Z is for Zeal-Spanking A-Z Challenge

I can’t believe it’s Z Day. I hope everyone else enjoyed the Spanking A-Z Challenge as much as I did, though I have made a note to myself to have some posts completed ahead of time if I participate again.  Z is for Zeal. What do you do with an angel with a zeal for being naughty? Thankfully Saint Sebastian has things well in hand. Happy reading! ~Morganna

The Naughty Angel

Divinity heaved a great sigh and flung herself backward upon her soft bed of clouds. It wasn’t fair! What good did being good do if you were doomed to an eternity of boredom?

She stretched her long curvy frame before flipping to her stomach. Raising herself a little she used one hand to smooth apart the clouds so she could look down below.

A smile stretched her full lips as she watched. It was like a giant TV screen with millions of little pictures, all that she had to do was zone in on the picture she wanted to watch and enhance it. Viola! A real life home movie of her own to help liven things up; a guilty pleasure she used to spy on the humans down below with zeal.

Today, she was watching the Kayla and Hank channel.

She laughed as Kayla said something smart. That girl had a sassy mouth! Luckily she had a man that knew just how to deal with it too. A deep sigh escaped the voyeuristic angel as Hank tossed Kayla’s squirming form across his knee. Soon Kayla was sobbing out her apologies and within seconds of that her sobs turned to moans.

This was hot stuff. Divinity was soon leaning so far over the entire front half of her dangled from the hole she’d made in the cloud.


She started when her name was barked and shot straight up to see Saint Sebastian standing in the doorway of her room. She blushed and tried to cover herself. The red bra and thong were hardly Heaven Issued attire. She’d copied it from some women she’d seen on the Victoria channel, “Sebastian! I…er…I wasn’t expecting any visitors.”

“I can see that young lady. You should be ashamed. The windows are not for spying or entertainment! They are only used in certain circumstances when one of your charges needs guidance.”

Divinity hung her head, ashamed that she’d abused her privileges as a guardian angel. “I’m sorry. I don’t know what got into me. The first time I looked it was an accident, I opened the wrong window by mistake. The people seemed to be having so much fun, I just…I just wanted to be a part of it.”

“Silly girl, you can no longer be a part of that world. You must keep both feet and wings firmly on heavenly ground or your charges will suffer for it. What good is a guardian angel that’s so busy spying on everyone else she doesn’t recognize when one of her own need her?”

“I’m so sorry,” A crystal tear glistened on her cheek as she looked up at her stern mentor.

“You’re obviously in need of a lesson to help you remember to keep your head in the clouds young lady,” Saint Sebastian began rolling up the sleeves of his heavenly tunic and seated himself on the side of Divinity’s cloud. “Come here.”

“Sir?” Surely he couldn’t be suggesting…they didn’t do that here…did they?

“Now Divinity!” He held out a big hand to her.

Divinity gulped and placed her hand in his. Quick as a flash she was across Sebastian’s knee with her pretty little red thong a thing of the past.

“I trust this lesson will enable you to remember your duties,” with that the old Saint’s large palm connected sharply with the little angel’s full white bottom.

“Oooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!” This hurt a whole lot more than she’d thought!

His hand fell in relentless rhythm. Falling again and again Sebastian’s hand drove his lesson home. Her bottom was on fire when he picked up the brimstone paddle and delivered several licks with it just to insure that the lesson would not be forgotten.

Then Divinity was stood on her feet before him and kissed gently on the forehead. “Now, you will contemplate our discussion from the corner of your cloud.” A gentle pat on her bright red bottom sent her on her way.

Divinity stood in her corner thinking about the spanking she’d just received. Who would’ve thought she could be spanked here? Then again she did remember talk of fire and brimstone preachers on earth. Now she knew what they were talking about.

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Zee End


Y is for You…Who do you belong to?-Spanking A-Z Challenge

I decided to post a scene from the WIP that’s currently with my editor. Y is for you…Who do you belong to? Hope you like it! Happy reading! ~Morganna

She began to wail as the pain in her punished bottom, the burn from the ginger, her throbbing clit and the double penetration washed her in an overload sensation. Pain became pleasure and pleasure became need, “Please! Rafe please…harder…faster…oooh!”

Soon all she could do was scream her pleasure as she came again and again with no respite until finally he shouted his own release into the back of her neck and they both collapsed to the mattress.

Max gave a small cry of pain when he withdrew from her well used ass but stayed where she was face down on the bed to sated and exhausted from the punishment and pleasure to move.

She heard him cleaning up in the bathroom and then he was back cleaning her up with a warm washcloth before scooping her in his arms and laying her down in the middle of the bed.

Max sighed with contentment when he climbed in behind her and curved his body protectively around hers as he pulled the covers over them.

Rafe placed a gentle kiss on the tip of her ear and whispered, “Who do you belong to?”

“You Rafe, you always you,” she said softly as she stroked the arm wrapped around her middle.

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X is for Xandie-Spanking A-Z Challenge

I decided to share and excerpt from my current WIP, The Werewolf Diet. In this scene, Xandie is being taken to the pack while she undergoes her first change. She was bitten and changed by a rogue wolf in an effort to undermine the pack leader who happens to be her mate. Because of the danger from the rogue wolf it is necessary for Xandie and her friend Epenie to be brought into the pack for their own protection. I hope you enjoy this excerpt. Happy Reading! ~Morganna

I heard the commotion the minute I put one foot outside of the car; Epenie’s shrill yell nearly stopped my heart.

I discovered first hand how much faster I was as a werewolf.

One moment I was half way out of the car and the next I was in the house standing between E and the large bald wolf she’d been trying to beat senseless with a rolled up newspaper.

He looked over my shoulder to glare at her, growling from deep within his throat.

I immediately growled back, she was here for her safety, not to be threatened by this balding bully.

In the next second Tara was standing with me shoulder to shoulder in front of Epenie and adding her own growl to the mix, Dizabell stood at our feet adding her own yips of outrage.
Suddenly Epenie stepped around me and raised the newspaper to swat the man right on the end of his nose as she yelled up at him, “Don’t you growl at me you over grown, hairy excuse for a man! Bad Dog!” Epenie

“I am NOT a DOG!” he bellowed ending in another outraged growl. Then almost faster than I could blink the man went down on one knee with Epenie bent across it as he delivered slap after slap to her upturned posterior.

As soon as I recovered from my shock, I ripped Epenie off the man’s lap and pulled her behind me again, where she stood glaring over my shoulder and rubbing the sting out of her bottom.

