New releases for the beginning of 2020!

Hello everyone! I know it has been a very long time since I posted but I have been writing. Life has been crazy with work and trying my best to bring new characters to life.
Now we’ve struck by COVID-19 and I know many of you are stuck at home. Since my day job is in the healthcare field I’m still in the office Monday through Friday but being careful and staying safe. I’m thinking of all of you and hoping you are staying safe and well too.
I thought I’d share the books I’ve released so far in 2020 as well as sharing a sale on my last book in 2019 Her Strict Daddy.  If you are looking for something to read check out the links below!
Stay well!~Mo
$.99 on Amazon and free on Kindle Unlimited!
Tales from the Bedroom
Tempt yourself with this newest collection from one of romance’s hottest authors, Morganna Williams. Feel the burning passion as we travel from place to place, meeting wonderfully exotic couples from all walks of life. From Frankenstein’s monster to role-playing couples, there’s a little heat and spice for everyone to enjoy.

Relax in bed or by the fireplace as Williams whisks you away, allowing your inner most desires to be brought to life. You know you want to; grab hold and allow the dominance to begin…

Her Strict Daddy
*On Sale for $.99 on Amazon and free on Kindle Unlimited!*
Naomi has dreamed of being dominated and exploring her darkest fantasies but can she handle having Ezra as Her Strict Daddy?
Dream Daddy
Available now on Amazon and free on Kindle Unlimited!
Daisy Frazier is nervous about Jethro Morton’s plans for her. She knows the long, hard spanking the handsome police detective has in mind is exactly what she needs to reset her emotions after a painful breakup, but she also knows that when he’s done it won’t be just her bottom that’s sore… Jethro let Daisy slip through his fingers once before, and she ended up with a lying jerk who broke her heart. But things will be different this time. This time he won’t hold back. This time he won’t hesitate to use and enjoy her beautiful body in ways more shameful than she can imagine.

This time she’ll be calling him daddy.

Her Stern Nerd
Available now on Amazon and free on Kindle Unlimited!
Jasper has always been a unassuming and rather nerdy boss. Now that Lacey finds herself in trouble she’s about to find out just how stern this nerd can be.

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