Horseradish Interlude

I was naked and bent over with my hands flat on your coffee table.  I shivered as I thought about your promise of a thorough figging and the assurance that I would regret misbehaving. When the large mason jar was plunked down on the table in front of me I gasped. 

The carved plug was huge and white instead of the yellow ginger plugs I was accustomed to. It had to be at least ten inches long and it was three times thicker than any ginger root you’d used on me previously. “Wh…what is that?”

“Horseradish root. I’m not sure if it will have the same sting, if not no worries I have plenty of ginger oil to ensure it has the desired effect.” I shuddered when I felt your wide leather strap rubbing against my bare ass. 

Your punishments always ensured my bottom was sore both inside and out. It was also not unusual for me to leave with a sore pussy as well. You liked to make sure I felt you with every shift in my seat the next day.  

I had to admit my behavior was often exemplary for a week or two after a serious punishment. “Maybe we should talk about this…” I was really regretting my disregard for your rules the previous week.

“I think we have finished the talking portion of this punishment, it’s time for action.” The strap left my bottom and then I heard the whistling sound of it coming down in the instant before it fell across the tender under curve of my bottom to land in a stroke that actually lifted my ass cheeks before it fell away. 

I stomped my feet at the sting it left in its wake then it fell again in the exact same place. I howled when the third stroke fell on top of the first two. “Oh god…please…please not in the same place!”

“Are you in control of this spanking?” The fourth stroke fell in that same spot this time bringing me up on my toes in an effort to escape the straps obscene parody of a hug. 

“No sir!” I yelped as the fifth stroke fell.

The next stroke thankfully fell below the first five leaving a line of fire across the top of both thighs. My relief was short-lived as the next four lined up perfectly with the first one across my thighs ensuring I would feel your strap every time I sat in the near future. 

I nearly cried when you moved to my other side. I shook my head as I internally damned your obsession with ensuring an even spanking.  What you did from one side always had to be repeated from my other side.

I was shifting frantically from foot to foot in an effort to shake the sting out of my butt and thighs. At least you didn’t space the next lashes out. You quickly dispensed the next ten strokes on the previous pathways laid over my sit spots and upper thighs. When you laid the strap down on the coffee table next to the thick wooden paddle tears were dripping from the end of my nose. 

I watched warily as you pulled the thick phallus made from horseradish from the mason jar. I jerked with a gasp when your hand moved between my thighs to stroke my sopping slit. 

You chuckled, “My naughty girl never disappoints.”

I felt heat fill my face, it was embarrassing that I got so wet from a punishment. 

“Spread your legs apart.” I immediately moved my thighs shoulder width apart though I stayed in position with my hands flat on the coffee table.  Two of your fingers stroked in and out of my a couple of times while your thumb played over my clit. 

I moaned loudly then whimpered when you pulled your hand away. I wasn’t surprised when I next felt the thick tip of the horseradish against my opening. “Are you ready?”

“Yes sir, oh shit!” The thick root slammed inside of me to the hilt making my insides quiver. You wasted no time working it in and out of me in a hard rhythm. I was mortified by how good it felt to have the thick root working me so hard. 

“Is it burning?” I did not want to answer your question. My silence was rewarded by a sharp swat to each of my scorched sit spots. “Answer me.”

“It has a very slight burn,” I wanted to cry when you immediately pulled the thick root from me and then stepped in front of me so I could watch your liberally coat it in ginger oil. 

“Let’s see if it burns now,” you winked at me before moving back behind me. Bastard!

This time I was prepared for how it felt to have the thick root fucking in and out of my hungry sheath but I was not prepared for the burn that started making itself know on the third inward thrust. The burning heat seemed to grow with each and every thrust as you continued to fuck me. 

“Please…oooh it burns!” I cried out. Then gasped as you thrust it in to the hilt then stopped. I heard the sound of your belt being undone and then your zipper opening. 

“On your knees,” I moved quickly into place on my knees in front of you, the thick root still impaling my tender pussy.

I reached out to grab the base of your cock as I leaned forward to envelope the head in my mouth. You tasted so good. I loved the feel of your cock in my mouth. I sucked the head laving my tongue along the bottom of it before lapping lightly at the little slit at the top. You let me enjoy sucking you at my pace for a minute before your hands fisted in the hair on either side of my head. 

“Play time is over little girl.” Then you began to fuck my face hard and fast. I gagged a little, tearing up as you hit the back of my throat. I continued to suck you hard and lick every thing I could reach as you took my throat. 