Suddenly we were all yelling, growling and barking at once. I’m sure to a passerby would have looked certifiable.

“ENOUGH!” The authoritative voice boomed out with power from the top of the stairs.

All of the wolves present dropped their heads and shoulders in submission, Dizzy rolled over onto her back. I was shocked at my impulse to bow down to him in response to the raw power sizzling across my skin.

Epenie gulped loudly and back away from Jared back towards the bald man who’d just been paddling her bottom with such zeal.

It said a lot about Jared that she thought the other man the safer of the two.

W for What She Desires-Spanking A-Z Challenge-Free Story Friday!

Have a fantabulous weekend! It’s Free Story Friday and I almost forgot! Happy reading! ~Morganna

What She Desires

All the way home she kept glancing at the book sitting in the passenger seat next to her; the images it brought to mind bringing a flush to her cheeks. She wriggled in her own seat noticing the tiny twinge of tenderness in her bottom.

The man had only landed a few swats, granted they were sharp and very well placed. She couldn’t help wondering what her bottom would feel like if he had finished taking her to task. Not of course that she’d done anything wrong; anyone would have questioned the man in the same situation and demanded answers.

The gall of him putting her across his knee like a child! Men don’t act that way! Women would never allow it! Although if she was honest, sometimes she found herself longing for a more masterful man, one that wouldn’t put up with all her bullshit. A wistful sigh escaped her as she climbed from the car. Not that she had any desire to be spanked!

She scooped the book up and carried it inside laying it in the center of the kitchen table.
She stood staring at her arms the flush in her cheeks growing more and more pronounced as she stared at it.

“This is nonsense!” Scolding herself she rubbed her arms and went to change. As she dropped her clothes she caught sight of her bottom in the full-length mirror beside the bed.

She gasped loudly. There on her backside were two distinct handprints! Proof positive that she hadn’t imagined the interlude; tying a robe about her waist she went back into the kitchen and studied the book thoughtfully.

“It’s all in the name of research right?” she asked the empty room. Licking her lips she pulled the book across the table to lie directly in front of her, with a deep breath she undid the strap and laid it open.

Once again she came to at the feet of the handsome stern-faced man, “I…”

“Good girl. I see you came back to finish your punishment. Wise choice, I assure you that you would have been sorry had you waited any length of time.”

She looked down and saw that she was still in her robe, “I…my clothes didn’t change!”

“I decided that the robe was appropriate for our unfinished business,” He smiled slightly then held out his hand. “Come my dear, let’s get this lesson behind us; there are far more pleasurable things I have to teach you.”

She studied his offered hand and shook her head, eyes filling with tears in a sudden panic, “I…I can’t!”

“You can and you will,” his tone brooked no argument; her body seemed to sway towards him of its own accord. When he sighed and barked “NOW!” She found herself standing before him.

He nodded and took her hand pulling her back across his lap. Since the robe was all she wore it took only seconds to bare her once again to his gaze. He smiled slightly at the two handprints that seemed to have been tattooed on her posterior. Those marks always brought them back. They would stay with her as long as she came to him. He ran his hand lightly across the pert feminine bottom enjoying her responding shiver. He had a feeling he would miss this one when the time came, but she would go like all the others. She would find her destiny in her own time and he would have to say goodbye.

He would make sure he did a good job preparing her though. He brought his hand up and back down sharply on the exposed area.

“OOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW!!” She gasped and kicked her left foot slightly. For some reason she hadn’t remembered the awesome sting. Why had she re-opened that damn book!?! This time there wasn’t going to be anyone to interrupt until he was finished.

The man’s hand descended again and again. Filling her poor bottom with searing heat and bright color. She kicked…she cried…she begged, all to no avail, the relentless hand continued to fall until she was a sobbing mess across his knee.

He lifted her to stand before him, “Now you will go stand in that corner and think about the manner in which you behaved earlier when you first entered my home. You will also think twice before using the atrocious language that spewed so readily from your mouth. Such filth from a lady is unacceptable. A fact you would do well to remember.”

She stared tearfully up at him rocking from one foot to the other trying desperately to ease the furious sting in her bottom, “The corner?”

She found herself immediately tucked under his arm as he delivered several more stingers to her already very sore bottom.


“You think to question me young lady?”

“No sir. I’ll be good I promise,” She almost gasped in shock when she realized those words had come from her own lips. What was happening to her? It also surprised her to find herself meekly standing in the corner with her robe pinned up to display her throbbing red backside to anyone that entered the room. Yet strangely she was content.

She felt a peace and safety she hadn’t felt since childhood. It seemed almost as if the world had shifted back to its proper axis. She sighed and pressed her face against the cool wall, confused by all the thoughts racing through her head.

Later as he held her and rocked her gently in his lap. She looked up at him with a thousand questions trembling on her lips, “How? Why?”

He smiled down at her, “You’ve cried out to me for a long time. I had to wait until you were prepared to listen to what I had to teach you. You had to be ready to find your freedom in submission. I sent the book to the library knowing you would be unable to resist its temptation.”

“Then the librarian interrupted,” sighed frustrated at the thought of even ten minutes wasted.

“No. I sent you back.”


“You had to come to me again of your own free will in order to listen with your heart. You had to open your heart to prepare yourself for him,” The hand that had so thoroughly punished her earlier now ran soothingly through her hair.

“Him?” she asked, thinking of the emptiness in her house and the way the loneliness seemed to echo all around her at times.

He caught the single tear that fell from her cheek on his fingertip, “He will come to you soon little one. You’re almost ready for him. You just weren’t ready to know yourself until now. How can you truly learn to know and love someone else if you refuse to learn about who you are?”

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V is for Visiting-Spanking A-Z Challenge-Bella Bryce is visiting today with her new book Unfailing Love releasing TODAY!!


Bio & links

Bella is a 28-year-old English writer of clean adult niche market smacky bottoms fiction published exclusively with Blushing Books. To learn more visit her website: http://www.authorbellabryce.com
• The series on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Bella-Bryce/e/B00FDGG8TS/ref=sr_ntt_srch_lnk_1?qid=1435114252&sr=8-1
• Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/authorbellabryce?ref=hl
• Twitter: @bella_bryce


Love is a decision. It isn’t a fleeting emotion, and it stands firm when everything else is shaken. Brayden James has learned through raising his adopted daughter, Alice, that discipline is only part of what is required to establish stability. When a devastating incident causes Alice to see the reality of her prior circumstances, she is affirmed once again in her life at Waldorf. Brayden’s healing love is exactly what she needs, and his blossoming relationship with Anabelle Grayson mirrors that in its purest form. Brayden and Ana are now exploring the facets of their courtship between the deeply desired accountability system of domestic discipline and some rather amusing scenarios.
The fifth book in the series turns particular attention to Waldorf and where it all began, giving the reader a close-up look at the man who thought he lost everything he loved when his parents died. With glimpses at the supporting cast of the series, we learn how the boundaries of marriage are built when love is at the heart of relationships. What began as Alice’s story of forgiveness and healing has turned an entire social circle to focus on their need for unmovable, sacrificial and unfailing love.

