It’s almost Christmas!

I am so excited about the coming new year and all the possibilities it presents! My computer is finally fixed so hopefully I will be able to keep up much better with my blog.

I am going to post a short humorous spanking story called Diablo’s Dagger. It’s a silly story but hopefully an enjoyable one. 🙂


Diablo’s Dagger by Morganna Williams

Cassie was appalled when she found it! In the drawer with her nighties no less! It was hideous! Obscene! It was not to be believed!

With a shudder of distaste she carefully lifted the ornately crafted dagger from where it rested between a granny gown and a cute baby doll number that she was beginning to think she’d never get the opportunity to wear. But that is a whole separate issue. The dagger was by far the ugliest thing of its ilk she’d ever laid her eyes on. Not that she’d seen all that many daggers but there really couldn’t be one much uglier than this. It had breasts…and a…penis! Topped by a medusa looking head with a snake tongue!

It had to have come from Diablo!

Now she could have taken a moment here to ponder why on earth she would ever have agreed to meet a man off a dating site that called himself Diablo, much less go out with him five times in a row! But really it came right back to the whole baby doll nightie thing. Not that he was ever given an opportunity to see it. Well, she supposed he must have seen it when he left that little goodie in her drawer…but not by her initiation!

Then Cassie sank down on her bed, dagger in hand and thought about what the dagger meant. Did it mean Diablo was trying to curse her? She waved that thought off, she didn’t believe in curses.

Ooohhh! Maybe he wanted to sacrifice her on the next full moon to his namesake!

That was just too horrid a thought to contemplate!

Cassie thought about calling the police.

For about two seconds, then she remembered that her brother was the local Police Chief. All she needed was Brendan knowing she’d met a man from a dating site. Any man, once he found out that the guy’s name was Diablo; she’d get carted back to her parent’s farm before she could say Jack Sprat!

As Cassie had spent most of her formative years on said farm, she had no intention of wasting any of her adult life there! She was a city girl now! And Adult was right! No one could make her do anything! She was her own woman!

Feeling heartened after this inspiring self-I-am-woman-hear-me-roar-pep talk, she straightened with new resolve. Still not calling the police but the odious piece of cutlery was not staying another minute in her home.

Glancing at the clock she grabbed her purse, the dagger and her car keys and headed out the door.

There was plenty of time to get to South Dallas and find a pawn shop that would be happy to take the thing off her hands. “Oooohhh! Maybe I’ll get enough to get a pedicure!”


This thought now foremost in her mind she practically skipped to the car, big honking dagger and all.

It was only thirty minutes to be in the seedy part of downtown Dallas, once there she quickly pulled on to Harry Hines and started watching for a Pawn Shop. The first one she spotted was called Big Daddy’s Pawn. “We give mucho dollars!”

That certainly looked promising. Mucho dollars would be more than enough for a Pedi and even a Mani. What if the big ugly knife was an artifact?

Cassie paused for a moment as she thought about that, after all she didn’t want to see it for pennies on the dollar. Shaking her head she just walked on into the store with it. She’d just watch the shop dealer’s facial expressions for a greedy look. If he looked greedily at her dagger, she’d say thanks but no thanks and head off to the museum of science and natural history. Of course the knife really was waaaay to shiny to be an artifact it was a fun thought.

If it was worth like a kagillion dollars no one could make her move back to that farm in that Podunk town ever! She was forever hearing about how much everyone worried for her safety in the big city.

It boggled the mind; anyone with half a brain could see what a responsible woman she was!

“Lady! You can’t bring that in here!” the man behind the counter bellowed at her.

Startled Cassie jumped at the sound of the booming voice, “What?”

The man pointed at her dagger, “That thing is too long to even be legal. I don’t deal in that kind of crap, get it out of my store!”

She stiffened her spine and gave the man her best glare, “There is no need to be so rude!” She admonished him sternly before pointing her nose in the air and sailing back out the way she came in.

A large man chuckled drawing her attention for a moment, he was even creepier that Diablo! Cassie quickly looked away and got on out of dodge.

Cassie got in her car as quickly as she could, throwing the offensive dagger into the seat next to her and started the car. Well there were a thousand more pawn shops.

She tried two more and was told the same thing. No dice, although one nice lady did suggest she try Lucky Pawn a little further down the road. “I think they carry some guns so they may do swords.”

“Sword? It’s really more of a knife don’t you think?” Cassie asked.

