Free spanky story on today’s blog; The Cocky Dom


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The Cocky Dom

It had been a horrid day and the drive home through bumper to bumper traffic did nothing to improve her mood. When she finally pulled into the driveway her annoying roommate Drew was there.
They’d hooked up once a month ago, then afterward he’d pretended nothing happened. Except of course for the sly looks he gave her occasionally as if he was saying I know all of your secrets.
Smug bastard.

When she climbed out of her car he was leaning against his corvette eating an apple. He was so cocky she wanted to punch him.
Gayla glared at him as she closed her car door then started past him. He grinned at her around his apple and winked.

She completely lost it dropping her purse, laptop and everything else in her hands to fly at him in a rage. It barely registered that she knocked his apple out of his hand when she jumped on him like a crazed banshee a battle cry sounding loudly as wrapped her legs around him and began to pummel him with her fists.
The upper hand was short lived and had been initially granted only because he’d been so shocked by her physical attack. Drew quickly wrapped his arms around her then sat down locking her in place by leaning against the wheel well of his car and pinning her legs behind him. Gayla continued to rage, wailing and bucking in his hold but he simply held her until she wore herself out.
She tried to head-butt him but he shifted his hold until her head was pressed against his chest and she couldn’t move at all. It was like being wrapped in a human straight jacket, the beat of his heart beneath her ear soothing her even as she fought it, continuing to curse him.
As quickly as the tempest rose in her breast it left her leaving Gayla feeling wrung out as her body relaxed against him. “Are you done?”
His deep voice rumbled against her ear sending a shiver through her body. Her shoulders sagged in defeat, tears welling in her eyes she couldn’t seem to find any words so she just nodded.
He stood with her still wrapped around him and started towards the house carrying her. Gayla was dumfounded by the sheer strength it took to get up from the ground with her clinging to him like aΒ monkey. Drew didn’t set her down until they were in the living room.
Then he stood her on her feet in front of him. Gayla realized she was in her stocking feet her shoes lost somewhere in the struggle. Heat filled her face as she remembered the attack in great detail.

When she stared up into his stern features she wondered if she could claim temporary insanity or even PMS.
Drew just stood studying her with his arms crossed as if he was waiting for something. “I’m sorry.”
One of his brows quirked at the words but other than that there was no response and she felt herself begin to fidget under his steady regard.
“I had a really stressful day…there was traffic…you…so smug…that damn apple…you winked!” She knew nothing she was saying made a lick of sense and then tears were trickling down her cheeks.
Drew reached out and held her head in his hands, cradling it at the base of her skull then leaned in and kissed her. He consumed her…devoured her taking the breath from her body until she felt almost lightheaded…then giving it back to her.
When he released her again her thighs were quivering and her knees wanted to buckle. Drew caught her arm and turned her to face the back of the couch then bent her across it. Gayla offered no resistance as he lifted her skirt and jerked her panties and hose down until they were bunched together at her knees.
She wasn’t sure what she expected but when his hand began to fall hard and fast on her upturned bottom it was almost a relief.
He spanked her so hard she grunted with each swat feeling the heat in her ass grow exponentially every time his hand landed. Still she offered no protest…somehow recognizing that she needed this…needed him.
Drew spanked her until her entire backside felt swollen to twice its size and was throbbing with every beat of her heart. Gayla finally collapsed over the back of the couch pressing her face into the cushions and sobbing out all the stress of the day…of the week…maybe the last year.

They were cleansing tears…clearing out all of her disappointments…heartaches…defeats and washing her soul clean. Drew simple held her in place over the couch and let her cry until finally she was all cried out.
“I’m sorry,” Gayla whispered softly.
“I didn’t spank you because you jumped me,” he told her gently. “I spanked you because you needed it.”
“Thank you,” knowing he was right, she had needed it though she never would have realized it on her own.
She gasped as she felt him pressing soft kisses into the hot flesh of her ass and became aware that between her thighs she was wet enough to need rain boots.
“I can smell you,” he said as he inhaled deeply as if he could burn the imprint of her aroused sent on his mind.
Gayla groaned part of embarrassed but it didn’t stop her from moving her thighs apart to grant him easier access.
“Good girl,” she could hear the smile in his voice as he reached into her cleft and spread her wide open. “Such a pretty little pussy.”
The rasp of his husky voice just before he buried his face against her wet slit to taste her. He ate her as if he were a starving man and he could swallow her whole. His tongue was everywhere at once, licking from her asshole to her clit and everywhere in between. He sucked her cream from the lips of her labia before he turned his attention back to her clit sucking hard.
Gayla barely recognized the desperate little cries filling the air as her own. She begged and pleaded with him as he took everything from her. He destroyed her with pleasure…tearing down every wall that would have kept him out…kept her safe. His tongue sank into her depths teasing her while one finger rubbed her clit and his thumb pressed into her ass.

He allowed her no quarter and she knew nothing would ever come between them again. Drew would have all of her…everything she was…everything she ever would be it was all his…she was his.
Gayla soared from one orgasm to another begging to stop begging for more but he was relentless allowing no respite from the onslaught of sensation.

By the time he fit the head of his cock to her swollen, overly sensitive entrance she was sensation personified.
She no longer knew were pain began and pleasure ended. They were one and the same…she was pleasure and
Drew was pleasure’s master…her master…her world had been completely altered and would never be the same again.
Gayla whimpered as the head of his cock continued to rest just outside the entrance that was weeping with need for him. “Please…” she chanted over and over.
“Who do you belong to?” the deep timbre of his voice slid over her skin like an invisible caress.
“You…only you,” the words came out almost of their own accord, her body recognizing it as the absolute truth.
Then he slammed inside her to the hilt and began to take her with thrusts so hard the couch shook beneath them.

Drew pounded into her over and over again each time the head of his cock slammed against her cervix the invisible cord inside her wound tighter and tighter until it snapped.
Gayla shattered completely, screaming her release as she fragmented around him into what felt like a million pieces. Inexplicably she found she was crying once more, even as he followed her over the edge and emptied himself into her.
Then he gathered her close in his arms and put her back together again. Gayla melded her body to his relaxed and replete in his arms. Feeling safe for the first time in her adult life.
With a sigh she leaned back to look up at him, “How did you know?”
He gave her that knowing grin, “I just knew.”
“So damn cocky,” Gayla said with a soft smile.
“Only the cocky Doms win the prize,” Drew laughed.
“What’s the prize?” she asked so softly she wasn’t sure he heard her.

Then his hands cradled her head once more as if she were infinitely precious. Drew held her that way, staring into her eyes for a space of a few heartbeats before answering, “You are.”

Then he kissed her, starting the whole dance over again.


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