Need something hot to read this Christmas?


I thought I’d share a spicy little snipper from our Christmas anthology, Heating Up the Holidays. This is a scene from Marigoldand the Sheriff.

Lucas had been shocked to silence at the sight of his lady love’s bright red bottom humping up and down over her hand as she worked herself toward release.
A mix of outrage and arousal filled him as he walked into the room. He grabbed a chair and used it to block the door closed.
Mari was still sitting on her knees staring at him wide-eyed as he stalked to the bed and caught her up against him. Her little feet kicked in the air as he carried her to the wall and pressed her back to it. “Lift your gown back to your waist,” he commanded in a rough voice.
“I… ummm… it wouldn’t be seemly,” she said in a whisper.
Lucas leaned in, growling against her ear, “We lost seemly behavior the minute I walked in and caught you touching what belongs to me, little girl.”
Her big purple eyes stared into his and a shudder ran through her body; with a soft sigh of surrender, she lifted her gown while he kept firm hands on her waist.
“Good girl,” Lucas told her as he caught her under her left thigh then her right and lifted her legs until her knees were against her chest and spread her wide. “It was very naughty for you to play with yourself, darlin’, and I’m going to have to punish you.”
Mari’s mouth opened in an ‘O’ of surprise when he fitted himself between her spread thighs as she instinctively wrapped her legs around his hips; the hardness in his jeans pressed against the little nub she’d been rubbing and the pleasure was intense and immediate. “This sweet little puss of yours belongs to me, baby, and only I get to touch it and make it purr,” he told her as he began to move his hips in a slow rotation against her wet core.
The friction of the rough denim against her already sensitive mound made her climax almost immediately. “Lucas!” she cried out as his mouth covered her in a devouring kiss.
He continued to move his hips against her, driving her toward another peak, loving the way her purple eyes darkened in surprised pleasure. “If I ever catch you stealing another orgasm from me again, I’ll spank your pretty little puss till you howl. Am I understood?”
“Ooohooo… I… oooohhooo,” Mari panted as she neared another orgasm.
Lucas slammed his hips against her hard and was gratified to feel her spasm against him as she came. “Am I understood?”

Sweetly Sinful a new release from MaddieTaylor, MeredithO’Reilly and MorgannaWilliams

I thought I’d post a few excerpts from my new release Sweetly Sinful. Brought to you by Maddie Taylor, Meredith O’Reilly and Morganna Williams.


Once again, Zaryn frowned, his smooth brows knitting together in obvious displeasure. “This habit you have of calling me names you don’t mean must stop. If not, I will have to discipline you.”
She tried to ignore both the rush of wet heat his words caused and his threat. Instead, she asked, “What is bilya?”
“It means mate of my heart.” He smiled. “You like the idea of me giving you discipline.”
“I do not!” Kate replied emphatically, struggling anew to free herself. How embarrassing. Not only did the guy know how to make her clit jump on command, he was figuring out her most private fantasies.
“Lying is also unacceptable.” Zaryn’s purple brows furrowed once more. “I didn’t want to begin with discipline, but it seems it is necessary to do so before we can continue.”
“What?” she cried in alarm when he caught her about the waist to pull her off him. Perversely, she clung to him, though she’d just been fighting to get down. Kate wasn’t sure she wanted to know what happened once he no longer held her.
Easily disentangling her arms and legs from his body, Zaryn sat on the hood of her car and placed her facedown over his right knee.
“Hey!” Kate found herself dangling precariously over the front bumper of her car. Then she felt the tug as he pulled her jeans and panties down. “Wait!” She alternated between trying to keep up her rapidly descending pants and putting her hands out, holding onto the grill, and the headlight—anything, to keep from falling.
Despite her struggles, in very little time Kate found herself bare-assed with a large purple palm restingacross the breadth of her upturned cheeks. “Now, bilya, why are you about to be spanked?”
She looked over her shoulder with an unrepentant glare. “Because you’re an asshole?”
He returned it full force but went a step further, lifting his hand and bringing it down with a snap.
Stinging heat immediately bloomed in its wake. “Ouch! Fine. I called you names.”
“That will do to begin with.” Zaryn’s hand rose and fell in a rapid rhythm, leaving her gasping and heat building.
The stinging pain grew, making her kick her feet and yelp. The heat radiated to other areas, until her clit throbbed in time to his swats, and she felt proof of her arousal leaking down her thighs.-Fifty Shades of Purple from Sweetly Sinful


She shivered as she approached him, her inner thighs rubbing against her swollen, needy sex with each step. Once she reached his side, Hector wasted no time pulling her down over his knee, and she felt Duncan kneel behind her and spread her bottom cheeks wide.
“No!” Alyiah cried in protest as the ice phallus pressed against her tender hole.
“Yes,” Hector said firmly. “Naughty little mates get their bottoms punished inside out and their sweet little cunnies spanked.”
She moaned as the chilly plug slid in and out of her tight little hole until, with one final thrust, it was seated deeply inside her and Hector’s hard hand began to fall on her upturned ass.
Each swat left a fire in its wake and jolted the intruder in her ass, mingling pleasure and pain until she couldn’t tell them apart. Soon, she was arching her bottom to meet each swat and mewling with entreaty, though she didn’t know whether she was begging Hector to stop or asking for more.-Possessed by the Dragons from Sweetly Sinful

What do Uber, a tractor and a stern executive have in common? Find out in today’s free story.


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Uber Love

“Crapper-dapper!” Jenny Hayes cursed when she got outside and saw the flat tire on her car. She’d just agreed to an Uber Ride for Joshua Green. He was an ultra hot executive that enjoyed living outside the city.

She’d driven him to the small airfield in town several times over the last few months and now he always asked if she was available when he logged into Uber.  Jenny knew she didn’t have a chance with the man romantically but at least she could dream and drive her crush around.

Well she could if she didn’t have a stupid flat on her stupid car.

Jenny stood on the gravel driveway of her parent’s farmhouse and considered her options. She couldn’t use either of their cars because they were both gone and her grandfather’s ancient Chevy truck had given up the ghost last week.

With a dramatic sigh Jenny walked towards the pasture and that’s when she saw the tractor. Her father’s John Deere Combine, it was a really nice tractor complete with air conditioner.  Carefully weighing the pros and cons of using the expensive piece of farm equipment as an Uber ride Jenny took a deep breath and grabbed the keys from her father’s work bench.

Her father was likely to kill her but Joshua Green was worth the risk.

With a grin Jenny climbed up into the tall cab of the Combine and started the motor, it would actually be kind of cozy sitting having Joshua share the bench seat with her.

A heavy grinding sound filled the air as she worked the gears, Jenny frown and then put it in highway mode again. This time the gear slide easily in place and she reminded herself to pay more attention when she shifted.

As she bounced down the road towards Joshua’s country home, Jenny frowned she’d forgotten what a rough ride the tractor gave. When she’d ridden shotgun with her father as a kid Jenny had seen it as a big adventure getting on the road in the big combine then as a resentful teen forced to work in the fields she’d entertained herself as she sowed or harvested Milo.

Now as a twenty-three year old woman, Jenny was used to driving her car and felt every pitch and bump of the tractor keenly.  Plus it was a lot slower than driving a car, so it took her thirty minutes to make the regularly fifteen minute drive to Joshua’s house.

As she pulled the lumbering vehicle up in front of her fare Jenny couldn’t resist sounding the horn as the sound of the General Lee from the Duke’s of Hazard rang out loudly. Her Uncle Dan had installed the horn in the tractor as a joke several years ago.

Joshua Green stepped out on the front porch with his mouth hanging open as he looked at the tractor when he spotted her sitting in the driver’s seat he blinked in obvious disbelief. “Jenny?”

“Your ever versatile and accommodating Uber Driver at your service Sir!” she grinned impishly at him from her lofty position in the cab as she swung open the door for him to climb aboard.

“So I see. Where is your car?” he didn’t climb into the cab merely stood looking at her with crossed arms and a raised brow.

Jenny felt her face flush, “I had a flat but I didn’t want to miss your ride.”

With a shake of his head Jeremy climbed up into the cab of the tractor. “Did your father give you permission to borrow his tractor?”