Author’s note: Bella’s books do not have graphic sex or swearing in them. If age-play or corporal punishment of consenting adults offend you, please do not buy or review these books. This series is a work of fiction from the writer’s imagination so any inaccuracies should be regarded as personal preference.

Excerpt option 1:

Ana didn’t want to apologise again. It wouldn’t do the situation justice. He had been very patient for the last six weeks.
“It’s time you become accountable to me, Anabelle. Properly accountable.” Brayden looked directly into her eyes. He would have kissed her if it weren’t completely inappropriate timing. The way she breathed inward was enough of a response to indicate her compliance. She wanted nothing more than to get herself over Brayden’s twenty-nine year old tailored suit trousers and get smacked for misbehaving. “Come here.” He broke their eye contact as he walked toward the Chesterfield sofa. She felt wobbly on her legs again as she followed him to the seating area in front of the fireplace. “We’ve not done this before but I assure you it is exactly what it seems like it’s going to be.”
Anabelle’s face burned with embarrassment as Brayden took one of her hands. She never intended to be rude or distracted, although her wide-eyed anticipatory manner suggested otherwise. “Brayden.”
“Sir,” Ana repeated and her chest stung delightfully at his quick reprimand. She could almost feel her heart bursting with joyous confetti. His leading was intoxicating.
“What is it?” He didn’t want it to become habit that Anabelle started conversation right as she was to be put across his knee, but he also knew she must be feeling some trepidation at the unfamiliarity of the moment.
“Nothing, Sir,” she replied, quietly. She had absolutely nothing to say – she was just incredibly nervous.
Brayden pulled her forward and across his lap. It happened a lot faster than she imagined, with intermittent waves of excitement and dread rolling through her. She found herself facing the rug with only Brayden’s shiny black shoes and tailored trousers in her line of sight. Another mixture of anxiety and dread swirled into a cocktail of one gigantic “finally!!”
He removed Anabelle’s red patent leather high-heeled shoes and lined them up neatly on the floor beside the Chesterfield, which caused her racing heart to slow to a methodical thud. Was shoe removing some sort of pre-punishment ritual?
“A proper smacked bottom requires knickers down,” Brayden stated, factually, as he pulled her red fitted dress up onto her back. He cleared his throat when her red satin knickers were lowered to the backs of her knees. He was insanely attracted to Anabelle Greyson but punishment was punishment and he refused to allow his mind to travel to a place that would distract it. This was not a time for admiration.
Ana could hardly believe she was lying across Brayden’s lap in such a state. It was far more humiliating in real life than in fantasy. Even when she imagined the scene she didn’t really know what to expect. She’d never had a smacking in her entire life. “This is what happens from now on in our relationship when there is a breech of behaviour, trust, or a wilful disregard for the rules you’ve agreed to. I want you to take in every detail of this experience so you know exactly what to expect the next time you report to my study.”
“Yes, Sir.” Her nervous eyes searched the Persian rug beneath his feet.
Brayden pulled his arm back and let the first whack hit her backside with force far beyond what she expected. It was supposed to be painful and memorable enough to dissuade repetition of the behaviour that earned it. The dreadfully unpleasant smack of his palm on her skin brought instant remorse and it wasn’t sensual at all. It bloody hurt. The following smacks were slow in rhythm. His hand was heavy and determined as it came down onto Anabelle’s exposed and tender flesh in succession. He decided he wasn’t going to count, either. Anabelle was a big girl and she didn’t need to have a limit to how many harmless swats her disobedient bottom needed. It wasn’t terribly different in his mind, disciplining his future wife when compared with disciplining his daughter. He was a disciplinarian to both of them; the only difference was age. Brayden believed a spanking was the great equaliser – is doesn’t favour anything or anyone. Every woman is reduced to the state of a contrite and remorseful girl through the process. The goal is the same regardless of age – bring a marked change in behaviour.
“I want you to understand,” he said, as his heavy hand continued laying into her backside, “this is what it means to be accountable to me, Anabelle.”
“Yes, Sir,” her voice was emotional. She felt more connected to Brayden in that moment than in the six weeks of deep and revealing conversations. They kept no secrets from each other and Brayden was right; work was definitely the most delicate subject between them. He knew it was a struggle for Ana to separate her career identity from every other part of her life. It was no surprise to him that the very subject would be the cause for her introduction to discipline.
Brayden quickened the tempo of his hand and put slightly more force behind hit, drawing an immediate reaction of the breaking of Ana’s whimpering into audible tears. There it was. Precisely what he’d been waiting for. Remorse. He heard Ana’s breathing elongate between cries even as she tried to control it. She was crying because the guilt for her actions rightfully lined up with her punishment and it hurt. “Right,” he declared, after the last whack. In place of the smacking Ana’s tears were now the only sound filling the study. She looked at the floor through blurry vision like a sorry schoolgirl. Unsure of what was to follow her first priority was to not be a dripping mess of tears and running mascara. Mental note for next time – wear waterproof. She used one hand to quickly wipe her eyes as Brayden replaced her red knickers over her matching bottom. It was only the texture of skin versus satin that gave away the difference between the two. He pulled her dress back down where it belonged and told her to stand up. Ana pushed herself up from his lap and loosely clasped her hands together. Well. There it was. The first smacked bottom.
Brayden stood up from the sofa and signalled with his index finger for her to follow. “After punishment you will face the wall. Put your hands behind your back, please.” He positioned her to face the same wall that Alice faced when she was punished. Ana hadn’t done that since she was about five years old. “I will tell you when to come out.”

