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Wynn O’Malley has always wanted a dominant man in her life, but when she gets involved with someone dangerous she ends up bruised and distressed. Upon seeing her, Dr. Brady Anderson decides to take her into his care, but he can tell right away that she needs more than just a doctor.

She needs a daddy, and he intends to be that daddy.

Brady sets out to show Wynn what it means to have a firm but loving daddy, one who will hold her in his lap when she is hurt or sad yet also pull her over that same lap for a stinging spanking on her bare bottom when she’s been naughty. His correction is far different than anything she has experienced before, and it isn’t long before she is begging to be claimed properly, but will the shame be too much when her doctor daddy brings her to his office to examine every inch of her?

Publisher’s Note: Doctor Daddy is a stand-alone sequel to Dream Daddy. It includes spankings and rough sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

NSFW excerpt from Doctor Daddy:

“Wynn, I’m serious. Are you listening to me?”

“Yes, Daddy. I promise I won’t go on that old account.” She squirmed a little more in her makeshift seat and wondered if she was going to leave a mess on the counter.

“Why are you so squirmy, little girl?”

Wynn groaned and pressed her forehead against his chest to hide her face. “Ineedtochangemypanties.” The words were said in a rushed whisper.

“What?” A firm finger beneath her chin lifted her face to his.

Wynn felt fresh heat fill her face as she looked up at him. This was a really embarrassing conversation. “I need to change my panties.”

“Really?” Brady slid one hand up her skirt and through the leg of said panties to investigate. She couldn’t help squirming some more as he found her wet slit and drove one finger deep inside her.

Her back arched as his finger fucked her and his thumb rubbed her clit. “Oh, god… oh, Daddy…”

“What a naughty little girl I have. Getting such a wet little pussy when I tell her how I’ll punish her if she misbehaves.” A second finger joined the first as he talked, making her moan loudly. He began slamming them in and out of her in a hard rhythm, his thumb still rubbing her clit. “Do you like it when I talk about spanking your naughty bottom and punishing your tight little asshole? Does that turn my baby girl on?”

“Yes, Daddy… oh, please… please…”

When he scissored his fingers inside of her, she came with a soft cry.

“Lift your skirt up around your waist.”

Wynn lifted her skirt out of his way and lifted her hips a little as he pulled her wet panties down and off her legs.

“Lean back so I can examine my sweet little pussy.”

The dirty words sent another shudder of pleasure through her; she felt so naughty and dirty sitting on the kitchen counter naked from the waist down.

“Spread your legs.”

She whimpered as she moved her legs apart but he grabbed an ankle in each hand and lifted them to the counter on either side of her hips, opening her completely to his interested gaze. Wynn watched as Brady hooked a stool with his right leg and pulled it beneath him.

Bracing herself on her arms, she shivered as he sat down then leaned in close to study her splayed pussy. It was mortifying yet also exhilarating to be the object of such close scrutiny. She knew her pussy was slick with need, she ached so badly for him.

When his thumbs pulled her labia back tightly it tugged at her clit, sending a jolt of sensation through her and she felt another rush of wetness. “Such a pretty little pussy.” Brady smiled at her before stretching her labia tight again and leaning in close.

When she heard him inhale deeply she felt another blush fill her face. He was smelling her! Then his tongue licked up along the inside of her left labia and all thought left her. She could only focus on the feel of his tongue and how much she needed it on her clit.

She whimpered when he ignored that small nub of need to lick the other side of her labia clean. He licked all around her lips seeming to bypass any of the areas that could make her come. He applied himself thoroughly to his task as if he needed to ensure not a trace of her arousal was left on the outer edges of her pussy.

When she felt the tip of his tongue trace her asshole, everything in her contracted. A hand pressed her down when she would have moved away in protest. She shivered as his tongue returned to that same taboo area, licking all around and she shivered in unexpected pleasure.

Wynn thought fleetingly she was really glad she’d just had a bath when his tongue moved to tease the area between her asshole and vaginal canal with firm pressure. She’d never realized that area was so sensitive but she found herself giving a whimper of need in response.

“Oh, god… oh, Daddy… please, Daddy…” she was almost chanting but Brady would not be rushed. He was taking his time with his morning treat. He gave her a slow lick up over her needy channel and around her clit then back down. Then he licked up again and sucked her clit into his mouth hard.

“Daddy!” Her hips pressed up almost involuntarily as sensation bombarded her, then he released her clit to drive his tongue deep inside of her weeping core. While he tongue fucked her, his nose pressed against her clit.

She shivered as the pleasure built, then he withdrew his tongue to close his mouth over her quivering channel and sucked while his tongue teased the little opening. Brady’s thumb moved over her clit, rubbing hard and she exploded.

“Shit!” Wynn felt like she was flying apart as the orgasm washed over her. Brady never stopped sucking and teasing her hole with his tongue while his thumb played her clit like a banjo. The orgasm seemed to go on and on until she fell back on her arms in an inelegant sprawl.

“Mmmm…good girl,” Brady said just before his tongue sank back into her spasming sheath to collect his prize. She shuddered as his tongue fucked her quite thoroughly, sending another smaller orgasm through her still quaking form.

Then he sat up with a satisfied smile, her juices coating his lips and chin. “That was a delightful breakfast, little girl.”

He stood and lifted her from the counter then slapped her bottom. “Go clean up and get fresh panties.”

When she bent to pick her dirty panties from the floor, he stopped her. “No. I’ll keep those with me today. I can smell them when I want to remember my delectable breakfast.”

Another shiver of pleasure went through her nether regions even though she was a bit horrified by the thought of him carrying around her dirty panties all day. Well, horrified and turned on.

She was of course wet again. This seemed to be a constant state around her daddy. Another slap to her ass got her moving and she hurried to clean up and get new underwear that would probably be wet again in a few minutes.

She smiled to herself. Things could definitely be worse. 

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