Possession-A sexy spanky story


I know its been a horribly long time since I posted, life sometimes gets in the way. Here is a brand new story for you.


She lay bent over the arm of the couch, her naked buttocks arched high. A big warm hand slid across her bottom sending a delicious shudder of anticipation coursing through her. The thought of that big hand and the stinging heat she knew it could deliver causing a new trickle of arousal to trickle down her inner thigh.
He continued to stand there silently with his hand resting on her ass to draw the anticipation out for them both. His large palm began to rub slow circles all across her bottom awakening every nerve in her skin.
She moved her legs restlessly; parting them more as he continually grazed his hand over the junction of her thighs and the wet heat there aching for his touch.  She gave a soft whimper of need causing his hand to leave her.
“Patience little girl,” he scolded just before his hand came back in a hard slap to the under curve of her bottom bringing her up on her toes.
“Ohh,” the soft sound escaped her as the stinging heat began to sink into ass. He let her absorb that first swat for a moment before delivering an equally hard swat to the same spot on the other cheek.
He lightly rubbed his hand over the twin hand prints with a chuckle. Then his hand left again only to come back in a rapid succession of swats on her left buttock. Again and again his hand fell painting that cheek bright red in short order.
By the time he stopped she was panting and her left cheek was on fire. Then he switched to the other side to ensure even coloring.
He pushed her legs together then hooked a hand around her pelvis to pull her bottom out before he began to deliver hard slaps to the spot low on her bottom where her thighs met ever single swat sending a jolt of pleasure through her core.
On and on he spanked in that same spot, pain and pleasure mingling together deliciously and wringing an almost desperate moan of need from her lips.
“I think it’s time for a taste of my belt,” he whispered against her ear sending another shudder through her. “Get in position.”
Once again she leaned her body further over the arm of the couch and moved her legs apart to give him access to any part of her he chose to touch.
She heard the sound of his belt clearing his pant loops and almost moaned out loud.
He didn’t make her wait long before the belt landed just beneath the curve of her ass, wrapping around it and lifting her flesh. The belt left a searing heat in its wake but returned quickly to deliver another stroke just above the first then another directly below it before it came back to kiss the same spot as the first lash.
Tears began to leak from her eyes as the pattern repeated until she hung limply over the arm of the couch sobbing.  Then with a hand cupping her mound he lifted her slightly as he legs pressed her own further apart.
A shudder ran through her when he stepped back and tapped her wet slit lightly with the tongue of the belt. With a sharp snap of his wrist he slapped the tip of the belt against the bare, wet lips of her pussy.
She howled bowing her back as the bite of pain hit only to quickly morph into pleasure causing copious amounts of wetness to seep from her core. 
He pressed a soft kiss into the hot skin of her ass and she felt his lips turn up into a pleased smile at the shivers running through her body.  The belt snapped up to catch her stinging vaginal lips four more times in quick succession before two fingers reached into her wet heat and stretched her open.
Her breath was coming it fast pants as the next snap of the belts tongue landed directly on her swollen clit.
She gave a keening wail as he lashed her tender clit five more times without mercy. The intense pain and pleasure wound together leaving her hanging on the edge of a precipice.
Silence filled the room as she waited for him to end her torment, her heart beating in her ears and her panting breaths seeming over loud and amplifying her anticipation.
She almost sobbed with relief when she heard his belt drop to the floor followed quickly but his zipper being undone.
It took everything in her not to press back when she felt the fat head of his cock against the aching entrance to her pussy. He teased her by pressing almost inside then backing off repeatedly until she wailed, “Fuck me! Please!”
He pulled back only to slap the head of his cock against her well sensitized clit again and again until once again she was hanging on the edge of orgasm. “Do you control your pleasure little girl?”
“No!” she said with a shuddering breath of raw need.
“Who controls your pleasure?” he asked slapping the head of his cock against her again sending another gush of wet heat flooding from her core.
“You do,” she said breathlessly.
Then that slight pressure was back at her entrance barely stretching the tight opening. “Do you need my cock little girl?”
“Yes please Daddy!” she cried and almost wept with joy as he slammed into her before the words were even completely out of her mouth.  He took her hard and fast not giving her tender muscles time to adjust before he took her to the hilt the head of his cock hitting her cervix.
She could barely breath he felt so good inside her, every nerve ending in her body was singing with pleasure. The feel of the rough fabric of his jeans against her sore bottom…the stinging lips of her sex stretched wide around his cock…her tender clit pressing against the material of the couch all adding to the intensity of their joining.
Her body so primed she came on his second thrust as his cock pounded into her cervix again.
“Good girl,” he pressed a tender kiss against her shoulder before he pulled out almost all the way two slam back inside. He shafted in and out of her with long hard thrusts driving her higher and higher.
Her soft cries of mindless pleasure filled the room the intensity of it almost frightening as he overwhelmed her with the raw sensations pummeling her body.

Her hands began to reach desperate for something to hang on to then his hand was there giving her an anchor.
When she began to shake beneath him as her orgasm built he reached his hand beneath her to catch her swollen clit between his fingers and pinched hard as he drove into her like a jack hammer.
She screamed as everything in her body tightened down before she exploded around him but still he fucked her relentlessly as his rough fingers continued to abrade her clit. The orgasm seemed to grow and expand until white lights seemed to burst behind her eyelids as she soared into orbit.
She was sensation personified shattering into a million pieces as he made her whole. He drove into her with one last thrust and she felt the heat of his seed splashing against her inner walls and shivered as another wave of pleasure washed over her.
She whimpered when he pulled out of her feeling almost bereft but then he gathered her in his arms and sat down on the couch to cradle her tightly against him. She sighed as peace washed over her and sank into the haven of his embrace.



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