Every Time I Breathe…

“Have you been a naughty girl?” His breath slid across the skin at the nape of my neck and tickled the edge of my ear. I shivered in response to the sensation combined with the words.

“Yes,” I flushed at the husky tones of my voice. To my own ears my voice sounded breathy and needy echoing with the need thrumming through my body.

Firm hands gripped my upper arms then bent me over the arm of the couch before my skirts were bunched up around my waist. One big hand came to rest on my upturned bottom the other pressed against the small of my back keeping me in place.

That big hand began to lazily stroke across the flesh of my ass sending another shiver through me and a flood of wet heat to fill the gusset of my panties.

In a sudden move he caught his fingers in the back of my panties and ripped them from my body. “Panties are a privilege naughty girls don’t get.”

I wriggled my bottom as if seeking the heat of his hand my breath was coming in panting little gasps.

A sharp slap to the under curve of my left bottom cheek was my reward. “Be still.”

“Yes sir,” the words were gasped as stinging heat filled the spot. His hand rested there on the hot spot he’d made for the space of several seconds making me have to fight the urge to squirm.

Then his hand left only to return in a rapid fire series of swats to the exact same spot. His hand falling hard and fast enough to bring me up on my toes in an effort to escape his punishing palm.

“Oohooo…somewhere else! Please somewhere else!” I don’t know how many times his hand fell on that same spot but by the time he stopped my left ass cheek was so hot it felt as if I’d sat on a stove.

Then his hand stroked over the hot flesh before raking it lightly with his nails and I moaned low and deep.  I was so wet I felt a small trickle of arousal against my inner thighs.

His questing fingers slid between my legs and he chuckled when he discovered just how wet I was. “You’re sopping wet little girl.”

I felt my face flush with heat at his words. 

One hand fisted in my hair and he jerked my head up so he could look into my face. “After I spank you I’m going to punish every hole you have with my cock.”

My clit jerked and I whimpered.

“Tell me why I’m going to punish you so hard you’ll feel me every time you breathe tomorrow.” His dark eyes burned into mine.

I licked my lips suddenly feeling shy and unsure. “Because I was so naughty?”

A slow wicked smile bloomed on his face. “Yes but that’s not why. Tell me why.”

I felt another flush of heat fill my face as my tummy flipped. “I…I don’t…”

“Don’t even try that little girl. You know the answer…tell me.”

“Because I need it,” I whispered embarrassed to admit the need out loud but also aroused by being made to do so. God he knew me so well it was scary sometimes.

“Tell me what you want…tell me what you need.” Command was implicit in his words and the stern look in his eyes told me no prevarication would be tolerated.

I took a deep breath then blurted it out. “Spank me hard then fuck my face until I know you’re in charge…then I want you to spank my ass some more before you fuck my pussy hard…so deep I don’t know where you end and I begin. Fuck me until I’m begging you to stop then fuck me some more…then fuck my ass hard. I want to feel you every time I move tomorrow…every time I breathe I want to feel owned by you.”

You let go of my hair and straightened away from me. “Why?”

“Because I want you too…I need it too so badly I ache.” The words that came from me were raw the need runs through me so deeply. Most of the time he just gives me what I need with very few words between us but sometimes…sometimes he makes me say it out loud…tell him every graphic detail of what I want and need…it embarrasses me but it also frees something deep inside me.

Like I’m giving myself permission to want this…to need it with every fiber of my being.

Suddenly his hand was lighting into my right ass cheek with every bit of the gusto he used to spank the left side. I gasped and began dancing in place as his hard hand fell again and again.

The time for talking obviously over…now my only job was too feel.

By the time his hand finished matching my right ass cheek to the left they were like twin infernos blazing across my bottom. Then he began slapping across my ass with no discernible pattern until I relaxed completely over the arm of the couch with a little sob.

Then the spanking stopped and he helped me to stand before lifting my dress over my head and dropping it on the couch. I stood there before him as he unfastened my bra and leaving me completely naked to his gaze.

My ass felt hot and swollen and knew it had to be bright red. “Knees.”

I dropped to my knees and looked up at him as he unfastened his jeans. I licked my lips again, my mouth watering as his cock sprang free hard and ready. I leaned forward to fist him in one hand as my lips closed over the thick head.

Moaning softly I sucked and licked around the head lapping lightly at the little hole in the tip.  I hummed with pleasure as his hands fisted in the hair on either side of my head.

“Open wide little girl.” I opened for him and he thrust in deep taking my throat and making tear up at I gagged around him.

Holding my hair tightly he began to fuck my face with firm hard strokes. I did my best to lick and suck everything I could reach even as I gagged. Tears streamed down my face as I sucked him.

