Aubrey Cara is visiting to talk about her new book, Mimi Mine

I am thrilled to have Aubrey Cara on my blog today with an excerpt of her new book, Mimi Mine. Let me start by saying I’ve read this book and thought it was absolutely fabulous. If you enjoy humor spiced with hot chemistry, romance and a little hanky-spanky this is the book for you!

“Why did you stop?” she asked her breath sobbing in and out of her chest. She’d been so close.
“I want to see you touch yourself. Get on the counter and spread your legs,” he said, his voice rough and demanding. His half lidded gaze was that of a predator set on its prey.
Trembling she hopped onto the counter with his hands at her waist. She had to catch herself from falling back when he jerked her to the edge by her hips. He tore off her shoes and brought her feet up onto the counter, until she was wide open and completely exposed.
“Show me, angel. Show me how you make yourself come.”
Nervously she began to touch herself as her heart raced in her chest. She’d never done this in front of anyone before. Nibbling her bottom lip, she looked up at him to see his reaction. He watched her fingers playing with her slick folds with an intense look on his face.
He began slowly unbuckling his pants, never taking his eyes off of where she stroked and petted her pussy in a gentle rhythm that was more tease. It was empowering to see him so affected. When he released his beautiful erection her hand faltered in its caress.
Wrapping a hand around the back of her head he brought her in for a hungry quick kiss as he slowly slid into her heat. Foreheads together they watched as he pushed in and glided out from her glistening core. The sensation drew a moan from her throat. Her hips wanted to follow his cock.
“Keep playing with yourself, Miriam.” When she went back to circling and rubbing her clit he said, “That’s a good girl. Make yourself come for me, angel.”

Mason Coleman hasn’t been living. He’s been existing day to day. Ever since an accident took his family, he’s thrown himself into proving he deserved to survive. Now, ten years later, he’s built a multi-million dollar business, but has nothing to show for his personal life.
He’s ready to feel alive again, and he knows just the woman to help him. Too bad she’s his employee. She also carries secrets that are about to shake everything he thought he knew about women.
Being a single mother has not afforded Mimi Westfall many dating opportunities. In fact, she’s pretty sure Mr. Right took a wrong turn somewhere, and she’s destined to live a life devoted to her showerhead.
When her fantasies about her delectable boss commanding her and putting her over his desk to spank her naughty bottom start happening for real, she’s not sure if she should thank her lucky stars or run for the hills.
*Author’s Note: Mimi Mine is an erotic romance novel that includes explicit sex, spanking, BDSM elements, anal play, and anal sex. If such material offends you, this book may not be for you.
Aubrey Cara likes it sweet n’ dirty—romance that is. She adores writing about kinky characters finding their one true naughty soul mate to love, cherish, and get freaky with. Aubrey resides in Coastal GA with her wonderful husband, superhero kid, two hand-me-down dogs, and a fish that has survived against all odds. When she’s not writing you can find her sewing costumes, repairing leaky faucets and dodging the PTA.

If you’re ready for more of Mimi Mine click below!

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