collection of original short stories by your favorite romance authors in support of a great cause. Hipster CEO, bartender, best friend, baseball player—just to name a few—these men all have one thing in common: they’re bearded for your
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All proceeds from this anthology will be donated to The Movember Foundation, an organization that supports charities in the research and treatment of prostate and testicular cancer as well as other men’s health initiatives.
Written by Alexis Alvarez, Faith Andrews, M. Andrews, Jeannine Colette, Hayley Faiman, Angelita Gill,
Ace Gray, Ruthie Henrick, Scott Hildreth, Evie Lauren, Jerica MacMillan, R.C. Martin, Emmanuelle de Maupassant, Leslie McAdam, Maria Monroe, Adrienne Perry, J. Quist, Renee Rose, Kacey Shea, Martha Sweeney, and Tom Sweeney.



Theirs to Protect by Renee Rose

They headed straight for her, wolves hunting their prey. She stood talking to a couple of stuffed shirts, but her gaze slid over to them and she did a double take.

He was half-afraid she’d ignore them
completely, or, worse, make a beeline in the opposite direction, but, to his surprise, she broke away from her cronies and headed toward them. They met her near a concrete pillar and she skirted the side of it so it hid them from view.

“I didn’t know they invited the Super Troopers.” She folded her arms across her perky breasts.

“We just booted your car, Ice Princess,” John said. “You really should’ve paid those parking tickets.”

“What parking tickets?” she spluttered.

“What in the hell are you—” Catching the amusement on Keith’s face, she relaxed.

“Very funny.”

He tilted his head. “Well, I’m definitely writing a ticket for that dress. It should be illegal.”

Her sensuous lips curved into a smile. “Oh, really?” She infused a heavy dose of skepticism into her words.

“On you, at least. It could incite a riot.”

He stuck out his hand. “Keith Swensen.”

She gripped his palm, her slender handshake firm and professional. “Sloane Walters.”

“John Hathaway.” John offered his hand. “How do you know Judge Tell?”

She pointed to her lovely chest, giving them the excuse to ogle her cleavage. “Public defender.”

John snorted. “That explains it.”

Her jaw dropped in clear offense. “That explains what?”

“Type A personality. Never lets her hair down. Dying to get laid if only she didn’t have to touch anyone to do it.”

Her beautiful aqua eyes narrowed. “You don’t know me.”

His boyish grin appeared. “Oh yeah? What kind of woman buys two guys drinks, flirts, and then bites their heads off when they show interest?”

A flicker of regret—or defeat—flashed across her face. Keith didn’t like it. They didn’t seek to insult her or make her feel bad, but to incite her to action.

He spoke up before she could answer. “The kind who is secretly dying to know what it feels like to have two men make love to her at once.”

Their gazes tangled. His eyes went to those full, glossy lips, close enough to kiss, as he imagined what it would be like to take her mouth. His heart gave a double pump, a sort of lurch that made the hair on his arms stand up with recognition.

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Free Friday brings the paddle and anal punishment!

Have a wonderful weekend! Happy reading! ~Mo
Naughty Girls Will Be Paddled
She stomped into the house with Trent hot on her heels. “I don’t need no stinkin’ rules!” Lily yelled over her shoulder.

“Clearly, that is not the case.” He said with an amused twinkle in his eyes.

Lily spun around at the sound of repressed laughter in his voice, “Are you laughing at me?” she asked suspiciously.

“Now, punkin…would I do that?” Trent asked.

She crossed her arms over her chest with a huffing sound, why did he laugh at her when she was mad and pouting? It wasn’t funny. Rules were stupid!

“You can’t take my car keys!” she yelled.

An eyebrow went up, “I not only can I did.”

“This isn’t the dark ages! I need my car!” Lily said stomping her foot at him for good measure. This wasn’t funny. She wasn’t in a cute little huff because he said she couldn’t have ice cream…this was her car dammit!

“You don’t have a job currently, no pressing appointments so I can take you where you need to go for the time being. You need to think about what it means to be a responsible driver,” Trent said firmly.

“Responsible driver my aunt fanny!” she yelled. “I am plenty responsible!”

“Refresh my memory love, how many tickets did the one you got today make?” he asked her.

Lily glared at him and muttered something under her breath.

“What was that? I couldn’t hear.”

“Ninety-sevenish,” she spat.

“Ninety-seven,” Trent said thoughtfully.

“Ish!” Lily interjected.

“That doesn’t seem like you’re taking the responsibility of driving a car very seriously to me.” He said.

“It was an accident,” she said softly her shoulders slumping in defeat.

“You accidently didn’t get the car inspected? Or you accidently didn’t renew your registration? Or you accidently were playing on your phone and swerved which got the officer’s attention?” Trent asked her.