Your hands pressed firmly on the back of my head pushing my mouth down on your dick until my nose was against your stomach. “Mmmmm…” I concentrated on breathing through my nose.

“Good girl,” You told me as you came and I felt the hot spurt of your seed against my throat. 

I moaned as I swallowed it all while continuing to suck and lick as you slowly pulled out of my mouth. 

“Bend back over the coffee table please,” Moving quickly into position I arched my ass up high and clenched around the hot root deep inside me.

“I’m going to give you six with the paddle. Three from each side.” I hated the big thick paddle but braced myself for it. “I want you to hold tight to the horseradish root. If it falls out I’ll start over.”

“Yes sir,” I clenched my inner muscles down tightly on the thick root then groaned as it increased the burning sensation and made my clit throb with need. 

The paddle landed hard across my sit spot twice in a row then one landed on my upper thighs. My ass and pussy were both on fire as you moved my other side to repeat the strokes. 

“You took your spanking well. Hands and knees please with your legs spread wide.” 

Moving into the requested position I moaned when I felt your hands grip my ass cheeks then spread them wide. “Press your chest to the floor.”

The minute I was in position I felt the head of your cock against my tight hole for only a moment before you thrust deep, taking my ass hard.  I moaned hoarsely as you pounded in and out of my tenderest hole not giving my tender muscles time to adjust as you took me to the hilt. 

It wasn’t long before the pain bled into pleasure and I was begging for you to fuck my ass harder. You came with a shudder and I felt that delicious hot splash against my tender inner walls and then you pulled out. 

I felt you catch hold of the horseradish and groaned when you pulled it out of me. Out of the corner of my eye I saw your reach for the ginger oil again and I knew you were reapplying it to ensure my tender asshole burned as you figged me with the horseradish. 

“Deep breath and press back,” I whimper as I complied, feeling my inner muscles forced wide for the thick piece of root. 

“Ooow….ooooh…oh that burns!” I cried out as you began to work the root in and out of my ass hard and fast. You fucked my tender ass wihtout mercy as the ginger oil’s heat grew exponentially. 

“Are you going to be a good girl from now on?” You figged me even harder then twisted the root inside of me.

“Yes! I will I promise!” Still you fucked my ass giving me no respite from the burning stretch as you drove your point of good behavior home in the most elemental of ways. 

I gave a whimper of relief when you thrust deep then left the root in place. I started to look over my shoulder to see what you were doing but froze when you told me to hold position. 

When I felt the tip of one of my dildos I held my breath. “We aren’t done yet pet. I’m going to fuck both holes at once while you apply this to that naughty little clit of yours.”

You handed me my ROMP and I felt my pussy clench as you thrust my dildo inside to the hilt. I felt stuffed full beyond capacity with the dildo inside my pussy and the thick horseradish root filling my ass. 

“You better use that little toy well because I don’t intend to stop until you’ve come at least twice.” I was horrified to realize that this punishment wouldn’t be over until I gave you two orgasms. How was I going to come with the hot thick root reaming my ass?

“I don’t know if I can…” 

“You’d better,” You told me as you caught the end of each of your instruments of torture and began working them in and out of me in tandem. 

I turned on my ROMP and reached down to fit it over my swollen clit. I turned it up to the medium setting groaning loudly as it latched on my clit with a vibrating suction. 

Suddenly I was overwhelmed with sensation, the feel of the thick hot root fucking my ass and the dildo taking my pussy while the ROMP worked my clit. A cold shiver slid down my spine as a tingling heat raced up it. The first orgasm slammed through me, taking me by surprise. 

“Turn the ROMP up on high,” You instructed as you slammed both the root and the dildo inside me to the hilt and ground them inside me. I turned the toy up on high as sweat pooled in the small of my back.

“Fuck! Oh god…oh fuck…fuclshithellmmpf!” I came again with a sharp jerk and felt a gush of fluid as I squirted. 

You gently removed the horseradish and dildo from my well fucked ass and pussy. You had to help me let go of the ROMP, my body was still shuddering in the aftermath. You stroked a hand up and down my back as I came back to myself.

“There’s my good girl,” You kissed my forehead as you helped me to my feet and guided me to the bathroom. 

You ran a warm bath and helped me into the tub. I sighed as the warm water soothed my well used body.  

You sat down on the edge of the tub and smiled down at me. “Did you feel punished?”

I grinned at you, “I did. Did I make a properly repentant naughty girl?”

“You did.”

“What should we try next?” I was eager to plan our next fantasy.

You winked at me. “I have some thoughts.”

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