She immediately studied the steering wheel. “Not exactly, but I’ve plowed the fields with it many times and know how to drive it.”

A long finger lifted her chin, “Knowing how to use it in the fields and driving it down the highway to the executive airport are two different things.”

Jenny scowled up Joshua, wondering for a moment why she found this man so attractive. “It’s not like it’s a long drive into a major airport. For goodness sakes they just renamed it from Chico County Airfield when you and a few other business men started using it.”

“Petulance doesn’t become you young lady.”  He told her sternly as he leaned forward and turned the key to off stopping the machine’s powerful motor.

“What are you doing?” A nervous note crept into Jenny’s voice as Joshua climbed down and held a hand up to help her out of the tractor.  “If you don’t want a ride I should really be getting back to…”

“Climb down out of that tractor right now,” the steel in his tone sent shivers down her spine as she climbed down out of the cab. Joshua caught her firmly by the arm and began to lead her down the path around the side of his restored farmhouse. When they got to the back of the house and she spotted an equally well restored woodshed Jenny stopped in her tracks. Joshua continued to pull her towards the woodshed while she did her best to dig her feet into the ground and stop all forward motion.

“No! Wait…I don’t really want to go in there!” her protests ended on a squeak when he simply tossed her over one broad shoulder and carried her inside.

She stared wide eyed as he set her on her feet then took off his sport coat before rolling up his shirtsleeves. His eyes held hers the whole time and her tummy flipped in response.

“I appreciate that you want to take me to the airport, I think you want to see me as badly as I want to see you but it is not okay for you to take a $200 thousand dollar piece of farm equipment to do so. I’m fairly certain Uber would also frown on the idea of transporting people in tractors.”

“You want to see me?” Hope leapt in Jenny’s heart; maybe her crush wasn’t so ridiculous after all.

“I plan to see a lot of you Jenny though I think I won’t be using your Uber services again.” Tears sprang to her eyes at his words. “Instead I think I’ll just pick you up for our dates and we’ll forget all about Uber.”

“Dates?” she stammered.

“Yes.  However, first we have some business to take care of,” Joshua told her as he sat down on a wide bench. “I want you to pull your jeans and panties down and lie across my lap.”

She felt her mouth drop open even as a pool of moisture sprang to life between her thighs in response.  “I can’t do that.”

“You can and you will. Every minute you delay gets you five with the strap on top of what you already have coming.” He murmured.

“Strap! Five?” Jenny suddenly felt terribly inarticulate.

“That’s five are we going for ten?” Joshua asked calmly as he quirked his brow inquiringly.

Jenny unbuttoned her jeans in record time catching both them and her panties in her grasp and pulling them to her knees before throwing herself over his lap.

“You did that quite gracefully,” he said a warm hand coming to rest on her upturned bottom.

She cleared her throat, “This isn’t exactly my first trip to the woodshed.”

“Indeed,” Joshua didn’t comment further and instead got to the business at hand.

Jenny gasped from the very first swat as his punishing palm fell hard and fast bringing the heat of her seat up to a raging fire within the first few swats. Soon she was wind milling her arms and legs in an effort to escape his very capable hand.

Joshua gave her no quarter, continuing to spank her very sore posterior until she was apologizing and promising never to touch the tractor again. Finally, he stood her on her feet in front of him.

Jenny did the dance of a well-spanked young lady, at least she tried but Joshua caught her firmly by the shoulders to hold her in place. “That’s enough of that young lady. Bend over the saddle so I can see to your strapping.”

“But…” she wailed tearfully.

“Now.” Joshua said succinctly.

Jenny hobbled over to the well padded saddle arranged over a saw horse as if waiting for a naughty girl to need correction. Laying over it arched her already well spanked bottom high and formed a perfect target for Joshua’s strap.

For a moment lying over the saddle the cool air blowing across her bottom Jenny felt all alone in her misery but then a large warm hand came to rest in the small of her back and all the tension she’d been holding released as she felt the connection between them flow through her, giving her strength.

“Good girl, you can do this Jenny.” He told her and then she heard the strap whistle through the air just before it caught the entire under curve of her bottom leaving a line of white hot fire in its wake. “Count please.”

“Oooooohhh!” her eyes widened as the heat bloomed and seemed to grow as the strap lifted from her scorched skin. “One!”

The next stroke fell just below the first catching the tops of her thighs and making her kick out reflexively as she wailed out the number two.  The intense bite of the strap caused more tears to leak from her eyes but at the same time her clit was throbbing in need and wetness leaked down her inner thighs.

Jenny moaned in a combination of pain and embarrassment, this had never happened when her parents spanked her but being taken in hand by Joshua Greene had done more than just primed her pump; it had started a flood.

The next stroke landed directly over the path of the first making her wail and jerk but she tried desperately to keep her legs together to prevent him from seeing just how his discipline was affecting her.  “Three!”

Number four caught the tops of her thighs again and then five fell immediately after she yelled the number four seeming to fall diagonally over the rest, “Five.”

Jenny sagged over the saddle, her bottom and clit seemed to throb in time with every beat of her heart and she’d never wanted anyone as badly as she wanted this man.

A big warm hand began to lightly trace the welts on her bottom making her shiver. “You’re going to feel me every time you sit for the next few days Pet.”

Satisfaction filled is voice as he continued stroke her heated flesh until with a groan Jenny shifted her legs a part. “What’s this?” Joshua asked as his fingers slide into her wet heat.

“I can’t seem to help it,” she moaned.

“You took your first punishment like a good girl so I suppose a reward is in order. Just don’t get used to orgasms after punishment young lady.” He told her as two fingers shot deep inside her.

“Yes sir! Ooohooo…yes!” Jenny’s back arched as his fingers pumped in and out a few times then she wailed with disappointment when he pulled completely free of her but it was only to pull her jeans and panties the rest of the way off  then flip her to her back.

The small of her back was resting in the saddle with one of Joshua’s big hands cupping her very sore ass as he pierced her with the intensity of his gaze, “I want to be looking into your eyes the first time I sink into you Pet.”

“Oh yes,” she said spreading her legs wide to welcome him as he freed himself from his pants then brought his hand back up so one of her cheeks rested in each hand.  The head of his cock teased her entrance then slid up through her wet slit and against her clit a few times while he rhythmically squeezed and spread her bottom cheeks apart to open her even further.

Jenny moaned and tried to buck her hips up to capture his cock inside her where she needed him but he held her fast with those hands on her bottom. “No. I control what you get young lady. You take what I give you, nothing more…nothing less.”

For some reason his words sent a spasm of pleasure through her clit and made her empty sheath clench on air. “Please!!!” she wailed.

“With pleasure,” Joshua told her as he fit the head of his cock to her weeping entrance then pressed home.

They both groaned as he filled her forcing her tender inner muscles to stretch around his girth as he sank slowly inside making her feel each and every inch. His eyes never left hers as he took her until finally his balls pressed against her ass and he was imbedded to the hilt.

She felt completely impaled on his big cock, stretched almost beyond capacity but it felt too right to complain as he held her there then brought a hand up to stroke her clit. Jenny’s groaned and threw her head back as he stayed still inside her but rubbed her little nub in a circular motion until she spasmed around him with a little cry.

“Good girl,” he crooned then his hands were both back on her ass opening her up again as he began to move. “I’m going to take you hard now.”

He withdrew almost completely then slammed back inside hard and fast beginning a pounding rhythm that stole her breath. He showed no mercy as he hammered in and out of her in hard long strokes.

The combination of his cock slamming into her and his hands squeezing her hot sore flesh drove her pleasure higher and higher but it was when one long finger slipped between her ass cheeks and rimmed her asshole that she saw stars.

“That’s it, take my finger.” He commanded as it pressed inside and he began to move it in tandem with his hips. The pleasure was almost too much as he fucked her even harder the finger in her ass now holding her in place as his other hand came around to pinch her clit hard.

Jenny shattered completely; screaming his name as she seemed to come in unending spasm of pleasure and with one final lunge Joshua followed her over the edge and into the abyss.

A few minutes later as Joshua pulled free and lifted Jenny from the saddle she looked up at him with a twinkle in her eyes, “That’s never happened to me in the woodshed before.”

