I Brake for You

I hope everyone is doing well this holiday season and staying safe and healthy. I know it’s been a long time since my last post my new years resolution is to post more. Enjoy today’s offering.

I Brake for You

“Why don’t you want to take your car?” Travis asked with a raised brow.

“What? I don’t care which car we take…don’t be silly,” Miranda said trying to sound unconcerned when really she was anything but, she’d been trying to make Travis think it was his idea to take his truck rather than her car.

“You’ve been giving a mighty impressive argument for reasons I don’t want to drive your car for a girl that doesn’t car which one we take,” he said drily.

“Fine, we’ll take my car,” she said in the most blasé’ tone she could muster as she handed over her keys. Ignoring the tingling in her backside as they walked towards the garage and what she knew could well be her bottom’s doom.

She took a deep breath, maybe it wouldn’t happen…maybe her car wouldn’t make that awful grinding noise…it was possible…wasn’t it? She crossed her fingers in her coat pocket.

Of course luck was not on Miranda’s side because they didn’t even make it out of the subdivision before Travis had to slow at a stop sign and the terrible grinding sound filled the car.

“What the hell?” he frowned and turned to look at her. “How long have your brakes been making that noise?”

“Huh? What noise?” Miranda asked blinking her eyes innocently as she made an effort to sound completely clueless.

Travis narrowed his blue eyes, “Miranda Jane I know good and well you hear that grinding and what’s more I know you can feel it every time you brake.”

“Uh…well…ummm…I hadn’t noticed,” she said still making an effort to continue as she’d begun.

He snorted in disbelief, “Oh you noticed, you’ve just been ignoring it. At least now I know why you didn’t want to take your car.”

Miranda sighed, giving up the attempt to pull the wool over his eyes. She wasn’t sure why she still tried, Travis knew her too well for it to work very well anymore.

“I was going to get around to getting them fixed,” she said softly.

“Before or after your brakes failed?” he asked sternly.

“They aren’t that bad!” she said defensively.

Travis just quirked a brow then shook his head as he turned the car in the opposite direction of the Yule Log Festival.

“Travis you’re going the wrong way!” Miranda said in alarm.

“No I’m not, Midas is this way.” He told her.

“But the Yule Log Festival…”

“Will have to wait, we’re getting your brakes taken care of and then we’re going home so I can take care of you.” Travis said in no uncertain terms.

“But we’ll miss the festival!” she cried.

“You miss a lot of things when you don’t take care of business young lady,” was his only response.

Miranda sat back in her seat and crossed her arms over her chest with a huff, she couldn’t help the slight pout she waited for the Yule Log Festival all year long.

“A wise little girl would wipe that sullen look off her face,” Travis advised as he pulled up to the Midas service center and got out of the car.

She immediately pulled in her lip and sat up straighter, perhaps she ought not push him any further right now. Maybe she could convince him to take her to the festival after the brakes were fixed. Surely it wouldn’t be a big deal and then he’d stop being upset with her.

Miranda held on to the hope right up until the man came in to tell them she needed to new rotors on the front wheels. The brake pads had been gone for a while and the scrape of metal on metal and worn the rotors down to nothing. Her stomach hit her knees at Travis’ frown.

“Change them,” he told the man succinctly while his eyes pinned Miranda in place on the worn orange vinyl seat in the little waiting room.

She searched the room for something to distract him with, “Would you like some coffee?” She asked the question brightly as she hoped up from her seat.

“Sit back down,” Travis said shortly.

Miranda sat and looked up at him with big eyes as he leaned over to her and pressed his mouth to her ear. “When we get home, I am going to take you over my knee, pull down your panties and spank your little ass bright red. Then I’m going to send you outside to cut a switch for me to light a fire that you won’t forget in this lifetime.”

When he sat back, she looked over at him with a little quiver in her chin, “I’m sorry.”

“You will be. You are going to be one sorry little girl, I intend to make sure of it.” He told her as he picked up some sort of outdoorsy magazine completely dismissing her.

She sat back with something akin to relief to have his focus temporarily off of her even though she knew it was only a reprieve, later she’d be getting way more of his attention than her poor bottom could handle.

Much to Miranda’s dismay, once they started working on her car they finished in less than an hour then they were on their way back home.

Travis pulled up into the garage and hit the button on the garage door closing it behind them. Miranda felt like the big automatic door was putting the seal on her doom.

“Travis let’s talk about this!” she said hopefully turning in her seat to look at him beseechingly.

“We are about to have quite the discussion, my hand is going to explain things to you quite thoroughly and then my switch is going to provide the punctuation.” He told her.