“I wasn’t speeding,” Lily offered hopefully.

“Your last speeding ticket was when?”

She pouted a little before answering, “Last month but…”

“Lily enough…this is no longer amusing. I do not want to hear how it was an accident or not your fault. It is your fault. You’ve needed to be taken in hand for a long time. I know rules are hard when you’ve been without them most of your life but you have them now. You have me and I will not allow you to run amuck and ignore all rules of safety and good sense. You are grounded from the car for the next month. In that time you will write me a research paper about the ten leading causes of car accidents and some ideas to encourage safe driving, twenty pages due by the end of the month.” Trent told her sternly.

Her mouth dropped open, “You can’t be serious.”

“I’m completely serious. You need to think about this and make some changes young lady. Now, go get the big paddle from the wardrobe.”

“But you already grounded me and gave me a research paper…” she said worriedly.

“I’m still going to bust your butt. Ninety-seven swats…one for every ticket you’ve ever gotten.” He said firmly.

Her hands crept back to cup her unmarked bottom worriedly, “The dog shouldn’t count!”

Trent raised an eyebrow, “You still should have paid the ticket but fine ninety-six swats.”

“Can’t you just use your hand?” she asked miserably.

“Lily this is not a negotiation. Go get the paddle now or I will spank you then send you for the paddle and you will still get every swat.” His implacable tone told her he was out of patience.

“But…” she couldn’t resist one last plea.

“Now!” he barked.

She jumped and scurried to the wardrobe as fast as her short legs would carry her. She pulled the big heavy fraternity style paddle from its drawer with trepidation. Nine-six swats, whatever possessed her to tell him about her driving record. It didn’t seem fair that her past sins would join her present to kindle the fire Trent was about to light in her ass.
“Lily!” He yelled her name from the other room.

“Coming!” Lily hurried back to the living room with the horrid paddle in her hand. Stupid paddle…perhaps after this it would have an unfortunate accident…that thought made a ghost of a smile creep up. One she quickly extinguished when she came back into the room to find her stern faced boyfriend had already rolled up his shirtsleeves.

“Good girl,” he said taking the paddle from her. “Pants and panties down to your knees then bend over the arm of the couch.

She gave a little whimper but did as she was told, dropping her pants to her knees and bending over. His hand immediately came to rest in the small of her back and she sighed as his strength seemed to seep into her flesh.

Trent wasted no time, the first crack of the paddle sounding overly loud as it landed across both sit spots and nearly brought her up on her toes with a hissed gasp. Before she could get her breath back it fell twice more in the exact same place. “Ooowwwwww!”

She tried to rise up after the fifth swat landed but he held her in place and applied the next five quickly.

Lily was howling by the time they got to fifty, her ass feeling like it had been branded by the long thick paddle.

Trent’s hand came down and gently rubbed across her inflamed backside in long soothing strokes. “Need a break?”

“Yes sir,” she said with a miserable sniffle.

“Go stand in the corner and think about whether or not you want to experience a paddling like this again.” He told her.

“Again?” Lily asked fearfully.

“You get another ticket and it will be the exact same paddling with one added for the new ticket. Plus next time you’ll get a good hard figging as well. I’m not playing with you here young lady. You will learn to take more care when you’re driving.” Trent said seriously.

She nodded and went and planted her nose in the nearest corner, thankful for the brief respite for her throbbing ass.

It seemed like only a nanosecond had passed before he was calling her from the corner for the rest of her spanking. She paused as she walked towards him, looking up at him and feeling her chin quiver. “I’m sorry.”

“I bet you are, get back in position.” He told her succinctly.

Lily felt the last of her bravado and attitude from just a short while earlier fade in the presence of his implacable countenance. “Please forgive me…I really am sorry.”

He tilted her face up to his with a hand under her chin, “Baby I forgave you the minute you confessed but that doesn’t change the fact that I’m extremely disappointed in your actions. You know better and the little tantrum you threw earlier was not at all pretty.”

Tears gathered in her eyes and spilt down her cheeks as the weight of his disappointment hit her. Suddenly she wanted the rest of her punishment…she needed it…anything to erase the disappointment she saw in his loving eyes.

Lily did the only thing she could do to atone for her behavior, she lay back across the arm of the couch with her bottom arched out for his chastisement. Trent reached out and pulled the bunched up fabric around her knees the rest of the way off while she remained in position.

She sighed when his hand came back down in the small of her back to help her stay in position, somehow just the feel of his hand calmed her nerves and reassured her. She felt safe and protected even though he was about to put the exclamation point on the worst spanking he’d ever given her.

