Beast in the Woods, a new short story

Finley danced across the moon kissed meadow lifting her skirts as she carefully avoided the flowers in her path. She loved everything about the spring…the new growth of grass carpeting her steps…the flowers…their heady scent filling the air…the soft flow of the warm air blowing across her skin….everything was beautiful and new.

The world reborn every year in a glorious explosion of color and scents that delighted her senses as she spun across the meadow and through the big oaks that lined the river near her home.

The full moon lit her way as she began to hop across the large stones that crossed the large rapidly flowing water. Finley giggled when water splashed against her bare feet as she hopped from stone to stone.

Halfway across the river she froze in place, going silent as she felt a dark presence watching her from the edge of the wood.  Finley shivered as she felt the gaze slid up and down her body; the touch of the watcher’s eyes feeling almost visceral.

“Brave little sprite to come out to the woods in the dead of night,” the voice was rough and deep rolling over her body as she stood there in the middle of the river.

Finley took a deep breath and glared towards the edge of the woods where she could see the shadow of her watcher.  The shape was large of breadth and height; she felt a brooding darkness coming from him but no real menace.

Her shoulders relaxed, “This is my meadow…my river…my woods…I come every spring to nurture the new birth of the grass and flowers. To encourage the life that abounds here. I am the guardian of this forest.”

“A sprite found alone can be claimed as mate to one such as me. You will light my days with color and the scent of your arousal.”

Finley gasped, what the beast said was true. A sprite that allowed herself to be caught out alone in the wood in the dead of night was free to be claimed by the beast that lived in the darkness there. She’d heard the story for as long as she could remember but she’d never believed such a beast actually existed.

She’d thought it a story told to young sprites to warn them from straying too far from the path of light they were destined to travel.

“You cannot claim me! I belong to the forest to the trees, the flowers, the grass and this river. I will never belong to one such as you!” Then she dashed back across the rocks lightly leaping from the last back to the safety of the bank on the opposite side of where the creature watched.

Turning back for a brief second she saw him as he stepped out of the shadow and saw only a man. A large man but a man just the same. His dark hair hung to his shoulders and a beard shadowed his strong jaw, but it was his eyes that gave her pause…they were filled with such sadness and longing.

Her eyes widened as he approached the opposite bank, “I am a creature of light! I cannot exist in your darkness!”

“You will banish the darkness, my sweet sprite. I will not let you go.” He leapt from where he stood at the edge of the river shifting into a large black wolf before he landed on the first rock.

With a scream Finley turned and ran but she knew in her heart it was too late. She was already caught.

She ran as fast as she could through the trees and across the meadow for the first time in her life not taking care where her feet landed.

Finley could hear him behind her getting closer with every step. She glanced over her shoulder and saw the large body of the wolf flying through the air towards her. “No!”

Before she was even able to turn fully away he was upon her his body shifting back into the form of a man catching her against his chest and flipping to his back so his body landed beneath hers.

She lay there for a moment stunned by the feel of his naked flesh against her thin shift. The thick pelt of hair on his chest abrading her nipples through the material, Finley shivered as her clit jolted in response sending a flood of wet heat to coat her sex.

“I smell you mate,” his voice sounded almost primal, its rough tones sliding against her senses to abrade them. Every nerve ending in her body seemed to spring to life in response; awakening to him like a flower blooming in the light of the sun.

Finley began to struggle against his hold. “No! You can’t! I don’t want you!”

He sat up continuing to hold her so she straddled his hips and she felt the thickness of his erection against her wet core. “You lie. I smell your arousal even as I feel it coming down to slick my cock.”

She shook her head then slapped him hard. “I do not want you!”

“Lying mates get punished,” he told her with a growl.

“I’m not your mate!” Finley spat at him lifting her hand to claw the face that drew her even as it repelled.

“Naughty little sprite,” His hand tangled in the neck of her shift and ripped it cleanly from her body before flipping her face down over his lap.

“No! You can’t!” she tried to struggle but he held her fast as his hand began to fall. His broad palm slapped down again and again until it felt like a thousand bees had stung her nether regions.

“Oww! Please…please stop!” She cried out as he continued to spank her even harder and faster.

“Do you understand that naughty mates will be punished?” His big hand slid over the hot, tender flesh of her ass causing more moisture to weep from her pussy that now ached for his possession.

“Yes!” Finley’s body jerked as one long finger slid down the crack of her ass to slip between the folds of her labia rubbing against her slickened clit before he drove it deep inside of her to wring a startled moan from her lips.

“Do you deny that my finger is slippery with the evidence of your need?” his voice now raw and ragged with depth his own desire.