Joshua grinned in return, “This isn’t your father’s woodshed.”



Tamed by the Landscape Engineer brand spanking new!




Once again I apologize, first the chest cold and then a car accident so my poor blog has been sadly neglected. I do believe I’m back with story ideas firing! My next story will be a well intentioned Uber driver and an executive in a hurry.  😉

Happy reading! ~Mo


Milly was a very serious woman, she liked to comport herself like the great ladies of the past. She imagined herself very like a young Jackie “O” carrying herself in a graceful and dignified manner.


She stylized her clothing in a way that mirrored the classic styles of the late 50’s and early 60’s, clean lines knee length skirts and pill box hats sitting on her shoulder length hair with just the slightest upswing.

Today, she was wearing her favorite peach suit, it gave her confidence.  Something she needed when trying to deal with a man like Byron James. He was beautiful, tall and perfect but completely maddening.


He was her mother’s landscape engineer, a title which Milly found ridiculous as he was little more than a glorified lawn boy to her way of thinking.  Since her mother was out of town Milly was doing her best to direct Byron to ensure the new flower gardens were put in correctly.


She taped the toe of one high heeled shoe as she watched the man totally ignore her instructions regarding the placement of the hydrangeas. His behavior was unacceptable! “I told you to put the hydrangeas over there beneath the willow tree!”


Byron stood from where his worker was planting the flowering bushes and turned to face her, “Yes Miss Helms, I heard your suggestion.”


Milly sputtered indignantly, “You deliberately ignored my instructions?”


The man sighed, “Miss Helms I’m not even sure why you’re here. Your mother approved all of the plans for the new gardens including the placements of all the plants before she left for her cruise. So yes I ignored your suggestion.”


Though Milly prided herself on always being the epitome of control, something about this man pushed every button she testing the limits of said control. “It was NOT a suggestion! It was an instruction! I was directing you to a better place for the hydrangeas!”


A muscle ticked next to his eye, “Miss Helms when you have a degree in Botany and twenty years as a landscape artist under your belt we can possibly debate the proper placement of hydrangeas. Until then why don’t you go bother someone else like a good little girl.”


Then he turned her to face the house and swatted her bottom to encourage her cooperation.


Milly gasped in outrage and spun to face him again only to find he was already leaned back over and discussing fertilizer or some other gardening issue with his worker and she saw red and lost the last bit of sense she still possessed.

With a cry of rage she marched over to where Byron was bent over and planted her high heeled shoe on his butt and shoved with everything she was worth. Byron unprepared for the attack flew forward face first into the newly planted hydrangeas, landing with a satisfying splat.


Milly straightened to her full height, delighted by the satisfaction that filled her with such an aggressive act. I am woman hear me roar, she thought to herself as she watched Byron straighten and brush mud and pieces of hydrangea from his face and shirt.


She’d struck against male superiority for all women kind. She felt like an Amazon warrior…at least she did right until Byron got to his feet and fixed her with a glare that did not bode well for her.


Her eyes widened as he started towards her with purpose and though she knew she should stand her ground, Milly gave a squeak of alarm and ran.


“You better run you little brat!” he said from directly behind her.


She put on a burst of speed then her heel snapped; she’d been moving so fast she couldn’t stop her momentum. Milly flew sideways with a little scream of alarm and landed on her side right in the middle of her mother’s mulberry bush; sharp little leaves and branches scratching her as she tried to wrestle free.


Strong hands caught her around the waist and lifted her free of the vile little bush turning her then immediately tossing her across a broad shoulder. “Put me down this instant you creatin!” Milly yelled as she pounded her fists against Byron’s back.


The odious man walked into her mother’s home like he owned it, “With pleasure your Highness, he told her as he set her down next to the wide leather couch in the living room.”


Milly stood in her uneven heels and smoothed her skirt nervously down her legs; seeing the way Byron was watching her while he rolled up his shirtsleeves. “Shame on your for handling my person in such a familiar fashion.” She said trying to cow him with her haughty manor.


Byron snorted and caught her by the hand as he sat down on the couch, “I am about to get a whole lot more familiar with your person so get used to it.”


“I…hey!” As he gave a sharp jerk to her hand and she found herself tumbling face down across his strong thighs.  Milly glared up at him over her shoulder. “Just what do you think you’re doing?”


“Well little girl,” he said matter of factly as he began pulling her skirt up over her hips, completely ignoring her gasp of outrage. “I’m about to paddle your little ass and teach your to behave yourself.”

Milly bucked right and then left in an effort to escape from his iron clad hold. “You can’t!”


Byron finished working her skirt up over her rounded derriere and then caught the waistband of her panties and pulled them down. “Hide and watch little girl.”


She opened her mouth to yell some more but ended up giving a yelp when his big hand clapped off her left bottom cheek.


“Owww…wait…owwww….owwwiee…ohhhooo…stop! Please stop!” Milly cried but he ignored her pleas and his hand began to fall even harder and faster until her feet were kicking reflexively.


“Let’s discuss your behavior,” Byron said almost conversationally as his hand continued to fall. “First I have a question. Are you the person that hired me for this job?”


“Nooo!” she wailed.


“That’s right, you are not. Your mother was the person that hired me.” He continued to talk to her as if he wasn’t tattooing his hand print across her ass. “She and I discussed the plans for the new garden down to the placement of each and every flower. I did not need or want your input and neither did your mother or she would have had you over to join in the discussion. Did your mother invite you to give input?”


Milly sniffed miserably as the heat in her bottom continued to grow with each well measured swat. She tried to get away with giving a little shrug.


“Answer me young lady,” Byron commanded then delivered five extremely hard swats to the crease of her thigh where her bottom and ass met.


“Nooo! Nooo she didn’t!” Milly yelled.


He pulled her up off his lap and held her firmly in place to face him, “So did you have any right to interfere with my business?”


She gave a pitiful little sob before she answered, “No sir.”


“Did I deserve the little tantrum that culminated with you kicking me in the ass and shoving me into the hydrangeas?”


“No sir,” Milly told him softly. “I’m sorry I behaved so badly.”


Byron nodded, “Good girl. Now let’s finish your punishment and be done with this little episode.”


“Finish? Aren’t we done?” she asked hopefully.

“I need to finish the lesson,” he told her firmly and then tugged her over his lap facing the other way only this time he pinned her legs under one thigh and tilted her a little further over his lap. “I like to finish with my dominant hand to ensure I never need to teach the same lesson a second time.”


Milly’s eyes flew open in horror as his hand slapped down on her left sit spot with the hardest swat yet and to her dismay his palm continued to fall again and again in the exact same spot. “Nooo! Please not there again! Somewhere else…somewhere else!” Her yells became frantic as the painful sting in her bottom got worse and worse until with one last wail of protest she collapsed over his lap sobbing.


That’s when he moved to the other side and gave her right sit spot the exact same treatment. Her relief that he’d moved to a new place was extremely short lived, by the time it was over Milly was promising never to utter a cross word to anyone for the rest of her life.


He lifted her to sit on his knee and she yelped when her well spanked bottom came in contact with his jeans.


Byron held her and rubbed her back as she sobbed into his chest, giving her comfort and whispering into her ear how well she’d taken her punishment. When he tears finally stopped he titled her tearstained face up to his.


“Is this a lesson I will have to repeat?” he asked with a quirk of a brow.


“Never,” Milly said so feverently he laughed and kissed the tip of her nose.


“Good girl,” Byron said with a warm smile then he kissed her lips and she found herself opening to him like a flower.


She gave a sigh of disappointment when he broke their kiss then lifted her to stand in front of him once more. Milly blushed then gave a gasp when he pulled her panties up over her sore tush.  The realization that she’d been standing before this man with a bare red ass he was responsible for was almost more than she could bear.


She slapped him across the face, “How dare you take such liberties with my person.”


Milly stared at him for the space of two heartbeats before wisdom over took her false bravado and she stepped back.


Byron caught her by the hand before she could make an escape. “I don’t think so.”


Predictably Milly was bare assed over his knee again before she could work up further outrage.  His hand fell again and again without preamble while she yelped and kicked her feet.


