Father Dollar

Megan Malone, applied her makeup carefully as she thought about the confession scheduled later this morning. She would kneel before Father Dollar and confess all her sins before being married to Travis Jones today at 2PM.
After hearing her confession, Father Dollar would be performing the ceremony. Megan smiled at her reflection, the man she had secretly fantasized about since her late teens was going to marry her to Travis.
Just the thought of Travis soured her expression, Megan had been leaving when her cousin Melinda told her about what Travis is been up to at his bachelor party the night before. Where apparently, her fiance had sex with at least two different strippers while his friends watched and gotten lap dances from four others over the course of the evening.
Her parents had introduced her to Travis when she was sixteen. He’d been fresh out of college and starting with her father’s company. They started dating when she was nineteen and already been engaged by the tine she was twenty.
Travis barely touched her even though she’d tried to get him to make love to her multiple times but he insisted she be a virgin bride.
Megan thought again about Father Dollar, he always looked so handsome in his priestly habit. He was tall nicely built. She liked the way the slight trace of gray blended with his neatly trimmed beard and mustache. She longed to touch his bald head and feel the tickle of his beard against her bare flesh.
Father Dollar was such handsome man it was hard was hard to understand why he had given up everything for the priesthood. She’d fantasized many times over the years about giving her virginity to the good Father.
Megan thought again about Travis, well two could play at that game. What was good for the gander was good for the goose.
She thought about Father Dollar while she donned her wedding finery. Though she’d wanted antique looking cream color, Travis had insisted her dress be white.
Now here Megan stood in her wedding dress the requisite virginal white satin and lace with the silk and white thigh highs secured in place by the white lacy garter belt and a beautiful white corset. She’d actually felt sexy when she’d seen her hourglass shape in the mirror.
Under her dress the corset nipped her waist in tight to accent the full skirted confection of her dress. It was filled with intricate white beading and lace.
Megan would see the hairdresser after her confession so it hung around her shoulders in a spill of dark curls. Later it would be artfully piled on top of her head and arranged around a sparkling crystal tiara.
She wondered if she was brave enough to follow through with the wicked plan forming in her mind.
Megan looked at herself in the mirror…the way her breasts seemed ready to burst from the top of the heart-shaped bodice exposing deep cleavage. Would it be enough to tempt Father Dollar
She certainly hoped so.
Megan looked at the kneeling stand up on one side of the large receiving room her mother had arranged for the bridal party, but they wouldn’t arrive for another two hours. That should be plenty of time to put her plan into action. Her lips twisted as she briefly wondered if this would be a mortal sin then waved the thought aside.
Sin could often be fun besides she was sure the good Father could give her something to do as penance.
Megan walked across the room and locked the entrance her mother and the bridal party would be coming in through. She was sure Father Dollar would lock his door as well since her confession and pre-wedding counseling time with her priest was sacrosanct. She was fairly certain they would have all the time they needed.
Megan lifted her skirt and knelt primly at the confessional kneeler watching as Father Dollar entered and stood in front of her she looked up at him.
Smiling flirtatiously, Megan studied him through her lashes. She quickly did the sign of the cross and began.
“Bless me father for I have sinned it’s been three years since my last confession.”
Together they said the Lord’s prayer and then Father Dollar looked at her, “Begin, my child.”
“Father I’ve been having wicked thoughts.” Megan flushed and looked down at her hands.
“What type of wicked thoughts my child?” The Priest gave her an encouraging smile.
“I’ve been having wicked thoughts about you father-imagining making love to me and taking my virginity.” Again she looked up at him with her lashes breathlessly waiting for his response
Father Dollar’s blue eyes seemed to twinkle as he looked down at her. “There is a special type of penance that you must pay for such wicked thoughts my child.”
She looked up, “I found out that my bridegroom slept with two strippers during his bachelor party on Thursday night as well as having several lap dances. It seems only fitting that I give my virginity to you father, Iwant him to know that if he’s not faithful, neither will I.”
The Father looked at her sternly. “Travis will answer for his own sins my dear. Just as you will answer for yours.”
“I know Father, but…”
He laid a finger over her lips and removed his jacket then laid it over the back of one of the room’s many chairs. When he turned back to her she saw what looked to be a thin leather paddle in his hand. He laid it down on the top of the kneeler then began to roll up his shirt sleeves. “I intend to ensure your penance is well suited to your sins.”
Megan looked nervously from the Father to his paddle and back again. “Are you going to spank me Father?”
He smiled, “Of course but first I think you should show me how sorry you are for those wicked, wicked thoughts.”
