The Mirror a new short story

I studied the mirror hanging on the wall of the studio. It had a strange quality…somehow the room inside the reflection and the woman staring back at me seemed to be sparking with an eerie glow.

I frowned and looked around the empty room. I’d just gotten the keys for the studio I was thinking about buying. It would be a good place to live for awhile while figured a few things out. My divorce had been final for a year and it was time to move on with my life.

I was alone and the room was empty with the exception of me and the mirror. This seemed as good a place as any to begin the rest of my life. My eyes kept being drawn back to the strange reflection. I seemed almost other worldly in the deep mirror.

When the man appeared behind my reflection I jumped with a startled scream. I looked quickly behind me and all around the large studio but I was alone. Puzzled I let my gaze slide slowly back to the mirror and there he was. Both he and my reflection seemed to be laughing at my reaction.

I shivered rubbing my arms as I stared into the reflective surface. As I stared the room in the mirror filled with furniture and light. “Don’t be afraid pretty one.”

“I don’t understand what’s happening,” I said hearing the shrill quality in my voice. The man smiled warmly at me his hands gliding up the arms of my reflection to cup my shoulders.

I shuddered; I could actually feel his large warm hands closing over my shoulders with his finger tips grazing my sensitive collar bones.  As I watched he leaned down and pressed a kiss to the spot where my neck joined my shoulders giving a sharp nip before he straightened to stare hypnotically into my eyes.

The stinging nip sent a jolt of heat straight to my clit and I felt a flood of moisture fill my panties. My face heated as I watched the man in the reflections nostrils flare as if he could smell my arousal.

His hands slide from my shoulders and to caress my sides before gliding up to cup my breasts. I panted and my back arched reflexively as I felt his hands weigh each breast before his fingers moved to tweak my nipples. “Oh god…this can’t be happening…”

The woman in my reflection…me…moaned wantonly leaning her head back on his shoulder as he slowly unbuttoned her shirt…my shirt. I felt my brow crease in a combination of fear and longing as my own shirt fell open and the front closure of my bra sprang loose freeing my breasts to the cool air of the room.

When I opened my mouth to protest he stopped me by pinching my left nipple sharply. “Shhh…relax and just feel. See your reflection doesn’t fear me…she longs for my touch just as you do.”

His hands felt magical stroking my breasts…tugging my nipples until they stood rigid and proud as if begging for more. My clit throbbed…aching for more. I whimpered and looked away from the reflection for a moment and found myself disappointed when all sensation ceased.

“No!” I cried desperate for more as I looked back into the reflection.

“Naughty girls get punished,” He promised me darkly while wagging a finger at me. “Do not look away from the mirror again. Strip.”

God help me…I had no idea if I’d gone crazy or if this was some bizarre illusion but I ached for what the reflection offered me. It had been so long since I felt a man’s touch…even longer since I’d felt his discipline.

I obeyed. I could do nothing else I slowly striped all the clothing from my body as I stared into the eyes of the man in the mirror. My own reflection became secondary to the commanding presence gazing at me from the depths of the mirror.

“Good girl get on your hands and knees facing me.” He directed me and I slid into the request position. A big palm came down to cup one ass cheek squeezing it for a moment before lifting and slapping down hard.

I gasped at the sting as I watched the man spanking my reflection in the mirror. Again and again his hand slapped down on her ass…my ass and the stinging heat grew in my own posterior.

I licked my lips and moaned loudly as he spanked me harder and faster. Oh god…how I’ve needed this…craved it…ached for it.

I felt the wet heat of my arousal slicking my inner thighs as the spanking continued.

“Press your chest to the floor and move your legs apart,” at his husky command I immediately complied not taking my eyes of the action in the reflection. As I watched he got down on his knees at my side, one hand wrapping my waist to hold me against him as the other began to spank my ass even harder.

I cried out tears filling my eyes as his broad palm landed on the tender under curve of my left ass cheek again and again. He spanked the exact same spot ten times in a row before moving to give my right sit spot the exact same treatment.

Then he delivered ten sharp spanks to the top of my left thigh before delivering the exact same message to my right. I was openly crying now as the spanking moved back to my left sit spot again.

“Please I’ll be good!” I whimpered but my plea fell on deaf ears.

