Spanked and Figged on Free Story Friday!


I hope today finds you ready for the weekend, I know I am. Today I’m posting a brand new story. Hope you enjoy it! Happy reading! ~Morganna


I stood, naked in the corner; my bottom stinging with heat my core aching and empty. I know this is supposed to be a time of reflection…to ponder on the depth of my misbehavior but all I can think about is my sore bottom and the heat that’s spread to other areas…heat that you quite happily encouraged.

My inner thighs were bathed shamefully with my arousal; while I always dreaded punishment I could not deny its affect on me…when you took control so masterfully…spanking my bottom hard to correct my errant behavior it made me long to be mastered in every way possible.

My clit throbbed in time with my bottom magnifying my need and causing me to move my legs restlessly, longing to press them together in an effort to find relief…release…but I know better.

The crisp spicy smell of ginger filled the air and my asshole contracted instinctively, as I shuddered from my position in the corner. The sound of the peeler scraping away the rough skin of the vicious little root and the sound of my own heartbeat all I could hear.

I wanted to turn around and look at you, get a little reassurance but knew that would only bring further punishment. I knew I’d been bad and likely had more spanking coming but I had not suspected a ginger plug in my future.

I whimpered, “Please? I’ll be good, I promise…”

“You’ve had chance after chance to be good, now I plan to see to it that you are,” was all you said; your stern tones filling me equally with anticipation and dread.

I’d know it was likely a futile plea, very seldom are you swayed from a course of action once it’s been decided. I would be getting my ass plugged with ginger before you finished my spanking and that was all there was too it. My ass clenched again as I imagined the awesome stinging heat that would soon fill it; inside and out.

An embarrassed moan escaped me as I felt another flood of moisture leaking from my empty core.

You chuckled behind me, knowing exactly what was happening to me this was a dance we’d shared many times before.

“Spread you legs and bend over, I want to see everything, but keep your nose in that corner young lady,” your voice sounded like whiskey laced with honey, sliding over me in an invisible caress.

A choked cry of distressed mortification came from me as I moved my legs apart and bent further over, knowing you could indeed see everything, from my thoroughly reddened bottom, to my shy little asshole and the embarrassingly wet lips announcing how thoroughly turned on I was by your strict punishment.
“Good girl,” I sighed with pleasure and my shoulders relaxed as those reassuring words washed over me. Everything would be okay. You would finish my punishment but then you would shatter me with pleasure and everything would be right in my world again.

I would emerge cleansed and renewed.

Then I felt you behind me, the heat of your body filling my own as your pants legs brushed my calves.

“It’s time,” I couldn’t suppress my shiver at your words. “You know what to do.”

With a little sob, I reached my hands back and grasped my tender bottom cheeks spreading them wide for you.

It took but a few seconds before I felt the press of the cool rounded root pressing against my tender bud for entrance. Taking a deep breath I relaxed my bottom and pressed backwards into it, allowing it to slip inside.

I gasped as you began to work it in and out of my poor little bottom, I squeezed down on it reflexively helping it to release its essence and the stinging heat began to penetrate my tender tissues.


“This is what happens to naughty girls isn’t it? They get their bottoms punished inside out don’t they?”

“Yes sir!”

I went up on my toes trying to escape the bitter sting of the root but you followed working it in and out of me several times and twisting it around to make sure I understood the error of my ways. Then finally you seated it in place, and turned me to face you.

The slight wriggling couldn’t be helped as I faced you, wagging my bottom to relieve the sting wasn’t going to help but I couldn’t be still.

You crossed you arms over your chest and frowned down at me expectantly with a raised brow.

I knew what you wanted, “Thank you for punishing my bottom inside and out.”

“You have indeed been very a naughty young lady; get me the hairbrush so I can finish your spanking.”

Fresh tears threatened to fill my eyes as I imagined the brush landing on my already sore backside but I went and got it while you seated yourself on the bed.

Then I was back over your lap with the ginger seated firmly inside me and the brush began to fall hard and fast. I gasped and writhed over you knee as the stinging heat and pain began to fill me.

I began to sob when you concentrated your efforts on my sit spots, brining the hairbrush down over and over in the exact same place before doing the same on the other side.

“Please! I’ll be good…I’ll be a good girl! I promise!”

Then the spanking was over, and you were murmuring to me that I was a good girl as you spread my legs wide and thrust two fingers deep inside me.

The pain and heat in my bottom, the stinging of the ginger in my ass combined with the intense pleasure of your fingers working so hard and fast inside my hungry sheath sent me over the edge almost immediately.

I came apart over your lap, screaming your name as I came but you gave me no rest sending me up and over the edge again and again until I finally shattered completely fracturing into a million fragile pieces.

Then you were holding me as I came back to myself; whispering soft gentle words as you put me back together again; I emerged free from my burdens…everything made new.

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