Trent wasted no time immediately laying another line of fire across her already inflamed backside. Lily yelled and jerked as stroke after stroke of the paddle fell. Each feeling harder than the one before until he finished with a flurry of ten fast swats to her sit spot that left her howling and sobbing into the couch cushion.

Her bottom would never be the same again. She would remember Trent’s displeasure with her every time she sat for the next week and it wasn’t over yet.

Serious punishments earned more than a spanking in their house; usually the spanking was followed with punishment anal sex. The thought caused a flush to heat her cheeks as she was filled with equal parts trepidation and desire.

She seldom felt more submissive than when he took her ass, whether for punishment or pleasure. It softened her deep inside her core making her feel completely his in that moment.

Lily moaned when she felt his fingers slide between her ass cheeks, down her crack and into the wet slick heat that already leaked from her needy slit.

“It seems my naughty girl enjoyed her punishment to some extent.” He said making her blush even more and squirm in embarrassment. It mortified her the way her body reacted punishment.

She’d always been a spanko but punishment spankings weren’t fun, though hers had to be pretty hard and intense to get her past finding them erotic. Trent said for her the line between punishment and pleasure could be a very fine one, thankfully he knew her well enough to know where the line was and how far he could go without doing damage.

It was odd, he knew her even better than she knew herself, sometimes calling a halt to a session when she would have continued because he knew her body was done.

“Spread your legs,” Trent told her firmly.

Lily moaned feeling a fresh gush of moisture from her core as she did as he told her, two of his fingers immediately sinking deep and rocking in and out of her before pulling out to press against her tight asshole.

“Deep breath Lily,” he said as he began to press one finger into her ass, working it slowly in and out before the second finger joined it. Since this was a punishment she only got a few thrusts to adjust herself to each intruder and forced herself to relax her muscles the best she could.

When he stepped between her thighs and pressed his thick cock into her pulsing channel while his fingers still worked in and out of her ass the pleasure was indescribable, Lily  couldn’t stop her hips from pressing back against him as he filled her up.

His hand slapped down on her sore ass making her yelp, “This isn’t for your pleasure young lady and you know it.” Trent said pumping in and out twice before pulling completely free making her want to weep in frustration and need.

His fingers pulled free of her ass at the same time then he used a hand on each throbbing ass cheek to spread her wide as he fit the now slick head of his cock against her most private place.

She whimpered as he pressed past the tight ring of muscle guarding her secrets, stretching her wide. The pain and pleasure intermingled as he suddenly thrust all the way inside hard.

She panted when she felt his balls resting against her ass, knowing the real punishment was about to begin. Lily groaned as her body continued to weep for him so wet now she could feel it coating her inner thighs.

“What happens to naughty girls Lily?” Trent asked, knowing the answer never failed to embarrass her.

“They take it up the ass hard,” she said quietly.

“What are you taking up the ass baby?”

“Your cock, you’re going to fuck my ass hard with your big cock,” Lily said in a rush.

“That’s right I’m going to fuck this tight little ass to remind you to be a good girl.” Trent told her as he pulled almost completely out and then slammed back inside.

She cried out as he began to pound in and out of her hard and fast. Each thrust driving her discomfort and pleasure higher and higher. It was confusing; Lily was lost in a haze of pleasure and pain. One minute she wanted to beg him to stop and the next she wanted to beg for more.

Then she began to feel tingles up and down her spine into the base of her skull, it almost felt like the sparklers from the fourth of July were going off in every nerve ending. She shuddered, moaning loudly as the feeling grew.

“Please!” Lily begged as she shoved her hips back to meet each hard thrust.

The pain was suddenly gone and only pleasure remained. The heat of her throbbing bottom only adding to it and driving her higher as he began to slam into her so hard his thighs slapped against it reawakening the sting.

“Yess!” she screamed as she neared something she’d never before experienced. Lily felt as if she was about to jump out of plane without a parachute but she wanted it. She needed it.

“Please…please…please,” she began to chant as he fucked her ass ever harder. The fingers of one of Trent’s hands snaked beneath her to catch her clit and tweak it as he drove in and out of her.

Lily stiffened beneath him everything in her tightening like an over wound rubber band and then it snapped and she exploded with an intensity that left her mouth open in a silent scream.

The pleasure so intense it stole her breath as she shattered into a million pieces. Trent wrapped both his arms around her holding her tight against his chest as he lunged into her one final time filling her ass with his hot seed causing her to shiver as she felt it splash against her inner muscles.

She sobbed against the couch cushions, burying her face as her shattered world came back into focus. He pulled slowly out of her body making her wince then gathered her high in his arms.

“Shhhh…there’s my good girl. Its okay baby…I’ve got you…you’re safe here in my arms.” He whispered as he carried her to the bathroom.

Lily wrapped her arms around him sighing as he put her back together again, forgiven and renewed.