“House…now,” he told her calmly but in a tone that brooked no argument and Miranda got out of the car and ran inside as fast as her legs could carry her with Travis close on her heels.

When she got into the living room she spun to face him intending to try once more to talk him out of spanking her but she as she turned he was taking off his sport coat and lying it over the back of a kitchen chair then walked towards her while rolling up his shirtsleeves.

“Oooh…now Travis…let’s not do anything hasty…” she cautioned holding out a hand as if to ward him off.

“I’d say this is about a month over due and not hasty at all,” he said as he caught one of her outstretched hands in his as he sat down in the center of the couch and used it to propel her face down over his lap.


“Miranda!” Travis said back as his slid up her skirt and tossed it over her head before jerking her panties to her knees.

Then his hand started falling hard and fast with no warm up, he spanked her harder than he ever had before the staccato sound of flesh slapping against flesh and her dismayed cries soon rent the air.

She bucked in place over his knee but her easily held her in place for his punishing palm, then he started lecturing her but she was so focused on the fire he was building in her ass she only hear ever third word or so, “Foolish…irresponsible…a very…young lady…if…do something like…child’s play!”

Miranda suddenly found herself standing on shaking legs in front of him with her panties down around her ankles her skirt still tucked up into the waistband of her skirt leaving her flaming bottom exposed to the cool air of the room. She wanted desperately to rub her poor sore backside but knew better.

Tears filled her eyes when he handed her his pocket knife, “Please?”

“Go cut a good switch little girl and be quick or you can get two,” he told her.

She scrabbled out the back door pausing to pull her skirt down but after a command to leave it the way it was Miranda found herself in the backyard with her bare red ass hanging out and hoping all the neighbors were at the festival.

It didn’t take long to find a suitable switch, she knew exactly what he wanted so she cut it and peeled it quickly knowing it was going to sting like the dickens on her already well tenderized bottom.

The act of cutting and peeling her own switch had knocked the last of her defiance out of her, she sighed with guilt as true remorse filled her…she wouldn’t like it if he drove around in a car that had bad brakes.

When she walked back inside and handed him the switch tears shimmered in her eyes as she looked up at him, “I’m really sorry I didn’t take care of my brakes like I should have.”

Travis nodded as she handed him the switch and bent of the arm of the couch of her own volition.

He wasted no time, quickly laying twelve hard lashes across her already bright red ass, leaving little raised welts in their wake as he worked the stroked from the crown of her ass down to the top of her thighs as she held position and cried.

Travis stroked a hand over the hot flesh of her ass, smiling when she parted her legs for him he groaned when his fingers sank into her wet heat. His little girl might be well punished but she was also soaking wet.

Miranda bucked back against his hand with a mewling little cry of need. Punishment always made her crave his possession, the reassurance that he still wanted her even when she was at her naughtiest.

He didn’t disappoint, soon she felt the broad head of his cock poised at her needy entrance.

“Is this what you want baby?” he asked huskily.

“Yes…please…please…” she cried.

“Please what?” he asked her as he stroked the head of his cock just around the edge of her weeping slit.

“Fuck me…give me your cock! Please I need you inside me…hard…” Miranda begged.

Travis slammed into the hilt in one hard thrust bottoming out against her cervix making them both groan in pleasure. She moaned loudly as he pulled out only to slam back inside.

He took her in deep masterful strokes that reminded her who was in charge and she willingly gave herself over to his control taking everything he gave her. She stiffened as she neared orgasm, “Don’t you cum until I give you permission.”

“Miranda cried out in dismay, “Please…please let me cum.”

Travis pulled all the way out and slapped her ass hard six times on each cheek making her yelp as she was caught up in a mix of pleasure and pain. “Who do your orgasms belong to?” he asked.

“You…only you…” she cried.

“That’s right…they’re mine…you’re mine,” he told her as he slammed back inside. “Cum now!” Travis ordered and she immediately exploded around him drawing him into the vortex of pleasure with her.

Her body clamped down on him like a tight velvet fist, milking him dry as he shot his seed deep within her.

He pulled free and lifted his little girl in his arms and sat down on the couch with her cradled in his lap. “Good girl.” Travis told her as he stroked her hair.

“I’m really sorry,” she said softly into his neck as she squeezed herself tightly against him.

“I know baby. All is forgiven.” He told her as he pressed a kiss to the top of her head.

She played with a button on his shirt, “I guess we missed the festival.”

“Yep, I guess we’ll have to come up with something to do here at home,” Travis said with a grin.

Miranda looked up at him with a spark of mischief in her eyes that was never tamped down for long. “I have a few ideas.”

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