She kicked her left foot so hard her pretty high heeled shoe flew off and would have nailed Byron in the head had he not caught it, “Thank you my dear.”


“OOOOOOWWWWWW!” Milly’s head flew back with a screech when the toe of that very shoe fell on her already well roasted posterior. With a flick of his experience wrist Byron snapped it down on her sit spot until she was pleading to be his good girl again.


“We’re almost there darling,” he assured her as he switched to the other side to apply his tried and true home remedy for naughtiness.


Milly could do little but cling to his leg in desperation as she sobbed her apologies. Finally he let her shoe fall to the floor but kept her firmly in place over his lap. “How about you tell me why you slapped me young lady?”


“I…well…ummm…you…ooohooo!” she gasped when he lightly patted her very tender bottom.


“I expect an honest answer,” Byron kept his hand still over the hot skin of her left butt cheek.


“You kissed me and I realized I was bare from the waist down and I liked it and…” Milly trailed off, not quite sure how to say the rest.


To her horror the man parted her legs and one long finger slid into her wet slit discovering all her secrets, “You were embarrassed to find the spanking turned you on so you slapped me rather than asking for what you wanted.”


“I…oh my,” she moaned loudly as his finger began to rub lightly over her swollen clit.


“Ask for what you need…what we both know you want,” Byron instructed her as his finger continued to stroke her but this time only played around the lips of her labia making her need for his touch even more desperate.


“Please…,” she panted.  “Please touch me, take me…fill me up.” Her need was so great she tossed pride out the window and spread her legs wide.


Instead of continuing to pet her needy slit, Byron stood her once more before him giving her a warning look. “Naughty girls get fucked hard.”


Milly licked her lips feeling like someone new…a freedom and daring she’d never known before filling her as she lifted her skirt and bent over the arm of the couch with her legs spread wide.  She looked at him over her shoulder and uttered one word, “Please.”


“Face forward; I control everything about this little girl.” Byron’s deepened voice sent chills over her skin as she turned her face forward to obey.

Time seemed to stand still as she waited, trying not to think about how wanton she must look with her red bottom arched high in the air and her legs spread wide to showcase the honey glistening on her folds and leaking down the inside of her thighs.


She shivered at the sound of his zipper dragging down and the crinkle of what had to be a condom wrapper.  A loud moan escaped her when he caught a sore ass cheek in each hand and opened her impossibly wide before fitting the head of his cock to her weeping entrance.


“Are you ready for me to make you mine?” the head of his cock teased her opening sliding around and around in her wetness but not dipping inside.


Milly’s hips bucked back trying to catch him but Byron held her firmly in place, “Please fuck me!”


“Who do you belong to?” she shuddered in pleasure as just the head of his cock eased inside her then pulled immediately back out.


“You I belong to you!” her passionate words ended on a high pitched wail as he drove inside to the hilt with his first thrust, the head of his cock coming to rest against her cervix.


“Just like coming home,” he said hoarsely as his feet forced her legs even further apart while his hands braced on her shoulders. Then he pulled out almost completely before slamming back inside beginning a pounding rhythm that stole her air with its intensity.


Pleasure like nothing she’d ever experienced before filled her as Byron pinned her in place and took what belonged to him. He pistoned in and out of her so hard and fast each slam of his hips against her backside reawakened the sting of the spanking until pleasure and pain seemed to blend together in an exquisite feeling of rapture.


She lost herself completely in his touch as he drove her higher and higher until they exploded together and orbited the sky. He rested against her for a moment in the aftermath his face pressed to the back of her neck where he nibbled gently as their heart rates slowed.


Milly gave a soft whimper when he pulled free of her the twinge of pain telling her she would feel him every time she moved for the rest of the day.


Byron lifted her from the couch and turned her to face him, kissing her now softly and gently. “My sweet precious girl.”


She felt safe and cared for as she snuggled into his arms. “Did you mean what you said? That I belong to you?”


His mouth smiled against hers as he stared into her eyes, “I did Milly mine. You need a firm hand and I happen to have just the hand for you.”


Milly kissed him again then leaned back in his arms knowing he wouldn’t let her fall, “Oh really?”


“Yes Ma’am, I’m just the man to keep you in line, besides I can’t turn you loose on the rest of the world.”


There shared laughter filled the house and floated out the window. The startled man re-planting the hydrangeas shook his head and just kept digging.



Hi all I apologize that it’s been so long between posts. I’ve been struggling with a chest cold that just doesn’t seem to want to let go. I hope to be back to normal soon.  This is an old one that I hope you will enjoy. Happy reading! ~Mo

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The Serving Wench

Monique frowned as she watched the tall Lord retire to the room the innkeeper had given him. She was to serve him dinner in his room.

She, who only a fortnight ago had been the most popular girl UPSTAIRS; now reduced to the level of a serving wench.

It was intolerable!

All because the men of the village were excited about the new girls; so she wasn’t needed upstairs. The industrious Innkeeper had told her that she would earn her keep by waiting on the customers.

Monique scowled as she knocked upon the nobleman’s door.

He opened it immediately with a welcoming smile.

She glared at him in return and slammed his plate down upon the table, spilling some of the hearty stew in the process.

“There you are SERVED!”

“Where is my ale?”

“Be happy you have the stew!”

“For a serving wench you are a bit ill tempered. You’ve the tongue of a wasp.”

Monique rolled her eyes, “Oh a thousand pardons my Lord, I didn’t mean to offend.” She offered with a sneer.

“Never fear I know how to remove the stinger.” Then before Monique could so much as blink the tall lord grasped her hand and sat in the big chair before the hearth pulling her face down across his lap.

“You cannot do this!”

“Ah but I can,” he said tucking her skirts into the ties of her apron and pulling her pantaloons down her struggling legs. “You’ll not be in need of these anytime soon.” He tossed the knickers across the room and studied her pale round bottom.

It was definitely in need of color. He set to work painting the canvas before him a brilliant shade of crimson.

Monique bucked and yowled over his knee as he brought forth the vivid hue.

He let her drop from his lap to kneel between his knees when her backside was glowing with color and heat.

He stood unbuckling the sword belt at his waist, “I think six good licks with my belt should finish things nicely.”

Monique blanched at his words quickly reaching to unfasten his breeches, “Don’t spank me anymore my Lord. I promise I will make it up to you, I will show you my tongue is good for more than sharp words.”

She smiled up at him beneath her lashes as she freed his straining erection.

“You can make it up to me after I’ve finished your punishment.”

Monique knew she had to act quickly or her chance of reprieve was lost. Grabbing the base of his shaft she took the head of it into her mouth and rolled her tongue around it.

He groaned in response and she knew she had him. She followed him with her quick tongue and hot mouth as he sank back into the depths of the chair taking him deep into her throat.

Her hand held him tightly and she brought it up to meet her mouth as she took as much of him in as she could. Then she would tighten her lips as she brought them up his shaft and her hand stroked down. She would bring him almost out of her mouth then look up into his eyes as she circled her tongue around its tip before taking him deep into her throat once again.

She worked him feverishly, hand and mouth moving together to bring him the most pleasure possible. When he came she took every drop of his semen then sat back on her heels as satisfied smirk on her face; sure she’d gotten out of the rest of her punishment.

He looked down to where she knelt at his feet, full lips still glistening from his seed her skirts still tacked up in back to reveal her hot, red posterior.

He smiled and offered her his hand helping her from the floor. She gasped in dismay when he lifted her slightly at the waist and draped her over the back of the big hearth chair. Her feet dangled finding no purchase and her bottom arched high and vulnerable.

“I think we will add another six strokes for your efforts to distract me from the rest of your punishment.”

“No please!”

One hand in the small of her back held her easily in place as he doubled his broad belt and brought it sharply down on the undercurve of her buttocks.

She shrieked loudly in response as a line of fire rose across her already sore bottom.

He concentrated all of the remaining eleven strokes in that same place; wanting to be sure she remembered this punishment when she sat down for some time to come.

She hung crying limply over the back of the chair when the belt dropped between her hands where they were braced in the seat of the chair.

Her bottom was hot and swollen; she gasped when she felt him step between her thighs realizing that she was in an optimum position for more than spanking.

