Saturday Spanks!!!

I hope everyone is enjoying this first Saturday Spanks of 2015!  Today I am bringing you a naughty snippet of Claiming Their Mate. In it Madison has grown tired of waiting for her mates to claim her fully so she decides to take things into her own hands literally. 🙂 She’s about to find out what happens to naughty little mates that steal orgasms.


Ethan felt his cock grow impossibly tighter at the evocative vision she was deliberately presenting as she used her mouth to clean every trace of her essence from the vibrator.

“I think you’ve been told before mate, your pleasure belongs to us,” Jared said firmly.

“You will be punished for each and every orgasm you stole from us,” Ethan assured her and watched with satisfaction as she shivered in response to the sensual threat. “How many times Madison?”

She gave him a satisfied smile, “How many times what?”

“How many times did you make yourself come?” Ethan asked. He began to roll up his shirtsleeves and watched as Jared did the same.

Madison watched them, licking her lips a little nervously as she clearly realized how dangerous it was to tempt a pair of wolves.

“Madison,” Jared said her name warningly.

“Three,” she said a little hoarsely.


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Happy Reading!


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