This book sounds absolutely fabulous! Everyone join me and one-click on a link below! You know you want to! Happy Reading! ~Morganna

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U is for Underworld-Spanking A-Z challenge-A story from the underworld

I decided to post a story from the Underworld for U entitled The Little Devil; this is probably a stretch but stretching is good right? Happy reading! ~Morganna

The Little Devil

Charged by her master to wreck havoc here on earth…unseen by human eyes…she travels among us causing mischief and mayhem where she can. She’s the decadent whisper in your ear when you are deciding between right and wrong. The little hiss that says don’t bother when you think of repairing a rift with a loved one, the breeze of hot air that encourages lovers to say mean and hurtful things to one another and the sad despairing sigh that tells us we are unworthy of love.

Meridian sat on the shoulder of her latest assignment. The master said her naked body pressed into the neck of the one she was leading astray made them more prone to listen to her, especially when her assignment was male. This assignment was definitely all male. His name was Petruccio; he was a handsome gentleman from Verona come to this small village to woo the fair Kate. She was known by many names Kate the cursed, Kate the Shrew, Kate the Cat, he had been willing to brave it all for a taste of her dowry. Now the master had been all for that until Petruccio had caught sight of the fair Kate and become smitten by her beauty and spirit.

Now that she was his heart’s desire it was Meridian’s duty to see that he didn’t win her. This usually wasn’t a problem for Meri at all. She enjoyed toying with the affections of mortals and leading the astray from their chances for true happiness. This time however she was running into some difficulties.

She was amazed by the heat that seemed to generate from Petruccio’s body everytime he caught sight of Kate. It spread with such rapid intensity it made her head spin. She had never before seen this depth of desire from a mere mortal. It was enthralling to watch and made her want to explore its depths to the fullest.

Then it happened, in a blink of an eye she failed to do her duty and in turn failed her master. It was a moment of madness. Kate was throwing everything but the kitchen sink at Petruccio and as his thoughts wizzed through her head she heard him think. “I ought to paddle her bottom.”

Now she should have at that very moment pressed her body tight against his neck and whispered in his ear, “She’s not worth it. Leave you will find one with more money and a sweeter disposition. Leave this troublesome bitch here to rot.”

That’s what should have happened. Is that what she did? Nope. Instead she pressed herself to his neck and whispered, “Yes you should paddle her good, blister her bottom, tame her to your hand and then kiss her with all the passion within you.”

Of course that is exactly what Petruccio did. He turned the fair screeching Kate across his knee bared her bottom and paddled her but good. When her bottom was a bright and rosy hue he flipped her in his arms and kissed her until she was fair begging for more. The Cursed Cat was but a purring kitten in his arms. His heart’s desire was his and she had failed utterly in her duty.

The scene had no sooner unfolded than poof she was off Petruccio’s shoulder and standing before the Master.

“What have you to say for yourself girl?” He asked gruffly.

“I was just curious about the passion I sensed in them both. I wanted to see where it would lead.” She said softly in her own defense.

“I’ll tell you where it leads girl. It leads to happily everafter. We are not in the business of happy endings. We do our best to prevent them NOT facilitate them,” he yelled.

“I’m sorry Master. It will never happen again,” Meridian promised afraid of her master’s anger.

“So you wanted to examine the human’s passions and feel what they feel?” He demanded approaching the cowering little devil.

“I…well …I was a bit curious,” she said lamely.

“Then I will demonstrate a bit of what was felt this evening for you and in turn assure myself that you will never make such an error in judgment again,” he said firmly grabbing her by the arm and tugging her naked form across his knee. The rather large being grabbed hold of the middle of his tail and began to use its rather broad point like a paddle on the naked bottom of his subordinate.

“OOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!” Meridian cried as the paddle like tail fell again and again across her vulnerable backside.

“What do you think of human reactions child?” he asked with a laugh as he continued to thoroughly paddle her backside.

“They stink!” she wailed as she kicked her cloven feet and pounded the floor with her tiny hands.

By the time the Master let her up tears were falling freely down her pink little cheeks. The minute she was up she began to frantically use her wings to fan her overheated bottom.

“What do you have to say for yourself now?” he asked interestedly.

“I promise to always interfere from now on. Never again will I not get in the way of true love,” she swore fervently still trying to fan the flame from her sore bottom.

“See that you do,” he said with a smile and a twinkle in his eye. He did so enjoy disciplining them when they misbehaved.

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T is for Taken to Task-Spanking A-Z Blog-Ashe Barker is visiting with a hot excerpt from Shared by the Highlanders




After she becomes lost in a thick mist while hiking near the borders of Scotland, Charlene Kelly is shocked to encounter two men on horseback. To her horror, the pair—both of whom are dressed in Scottish tartans—accost her and won’t let her go. Though the men speak with accents so strong they seem to come from another era, Charlene is able to gather that they believe she is a thieving boy. Unsure what else to do, Charlene plays along.
When Will Sinclair and Robbie MacBride discover that their captive is in fact a woman—and quite a beautiful one at that—there is only one thing to be done. She must be punished for her deception, and punished thoroughly. A switch applied to her bare bottom does the job well, and soon enough the two men are comforting Charlene as she nurses her bright red, sore backside.
Upon learning that the highlanders are hand-carrying an important message from Elizabeth of England to the court of Mary, Queen of Scots, it finally dawns on Charlene that she is no longer in her own time. Though she is desperate to find a way home, Will and Robbie are both unlike any man she has ever met, and their unabashed dominance awakens in her a powerful need to submit. Soon enough, she finds herself blushing with shame and quivering with desire as she is taken long and hard by two rugged highlanders at once. But can these hardened warriors keep her safe from the perils of a world far more dangerous than the one she left behind?

Publisher’s Note: Shared by the Highlanders is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes including threesomes, anal play, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.