He thrust hard and deep imbedding himself to her core.

She gasped at the wonderful feeling of fullness then hissed as his pelvis slapped hard against her tender nether regions.

As he continued the pounding thrusts she soon began whimpering and moaning across the chair unable to move back to meet him, as she wanted.

Positioned as she was he controlled the pace and depth of their coupling. She could only groan and plead as he thrust.

His thrusts became harder and faster, she began to shudder as she came to a violent release. He slammed into her three more times before finishing.

Monique lay across the chair trying to catch her breath as he rose and fixed his clothing. Then he lifted her from the back of the chair catching her when her knees threatened to buckle.

He gave her a cocky smile standing her before him and righting her clothing. She sucked air in sharply when her skirts made contact with her blazing backside.

“Now Wench, fetch me my Ale,” he said with a sharp swat to her skirted behind.

Monique gasped and bent in an awkward curtsey, “Yes my Lord.” She scurried from the room suddenly eager to do his bidding.

Educating Jackie

Hope you enjoy this story about a coed and her sexy TA. Happy reading! ~Mo
Educating Jackie
Jackie stood outside Professor Jenkins’s office, she knew the Professor was out of town and his TA, Ed Walters was inside grading the midterm papers. She knew her paper was complete crap, she’d been partying to much this semester and was in serious danger of losing her scholarship.Jackie had to convince Ed to give her a pass, so she could keep her scholarship and finish her education. She didn’t have the money to finish school without that scholarship. Jackie knew it was her own fault but still…she had to convince him.

Ed was a handsome, graduate student that had taken over as the Professor’s TA this semester, he had a quiet studious air but she was hoping still waters ran deep.

Jackie took a deep breath and looked down at her low cut sweetheart neckline, cupping her breasts to give them a quick plump up before knocking on the door.

“Come in,” Ed’s deep baritone sounded from inside.

Jackie walked into the office with an exaggerated sway of her hips, “Hello Ed.” She hoped he liked the husky quality she’d put into her voice.

He looked up at her with a quirked brow, “Miss Simmons, how may help you?”

“Well I was hoping you could help me out with my grade some. My paper wasn’t my best work and…well…I can’t afford to make a bad grade and lose my scholarship,” she finished in a rush. Something about the way he was watching her made her feel like a naughty child and she couldn’t keep herself from fidgeting from one foot to the other.

Ed cocked his head at her, “How exactly do you propose I help you?”

Jackie licked her lips and leaned across the desk to give him a good eyeful of cleavage, “Please…help me…I’ll do anything for a good grade…anything…,” she finished meaningfully.

His eyebrows rose almost into his hairline before snapping back down in a stern line over his hard eyes as he rose from behind the desk and began to walk around.

She started to rise from her pose bent across the desk, “No…stay exactly as you are young lady.”

Jackie blinked, “Yes…ummm…sir.” She froze in position unable to resist the absolute authority in his voice.

“Are you proposing to exchange sexual favors for good grades?” he asked conversationally as he began to roll up his sleeves.

“Well…when you put it that way it sound so…so…well naughty,” Jackie said softly.
“It is naughty,” Ed sad matter of factly, as he moved to stand behind her and she gasped when he lifted her short skirt and tucked it into the waistband.

“I…ummm…well…I…” she stammered, unsure of exactly how things were going to go at this point.

“I am going to help you Miss Simmons but not in the way you initially proposed.” Ed told her.

“How are you going to help me?” Jackie asked.

“First, I’m going to give you the spanking of your life for being so audacious and then I’m going to sit your hot bottom down on that chair and help you make your paper something that deserves a good grade.” He explained sternly.

Jackie tried to ignore the heat that sprang to life between her legs at his words and the little pulse that had developed in her clit, straightening to stand in outrage. “You can’t spank me!”

He cocked his head and studied her again, “Really? You’d rather I call the Dean of Students and report you for offering sex in exchange for a good grade? I’m pretty sure that would not only result in the loss of your scholarship but expulsion as well.”

She felt her face pale as she realized exactly how foolish she’d been, “Please don’t.”

“It’s your choice my dear, take your punishment and fix what I’m sure must be a disaster of a paper or I’ll call the Dean.” Ed told her. “What’s your choice?”

“You,” Jackie said with a shudder.

“Right, back over the desk with you then,” he instructed.

Jackie got back into position and gave a moan of embarrassment when his fingers hooked in the waistband of her panties and pulled them to her knees. “Is that really necessary?”

“Discipline spankings will always be given on the bare without exception,” was all he said before his hand began to fall hard and fast on her upturned bottom.

“Oooohooo…oww…oww…owww…ohhh that hurts! Please it hurts!” Jackie cried as one of his big hands came to rest in the small of her back to hold her in place as his hand seemed to fall harder and harder.

“This is a punishment young lady, it’s supposed to hurt. This is to help you remember why you should never behave this way again,” Ed said as he continued to spank her rapidly reddening bottom.

By the time he stopped her bottom was on fire and Jackie was giving soft little hiccupping sobs.

She shot up grabbing her sore cheeks and rubbing frantically, “Back over that desk young lady, your punishment isn’t over.” He said to her horror.

“It’s not?” Jackie whimpered as she bent back over the desk.

“I’m going to give you twenty swats with this pointer,” he told her as she looked over her shoulder to see the long wooden pointer used in class to emphasize things on the transparencies. “Not a traditional cane but I do believe you will get my point.”

She saw his lips quirk at his play on words but before she could react the pointer landed on the under curve of her ass in a line of fire that made her mewl of pain. Ed wasted no time bringing the nasty stick down ten times in a row from the crease of her bottom to the middle of her thighs then laid another ten back up.

Jackie was crying earnestly, when he lifted her and tucked her against his chest. “I’m sorry.” She sobbed against his shirt while he rubbed her back and rocked to and fro.

“There…there little one, you took your punishment like a good girl. We will put it behind us and move forward. You clearly need more structure and I will be happy to provide it for you.” Ed told her as he led her around the desk to his hard wooden chair. “Sit.”

“Yes sir,” she said submissively as she obeyed him and sat down with a hiss as the wooden seat came into contact with her hot bare bottom. “Ooohh…oooh.”

“That will help you remember why it’s better to do quality work the first time,” Ed told her with a smile.

Too her surprise Jackie found herself smiling in return, “Yes sir.”

For the next two hours Ed worked with her on her paper until it was at least B worthy and Jackie felt a sense of accomplishment.

“Good girl, now pull up your panties and I’ll take you out to dinner,” He said with a grin.

“Yes sir!” Jackie said, trying not to wince as she pulled her panties up over her sore nates. She had been afraid once the paper was fixed he would send her on her way and she wanted to know this man better.

“Over dinner we can discuss appropriate behavior and study habits for my girl,” he told her as he guided her out of the office.

“Your girl?” she asked, hope springing in her chest.

“You don’t think I spank every woman that offers me a blow job in exchange for a better grade do you?” Ed asked incredulously.

“You’ve been asked before?” Jackie asked in surprise.

He snorted, “Several times a semester. You are the first one I’ve spanked. I was going to ask you out next week, you simply moved up the timetable.”

“Oh…,” she said suddenly feeling a little shy and unsure.

“Just so you know young lady,” Ed said sternly. “When you are a naughty girl you will be punished. Are we clear?”

A broad smile covered her face, “Crystal Sir.”

Felicity Brandon is visiting to talk about her sweet and steamy new book!

Author comments on book: Taming Lady Lydia is the most sensual and potent romance I have ever penned. Lord Markham is the Regency hero I always fantasised about… He’s a strict authoritarian with a loving, tender heart.

Publisher synopsis:
When eighteen-year-old Lady Lydia Franklin becomes the ward of Lord Thomas Markham after her father’s death, she quickly discovers that the wealthy, handsome gentleman believes in strict discipline for wayward young women. Her penchant for naughtiness soon earns her a sound spanking, but despite his willingness to punish her as often and as shamefully as he feels it necessary, Thomas’ firm-handed correction leaves Lydia helplessly aroused.

