Today I have Keith Anderson on my blog to talk about his new book Pretty When You Cry!

I am so excited to have you on my blog today Keith! I love Pretty When You Cry; each and every story was unique and very hot! So don’t miss it get your copy today!

Hey everyone! I’d like to thank Morganna Williams for inviting me to her blog to meet you all. She’s given me some questions to go over and then I’ll be sharing an excerpt from my new short story anthology, published on It’s called “Pretty When You Cry” and I’m very thrilled to be sharing it with you! Plus, I’m very excited to announce that this week, “Pretty When You Cry” is on sale for .99 (regularly its $2.99)!! It will only be for this week, so be sure to get your deeply discounted copy today!

So… on with the questions!

How old were you when you realized you were into spanking/bdsm?
There was always something that seemed to turn a key in my mind about people being bound and struggling. Something about the helplessness and vulnerability. When I was in my mid-30’s and finally realized that this was a lifestyle and that there was a sizable group of people who were also into this, it was one of those horizon-broadening experiences where I could look back on my life and go, “…ohhh, that’s why.” It really answered a lot of questions I had about myself and I’ve never looked back.

When did you start writing?
I remember writing and drawing a picture book when I was about six or so, called ‘The Ungrowing Boy’. 🙂 When I was a kid, my dad bought me one of those small shoebox tape recorders and I got some sound effects records and I would write and do my own radio plays. My first real written story was in junior college for a creative writing class about an experience I had when I was much younger (and incredibly awkward). So I guess I’ve always been creating something, but I starting writing in earnest in the 80’s.

Which character in your book do you relate to the most and why?
There are two short stories in “Pretty When You Cry” that deal with a character named Jax. He’ll appear again in my novel, “Kinky in Flatland”. He’s a character that I can relate to. He’s flawed and human and has self doubts. The question is can he realize these and work through it, before it all just crashes down around him.

Which story is your favorite and why?
I’m proud of “Antici-”. It took the longest to figure out how to write. I was enamored by the storytelling device of flashbacks in the TV show, LOST and how each segment illuminated the other. I wanted to try to do something like that but in an erotica. It took me awhile to figure out the flow and do the segues, but once I did, I thought it turned out pretty well and really liked the way it worked

The excerpt I’m going to be sharing with you today is from a story called, “All You Ever Wanted”. It concerns Alyssa and a secret journal she kept where she wrote down her deepest darkest fantasies. She kept the journal in hopes that writing them down would keep them from interfering on her personal life. Not only does it not help, but the journal itself poses a problem. Alyssa has just opened an vaguely menacing email and wonders if her husband Chad might have sent it.


Alyssa startled and closed the email. Is it possible that this was Chad? It certainly didn’t sound like him. The email wasn’t one she recognized and Chad wasn’t really the techie type to think of creating a dummy email address to send secret messages. Could he have found the journal where she had been writing out her fantasies? Doubtful. It used to be at the house, but after a close call, she brought it to work and kept it in a locked drawer. Instinctively, she tried the drawer to make sure of the lock…and it opened.
She yanked the drawer open and looked inside. It was empty. Her mind raced. She was torn between frantically looking for it and being calm to not draw attention to the fact that something very personal and incredibly embarrassing was taken from her. She checked the drawer again to make sure it wasn’t there and at the very back there was a folded note. She grabbed it and looked around to make sure there was no one around. She unfolded the note.

“Ropes and sex, pretty one,
It’s all you ever wanted.
Helpless and vulnerable,
Now you’re tied up and haunted.”

Alyssa crumpled up the note in frustration at whoever was toying with her. But what for? Were they going to blackmail her? Extortion? The things in the journal were so personal, secrets and fantasies that she had kept bottled up for so long. They were things that she hadn’t told anybody.
She jumped at the email notification sound from her computer. She let out a deep exhale. You need to get a grip, Alyssa, she told herself. She felt flushed, she was nervous and.. tingly? The thought of someone reading her innermost desires was invasive and, though she was hesitant to admit it, a little exciting at the same time. Alyssa shook her head, she needed to figure out who took it, the information in the journal was too damaging.
She checked her email and found a new message from the same address as the first cryptic message. It was from Clever, Alyssa thought, petit mort was French for ‘little death’ and was a French colloquialism for ‘orgasm’. She was convinced, there was no way this was from Chad, the only French he knew was a horrible Maurice Chevalier laugh. She opened the email.

Good morning, pretty one,
It’s dark and you don’t know what’s happening. The blindfold you’re wearing doesn’t help and the screams you would use to call someone would be useless against the leather gag over your mouth. The effort to get away would be hampered by my restraints at your wrists and thighs. That bears some explaining, doesn’t it? The restraints at your wrists are tight and binding and tied securely to the headboard with you laying on your back. The restraints on your thighs are also tied to the headboard, drawing your legs up and spreading them wide. Now, pretty one, everything’s secure, but you won’t be immobilized. You can still squirm all you want. And the gag won’t completely silence you. You can scream just as much as you please. But neither will do you any good. You’ll be just as you are right now, pretty one.
You’re in the dark and you don’t know what’s happening.

Alyssa stared helplessly at the screen after she read the email. Her breathing had deepened and her hand slipped into her lap absentmindedly. Right as her hand was about to press between her legs, she blinked and snapped her hand back up. Oh my god, she thought, you need to get a grip on yourself. She straightened herself in her chair. Someone has your journal of your darkest fantasies, you need to figure out who the hell has it.
The last time she wrote in it was several days ago. She had been putting in some pretty lengthy entries on a daily basis, but then stopped to see if it would keep them from returning. But it hadn’t. They were stronger now and they kept coming back, usually at the worst time. What made it so bad was how flustered they would make her. It didn’t matter where she was, in meetings, lunch dates with friends from work. She would get wet at her thoughts of restraint, her fantasies of being taken and held down made her nipples harden while she squirmed helplessly. She wanted to touch herself to just get any relief at all.
She tried to think of anyone who had been in her cubicle when her eyes fell on the report on her desk. Greg! That little fucker, snooping around my cubicle, discovered the locked drawer and probably picked it with a damn paperclip. She shook her head. How could she have been so stupid to bring it to work in the first place? She took a deep breath. She knew where his cubicle was, she just needed to look on his schedule to see when he would be in a meeting, so she could look for it.


“Pretty When You Cry” is available NOW for sale for .99, deeply discounted from the regular price of $2.99, at or borrow it for FREE from the the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library, if you’re a Kindle Unlimited subscriber!

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Intriqued? I know I was so I bought it and read it last week! It was fabulous! It’s a steal today for .99, so don’t miss out! Get your copy today by clicking below!

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