Candy A. Varty is visiting me today to talk about The Masters of Dark Desires


The Masters of Dark Desires: Master V.

Book Blurb –  Doctor Victor Marcus also known as Master V. A well respected medical doctor with a dark secret. At night the doctor goes home to his private club, Dark Desires, there he is the Master, the Owner. A Dom who has no intentions of ever taking another sub after a betrayal left him cold. But that all may change if he doesn’t protect his heart.

Anna McKay, a young woman woke up in a hospital after the brutal attack from her boyfriend. The sexy doctor starts a burning deep inside her which scared her even more because it brought to life her darkest desires, but could her brutal past stop them from ever having a chance. When they meet again at Dark Desires it gives a whole new meaning to Doctor’s orders. The fire between them burns but they both have a past to over come… can they do it and set each other free before fate takes one of them away.Sexy Excerpt

:Slowly he rubbed her soft shaved pussy, he could feel the warmth, her dampness through her folds. Giving a wicked grin he whispered in her ear, “I tend to set you free. I will hear you moan and scream in ecstasy. I will have you begging for release.”

Ann closed her eyes she couldn’t understand why Vic would want her.
“Look at me, pet. I tend to see your eyes as you cum for me.” slowly he pushed open her folds, caressing the tender swollen skin. He gently began to rub her clit, as she sucked in her breath. 
She went to push his hands away. He stopped, his gaze turned fierce. “Move your hands again, and I will cuff them behind you. Do you understand?”
Anna stopped, she gazed up at his face. She could see the sternness in his face, “Yes…Sir.”

Slowly he began rubbing her clit as his other hand found her breast. He played with her nipple, pulling and rubbing the rosebud until she began to moan. Gently he inserted a finger into her wetness. Her back arched, he continued to pull and pinch her nipple as he pushed in a second finger.

What a delicious excerpt! The Master of Dark Desires is on sale now for $2.99! Grab it for your kindle today. Happy reading! ~Mo

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