Though he is charged with ensuring that Lydia’s innocence is preserved, Thomas cannot help but notice her body’s response to his stern chastisement. It isn’t long before she is lying naked across his lap as she is spanked thoroughly and then brought to a blushing climax, and over the coming days he sets about teaching her what it means to surrender herself completely to a dominant man.

Being taken in Thomas’ arms proves more pleasurable than Lydia ever dreamed, and she finds herself imagining a future as his wife rather than his ward, but the dark rumors about his past are hard to ignore. When he asks for her hand she agrees to be his bride, but once the wedding is over will the bond between them hold firm or will it all end in scandal and heartbreak?

Publisher’s Note: Taming Lady Lydia includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.


The depth of the authority in his voice stirs me, sending energy coursing around my body. It pools at the apex of my legs, causing delicious tingles there. “I am sorry to have pressed the point,” I say, and I mean it, although I cannot help but wonder if it is his discipline which I really crave and have missed this last week.
I swear he senses the answer as he reaches for me. He sinks the fingers of his right hand into my hair and draws my body toward him. “Lydia,” he says, his voice almost a low growl. “Are you being intentionally disrespectful, I wonder?”
A silent gasp leaves my mouth as I look upon him.
“Oh, so you are…” he says with a knowing smile. “That is what this is about…”
I flush, knowing that there is little point denying what we both already know to be true. I glance up to him, my eyes imploring the messages I long to say. He pulls me closer, pressing my head against his warm chest. “Have you missed me, my love?” His voice is a deep murmur into my right ear.
“Yes…” I just about manage.
“And so you have chosen to be intentionally disobedient, to garner my attention?”
I shift my head, looking wildly into his face. “It is not my intention, My Lord,” I whimper.
“Oh, really, little one?” he asks, as that brow arches once again. “I think that is an untruth. I think you did intend to disobey me, and I think you did so because you have missed my discipline. Am I correct?”
I am trembling as I reply, utterly startled by his ability to read me. “Perhaps, yes, My Lord, but I did not want for you to be angry with me.”
He smiles. “Lydia,” he coos. “I am not angry. But you and I both know what happens to naughty, disobedient young ladies, don’t we?”
My mouth parts reflexively. “Will you spank me?” I whimper.
“Yes,” he says, pulling me toward him as he reseats himself. “I realise that I have been remiss in my duties to you, and for that I apologise. I intend to make amends right this moment.”
In an instant he pulls me forward and down toward his lap. “But, My Lord!” I exclaim as I lurch headfirst over his breeches. “Not here, Thomas! What if somebody finds us?”
“We have had this conversation, Lydia,” he says firmly as he hoists me into position, “and I have assured you that I will spank you either with, or without, an audience.”
I gasp, feeling the skirts of my gown, petticoat, and stays dragged up my back, leaving my behind exposed and vulnerable. Almost immediately, his hand lands against my bare skin, the sound resonating around the study. I squeeze my eyes shut, stunned by the escalation of events. I pray silently that none of the staff will hear us and enter the room unexpectedly.
A further four swats are landed on my bottom, and they are hard and intense spanks. I am forced to bear each one, feeling the sting and then warmth they leave after his palm has left. From this angle behind his desk I can see very little, except for the expensive rug at my fingertips.
As the next strike lands, I hear Thomas’ voice from over my head. “Why are you being spanked, Lydia?” he asks.
I notice his voice is calm, but there is just the slight edge of arousal laced there.
“I was disobedient, My Lord,” I reply, my own voice trembling as I do.
“Yes,” he agrees, swatting me hard on the rear again. “You disobeyed me in order to get the attention you require, instead of coming to me and telling me about your needs.”
His hand lands on my behind again. “And for that reason, little one,” he says firmly, “you will receive a sound spanking on your bare bottom, and you will thank me for it.”
I whimper as the next strike lands, catching the pulsating need between my legs. “Yes, My Lord,” I moan from over his lap. “Thank you.”
Five swats land quickly, and instinctively I mean to get up, arching my back as I try to move.
His hand holds me down decisively. “You will stay over my lap, Lydia,” he calls out, and I flinch at the volume, hoping that nobody else will hear him. “You need this punishment, do you not?”
“Yes,” I whine, wincing as the next spank lands.
“Yes, you do,” he says, reaffirming my own thoughts. “So just take it, little one.”
I swallow hard, loathing the way he calls me his little one as he spanks me. The label, of course, helps to reinforce my subservience to him. The onslaught continues, and the stinging sensation is intense. He pushes me on, the utter indignation of the punishment both riling and arousing me. At some point I lose count of the swats, feeling the tension between my legs growing and building. I know I am wet, and I long secretly for Thomas to explore me there.
His palm eventually pauses, pressing itself against the warmth of my bare bottom. “How do you feel now, my love?” His voice is filled with passion.
“Thank you for my spanking, Thomas,” I murmur, unsure what else to say.
I hear him laugh, and slowly, teasingly, his fingers dip between my hot cheeks.
“Well done, my love,” he soothes, as one and then two digits slip against my wetness.
I mewl and groan, loving the intensity of his touch already.
“So wet and beautiful,” he whispers adoringly. “I yearn for our wedding night, Lydia, when I can finally possess you as a man should claim his wife.”

Holy hotnesss!!! Get your one-click button ready! I know you don’t want to miss this panty melting read! Happy reading! ~Mo


He looks at me, his face burning with intent. “Know this Lydia,” he says in an even tone. “I have grown immensely fond of you these last days. I will care for you, look after your needs, and be here for you, but whenever you choose to overstep the line, I will punish you.”

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A Little Heart


A Little Heart

I stood staring out the window with tears blurring my vision. You hadn’t yelled or even punished me but I was filled with an empty ache that would not ease.

It was worse, you hadn’t even noticed my behavior…I wasn’t even sure you knew I was in the room. All evening I’d gotten increasingly panicked by your indifference and my behavior had gotten worse and worse.

You ate your dinner barely looking up from the papers in your hand, before dashing back into your office and getting on the phone. I understood business and work were important but does that have to make me nothing?

Not even a blip on your radar?

I sighed and angrily wiped the tears from my cheeks, I’m an adult I shouldn’t need another person to validate my existence. I told myself this firmly, wishing I could believe it. No one should let another define them and yet there was no escaping the fact that part of me was defined by your dominance and my submission.

What is a submissive without her dominant? It was like being cast adrift, a small ship being buffeted by massive waves without an anchor to keep it safe from harm.

I closed my eyes, yes I was an adult but I needed your guidance…your dominance…it tethered me to the here and now…helped keep me focused. Without you I felt like I might drift away into nothingness.

Against my will the ache inside me intensified, I was afraid and I felt alone in my misery. You often accused me of being dramatic but I couldn’t stop these thoughts from racing through my mind.

When your big warm hands closed over my shoulders I started with a gasp, embarrassed to be found here standing in a dark room with tears dripping from my cheeks.

“You think I didn’t see how naughty you were behaving earlier? That I didn’t feel your need?” you asked as you pulled me back against you, my body melting into your heat.

I sank into you embrace letting your strength sink into my bones as it eased the knot in my belly.

You kissed my cheek as you wrapped around me, giving me back my anchor and chasing away the negative thoughts swirling through my mind in one fell swoop. “I love you baby and I will never abandon you but I had to take care of some critical issues at work. I didn’t have time to deal with my little brat earlier.”

“I know and I’m sorry I got dramatic and needy,” I whispered ashamed now of my lack of faith.

“I want you to need me but I also need you to believe in my love for you little girl,” You told me firmly. “It hurts that you think I could forget about you so easily.”

I twisted out of your arms and turned to face you, “I’m sorry.” I told you before burrowing into your chest like I could climb inside you.

You firmly set me away from you and put a finger beneath my chin forcing me to meet your gaze. “Your behavior earlier when you knew I was trying to work was unacceptable and I am also very disappointed in the way you allowed yourself to think I would ever desert you.”

My chin quivered, “I know you never would…I know that but I just…”

“You need me to punish you…to remind you who you belong to…don’t you little girl?” you asked me.

“Yes sir,” I said in a breathless sigh as a gush of wet heat filled my panties.