Robbie crouches beside me, his features stern. “Every time you swear at one of us, you’ll receive an extra stroke. So you’re on six from me, and now seven from Will. You can scream all you like, I expect that, but I’ll be having no more profanities from you. Is that understood?”
I glare back at him and seriously contemplate slapping his face. By now I have no illusions about who is to come off worst in this encounter, but even the smallest measure of satisfaction is an alluring prospect. My self-preservation instinct wins out though, and I keep my hands to myself and settle for glowering at him.
“Answer me, Charlie. Do you understand the rules about swearing? And about honesty and obedience? You’ll take your punishment now for what’s gone before, and from here on you’ll behave yourself. Yes?”
I don’t answer, so he takes my chin in his large hand and tips my face up to his. “Yes?”
“Yes,” I whisper, knowing when I’m beaten. Or about to be.
“Good. So will you undress, or do we need to strip you?”
“Why? Can’t you just… do it as I am?” I’m no longer protesting the act itself, just the manner of the doing of it.
“A woman should be naked for any punishment. It helps to drive the lesson home, I always think. Would you agree, Will?”
“Oh yes. And so much more enjoyable too. For us I mean, though of course you may find the experience an arousing one also, wee Charlie. In which case we’d be happy to oblige you in other ways too.”
Here it comes, the sexual abuse I feared. Why else would they want me naked? I gaze from one to the other, tears pricking the backs of my eyes.
“Enough. She’s already scared. We’ll just do this, then we’ll be off.” Robbie is usually the harsher, the more gruff of the two, but on this occasion he seems more attuned to my terror. And ready to alleviate it. He crouches beside me again. “I’ll be the one taking the switch to you. If you offer no resistance, and do as we ask, I’ll be quick about it and I swear I’ll do you no lasting damage. Fair enough, lass?”
It’s a measure of my rapidly shifting perspective that this seems like a decent offer. I nod, my gratitude almost pathetic.
“Good girl. Stand up then, and remove your clothes.”
“All of them?”
He inclines his head.
“It’s cold.”
“Chilly, to be sure. But not freezing. And as I say, this need not take long. A few minutes if you cooperate, that’s all. You’ll share my mount after, and I’ll make sure you aren’t cold as we continue on our journey. I have extra plaids in my saddlebags and you’re welcome to the use of them.”
As Robbie has been speaking to me, Will has arranged the thick blanket over the rough surface of the branch. The bough they have selected sticks out more or less vertically from the trunk and is maybe three feet from the ground. Waist height, I suppose. Very convenient for what Will and Robbie have in mind for me. Reluctantly I scramble to my feet. I glance from one to the other. They are both quite relaxed, watching me. Waiting.
In a last act of futile defiance I turn my back on them and unzip my quilted jacket.
I shiver as I slide it from my shoulders and drop it on the springy heather at my feet. The crisp early morning air only partially accounts for it. Next I bend to untie my stout hiking boots and toe them off, followed by my thick socks. The ground is frigid under my bare feet, but this is the least of my worries as I grab the hem of my fleece and drag it up over my head. My remaining layer, a thermal long sleeved vest is clingy and leaves nothing to the imagination. I pull that over my head too. The sports bra I am wearing is practical and far from sexy, but the supple bright lilac nylon does nothing to conceal my nipples, already swelling and hardening in the cool morning air.
“Turn around, girl.”
I consider refusing, but they will probably just add to my punishment if I do that. I turn and meet first Robbie’s intent gaze, then Will’s.
“Strange garments, wee Charlie. What fabric is that – item – made of?” Will eyes my colourful underwear with a degree of suspicion.
“Some sort of Lycra, I suppose. May I keep it on?” Hope springs eternal.
They both shake their heads. I grit my teeth and will my fingers not to shake as I reach behind my back to undo the row of small hooks which secure it. The bra slips forward and I allow it to drop at my feet. Determined now not to cower I stand before them, my hands by my sides, naked from the waist up.
Robbie’s lips curl in the faintest of smiles. Neither man makes any comment. They simply wait for me to complete the task they gave me.
My hiking pants have an elasticated waist so it takes just a moment to shove them to my knees and step out of them. The pile of my garments is growing, and I note that the pair of them seem almost as interested in what I am taking off as they do in my increasingly exposed body. Nothing about these two should surprise me now, but still this is odd.
I pause, briefly contemplate stretching out the moment just a little by peeling my leggings and knickers off separately, but opt to get the whole thing over at once. This is going to be awful. Period. Humiliating. Period. It’s going to hurt like fuck, and on top of that I’m bloody cold. The sooner I’m allowed to get my clothes back on, the better.
I hook my thumbs into the elastic waistband and haul both layers down my thighs and slip them off. I prefer to wax my pubic hair, and I am acutely aware of my unusually naked state as I stand before them. I drop my gaze, unable to bring myself to look either one in the eye. I shiver, my teeth starting to chatter.
“Truly exquisite. You are a lovely woman, wee Charlie.” Will’s remark is oddly comforting, despite my lingering uncertainty regarding his real intentions. “I can see you’re feeling the chill though, so I’ll be getting that switch cut. Robbie, while I do that you can see to making the wee lassie comfortable, aye?”

• Genre (s) – Historical, erotic, ménage
• Publisher – Stormy Night Publications
• Release Date – 19 June 2015
• Buy Links – Amazon US Amazon UK AllRomance Barnes&Noble
• Approximately 70,000 words

Author bio

I’ve been an avid reader of fiction for many years, erotic and other genres. I still love reading, the hotter the better. But now I have a good excuse for my guilty pleasure – research.
I tend to draw on my own experience to lend colour, detail and realism to my plots and characters. An incident here, a chance remark there, a bizarre event or quirky character, any of these can spark a story idea.
When not writing – which is not very often these days – my time is divided between my role as resident taxi driver for my teenage daughter, and caring for a menagerie of dogs, rabbits, tortoises. And a very grumpy cockatiel.
I have twenty four (at the last count) titles on general release with publishers on both sides of the Atlantic, and I have several more in the pipeline. All my books feature BDSM. I write explicit stories, always hot, but they offer far more than just sizzling sex. I like to read about complex characters, and compelling plots, so that’s what I write too. Strong, demanding Doms are a given, often paired with new submissives who have a lot to learn.
I have a pile of story ideas still to work through, and keep thinking of new ones at the most unlikely moments, so you can expect to see a lot more from me.
Author links

• Blog : http://ashebarker.com/
• Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/ashe.barker.9
• Twitter : https://twitter.com/ashebarker
• Amazon Author Page : http://www.amazon.co.uk/Ashe-Barker/e/B00FL04NOS/ref=sr_tc_2_0?qid=1434470965&sr=1-2-ent
• Goodreads : https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7143377.Ashe_Barker
• Ashe Barker Newsletter : http://us9.campaign-archive1.com/home/?u=6a241193a36eea6c22d220ae5&id=e30c83fe71

Wow I don’t know about all of you out in reader land but I can’t wait to read this one! It sounds HOT, be sure to grab your copy today! Happy reading! ~Morganna

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S is for Strap-Spanking A-Z


I hope everyone is having a lovely day. I decided to share and excerpt from Claiming Their Mate. In this scene Jared and Ethan are showing Madison what happens to naughty little mate’s who put themselves dowm. Happy reading! ~Morganna