Her pussy needed to be filled so badly she could no longer deny him. Her shoulders slumped in defeat as she realized the story she’d been told as a young sprite was true. A sprite caught on her own in the woods in the moonlight could be claimed by the beast.

A soft ragged cry escaped her at the enormity of what had been lost. Once claimed she would no longer be able to nurture her beloved forest. Her light would belong only to the beast.

The beast moved her legs apart spreading her open so she was completely exposed. His hand slapping up against the wet flesh of her labia.

Finley gasped and bucked at the stinging pain that also made her craving for the thick cock pressed to her side grow exponentially.

“I can’t!” her wail of despair was her only answer.

His hand slapped up again catching the edge of her clit and the place where his thick finger still filled her core, sending a blend of pain and pleasure through her body. She shuddered.

“You can and will. You have no choice. Who is this for?” His finger pumped in and out of her several times before he pulled the long digit free of her to run her own wetness over her lips.

Finley moaned loudly allowing his finger inside her mouth and she tasted the reality of her own arousal. Then he pulled his finger from her lips to suck it deeply into his own mouth with obvious relish.

Finley yelped when he placed her on her back on the velvet carpet of new grass, spreading her legs wide. “No!”

He smiled down at her. “I will not be denied my mating feast.” That was her only warning before his buried his head between her thighs; his tongue licking up and down her slit with a hunger that could not be denied.

Finley moaned loudly as his tongue slid up and down her labia before flickering rapidly against her swollen clit. “Oh goddess!”

He growled sending vibration through her pussy as he ate her like a starving man. His hands came down to cup her sore bottom forcing her up to his marauding mouth. The beast fed on her without mercy his tongue licking deeply inside of her until it felt as if he were eating the very soul of her.

“Please…please this is wicked!” Pleasure wracked her body as pleasure overwhelmed her.

“Who do you ache for? Who makes this pussy weep with need?” He would not be denied.

“You do! Please…please make this ache go away!” He lunged up capturing her mouth with his own as she felt the thick press of his cock against her opening.

Her tongue tangled with his as he rubbed the thick head of his member against her in an almost teasing caress. “Ask me to claim you…beg for my cock.”

Somehow the commands growled in an almost guttural tone drove her need even higher. “Please claim me as your own my beast. Please give me your cock.”

He slammed inside her to the hilt giving her no quarter as his big cock stretched her tender inner muscles without mercy. Again the exquisite mix of pleasure and pain drove her own need higher until she was bucking up to meet every brutal thrust.

The beast fucked her in a mix of primal rage and tenderness taking her with a thoroughness that could not be denied.  Soon the only sound that filled the night was the slick sound of his body pounding in and out of her wet sheath and their cries of pleasure.

“Who do you belong to?” He used his hands to grind her against him as he pressed the head of his cock to some magical place deep inside her that felt so good it drove her mad with need.

“Who do you belong to?” his pelvis ground against her clit as his chest hair abraded her sensitive nipples.

Suddenly all that mattered was this man and the elusive thing he seemed to be holding just out of her reach.

“Please…,” Finley’s legs quivered and shook as the need encompassed her body.

“Who do you belong to sprite?” This time a hard slap to her ass urged her to answer.

“You! I belong to you my beast!” Then the orgasm overtook her with the force of a tsunami sweeping through her and carrying her into oblivion.

He roared his own pleasure against her throat and she felt the hot splash of his seed deep inside of her and Finley’s heart swelled at the possibility of a new type of rebirth. She melted against her beast as she accepted her fate.

He pressed kisses against her face covering her eyes, nose and cheeks. “Open your eyes my sweet sprite.”

Finley frowned and shook her head, she wanted to enjoy this moment before she opened her eyes to see the darkness that would now be her world.

Her eyes sprang open when he gave her nipple a sharp bite, then gasped in wonder as she saw the rainbow of light surrounding them in their bed of grass. “I don’t understand.”

Her beast smiled down at her looking so much lighter in the moonlight than he had before as if the darkness inside his soul was gone. “I told you that you would bring your light and color into my world. No beast would let a wood sprite escape when she is his only chance to walk in the light.”

Finley’s heart melted as she looked up into the face of the beast she would now nurture for the rest of her days. Her beast, she smiled up at him as she lifted a hand to stroke the side of his face. He no longer seemed fierce and frightening to her. “My beast.”

“Your beast,” he agreed. “I am your beast and you are my sprite. I am Falcor, beast of the wood no longer destined to wander in darkness.”

“I am Finley mate of the beast who I will shower in color and light.”

The bond of the beast and his sprite was set for the rest of eternity.

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