Without another word you guided me to bend over the arm of the couch, pushing my skirt up over my hips to rest in the small of my back and then catching the seat of my panties in your hand. When you ripped them from my body I gasped in shock and arousal.

“Legs apart,” you commanded me. I quickly moved my legs shoulder width a part and arched my back to stick my bottom out for you.

“Good girl,” you told me as you palmed the fleshy globes of my ass, squeezing them slightly before releasing me and stepping back. I shivered when I heard the sound of your belt clearing your belt loops.

My breath caught in anticipation as I waited for the first line of fire to catch my vulnerable bottom. You tapped my bottom three times with your looped belt drawing out the moment before pulling it away and snapping it across the under curve of both cheeks with a hard stroke.

“Ohhhh…” I moaned and buried my face in a couch cushion as another line of fire fell directly on top of the first. It was all I could do not to pull my bottom away, but I kept my back arched and my bottom pushed out.

You were not wasting anytime making it clear this was a punishment you felt I needed.  Six strokes in a row fell in the exact same place bringing tears to my eyes before you lined the next six up directly below the first set. By the time you painted my upper thighs with the another six then delivered and additional six to my already tender sit spot I was sobbing freely, but I was also strangely proud that I’d held position and taken everything I’d earned.

Your hand rubbed the small of my back, “You’re such a good girl, you took your punishment so well babygirl. I’m proud of you.”

My heart swelled with joy at your praise, my bottom was on fire and aching but my core was throbbing for another reason. I looked over my shoulder at you my face still wet with tears and gave you a pleading look, “Please…I need you…”

“Does my baby need my cock?” you asked as you obligingly unzipped your pants.

“Yes sir…please…remind me who I belong to…chase away all the dark thoughts,” I said on a low moan as you suddenly shoved deep inside me with one hard thrust.

You took me at my word, taking my body hard and without mercy. You pounded into me relentlessly, the head of your cock slamming into my cervix with every inward thrust as your thighs slapped against my hot sore ass keeping the fire alive.

I moaned loudly, as my body was thrown into a maelstrom of pleasure and pain that I could barely process as you drove my need higher and higher.  I could do nothing but cling to the couch as you took me by storm.

You forced my legs further apart to allow you deeper penetration which also caused my swollen clit to rub against the couch as you pistoned in and out of my clinging sheath.

I came with a scream of your name as my body tightened down on your still driving cock, pulsing around you but you never stopped moving driving me towards an unknown pinnacle that I’d never before experienced.

I gave a long keening cry as pleasure built upon pleasure in an orgasm that seemed almost never ending. Until finally you ground high inside me sending me over a final peak that complety stole my breath and caused sparks to fire behind my closed eyelids.

You gave a growl of pleasure and I felt your hot seed hit my pulsing inner walls as peace washed over me.

I was safe…completely owned…completely yours…and you were mine.

A spanking and forced orgasms for this week’s free story

Sorry I’m late with this week’s story, I hope you enjoy! Happy reading! ~Mo


Woman Reborn

From the moment he’d whispered into her ear, “I’m going to breathe life into your darkest fantasies.” She’d been his.

Now she found herself thoroughly spanked, legs bound by a spreader bar and secured above her head so she was wide open to anything he wanted to do; which seemed to be making her cum over and over without respite or mercy. She’d already cum three times and now he was blindfolding her to make her even more aware of every sensation.

She gasped when she felt the broad head of a cock entering her, “Let’s see how you like my fuck machine.” She heard a whirring sound and then the cock was slowly thrusting inside, stretching her inner muscles as it filled her to the brim and retreated only to return with a little more force.

“Ooh sir,” she moaned and that’s when he pressed the Hitachi to her already swollen clit. It felt like too much, “Nooo…I can’t!”

“Not your safe word little girl,” he said with a chuckle and then he turned up the speed on his little magic machine and the dildo was fucking her hard. She came almost immediately with a soft cry of surrender but the Hitachi riding her clit didn’t let up it drove her straight from that orgasm and into another.

She breathed a sigh of relief when the Hitachi was removed but it was replaced with his mouth sucking her swollen little bud hard as the machine sped up even more sending her into orbit again. The pleasure was getting so intense it was almost painful but still he persisted. When she came yet again with a sobbing little cry he turned off the sex machine and pulled the dildo from her tight grasping sheath.

She concentrated on breathing, taking in huge gulps of air then whimpered when she felt the slick bulbous head of a butt plug at her backdoor. “Nooo!”

“Again, not your safe word precious.” He said as he pressed it even more firmly until it popped inside stretching her tender ass muscles around it as she groaned in a mixture of pain and forbidden pleasure at its intrusion. “How do you feel?”

“So full,” she said softly then moaned as he began to lightly slap her ass reawakening the sting from her spanking earlier and each swat jolting the plug in her ass and sending a zing of pleasure to her incredibly sensitive clit.

She yelped when the next swat landed on her clit itself the sting quickly morphing into delight.  He spanked her pussy hard and fast making her cry out as the pain and pleasure combined driving her closer and closer to an orgasm beyond anything she’d previously experience. “I’m scared!” she cried as her body continued to spiral towards the unknown.

“It’s okay, take the leap babygirl and fly. I will not let you fall.” He told her, his voice calming her fears even as he drove her higher. Just when she was about to explode he stopped and perversely she was disappointed.

“Are you ready for my cock?” he asked.

“Yes please,” she said without hesitation.

“You have to promise to let go,” he told her firmly.

“Yes sir, I promise.” She whispered fervently.

Then he was there stretching her wide over his thick girth as he pressed deep inside, she shivered, her legs begging to shudder as the feel of him inside her and the plug planted in her ass made her feel impossibly full. With a hard thrust he was inside to the hilt and his balls slapped the plug sending a jolt of pleasure through her ass.

He held himself there tight inside her for a moment and then slapped his hand down on her clit; “Ooooooh!” the husky moan was so deep she barely recognized her voice. He began to rotate his hips as his hand slapped her clit rhythmically bringing that unknown abyss back to her.

Keening wails of pleasure rent the air, she barely recognized as her own as he drove her closer and closer to the pinnacle. Then the head of his cock found some spot high inside her and he ground against it as his hand slapped down one final time on her clit and she shattered into a million pieces as she soared into the heavens.

The orgasm seemed to go on and on as he began to pound in and out of her now taking his own pleasure as her body clamped down on his like a vise. She felt the hot spurt of his seed splashing her sensitive inner walls while her body shuddered beneath him.

Time seemed to stand still as she rode the high of her orgasm; she seemed to just float in the stratosphere every nerve in her body alive and firing. If he’d told her flames shot out of her fingertips and toes she wouldn’t have been surprised. She felt as if she’d disintegrated and then been remade into something new.

Into a sexual creature that truly felt ever movement she made, she would never be able to take her body for granted again. She would be aware of the slightest breeze against her skin…the sensual lap of water in the bath all of it would remind her of what had been born today.

A woman…complete…replete…and ready for more.

A naughty secretary and a dominant boss on free Friday


Mr. Black

Chloe pursed her lips as she studied the personal add on her Kinkitup ap:

Looking for the kinky girl of my dreams

About me:
Avid self sucker looking for a woman who loves kinky, dirty, sexy fun. I love to show online but woud also love to meet sometime

She blinked at the screen, avid self sucker? Did that mean what she thought it meant? Chloe didn’t believe in kink shaming but…ewwwwww…that definitely did not trip her trigger.

Two men sent her dick pics and a third asked if she would spank him. In her profile she’d clearly said she was a submissive. The results were depressing to say the least; so far she hadn’t come across one real dominant. Especially one that actually wanted to meet.

“Chloe can you come here for a moment?” she looked up from her computer screen to see her boss standing in the doorway.

Trenton Black was drop dead gorgeous and at the moment his blue eyes were looking at her very sternly. Her stomach dropped and she quickly locked her phone. “Yes sir.”

She stood and followed him to his office, when she stepped inside her closed the door behind them and then turned the lock.

Chloe looked up at him with wide eyes. “I…ummm…Mr. Black…why did you?”

“I have a few things to discuss with you young lady,” Trent said as he took his jacket off and hung it neatly on the coat rack behind the door and then turned to her as he rolled up his shirtsleeves.