Then he pressed deep one hand coming behind my head as he drove in. My nose bumped against his abdomen and he held me there his cock planted deep inside my throat. I moaned and sucked while licking the underside of his cock. 

Concentrating on breathing through my nose as he began to rock his hips driving him in and out of my throat…my lips stretched wide around him.

I was completely his in this moment…my bottom burning my lips feeling slightly bruised from the thorough face fucking he was giving me.

When he pulled out of my mouth there was an audible pop as I was still sucking hard.

My mouth empty I felt momentarily bereft…alone…

Then he was helping me back to my feet and bending me back over the arm of the couch. I heard the sound of his belt being pulled free of his pant loops and then his big hand came down to rest on the small of my back and everything inside me calmed.

I felt connected to him again.

The belt whistled through the air and then wrapped around the under curve of my ass in a burning kiss of flame. Even as a yelp of pain escaped me another lash fell falling directly beneath the first.

I went up on my toes as the third stroke fell along the path of the first then a forth fell directly beneath it again. I got ten strokes of his belt until the imprint felt branded on the tender under curve of my ass and upper thighs then the belt fell to the floor next to the couch.

His legs pushed my apart and I felt the broad head of his cock press against my weeping core. I moaned…aching for his possession and then he slammed inside.

I cried out as his cock bottomed out with the first thrust his thighs slapping against my tender bottom and reawakening the sting.

His hands wrapped around the edge of my hips holding me in place as he began a punishing rhythm. He fucked me without mercy pounding in and out of me like a jackhammer.

The first orgasm slammed into me without warning leaving me gasping for air but he gave me no quarter driving me straight from that peak and up into another.

My tender inner muscles tightened around his pistoning cock as my orgasm went on but he never paused forcing them to stretch around him as he fucked me into another orgasm.

I lost myself in the pleasure and the pain…oblivious to the number of orgasms as they seemed to bleed together until I was floating in a sea of never ending pleasure so intense it was painful.

Tears coursed down my cheeks…sweat coated my skin as I panted beneath him suspended in tortured ecstasy. “Please…” my plea was so soft I wasn’t sure if he could hear me.

His breath tickled my ear again, “I think you can come again for me.”

My body shuddered beneath his, “I can’t…”

His hand slipped beneath my belly moving towards my clit. I whimpered both dreading and longing for his impending touch.

Two of his fingers surrounded my swollen clit trapping it between them and pinching as his cock continued to slam in and out of my tender pussy.

Everything went white as my world imploding as my body was bombarded with sensation. I screamed as painful pleasure seemed too exploded from every nerve ending I possessed and it washed through me in never ending waves of bliss.

I came back to awareness when firm hands spread my ass cheeks wide and I felt the slick head of his cock pressing against my most private hole.

“Oh god…” My voice was ragged, ravaged already by my screams. Then there was the burning stretch as he pushed inside forcing my ass to accept his cock.

Sparks began to fire up and down my back as nerve endings woke up to send me flying once more. I cried out as his thighs slapped against my ass his cock planted deep. One hand came down to grip my shoulder bracing me as the other returned to worry my clit.

“Are you ready?”

“I…” momentary trepidation and uncertainty filled me.

He chuckled again, “I’ll take that as a yes. I’m going to fuck this ass hard.”

He began to slowly withdraw only to slam back inside as he pinched my clit. “Yes…oh god yes…harder!”

Something primitive and dark awoke inside me…oh god I needed this…I needed more.

He fucked my ass so hard the couch began to move across the living room floor. I could only wail as the pleasure and pain intertwined into something almost transcendental.

I became pleasure and pain…we were one and the same and it was beautiful. Once more I was floating in a world where there was only him and me…everything was still and my mind was blissfully quiet.

 I was shattered yet completely whole.

Hanging limply over the arm of the couch I felt the hot spurt of his seed against my tender inner walls and shivered with the sensation. He pressed a hard kiss to the middle of my back before he pulled out of me.

Too tired to move I simply lay there and waited. He returned in a few moments with a warm wash cloth and gently cleaned me up before lifting me in his arms and sitting down on the couch.

He wrapped a blanket around me as he cuddled me close allowing me the time I needed to come fully back to myself.

When I was ready I sat up and smiled at him leaning up to kiss him softly. “Thank you.”

He grinned, “My pleasure.”


Every time I breathe.

The next day I winced as I shifted in my seat at work then smiled softly.

3 thoughts on “Every Time I Breathe…”

  1. You know it’s good when you’re reading and without realizing it right away, you suddenly become aware of the huge erection trying to rip a hole in your jeans.


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