He moved so that the bulging crotch of his pants was in front of her nose to ensure she understood. “Yes Father. “
Licking her lips eagerly Megan reached to unzip his pants before slipping her hand inside to find his thick cock then pulled it out.
She smiled up at him as she slowly stroked him; he had a beautiful, long thick shaft with a broad head.
Leaning forward she put her tongue in the slit and fluttered it there for a moment. He tasted so good she moaned as she leaned in and sucked his cocked into her mouth, licking and flicking her tongue all around it. She sucked hard and twisted her hand around the base as she worked more and more of him into her mouth.
Father Dollar stayed perfectly still aa her fist worked up and down the shaft coming up to meet her lips. Megan swirled her tongue along the underside of his cock trying to reach every part of it she could as she sucked him hard.
Father Dollar fisted his hands in her hair and began to thrust deeper into her mouth until he hit the back of her throat. She gagged a little as he pressed deep, thrusting in until her nose was pressed against his stomach. Megan continued to suck and lick as hard as she could while he fucked her mouth.
Tears slowly streamed from her eyes as she sucked and licked as much as she could while he thrust in and out of her throat. Then he pulled out without warning.
“That will do for now.” Megan stared at his still hard cock where her spit glistened making her clit twitch in her panties
“I told you there would be penance for your wicked thoughts. Go to the kneeler and bend across the top.”
Megan did as instructed lifting her full skirts with difficulty, the Father helped her, lifting the skirts until they laid over her back. She flushed as she realized she was lying over the section of the kneeler where her hands usually rested to pray.
Father brought her attention back to the present by snapping her garters before he pulled her panties down her legs. “Step out.” He said firmly.
She did as he asked and then he fastened her garters back in place on her stockings. Megan wondered about the picture she made with the white of her garters framing her generous ass above the lacey thigh highs.
Father Dollar walked around in front of her, the thin leather paddle in his hand. It was black to match his priestly arraignments.
It looked about 10 inches long 2 inches wide and looked as stiff as his cock. Megan resisted the urge to giggle as she looked solemnly up at Father Dollar.
“I’m going to give you 40 lashes for this part of your penance.”
Megan felt her eyes widen at his words. “Father I don’t know if I can take that many on my bare bottom.”
“You must pay the price for wicked thoughts and deeds.”
The father moved to her side placing his hand in the small of her back, “I’m going to do these in groups of five, when I get to the fifth stroke I want you to say forgive me father for I have sinned.’
“Yes Father,” Megan closed her eyes only to have them spring wide as the paddle landed across her the under curve of her bottom cheeks. She couldn’t help her gasp at the line of fire that erupted across the lower part part of her posterior in the paddles wake.
The father delivered four more in quick succession all of them landing in the exact same spot on that tender crease between her ass and thighs “Forgive me father for I have sinned!” she almost yelled the words in her desperation to please him
He moved to the other side and delivered five more crisp swats with that stiff paddle just above the first five.
Megan wanted to stomp her feet her bottom hurts so bad but didn’t dare. “Forgive me father for I have sinned.” she said the words quickly before gritting her teeth, he moved to the other side again.
The next five landed just below the first five right on the tops of her thighs. The paddle hurt even worse on the top of her thighs. It was all she could do to stay in position.
At least he delivered them quickly. “Forgive me father for I have sinned.”
Megan was shocked to realize that with every swat of the paddle her pussy grew wetter and wetter.
The next five were directly below the last set leaving a searing line of heat along her upper thighs and her lower bottom. “Forgive me father for I have sinned.”
“Very good you’re about halfway through your punishment.” His big hand came down to stroke the hot flesh of her tender ass. Megan moaned loudly. His hand felt so good.
After the brief respite the father made short work in delivering the rest of her penance. “Forgive me father for I have sinned.”
“You have taken your penance very well.” Then she felt him move behind her. His hands caressed each of her tender butt cheeks giving them a squeeze that made her wriggle her ass suggestively.
Father Dollar slapped her bottom then she felt the head of his cock against her wet slit.
He stayed there sliding the tip of his erection back and forth across her entrance, teasing her. “Please Father.” she whimpered.
He slowly pressed inside and pulled back out taking her deeper with every thrust. There was a slight pinch when he breached her the membrane guarding her maidenhood but it was quickly for gotten when her inner muscles stretched deliciously around his cock as he moved deeper and deeper inside of her.
Megan whimpered, enjoying the feel of his thick cock stretching her pussy wide. She groaned in ecstasy; she was so full and she loved every second of it.
Once he was in to the hilt and she could feel the head of his cock against her cervix, he stayed in place for a moment allowing her to adjust to the sensation. He leaned down to whisper against her ear. “Are you ready for me to fuck you hard?”
Megan shivered. “Yes Father.”