“It’s a weapon and you need to get out of here with it!” The store owner yelled at her.

“Jolly’s Joe my Aunt Fanny!” She quipped on her way out the door. “I should sue you for false advertising!”

A loud snort brought her attention to a big man clad in biker leathers. Wait, she frowned it was the same creepy man from the first store! Was he following her? What if he was one of Diablo’s lackey’s?

She didn’t know if he had any but the guy could certainly be a lackey or henchman of some sort! From the books she’d read they were always big and often leather clad.

Cassie decided she needed to get to Lucky Pawn before she got kidnapped and taken to a biker gang hideout! It would be like that movie from years ago called Billy Jack only there wouldn’t be any Billy Jack coming to her rescue. What a minute…in that movie the girlfriend died anyway…hmmmm…a better movie reference would be Under Siege, Steven Segal always saved the girl and some of his bad guys wore leather.

Shaking herself out of her reverie Cassie pulled out of the parking lot and searched for Lucky Pawn. It wasn’t far and once she got inside the owner was sweet as pie.

“Ma’am, I can’t help but wonder what you’re doing with that knife and why a girl like you would be in this part of town. You remind me of my daughter and I wouldn’t want her running around in this area by herself,” he told her earnestly.

“Oh, thanks, but I’m fine. I just found this horrible knife and wanted to get rid of it so I thought a pawn shop was my best option. I’m guessing it’s not an Aztec Artifact of any kind?” she asked hopefully.

He smiled, “They sell those down the street for about ten bucks. I’d be happy to give you the ten dollars Ma’am but honestly it not really worth that. I collect knives and I wouldn’t have that in my house, it’s hideous!”

She sighed, so much for that pedicure! “Thanks so much for your help. I guess I’ll just take it to the scrap yard. It’ll be worth ten bucks to know it’s one more that doesn’t exist anymore.”

“I like your attitude,” he said giving her thumbs up sign.

Cassie grinned up at him, “Thanks again.”

“Be careful in this neighborhood Ma’am.”

Cassie found herself smiling as she walked out the door. The dagger wasn’t worth anything but what a nice man! As she walked out the door she bumped into Mr. Big-and-Leathery again!

Her heart slammed into the front of her chest as she realized he WAS following her!

Goodgoobleeegoo! She had to get out of this neighborhood. Cassie hurried to her car holding the dagger in front of her, it wasn’t sharpened but surely it would make some sort of weapon if she was attacked! It did have a wicked point!


Relieved to be back in her car with the doors locked Cassie breathed a sigh of relief. Which turned into a gasp when she noticed leather face was starting his motorcycle. Oh no!

She hurriedly slammed her car into reverse and spun in an arc before peeling out of the parking lot with a spray of dust and gravel.

“Ha! Eat my dust Mr. Man!” she cried out in triumph as she raced away. Her glee lasted for the entire two minutes it took to notice blue and red flashers in her rear view mirror.


The road was congested with traffic so she headed for the first densely populated parking lot she saw. Actually it wasn’t populated at all. It was an abandoned car wash.

Cassie parked her car and leaned over to get her insurance information from the glove compartment, she’d rolled the driver side window down as soon as she stopped.

The policeman cleared his throat from the window.

“Be right with ya! I’m trying to find my current insurance card!”


She straightened, shocked and spun to face the man leaning down into her car. Great! It was Brendan’s best friend Matt!

Cassie sighed, “Hi Matt, hold on I’m looking for my insurance.”

“No need I’m sure it’s current. I pulled you over because you pulled out of that pawn shop like a bat out of hell, but I also noticed when you turned in here that your right blinker and brake light are out.”

She waived a hand as if to say that was not of any great importance, “I know, a friend of mine tried to change it out yesterday and it worked for a minute but now it’s out again. I’ll get it into the shop as soon as I have time.”

“Why were you at a pawn shop? In fact why are you even in this neighborhood?” Matt folded his arms across his chest and raised an eyebrow at her in askance.

“Good grief don’t go all big brotherly on me! One is enough!”

“I’m waiting, young lady,” he said sternly.

“Don’t you young lady me you big bully! I can’t believe I had a crush on you! You jerk!” Cassie crossed her own arms over her chest and huffed as she blew a stray curl out of her eye.

She didn’t see it but the corner of his mouth twitched a bit at her words, “We’ll get back to that but I would like an answer to my question right now.”