“I intend to make sure this is a punishment you remember every time you sit down tomorrow!” He said firmly spanking me ever harder. “Every time you shift in your seat you will remember your spanking and never again will you deny how much you need this.”

“No, I’ll never deny it again,” I promised fervently as he spanked on and on and then his hand slapped up between my thighs slapping my wet pussy and catching the edge of my swollen clit.

“Oh shit!” I moaned caught between pain and pleasure as his hand slapped my aching slit again and again.

“Tell me what my naughty girl needed,” he commanded in an almost crooning voice.

“I needed a spanking….” His hand was now rubbing the stinging flesh of my ass cheeks wringing a desperate moan from my lips.

“What do you need?” he barked the question.

“Your discipline…I needed it…I ached for it…” fresh tears of release ran down my cheeks as I accepted the reality of just how badly I’d needed this man and his discipline.

“What else does my naughty girl need? Honesty will be rewarded,” A sharp slap was delivered to each burning ass cheek as he awaited my reply.

I licked my suddenly dry lips as I stared into his dark eyes…losing myself…”I need…”

Five more slaps to each sit spot as he frowned sternly at me, “Tell me,”

“I need your cock sir…please….please fuck me…please fill the empty places inside me.” Once I started asking I couldn’t stop begging the word please coming from me in an almost rhythmic chant of need.

I watched as the man in the mirror smiled at me and unzipped his pants freeing the longest, thickest cock I’d ever seen. My pussy spasmed reflexively as I watching him stroke a hand from the base to the tip and back down again.

I ached to feel that cock stretching my tender pussy wide…he would fill me impossibly full and I wanted him…needed him…ached to feel him stretching me.

When he moved behind my reflection in the mirror and slapped the head of his cock against her waiting sex I groaned loudly. “Please…” the slap of the head of his cock felt so good but I needed him inside me. “Please sir…please…please…please…”

“Such a sweet girl,” he crooned and I felt him press the broad head of his cock against my weeping entrance. He pressed against me and then pulled back several times until I was whimpering and pleading for his possession.

Then he slammed inside me to the hilt not giving my tender inner muscles time to adjust to his girth and length. I gave a keening wail of pleasure and spread my legs even further apart as I stared at the man fucking my reflection like a jack hammer.

He fucked me so hard my body moved closer to the mirror with every inward thrust. The head of his cock pounding my cervix mercilessly. I wanted him harder and faster…I wanted him so deep I didn’t know where he ended and I began.

I cried out my pleasure, encouraging him to take me even harder until my face was pressed against the cool surface of the mirror. I braced myself with my hands watching in the reflection as he pounded in and out of me.

I screamed as I came apart but still he gave me no respite as he fucked me from one orgasm straight into another and yet another until the pleasure seemed never ending. I could only take whatever he chose to give me as he fucked me into oblivion.

I shuddered when he gave a hoarse shout of pleasure and I felt the hot spurt of his seed splashing against my tender inner walls. I came again as if I could suck his essence into the depths of my waiting core. \

When he pulled free of my body I whimpered at the pleasurable pain of his withdrawal.  I lay sprawled with my legs splayed shivering in the aftermath of both his discipline and my pleasure.

“Never deny yourself again little girl,” he said with one last slap to my bottom and then he was gone.

Slowly I came back to complete awareness, I was still sprawled naked on the floor of my studio with my cheek resting against the mirror but the room in the reflection was once again empty.

I frowned and slowly rose to my knees as I stared around the empty room and then back into the mirror.

Had it been a dream?

The thought so depressed me I sat down with a plop then hissed in dismay when I realized how very sore and well spanked my bottom was. I shot back up and then turned my ass to the mirror.

It was bright scarlet from the middle of my ass cheeks to halfway down my thighs.  I had been well and thoroughly spanked. My pussy spasmed in response to the thought and I found it deliciously sore as well.

Not only had I been spanked in the mirror I’d been fucked hard. I would indeed feel the man in the mirror every time I sat for the next day or so.

As I dressed again I smiled to myself occasionally looking back at the mirror. Once I was dressed I called my realtor. “I want to buy the studio. Offer whatever the buyer wants but the mirror stays.”

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