“What a naughty little mate we have to deal with, Alpha,” Ethan remarked with a grin. “She is too beautiful to speak so negatively of herself.”
“I agree, we must ensure it never happens again,” Jared said firmly. “The large plug, I think, Ethan.”
“Jared? Why are you sending Ethan for a plug?” Madison hissed in a whisper.
“Because he is going to help me to teach you a lesson you will never forget, little one. Come, let’s take this dress off for a minute, I don’t want it wrinkled.” Jared quickly divested her of the offending dress and her bra, laying them carefully over the back of a chair.
Madison could only groan in humiliation when he turned her back to his chest then picked her up under her knees, held her off the floor, and spread her wide. When he turned to face Ethan, her mortification was complete.
Ethan stood there holding a butt plug, large enough to make her clench her bottom cheeks, and a tube of lube. The knowing smile on his face sent another hot flush of embarrassment through her.
Holding her eyes hostage, Ethan began to squeeze lube onto the plug. As she watched, he coated it thoroughly.
“Jared, please… I…” she wailed in desperation.
“Shhh, we would never hurt you, little mate, but this is a lesson you will learn once and for all.” Jared’s tone was implacable.
She groaned when Ethan sank to his knees in front of her and immediately sucked her clit into his mouth. As he alternated between licking and sucking, he slowly sank a finger deeply into her ass. He rocked it in and out of her until she was trying to follow his finger for more.
Then she felt the broad tip of the plug at the entrance of her tight little pucker, pressing firmly for entrance.
As he sucked her clit hard he pressed it home, twirling it around inside of her until she was panting, building toward a climax.
Then he stopped; pulling his face away from her needy slit, Ethan looked up at her. “Look at me, my lady.”
When she would have stubbornly stared at the ceiling, Ethan delivered a sharp swat to her thigh.
“Lady Madison, look at me,” Ethan said firmly.
“Madison,” Jared added his own warning and she gave in and looked down to meet the intensity of Ethan’s gaze.
“You are beautiful, my lady,” Ethan said firmly as he pressed the plug even deeper inside her bottom until he was able to lock it into place.
Madison could only moan in a combination of pleasure, pain, and shame. How could another man’s touch and discipline be so arousing? Especially when she was being held in place by her mate.
Then he used one hand to spread her labia even further apart. “Look at how your body weeps for us, my lady, your pretty little clit standing at attention begging for our discipline.”
She shook her head as if to deny the obvious.
“Oh yes, naughty girl,” Ethan told her before slapping three of his fingers on the other hand down sharply right on her clit.
“Ohhh.” Madison’s body jerked in response as the sharp sting bloomed almost immediately into pleasure.
His fingers slapped down three more times in quick succession and Madison knew one more little slap and she’d come hard and beg for more.
Her body tensed in anticipation of the next blow and the impending climax, but Ethan stepped away from her with a grin and licked his fingers clean of her juices.
“Naughty girls don’t get to come, my lady, do they, Alpha?” Ethan asked.
Jared lowered her to the floor on shaking legs. “No, they don’t.”
Madison shivered in need and confusion and Jared and Ethan quickly dressed her again.
“By the end of the night you will never doubt your attractiveness again. This is only the first part of the lesson, Madison. Now we must leave for the gathering but first I think we should deal with your lack of respect. Come here, Madison,” Jared said as he sat down on the corner of their bed. Ethan once again sat down in the chair across the room.
Madison came to stand between his legs where he sat. “I’m sorry… I know I could have handled that better. I could have told you I didn’t like the dress without being so disrespectful and rude or putting myself down.”
He tilted her face to his staring into her eyes as he spoke. “You definitely could have chosen your words much better, baby-love. I’m very disappointed in you, young lady. Now I want you to go to the closet and pick the implement you think you deserve for your behavior, then bring it to me.”
She gasped. He wanted her to pick something to spank her already thoroughly punished backside? Choose her own instrument of torture? “I don’t think I can,” Madison said softly.
Jared turned her and delivered a sharp swat to her left thigh. “You can and you will. Dawdling with only earn you extra.”
At the closet Madison gulped at the array of scary-looking implements. The big paddles looked horrendous, there were several straps and a couple of canes. Realizing she was taking too long, Madison finally grabbed a thick strap. It was only less scary than the rest by a small margin but seemed the best choice.
When she took the strap back to Jared, she found he’d moved a stool into the center of the room. He took the strap from her trembling hand then guided her down over the top of the stool.
“Hold on to the lower rungs and don’t get out of position. I’ll help you by placing a hand on your back. This will not be pleasant, as I want to ensure we don’t need to have this discussion again. Do you understand?” he asked.
“Yes, sir.” Her reply was almost a whisper.
Madison heard a whoosh as Jared swung the strap and then a line of fire bit into the tender skin where her bottom met her thighs, jolting the intruder in her bottom. To her horror the next stroke landed in the exact same place. When the next two landed on top of the first two, Madison began to beg, “Please, somewhere else…. somewhere else!”
Jared seemed immune to her pleas and delivered twelve strokes directly on top of each other leaving an angry reddish purple weal on her sit spot. The width of the strap ensured there was no way she would be able to sit for some time to come without remembering the lesson.

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R is for Resist-Spanking A-Z-Summer Graystone is here today to talk about her new release Bailey’s Little Adventure!

Bailey's Little Adventure

Hi Summer! Tell us about your book.

Hi Morganna! Thank you so much for hosting me today!

I’m sharing an excerpt from my latest book – Bailey’s Little Adventure. This is an age play story which is actually part of the Little Haven Collection released last month. You can find more about that collection here on my blog.
The snippet I’m going to share with you is based on the letter R. R for Resist! All I know is it would be hard for anyone to resist this. In this scene Ian is well…I don’t want to spoil it but check it out.


