Big, Bad Daddy is here!

A wicked look came into his eyes. “Lift your skirts and spread your legs so I can look down and see that naughty little pussy of yours.”
Layla swallowed hard, equally mortified and turned on by the lewd language. She lifted her skirt to her waist and moved her feet apart so he could see every bit of her labia and a hint of the inner folds.
“Should Daddy spank your pussy with his hand… his belt… or his cock?” Dax looked over at her with a raised brow.
“Oh, God… I… all three?” She was almost shocked by her words, but the more she thought about it, the more she wanted to feel everything he had to offer her. Visions of him spanking her already sensitive pussy before he fucked and knotted her were so vivid in her mind, she felt her arousal leaking down into the crack of her ass. Layla gave a little mewl of need.
“My poor baby needs to come again. Doesn’t she?”
“Yes, Daddy… I need it so badly,” she whispered.
“Put your feet up on the seat, then spread your legs wide and use your fingers to get off while I watch.” The implicit command in his voice brooked no argument.
Layla wanted to come so badly, she didn’t pretend outrage. She just did as he asked, giving a sigh of relief as her fingers sank deeply into her needy core. Catching her lower lip between her teeth, she began to fuck herself hard with two fingers as the palm of her hand ground against her clit. She was so ready, it took only a few strokes before she was crying out in pleasure again.
“There will be an additional price for that orgasm,” Dax told her as he parked in front of his cabin.
She sat up, resting her wet fingers on her thigh as they parked. “What additional cost?”
“I’m going to spank that pretty ass and plug it before we deal with your naughty pussy.”
Dax got out of the truck after making this announcement and walked around to her side. He opened the door and picked her up, making her squeal as he tossed her over one broad shoulder. His hand slid up under her skirt so he could cup her ass in his hand as he walked.
She gasped as his fingers slid into the crack of her ass to tease her asshole. She squirmed over his shoulder in response as she imagined the purple people eater sliding into her ass. Layla moaned as he slapped her bottom lightly.
“Be still, little girl.”
She wanted him to invade every part of her and make her unequivocally his in every way. She wanted all the other wolves to smell him on her and know she belonged to him and vice versa. “Daddy, please… I need…”
“I know exactly what you need, but you’re getting a taste of my belt first. That pretty little ass needs some color.” Dax carried her into his cabin and straight back to the bedroom before he placed her on her feet next to the bed. “Strip.”
Layla swallowed hard, suddenly feeling a little shy now that the moment was upon them. Licking her lips, she caught the hem of her blouse and pulled it off over her head before she stepped out of her skirt. Looking up at him, she reached behind her and unhooked her bra before letting it fall to her feet.
Dax growled low in his throat at the sight of her, “You are so fucking beautiful… absolute perfection.” He reached both hands out to pinch a nipple between the forefinger and thumb of each hand. Watching her closely, he slowly tightened his hold then gave a little twisting tug that she felt low in her belly. Her back arched and she groaned as the sensation seemed to center in her clit with a hot jolt.

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2 thoughts on “Big, Bad Daddy is here!”

    1. There is in my head. I’m planning on writing short stories to tell about all of the children from the Commander’s Mate and put those in a box set with the original three books of the Ramelian Bride series.


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