She knew this couldn’t possibly mean what it looked like but a pool of moisture still formed in her panties as her tummy hit her knees and her mouth went dry. “What?”

“Think about it Chloe. What have you been doing in your office this afternoon?” he asked as he walked towards her. She couldn’t stop herself from backing away as he advanced.

“Working?” she asked hopefully.

He quirked a brow, “Try again little girl.” Trent said as he slowly stalked her across the room.

Their game of advance and retreat taking them on a meandering path across his office until her herded her to the low couch next to the window; Chloe gave a startled yelp as the couch hit the back of her knees and she fell into its plush cushion.

“Perfect,” he said with satisfaction as he sat down next to her then caught her arm and neatly turned her over his lap.

“Sir!” Chloe squeaked.

“Chloe,” he said in an amused tone as he flipped her skirt over her back and jerked her lacey panties to her knees.

“What are you doing?” she asked in alarm.

“You’re a smart girl Chloe so I think that would be self evident. What do you think I’m doing?”

“I think…I think you’re about to spank me,” Chloe said the words in a rush.

“I think you’re right,” Trent said as his big palm slapped down on her upturned ass.

“Oooh!” she exclaimed at the sting it left in its wake.

For a moment he didn’t say anything just letting his hard right hand do his talking for him as he brought it down in a hard and fast rhythm on her wriggling bottom.

“Please! Owwwww! I’ll be good!” Chloe cried.

“Are you ready to tell me what you did today?” he asked, resting his hand on her now bright pink bottom as he waited for her answer.

Chloe felt her face heat as she looked over her shoulder at her boss, “I was surfing a bdsm personals site.”

“Thank you for your honesty Chloe, this spanking would have been much worse if you had tried to lie.” He told her.

She sighed in relief that it was over, “I’m sorry…I know…owwwww…wait you said you were done!”

“I said no such thing young lady. I said your spanking would have been much worse my dear but I’m afraid your spanking has barely begun.” He told her as his hand continued to fall a relentless rhythm that left her bucking in an effort to escape his punishing palm.

“ooohooo!” she wailed as the heat continued to build in her poor beleaguered backside to exponential proportions.
“Number one, work is not the appropriate time to explore sexual fantasies young lady,” Trent said as ten swats even harder than any of the ones before landed on her left sit spot.

“No sir! I won’t do it again!” Chloe yelled. “Not there again!”

“Number two, you will not compromise your safety by perusing on-line bdsm groups again.” Ten matching swats to the right side. “Am I clear?” he asked as his hand began to fall in the same spot as before on the left side as if he planned to permanently tattoo his palm there.

“Yes Sir!” she cried, as a great wrenching sob rose from her chest.

A matching set landed on the right side again and then he was lifting her to stand in front of him. She gave another shuddering sob as he looked at her. “Now I’m going to ask you an honest question and I want an honest answer.”

“Yes sir,” she said softly.

“Do you still want to explore BDSM?” Trent asked.

Chloe’s heart leapt as she looked into his serious blue eyes, “Yes sir.”

“I would like to lead you in those explorations.” He told her. “Would you like to be my submissive Chloe?”

Her heart was beating a fast tattoo in her chest and the evidence of how eager she was to follow his lead was leaking down her inner thighs. “Yes please.”

“Take off your clothes,” he said firmly.

She only hesitated for a moment before she began to strip until she stood naked before him.

“Good girl, I want you to bend over the edge of my desk. I’m going to finish your spanking with my belt and then I’m going to take your ass. This is punishment but I’m not going to lie to you Chloe, it’s also because I will enjoy disciplining you this way. Think very carefully before you bend over the desk Chloe. Your belting will be hard and I will take you without mercy. It’s who I am.” Trent told her.

A shudder went through her that had nothing to do with pain and everything to do with need. She wanted this…more than he could imagine…it was like he’d snatched the fantasies directly from her mind.  She bravely met his gaze and nodded at him before moving to the desk and bending over it.

“Your safe word is red. Use is at anytime and everything stops.” He said as she heard the sound of his belt clearing his pants.  Suddenly she was very nervous and she gave a soft sound of distress.

Trent’s big hand came to rest in the small of her back and she was flooded with a feeling of safety, she heard the whistle of the belt cutting the air just before a line of fire rose on the under curve of her ass.

A hiss of pain escaped her as his belt lifted away and came back again to leave another line of fire. His warm hand stayed in place, grounding her as he continued to whip her bottom thoroughly.

Five strips lined her bottom from the middle of her crack to the tops of her thighs and then he worked his way back up. Chloe gave herself up to her punishment and the pain, collapsing over the desk as she sobbed. She didn’t even realize at first the spanking was over.

Trent was crooning softly to her as he rubbed the small of her back, her bottom throbbed but somehow she felt cleansed and relieved of all the stress that had been weighing her down.

She looked over her shoulder at Trent and gave him a watery smile, “Thank you sir.”

He smiled back and then his hand was gliding over the scalded flesh of her backside and dipping into the wetness waiting between her thighs. Chloe moaned as his fingers slid into her snug heat and widened her stance.  His fingers worked in and out of her for a moment before pulling free and coming up to rub her natural lubricant into the rim of her asshole.

Surprisingly, the pressure of his fingers dipping into her most private place felt good and Chloe found herself pressing back with a soft cry as one finger sank inside to the second knuckle.

“Good girl,” he praised her as he worked the finger in her ass for a minute before adding a second and scissoring them inside her as he stretched her open. “Naughty little subs take it in the ass don’t they Chloe?”

“Yes sir,” she panted as his fingers worked her open.

“Tell me what happens to naughty little subs,” Trent instructed and she heard the sound of a zipper opening.

“They take it up the ass,” Chloe cried.

He removed his fingers and the broad head of his cock teased her tender opening. “Take what up the ass?”
“Their master’s cock!” she cried, suddenly wanting him inside her almost desperately. “Please sir.”

The hot tenderness in her ass, and the burning stretch of his fingers combined with the throb of her clit made her almost desperate with need.

“Ask me for it nicely Chloe,” he told her.

“Please fuck my naughty ass sir…please!” Chloe begged.

“Good girl,” Trent told her as he pressed inside, his thick cock stretching her wide as he forged a way for himself to the hilt and stilled with his balls resting against her hot ass.

Chloe moaned loudly as he began to withdraw pulling her hips out from the desk and forcing her to arch her back more as he drove back in hard. True to his promise he took her without mercy…pounding into her hard and fast…pleasure and pain seemed to blend together until she was spreading her legs wider and pressing back to meet every hard thrust.

She relished his possession…his dominance…it was everything she’d longed for…everything she’d needed and she wanted more.

As he continued to take her in a relentless rhythm his balls began to slap against her swollen clit and suddenly she stiffened as the most intense orgasm of her life washed over her…her entire body shuddered with pleasure as her inner muscles clamped down tightly on him and brought him over the edge with her.

Trent gave a growl of pleasure and then she felt the hot splash of his seed bathing the tender inside of her ass.

For a moment he collapsed over her…pinning her to the desk deliciously with his weight. Chloe whimpered when he withdrew, keenly feeling the loss of him inside her but that momentary feeling of being bereft vanished when he lifted her tenderly in his arms. She snuggled into him as he carried her into the executive washroom and stood her in his private shower.

He held her close and tenderly washed her before quickly washing himself and then wrapping her in a big fluffy towel.  She sighed in pleasure when he carried her back into his office and sat down on the couch with her cuddled in his lap.

She felt treasured…cherished…loved.

Smiling up at Trent, Chloe ran a hand over the stubble on his cheeks. “I enjoyed that game Master.”

Trent laughed, “I did too but how about a little nap before we head home babygirl?”
Chloe laughed as her husband, lover and master lay down with her on the big couch in his office. “We have to be out of here by three. I don’t want to embarrass the cleaning crew. They come at 3:30 on Saturdays.”

“I know honey,” he told her.

Chloe sat up suddenly, “Did you see the ad for the avid self sucker? Does that mean what I think it does?”

Trent pulled her back down against him, “Let’s just say he’s a talented man.”

Chloe snorted then cuddled back in for a nap with her love.