A short free offering

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I Wait

I wait…just hanging on  the cusp of fulfillment. Each lash burns across my flesh and gives me succor without completely satisfying the yearning of my soul.
I ache…
I need…
I burn…
The dark craving builds until I have to seek relief even though it is fleeting and doesn’t touch me down deep where the ache begins.
Is it wrong to seek release in the lash of another? To give submission without my heart?
My heart bleeds but it seems destined to remain untouched…unwanted…my bed cold and lonely.
I will take what I can get. The lash and paddle building a burning ache that sets me free if only for moment before harsh reality once again descends.
Again and again the paddle falls…pain’s rapture filling me and opening me wide. The burn of his hand in my hair driving my need higher.
The feel of his cock in my mouth…taking my throat giving me a moment of peace as I yield to what he can give…losing myself in the submission of the moment.
Tears leak from my eyes as he hits the back of my throat and I open ever wider taking everything until he pulls me to my feet and bends me over the end of the bed.
Then he is inside me for a moment chasing away the darkness that threatens to overwhelm. Filling my cold places with heat and raw pleasure-pain until I can let go and float.
That blessed place of peace that stops the noise in my head and soothes the loneliness in my soul. Floating high above the problems that weigh me down…the sorrow in the marrow of my being.
For a few hours I am free and almost giddy from the high of my submission and his dominance.
I fall asleep my body still thrumming with pleasure…the marks of his dominance still pulsing throughout my body.
Then I wake cold…alone…empty.

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