Then he pulled almost all the way out and slammed back inside hard. “Ooh father.” she moaned as he began to pound in and out of her relentlessly.
He felt so good inside her as he fucked her hard
Her pussy was slick with arousal easing his passage. Megan’s clit throbbed and jolted with every brutal thrust driving her need higher and higher.
“Yes Father Dollar! Oh god!” She cried as she came then she whimpered when he pulled out.
Father Dollar flipped her so the small of her back rested on the top of the kneeler and her head was covered in a froth of white silk and lace as he slammed back inside of her to the hilt.
Megan gasped when he pressed on the back of her knees pushing them back to her ears as he ground his cock against her cervix. Spread impossibly wide his pelvis rubbed against her clit as the head of his cock stoked high inside of her towards what seemed an impossible height.
The orgasm slammed into her with the force of a tsunami making her scream “Yes Father! Bless me father! Bless me father!”
Father Dollar gripped her hips and lifted her ass up higher as he began to pound in and out of her even harder taking her relentlessly. “Father I don’t know if I can,” Megan whimpered.
“Yes child you can take everything I give you,” he drove her into another orgasm leaving her shuddering beneath him as he finished inside her. “Stay right where you are.”
Megan obeyed since she felt to tired to move for the moment. “I think I might love you Father. I know my pussy does.”
She heard the Father chuckle as he secured something around her upper thighs then she felt something press inside her with something else resting against her clit. Once it was secured in place the father helped her to stand and smoothed her dress back into place.
“Father I don’t understand,” she frowned as she looked up at him.
“This is the rest of your penance my child.” He gave her a wink and turned as if to leave.
“What about my panties?” she asked.
Turning back to her he grinned. “I’ll keep those to help you remember to be a good girl and not have such wicked thoughts.” He winked at her again.
Then he was gone.
Megan looked in the mirror to see mascara running down her cheeks and her lipstick smeared everywhere. She couldn’t help smiling her lips still tingled from his cock fucking her face. Then the thing that Father Dollar had fitted over her pussy seemed to spring to life vibrating inside her and against her clit in short bursts.
She gasped as the vibrating sensation increased and she looked up to see Father Dollar watching her. “Father I can’t!”
“Yes you can my child. This is your penance.”
“But Father…”
Father Dollar held up a hand to silence her, “You will wear it throughout the ceremony and your reception until I instruct you to remove it at the end of the night.”
Megan looked at him warily then tried again. “But Father…”
“Do you need to feel more of my paddle?” he asked.
“No Father,” she tried not to glare.
“Remember this is your penance my child.”
“Yes Father Dollar. I’m sorry.”
“Shall we pray?” At her nod they quickly prayed together then he blessed her and walked out the door.
Megan sat gingerly on the stool in front of the vanity and begin to fix her makeup, she quickly removed all traces of her tears then repaired her mascara and smeared lipstick. She still looked every bit the bride, hair swept up with curly tendrils falling down the back of her neck.
Everything was in place and no one would ever know she’d just been fucked right here in the bride’s room by the Priest.
Just as she opened the door to her mother and her bridesmaids the vibrator came back to life.
“You look so beautiful Megan.” her mother said.
“Thank you mama.” She said softly as she tried to ignore the pleasure that was blooming in her nether regions.
“Let me make sure everything is in place.” Mrs. Malone sat down in front of her daughter and quickly adjusted everything checking the skirts. Her mom frowned looking around the room then back at Megan with a frown. “Something buzzing. Do you hear something buzzing?”
“It’s probably someone’s cell phone Mama.” Megan said softly then thankfully the buzzing stopped
“Not long now until you become Mrs. Travis.” Her mother beamed with happiness.
“I can hardly wait.” Megan said with a smile.
Her sister Tracy looked at her with a raised eyebrow. “What did you do?”
Megan looked at her sister in shock “What you mean what did I do?”
Tracy smirked. “I know you too well. You did something. You look guilty.”
“Don’t be silly.” Mrs. Malone said. “She didn’t do anything. She’s just been here doing her confession with Father Dollar and contemplating the seriousness of marriage.
Tracy just looked at her ignoring their mother. Their eyes met and her sister wrinkled her brow then shook her head and smiled. “It’s going to be a beautiful wedding.”
Megan felt herself smile in return. Hopefully I won’t come during the ceremony she thought to herself
As she stood in the antechamber next to her father waiting for the processional music to begin Megan contemplated the idea of having an orgasm during her wedding.
She really was wicked because it appealed to her on a dark and deviant level. The idea of coming as she said her I do’s filled her with rapture.
At the sound of the bridal march she and her father followed the bridesmaids down the aisle. Then she was standing next to her groom.
