Free story with spanking, orgasm denial and anal punishment!

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I am bent over a stool with my pelvis resting against the seat with my bottom arched high, my legs splayed wide and tied at each ankle to its base. My torso has been tied to the seat so I can barely move, a blindfold covers my eyes so I can’t see you as I wait for you to mete out your own special brand of justice.
The dark place deep inside me that craves this special form of attention blooms hot, sending a shiver of shameful desire through my body as I feel the trickle of arousal beginning to slick my inner thighs.
I gasp when your hand cups my wet mound then you make a tsking sound in your throat. “Such a naughty girl. When are you going to learn to simple ask for what you need my love? Asking would be better than behaving badly and earning a punishment.”
Tears prick the corners of my eyes beneath the blindfold at the hint of disappointment I can hear in your voice. I don’t know why I can’t ask for this…we both know I need it…I’ve never been able to ask for it even when I can feel the restless wildness growing within me…as if I will burst if you don’t take me in hand and redirect it turning it into a living flame that consumes us both with its heat.
“I expect an answer when I ask a question love,” you admonish me as your hand snaps sharply against the bare, wet lips of my sex leaving an intense sting in its wake and I feel the already swollen lips bloom fuller in response.
A moan escapes me as I rasp breathlessly, “I don’t know.”
Four more sharp swats are delivered to my vulnerable slit making me jerk against my bonds even as the tightness I’d been holding throughout my body began to unfurl…relieved by your firmness.
“If you’d asked I would have given you what you needed and then made you scream in pleasure…naughty girls don’t get to come.” You told me as two of your thick fingers slid into my hungry sheath.
I moaned loudly as you began to pump them in and out of me hard and fast. You knew my body as well as your own, and worked me quickly to the edge of orgasm before you pulled completely away. My core was left clenching on air as my body reached for another touch…aching for even another sharp swat to send me over the abyss, but I knew it wouldn’t come.
This would be part of my punishment for not asking you to take care of me before I got to the point of acting out.
The next thing I felt was the hard clap of your paddle across the lower part of my ass. I hissed at the heavy impact and fiery sting of heat it left behind. The way you had me positioned the paddle barely missed my swollen sex as it thundered down again and again on the vulnerable flesh of my bottom. Even though it didn’t connect with the swollen lips of my pussy it jolted through my core in a mix of pain and pleasure that kept me on the edge of orgasm.
You gave me ten hard swats from the middle of my bottom cheeks to the tops of my thighs that left me gasping and longing to rub away the sting. My ass already felt like you’d lit a fire there and I knew we were far from finished. I shivered as your fingers slipped back into my core and your thumb pressed against the tight bud of my anus.
I groaned as the tip of your thumb popped through the tight ring of muscle and began to rotate as your fingers took up a rhythm designed to drive me wild. “ooohhoo…please…please…” I begged as I got closer and closer to release.
“Do naughty girls get to come?” You asked me in an almost thoughtful tone.
Tears trickled from my eyes wetting the blindfold as I answered, “No sir.”
The loss of your fingers this time made me feel almost bereft…the sweet aching need to climax swiftly building to an almost painful intensity.
I heard the whistle of your belt as it cut through the air a second before it landed, the supple leather seeming to hug my bottom leaving a burn that only grew as it was lifted away. You laid perfectly parallel lines of fire up and down my backside and along the top of my thighs. I knew I would feel your displeasure every time I sat down tomorrow but as the pain in my bottom grew the tightness in my chest lessened until it completely dissolved, leaving me slumped over the stool sobbing.
I felt your lips against the hot sore skin of my ass in a gentle kiss just before you boldly spread my bottom cheeks open. I whimpered as I felt the press of a cold bulbous object pressing against the tight little muscles of my anus. It was the big glass plug…it was almost two inches at its widest point and generally reserved for punishments.
“What happens when your naughty young lady?” You asked.
“You get a sore bottom inside out,” I wailed as you pushed the plug deep inside my most private place. My inner muscles burned as the plug forced them to stretch around it. You were not gentle as you worked the big plug in and out of my tender ass, fucking me hard with the plug.
Your other hand slid between my lips so you could stroke my clit as you worked the plug in and out of me. A keening wail escaped me as pain and pleasure intertwined into something bigger than either one; sparks lit behind my eyelids as my body hurtled towards…”Noo!!” I cried as your pulled your hand from my clit as you seat the plug with a little twist of your wrist.
My body wanted to move but I was still bound…I needed just the slightest touch to hurtle into orbit and the beautiful place that was waiting just beyond my reach.
“Please,” tears clogged my throat as I begged you for release.
“What are you going to do next time you need my attention in this way?” you asked me sternly.
“Ask…” I whispered.
“What are you going to ask for?” You persisted.
“I will ask you to spank me,” I promised.
“I will ask you to please spank me hard on my bare bottom,” I murmured,
“Good girl,” I felt your body move around mine and you untied the blindfold over my eyes. I blinked as your cock came into focus in front of me, looking up at you I opened my mouth wide.
Our eyes met as you drove into my mouth, my lips eagerly wrapping around you and sucking greedily as you begin to drive your cock in and out. “Take me deep.” You commanded as your fingers twisted in my hair your cock sinking into my throat.
I opened to you the best I could, gagging slightly as you sank deep. Tears leaked from my eyes as I continued to take everything you gave me, hollowing out my tongue to caress you with every thrust and doing my best to suck even as I gagged.
Your hands clenched in my hair as your pelvis pressed against my nose and you gave a grown as you came and filled my mouth with your hot seed. I swallowed almost reflexively before I began to softly suck and lick you clean as your withdrew from my mouth.
You stroked my cheek and smiled at me before you bent to untie me from the stool. You helped me stand on shaky legs. I gasped at the way the change position jolted the plug still planted deep in my ass.
“That’s staying for the night little girl.” You told me as you pulled me close for a hug and patted the base of the plug lightly sending a shudder through my still aroused body.
One of my hands crept towards my throbbing core…desperately wanting to relieve the ache of need still pulsing through me.
You caught my wrist before I could reach my goal. “No.”
I pouted up at you a little quiver in my chin, “But…”
You leaned down until we were nose to nose. “I said no. You will not come today young lady. Continue to argue or try to take things into your own hands and I will edge you for a week before I let you come again. Am I understood?”
“Yes sir,” I said softly then snuggled into your chest once you stood again. While a part of me wanted to rebel another part was soothed by your dominance. The knowledge that you would punish me as you saw fit…that both my pleasure and my pain rested in your strong, capable hands made me feel safe…loved…cherished.
You alone understood me, sometime even better than I understand myself.


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