Ian stood in the middle of the room, his cock rising up hard and long and glistening with my spit. I was just as wet as his cock, and I wanted so badly to touch myself, to run my hand over my panties.
“I’m going to take a shower.”
“Yes, daddy.” For a minute I was disappointed, but then I thought I could have a minute alone, and take care of the ache between my legs.
“And you’re going to watch.”
“You are.” He turned and walked into the bathroom. I heard the shower start and got up off the chair, following him.
He was standing by the shower door, waiting for me. I walked in, body still thrumming with arousal. Seeing him standing there, knowing I’d just had him in my mouth, had brought him so close to coming…it was almost enough to send me over the edge.
“Watch me, Bailey. Sit there and watch. No touching…just watch.”
I stared at him as he stepped into the shower, closing the glass door behind him. I perched on the edge of the window, breath catching in my throat as the water coursed over his shoulders, ran down his back and over his legs. His cock was still hard, still thrust out in front of him.
He grabbed the soap, working up a lather and then slowly began washing his chest and arms, the bubbles running down over his stomach. It was driving me crazy, watching as he took his time, his hands moving over his body. He turned toward me, eyes meeting mine through the watery glass. I held up my hands, showing him I was being a good girl. He nodded, a crooked smile on his face.
But he seemed determined to torment me, and his hands slid lower, sliding his hands over his cock, washing himself, the bubbles running down his legs. The washing turned to stroking, and I watched as he closed his eyes, his hand moving slowly at first, then faster, the head of his cock disappearing in his hand.
I watched, and I got wet, my breath coming in short gasps. I wanted to touch myself, to rub my hand between my legs, to bring myself off as I watched Ian.
But he’d said I couldn’t, and I bit my lip in frustration as I watched him come, his hand almost a blur over his cock, as the first thick streams of come spurted from his cock. I heard his moans over the sound of the water, and I cried out, almost coming with him. I watched as long as I could, finally turning away, taking a deep shuddering breath as he finished.
The water went off and he stepped out of the shower. I glanced at him, caught the half-smile on his face as he reached for a towel.
“Enjoy the show? You were a good girl, Bailey.”

Well! If you want to know what happens then you have to pick up a copy of the book right? Check out the full blurb below!
Even though she is an adult with a full-time job, Bailey loves role-playing as daddy’s naughty little girl. Nothing is more fun than dressing like a teen and teasing her husband, who is always ready to punish her properly before pleasuring her more than she would have thought possible. When she discovers that he would like to tie her up so that she is completely vulnerable and at his mercy, she trusts him to keep her safe, even when he pushes her past her comfort zone.

But Bailey’s perfectionism makes her insecure about their relationship, and when she makes a mistake that disappoints her daddy she panics and wonders if she could lose him forever. Can he prove to Bailey that even when things get really hard, he will always be there for his little girl with the love, guidance, and discipline she needs?

Publisher’s Note: Bailey’s Little Adventure contains spankings, sexual scenes, age play, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book. This book is also available as part of a five-book collection entitled Little Haven.

Buy Link:


Author links
http://www.amazon.com/Summer-Graystone/e/B00XTIQ23O http://summergraystone.blogspot.com/

Thank you for having me on your blog Morganna!

Thanks for stopping by Summer! I thoroughly enjoyed your visit.I’ve read Bailey’s Little Adventure and loved every page. It’s a wonderful sexy and heartfelt read. I really enjoyed the unconditional love and trust between Ian and Bailey. Don’t hesitate, one-click today! You know you want to! Happy reading! ~Morganna

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Q is for Quinn-Spanking A-Z Challenge-Free Story Friday-Quinn Goes Camping

Hope after a wonderful week you are heading into a relaxing weekend! Today’s story is a lighthearted read I hope you enjoy. Happy reading! ~Morganna

Quinn Goes Camping

Quinn was so excited she could hardly contain herself. They were finally here, Beaver’s Bend National Park. She hung out the truck window as Tim pulled into the campsite. “Oh look Tim! Raccoons! Aren’t they cute?”

Tim smiled indulgently at his girlfriend’s enthusiasm. He shook his head, as he thought of the next four days in the woods trying to keep Quinn out of trouble. The woman could find a hornet’s nest to stir up in a padded room. He thought with a grin.

Tim parked the truck and Quinn was out almost before he came to a complete stop. “Quinn calm down. We have plenty of time.”

“I know,” Quinn stood looking out at the river. “Isn’t it beautiful? I can’t wait till the others get here. We are going to have such fun. There’s so much to do. I saw a sign for war canoes and another for paddle boats and yakanoes. What do you suppose a yakanoe is? Oh look there’s a boat coming. What do you suppose they’re doing? Do you think the fish are biting? I saw a lodge too and there was a big birdcage by it. We need to check that out too. And I…”

“Quinn. Calm down,” Tim said interrupting her excited chatter. “We will have time to do all of those things, but will it be okay if we set up camp and wait for the others?”

Quinn looked wistfully at the river. She wanted to explore so badly, but Tim was right there would be plenty of time later. Camp needed setting up. Quinn turned to Tim with a grin. “Race ya back to the truck.” She started running toward the truck, her laughter turned to a squeal when Tim scooped her up and tossed her over his shoulder, “Tim that’s cheating!”

Tim laughed and slapped her playfully on the rump before setting her on her feet by the truck, “Come on woman, andlet’s get to work.”


Several hours later, Quinn sat snuggled between Tim’s legs in front of the fire. She was full of hot dogs and s’mores. She smiled across the fire at her friends Patti and Ginny. Patti and Jim had been the last to arrive, about an hour ago. Ginny and David had pulled in about an hour after Tim and Quinn. The friends laughed and began talking about what to do the next day.

“I think we should check out those war canoes. We might all be able to fit in one canoe,” Quinn said excitedly.

The others grinned and agreed that they would check it out first thing in the morning. Quinn turned at a sound behind her and saw three raccoons standing on their hind legs sniffing the air. “Look!” she cried springing to her feet.

“Quinn, wait,” Tim said firmly. “The park ranger that came by earlier said to be careful with the raccoons.” He reminded her.

“Oh they’ll be okay,” she said waving off Tim’s warnings. “They’re so cute. I wonder if they like marshmallows.” Quinn snatched up the remaining marshmallows and tossed one out to the raccoons. A big one quickly snatched up a marshmallow and held it delicately between its paws as it began to nibble. “Oh, he likes it!” Quinn said excitedly, as Patti and Gina joined her.

Soon all three women were feeding the raccoon’s against the better judgment of their men folk. After each marshmallow the raccoons inched closer and closer. Quinn looked over to where Tim was sitting by the fire to see if he was watching. He seemed to be involved with whatever Jim was saying; Confident that she wasn’t being observed Quinn got down on her knees and held a marshmallow out to one of the raccoons. The little raccoon crept up and daintily took the marshmallow from her hand. Quinn had just started to pet its head when an arm hooked around her waist jerked her to her feet.

“Tim! You scared the raccoon away!” she said accusingly.

“Good thing too! Were you listening to the park ranger at all young lady?” Tim asked glaring down at her.

Quinn sighed, “Yes Tim, I was, but they’re so cute. It wouldn’t have hurt anything for me to pet it.” She said defending her actions.

