NSFW Excerpt for His Caged Mate!


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NSFW Excerpt:

He sank his cock into her throat to the hilt until her nose pressed tightly against his body. She loved the way he filled her, forcing her to take all of him without protest. His taste, his scent filled her and she purred around his shaft.
At her purr Barrick’s back bowed and his hands fisted in her hair as he shouted his release and gave his seed to her; she continued to purr in pleasure as she swallowed everything he gave her and then licked him clean with relish.
Ryia looked up at her mate, smiling her pleasure at taking her due.
“Proud of yourself, little cat?” he asked darkly.
“Yes, my mate,” she said with a grin then gasped when he lifted her firmly then pinned her with her back to the shower wall. Holding her gaze firmly with his own, Barrick grabbed her with a hand beneath each knee then lifted her, spreading her wide as he pressed his mouth to her aching core.
“Oh, god, Barrick!” Ryia cried, her back arching as his tongue began to flick across the tender bud of her clit.
He licked her then slid his tongue through her wet folds to sink it deep into her quivering channel. She moaned and found herself grinding against his mouth as well as she could, given his tight hold on her.
Barrick worked her flesh mercilessly as he drove her closer and closer to her own peak.
Ryia writhed in his hold as she chased the climax that seemed to be just beyond her reach. Just as she was about to go over the edge he stopped, lowering her feet to the floor as she cried out her protest. “No, Barrick!”
Her mate went to one knee and drew her shuddering form across it. “Who controls your pleasure?”
“No! Let me up!” she hissed, angry to be denied when she’d been so close.
His hand slapped down hard on her upturned bottom, the water from the rain bath increasing the sting exponentially. Again and again his hand came down, building the stinging heat in her ass until she found herself begging him to stop.
“Please! Owwwww!”
“Who controls your pleasure, mate?” he asked again firmly.
“You do!” Ryia cried.
The spanking stopped immediately and Barrick flipped her to straddle him and impaled her on his already swollen cock, thrusting deep as he settled her over him. Her tender tissues didn’t have time to adjust to his forceful invasion as they stretched around him, taking him deep.
The pleasure bloomed immediately, the hot sting of her bottom and the swollen sensitive folds of her pussy and clit seeming to coalesce into one, pain and pleasure becoming one and the same.
Barrick came to his feet, still pressed deep inside her quivering body as he braced her against the wall and fucked her without mercy.

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