A pirate plunders a little bootie in today’s free story!

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My creative juices have been flowing lately! Hope you enjoy today’s offering! Happy reading! ~Mo

Pirate’s Plunder

She waited on her knees for him where he’d left her chained to the wall next to his bed. She was his prize…his plunder…thoughts of what would happen when he returned filled her breast with a mix of fear and excitement.
She’d only ever known her husbands touch, a quick fumble beneath her nightgown accompanied by a few unsatisfactory heaving thrusts. Somehow she sensed this man would be different.
He would demand everything from her…this would be no polite exchange under the cover of darkness.
The door swung open bouncing against the wall as he charged into the room. His dark eyes came to rest on her kneeling form, her torn gown hanging from one shoulder.
“Hello me beauty did you miss me?” he asked with a lecherous grin as he stalked towards her. His big body, graceful like a large predatory cat.
She shuddered, as he approached lifting her chin defiantly. “Release me you vile cur!”
“A mouthy little wench are ye? Well I have better ways to occupy that saucy tongue.” He told her as he released his sword belt dropping it to the floor and unbuttoning his breeches allowing his erect cock to spring free.
She gasped at the sight, her husband had never exposed her to his manhood in such a way. As she opened her mouth to protest his behavior he caught her hair in his hands and pushed the fat tip inside.
A part of her thrilled to the taste and feel of him in her mouth but she fought against her baser impulses trying to pull away in vain. When he held her fast she let him feel the scrape of her teeth.
“Ye hellcat! Dare to put your teeth on my cockstand do ye? I will soon show you the errors of your way me hellion!” He pulled free of her lips then quickly unlocked her from the shackles holding her and lifted her to her feet. “Naughty wenches are treated accordingly young lady.”
She gave a soft scream as he ripped her already ruined nightgown from her trembling form then sat on the bed and pulled her writhing nude body across his lap.
“No! You can’t do this! Blackguard!” she cried.
“Ye will soon see I can do anything I want with me beauty.” He told her as he began to slap the palm of his hand down again and again on her wriggling bottom. He spanked her hard and fast each swat leaving her gasping as stinging heat filled her ass.
He spanked her until she was begging him to stop. “Please…please I’m sorry sir!”
“Good lass,” he told her lifting her to stand before him. “Now you will suck my cock. Mind yer teeth or I will take the lash to you.”
“Yes sir!” she whimpered then went to her knees before him catching the base of his big erection in her hand as she brought the weeping head to her lips. This time she eagerly took it between her lips, sucking and laving at the head with her tongue as she engulfed it in her mouth.
It was surprising how good his man-flesh tasted as little pearly drops of liquid washed over her tongue. She moaned around him and took him deeper, gagging a little as he hit the back of her throat with a little groan of pleasure.
“Ooh me beauty but you do that well,” he told her as he gripped the her hair tightly and began to drive himself in and out of her mouth. She gagged again but did her best to open her throat and swallowed around his length as she continued to suck and lick.
She had an almost desperate need to have his seed, she sucked harder as she squeezed her fist working it up and down to meet her lips.
“Enough!” he said as he pulled away from her leaving her feeling a little confused and bereft. “I’ve more to plunder than yer mouth this night beauty. I also feel the need to paint your ass a brighter shade of red afore I fuck it.”
Her eyes widened in alarm. “Nay sir please, I beg you.”
In a flash he had her by the arm again and this time bent her across his big desk as he hand went between her legs to find her wet slit. She moaned as she hung her head, shamed by her response.
“Me thinks Milady protests too much,” He told her. “Lying will get ye twenty with the lash.”
A whimper escaped her as he sank two fingers into her wet heat as his thumb played across the knot of nerves at the tip of her slit. “Ooh…please sir…please…please…” she cried as she rocked her hips to ride his fingers.
“Ye deserve the lash don’t ye my pretty one?” he asked as he moved his hands faster and faster.
“Yes! Please sir punish me as you please!” she cried as she got closer and closer to orgasm.
Before she could reach completion he withdrew his fingers and she heard the whistle of his belt through the air. A hiss escaped her as a line of fire fell across the tender crease of her ass.
Ten lashes fell in quick succession, she hated it…she loved it…she reveled in it as the stinging heat filled her lower bottom cheeks. Tears began to fall down her cheeks as the final ten fell across the ten stripes already covering her bottom.
When the last stroke fell he spread her legs wide and drove into her pussy to the hilt with one hard lunge, the head of his cock slamming against her cervix. She cried out lost as pleasure and pain collided into exquisite sensation.
“What happens to naughty little wenches lass?” he asked her as he pounded in and out of her without mercy.
“They get spanked then fucked hard sir,” she whimpered.
“Aye, then what happens?” he asked.
His hand crept around her hip until it was between her pelvis and the desk and it could delve between her thighs to catch her clit between two fingers. He pressed it down so it slid up and down his shaft with every thrust. She wailed exploding into orgasm as her swollen clit was abraded by his cock on one side and his fingers on the other.
His other hand began to slap down on her ass as he continued to fuck her. “Answer me lass.”
“They take it up the ass!” she cried, as he forced to another explosive orgasm.
“Aye lass they do,” he told her as he pulled free of her then pressed the thick bulbous head of his cock to the pucker of her ass.
His fingers continued to work her clit as he pressed into the tight ring of muscle. “Yes!” she shouted as she pressed back to aid his entry reveling in the feel of his thick cock stretching her open with burning intensity.
She shivered as he continued to press until he was seated in her ass to the hilt. The inner muscles of her ass twitching and burning around his length as he began to move.
“Oooohoooo!” she cried, words escaping her as he owned her body completely. His fingers working her clit as he fucked her ass driving her body to completion once more. “I can’t!” she wailed in protest.
“You can! Who does this body belong to?” he asked as he pounded in and out of her ass harder and faster.
“You only too you!” she cried and then it felt as if pleasure exploded from her head to her toes sending her into a full body orgasm that had her seeing sparks.
He slammed into her one more time and then exploded following her over the edge. She groaned as she felt the hot spurts of his seed bathing the inner muscles of her ass, the added sensation sending another shard of white hot pleasure through her.
When he pulled free she whimpered but waited on the desk, waiting for him. He came back with a warm wet cloth and cleaned her gently before lifting her high in his arms and carrying her to the bed.
She sighed in pleasure as he lay her down and then got in next to her pulling her close. “Did you enjoy having your bootie plundered?” her husband asked.
She grinned up at him with an impish glint in her eye, “I did indeed. Next time I think you should be a Viking Conqueror.”
“Anything Milady wishes,” he told her with an answering grin.
They were a lucky pair indeed.

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