“Quinn half of those cute little creatures are rabid. I don’t want you feeding them again, and I certainly don’t want you trying to touch another one,” he said firmly. When he didn’t get an immediate response Tim tilted her face up to his with a finger beneath her chin. “Do you understand me young lady?”

“Yes sir,” Quinn said with a bit of a pout.

“Good girl,” he said hugging her tightly to him. “I think its time we went to bed don’t you?” Tim whispered in her ear.

Quinn grinned up at him putting her arms around his neck. She went up her tiptoes and bit him sharply on the ear. “Race ya!” She said turning to run into their tent and flopping down on the air mattress with a laugh. Tim followed quickly, diving on top of her and tickling her till she begged for mercy; then kissed her till she begged for more.


The next morning found the group walking down the path to the war canoes, with Quinn eagerly leading the way. “Look! There they are.” She said excitedly pointing to where the big canoes were tied to the dock.

Tim and the guys talked with the attendant about the rental of the fifteen man canoes. Quinn heard the man say they would be getting the red canoe and was off like a shot, Patti and Ginny reluctantly following.

“Quinn don’t you think we should wait for the guys?” Patti asked frowning as her friend put on leg into the yellow canoe.

“No. Don’t be silly. It looks easy enough. We just have to step into the yellow canoe first then go from it to the red one,” Quinn said as she began to put her words to action. Quinn stopped to catch her balance as the yellow canoe began to bob with her weight. She gingerly made her way to the side of the canoe then put one foot over in the red one, but before she could hop into it the red canoe began to move away from the yellow one. “Shit!” Quinn cried as the canoes moved away from each other causing her to do the splits between the canoes. She looked down between her legs into the water and saw long seaweed looking stuff. No way was she falling into that stuff. Quinn tried to bring her legs back together to no avail and instead she found herself dangling between the two canoes barely clinging to each by her knees. “Tim!” She yelled.

Tim started at Quinn’s distress cry and looked up to the site of her balancing precariously between the two canoes with her bottom dangling inches above the water. “Quinn!” Tim and the other men hurried to the canoes. The attendant pulled the red canoe close while Tim scooped Quinn up.

Quinn hugged Tim tightly. “Whew, I thought for a minute I was gonna fall into that nasty water,” She said grinning up at him.

Tim frowned down at her, “It would’ve served you right. You should have waited for me.”

Quinn sighed, “I know. Trust me next time I’ll wait.”

Tim shook his head. He was trying to give Quinn a little more leeway than normal because it was their vacation, but she was really pushing it, “You’re pushing it you know.” He said softly.

Quinn made a face and swatted him in the chest, “Lighten up Tim. It was an accident.” Quinn jumped lightly into the red canoe now that it was held securely by the attendant and then turned to grin at her friends. “Come on guys, what are you waiting for?”

Soon everyone was as caught up in the moment as Quinn. Everyone was thoroughly enjoying the morning on the river. Tim decided that there would be plenty of time to discuss Quinn’s impulsiveness later.


The next morning Quinn woke well before everyone else. She went to the bathroom and then puttered around camp for a little while, but still no one stirred. Quinn sighed and then her eyes lit on the sign for the hiking trail. It wouldn’t hurt anything for her to do a little exploring until the others woke up. Soon she was caught up in the sights and sounds of the forest.


Quinn frowned as she made her way back into camp. Tim and their friends surrounded the park ranger. They seemed to be having a serious discussion.

“What’s wrong?” Quinn asked.

“Quinn!” They all yelled in unison.

Tim lifted her into a tight bear hug, “We’ve been so worried. Where have you been?”

“Worried? I just went for a little walk up the hiking trail,” Quinn said in surprise.

The park ranger snapped the little notebook in his hand shut, “Well since it looks like the little lady has been found, I’ll get back to work.” He said then he frowned at Quinn, “It isn’t a good idea for you to wander around these woods by yourself young lady. Be more careful.” With that he got in his truck and drove away.

“Do you realize that you’ve been gone for over two hours?” Tim asked sternly.

“Two hours? Oh…well I guess I just got caught up in the moment,” Quinn said with a smile. “Sorry for worrying you.”

Tim snorted and then grabbed Quinn’s arm, he turned to the hiking path and began pulling her quickly behind him, “You’re about to get caught up in a moment, young lady.” He said sternly.

“Tim…wait!” Quinn cried as he pulled her away from the campsite.

As they were leaving she heard David say, “It’s about damn time!” Followed by a chorus of agreement; traitors!

Tim continued pulling Quinn after him without another word. He stopped when he came to a fallen log. “This seems like as good a spot as any,” he said turning and pulling her shorts and panties to her knees without further ado, sitting on the log he jerked her across his lap.

“Tim wait…can’t we talk about this?” Quinn cried, mortified to find herself in this position.

Tim brought his hand down firmly across her upturned bottom. The crack of his palm seemed to echo through the stillness of the tress. “This is where I talk and you listen,” he said as he delivered more blistering swats. “You are going to have to learn to control yourself and think before you act. You have pushed me and ignored my warnings since we got here. It stops right now! Understand?”

“Yeeeeessssssss!” Quinn howled as the spanking and the lecture continued. “I’m sorry!” Her bottom felt like it was being roasted across the campfire.

Tim ignored her cries of distress and continued with the lesson. Quinn’s creamy white bottom was soon a bright shade of crimson under his knowing hand. His hand slapped down over and over again careful not to miss any of her bottom.

Just to be sure he tilted her over his lap a little further to apply the last volley of swats directly to her sit-spots.

“Please…oh please…I’ll be good! I promise!” Quinn cried; her poor bottom was so sore she wouldn’t sit for the rest of the trip!

Satisfied that the lesson had been well and truly learned Tim turned her in his arms and hugged her close.

When Quinn was calm again Tim stood her before him and helped her fix her clothes. “Now, you are to go straight back to camp and apologize to everyone for worrying them,” he said firmly.

“Yes sir,” Quinn sniffed. Then she turned and wrapped her arms tightly around him. “I really am sorry I scared you Tim.”

He smiled and returned her hug, “I know baby.”

As they walked back to camp Quinn remembered the aviary, “Oh, Tim I found out that its owls they have in the big bird cages. They have feeding times that you can go and watch,” she told him excitedly. “Maybe if I asked them…”

“No!” Tim said firmly. Quinn opened her mouth to argue but when she looked at Tim’s face her eyes widened and her hands automatically went back as if to protect her sore bottom. “And don’t even think about asking.”

Quinn sighed, “Yes sir.”

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