When it was time for the prayer they knelt in front of the altar with Father Dollar standing above them as they bowed their heads she felt the vibrator come to life jolting her clit.
Megan gave a soft gasp and looked up Father Dollar. He smiled and said “Let us pray.”
They begin to pray as the vibrator turned up even higher shifting the small shaft inside of her and rapidly stroking against her clit. It reminded her of the father’s cock shafting in and out of her and in a vigorous rhythm.
As the prayer continued she came closer and closer to orgasm and then at the end of the prayer, just as she was about to go over the edge, the vibration stopped.
She wanted to whimper as she got back to her feet. She resisted the urge to press her thighs together to get friction from the vibrator that had been turned off.
Throughout the wedding as they took their vows and knelt to pray again the father would turn the vibrator on and off again until Megan was about to pop.
The Father turned the vibrator back on just he asked her if she took Travis to be her lawfully wedded husband.
Instead of giving the soft, demure I do she’d planned, Megan yelled, “I do!” as she came.
She knew it echoed throughout the sanctuary as she shuddered with pleasure.
Travis just gave her a surprised look then smiled quizzically as the father asked him if took her to be his lawfully wedded wife.
“I do.” he said.
Father Dollar smiled and the vibrator turned off thankfully.
She couldn’t see how he was controlling it until he touched his collar and the vibrators hopped back to life just as he said. “I now pronounce you man and wife. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Mr. and Mrs. Travis Jansen.”
Megan smiled as she turned to face the congregation then almost sighed with relief when the vibrator stopped again.
As they walked out the vibrator hummed back to life. “It was a beautiful ceremony.” Travis said softly. “Didn’t you think so Megan?”
She smiled and nodded as she fought the urge to rock against the vibrator again, then it turned off and Megan didn’t know if she was happy or disappointed.
Then they entered the reception hall and laughed as everyone cheered.
All throughout the evening the vibrator would spring to life at random times taking her right to the edge of orgasm.
Megan tried hard to hold her face in a neutral expression and not reveal that she was about to come all over the bridal party.
An orgasm rolled through her as she and Travis were holding the knife to cut the cake. “Oh my god!”
The way her hand jerked caused the slice to be extremely wonky. Travis looked at her, “What’s wrong? Are you okay?”
The vibrator stopped, blessedly still for a moment as she tried to regain her equilibrium. “Cramp!” she exclaimed. Then she looked up and saw the look on his face. She smiled apologetically. “I’m sorry, it’s just been a long day.”
Travis kissed the top of her head. “It will be time to leave soon. Then you can leave all of your worries behind as we fly off to the honeymoon.”
As she danced with her actual father she smiled.
He spun her around. “Did you enjoy the wedding honey?”
“I did.” she said told him as they danced to butterfly kisses. Thankfully the vibrator didn’t turn on.
The brief respite was nice but when it was time to dance with her groom it sprang to life with a vengeance; dancing on her clit in a pulsing pattern to rival the most intricate of tangos.
When Travis pulled her into his arms pressing a leg between her thighs over her skirt applying just enough pressure that she shuddered as another orgasm slammed into her.
“You have really overdone it with this wedding stuff. You’re so tired your body is shivering.”
Megan gave a soft moan as she pressed her face into his jacket. She wanted to scream with pleasure as the vibrator intensified its motions and she begin to rock hips on his thigh again.
“What are you doing?” Travis asked with a tinge of budding outrage in his voice.
Megan was so close to coming again she just gripped him harder on the shoulders and pressed her face even tighter against his chest as her hips rocked on his thigh. “I’m sorry Travis I’ve got to.” She whispered then the orgasm washed over her and she sagged against him soft with pleasure.
The dance ended and she smiled up at him then pressed a kiss to his lips. “Thank you.”
Travis looked at her quizzically, “What just happened?”
Megan smiled and patted his chest “Nothing to worry about. Oh look Father Dollar is calling us over.”
“I hope the wedding was everything you hoped it would be.” Father Dollar gave them a benevolent smile. “I guess it’s that time?”
Mrgan looked up at the Priest and he winked.. “Yes it’s time to get ready to go. I’ll go to the bride’s room to change, if you give me a minute Travis.”
He frowned. “We’re married now.”
She patted his chest. “Just give me a minute.”
On the way to the bride’s room she stopped to see Father Dollar where he was getting the sanctuary ready for morning mass.. “I might need to schedule another confession.”
Father Dolllar gave her a smile and winked before getting back to work.

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  1. I Iove this!!! Amazing. It got my mind going crazy 😜 I was like damn that would be such a perfect life. So much desire and passion. Love and well the best kind of life ❤ I’m to read it over and over again

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