The clipped tone of his voice warned her in a way that was more effective than anything he said. No one had spoken to her with that tone since her father caught her sneaking out of the house on her fifteenth birthday. That had been a birthday spanking to remember!

“Well I found this knife in my underwear drawer and it’s so ugly, I wanted it out of my house immediately so I decided to take it to a pawn shop,” she explained matter of factly as she handed over the dagger.

“In your underwear drawer! How in the hell did it get there?” Matt thundered as he stared flabbergasted at the offensive weapon.

“Well, I’m not sure but I think it must have been Diablo and I certainly made the right decision not to go out with him again!” Cassie said with a sigh.

“You dated someone named Diablo?” the incredulous look on his face was almost insulting.

Cassie sniffed a little disdainfully before answering, “Maybe his mother named him that, after all we can’t help what our parents name us.”

“No woman names her child Diablo.”

Cassie shrugged.

“Cassie you have no business with this, it’s a dangerous weapon.”

“Well duhh! Why do you think I was taking it to a pawn shop Sherlock?” she decided to ignore the little vein that was beginning to tick in his temple.

As a matter of fact she was ignoring him so completely Cassie never saw him reach for the door handle before she knew what was happening she was out of the car watching him put a foot on the driver’s seat of her car. “Hey don’t get my seat dirty!”

“Don’t worry love I’m about to give your seat a thorough dusting!” Matt said firmly.

Then she was tossed face down over his raised knee and she looked back at him horrified to see the flat side of the dagger that started everything raised menacingly over her uplifted bottom, “You wouldn’t dare!”

“Hide and watch little girl,” he said softly before bringing it down rather smartly across the seat of her pants.

“OOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWW!” she yelled as the stinging fire spread all the way across her butt, it was a really long knife!

All she could do was yelp and beg as it continued to fall in a steady rhythm. Matt was very serious about his mission because he didn’t stop until he covered every inch of her posterior at least a hundred times(well maybe not quite that many but it sure felt like it!) and Cassie was sobbing limply across his knee.

Matt lifted her to her feet and cuddled her close to his impressive chest as she sobbed out the whole story. Rocking her to and fro he listened intently to her what she said about meeting Diablo on a dating website and what a creep he turned out to be. She wasn’t sure if he left the knife but he seemed the most logical choice but she didn’t want Brendan to know because he’d just pack her off to the farm and that was the last place she wanted to be.

“All I wanted was a pedicure!” she finished on a wail.

Matt chuckled and kissed her on top of the head. “Its okay baby,” he said softly as he lifted her tear stained face up to his and planted a kiss that curled her toes. “I thought it was a good time to mention I always had a bit of a crush on you too.”

“Oh my,” Cassie said, tears dried up completely as she studied Matt. Boy could he kiss! Unfortunately he could spank too but that kiss almost made it worth it!

“I think you should crash at my house tonight until we take a closer look at this Diablo character. I can’t believe you found this in your underwear drawer and didn’t call Brendan.” Matt shook his head.

Cassie was no fool; she needed to get him off track immediately before she ended up bottoms up again! She leaned in close and played lightly with the buttons on his starched uniform. Looking up from beneath her lashes Cassie said, “If I called Brendan we would never have kissed…”

Matt laughed out loud and tweaked her on the end of the nose, “Good diversionary tactic. I think I’ll let it work on me…this time.”

That little threat sent little shivers down her spine. Then she straightened again in alarm, “I almost forgot Matt! There was a big hairy man on a motorcycle following me!”

Cassie was more than a little offended when Matt simply collapsed against the side of her car in laughter. “You think it’s funny that a big leather clad man on a motorcycle was stalking me?”

“I just can’t wait to tell Ramirez what you thought of his disguise,” he said still laughing.

“Disguise?” she asked.

“Cassie that was Bobby, he’s working vice now and he recognized you. He called me on the radio to tell me you were putting on quite a show with that sword in the pawn shops on Harry Hines and I might want to come get you before you got yourself into any trouble,” Matt explained.

She scowled, “He scared me!”

“Good. You should have been scared,” he said sternly.


Cassie always wanted the last word so she popped off one more time, “He smelled too!”

Matt guffawed as he ushered her into her car. “I’m taking you to my house for the night trouble.”

She grinned and leaned out the window. “Can we make a quick stop at my house?”

“Sure Babe anything you want, within reason.”

Cassie grinned all the way home. It would just take a second to run in and get that baby doll nightie. It looked like there was hope for it after all!


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