My apologies

27b6e7706b09cfc5e7c63b4fd667deb2I owe everyone an apology. I did not realize initially that the wrong version of Her Stern Nerd had been uploaded to Amazon. Somehow the copy edited version that was missing over 6,000 words of the story was uploaded by mistake. Upon realizing this had happened my publisher and I found that the copy edited version had been deleted by mistake. I am happy to tell you that the full version has now been edited and uploaded. Everyone that bought the book will have received the new version and I hope those that read Her Stern Nerd on Kindle Unlimited will give it another try now that the whole story is there.  Thank you so much readers for your reviews which alerted me to the problem and in the future I will double check what is being uploaded to Amazon to ensure this does not happen again.

2 thoughts on “My apologies”

    1. Hi Susan,
      Dark Dirty Daddy was unfortunately killed by Amazon. They search restricted it and put it in the dungeob so no one could find it so it had to be pulled and rereleased under a different title. Her Strict Daddy is Dark Dirty Daddy and it’s on sale for $.99! I’m so sorry for the confusion.


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