Happy Saturday!!

I am super excited about my new book Claiming Their Mate being released just in time for Christmas.

There’s an extended excerpt from the story in Stormy Night’s Newsletter out today. If you aren’t already getting it follow the link it has extended excerpts from the new SNP releases and also sale items and free reads. Right now they are offering a weekly serialized version of Natasha Knight’s, Learning to Kneel (Hot readalert!).

Just follow the link!


Happy Reading!



3 thoughts on “Happy Saturday!!”

  1. Hi there. I just bought your new book. I am only 7% into it and I already love it. I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying it before the craziness that is last min Christmas sets it. (Where’s the sport in shopping months in advance?)

    I will most likely finish the book later today. I will leave you my review on Amazon, (I can smell a 5 star review already). Anyways, thanks for such a great book. I love when a book grabs me at page one and refuses to let go. Merry Christmas to you and yours. Keep up the great writing in ’15.


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