The Bride-A little bump in the night pre-halloween story



The Bride

Belle leaned back against the wall with her hand clutched at her throat, her heart pounding in her chest. Her sheer white nightgown fell to her ankles and she could feel the cool air of the hallway blowing beneath the gown and adding the chills of dread sliding up and down her spine.
The Creature was in the house…he would kill her like he’d killed so many others. Like he’d killed her husband.
A sob caught in her throat even as she fought against it at the thought of her dear Clive. Belle pressed her hands against her mouth to muffle the sound of her sorrow…sorrow at her loss and horror at what was surely to come.
She could hear it now…moving through her bedroom…the large gangly form bumping in to things the growling in ire and knocking them from its path. The big feet making thumping sounds with every step.
It was coming closer…thump…thump…thump…
Tears tracked down her cheeks as she pressed herself closer against the wall knowing he would find her soon. Her breasts heaved with her terror. Thump…thump…thump…
Another howl of rage rent the air…the sound so chilling it froze the air in her lungs as she stood staring at the door hearing him come ever closer. Belle sank to her haunches huddling in herself in fear.
She shuddered as she felt the huge form of the creature standing over her closing her eyes tightly in denial of the painful death she knew was coming.
A hoarse strangled whisper escaped its mangled throat, “Mine…my Belle”
A big beefy hand grabbed her wrist and lifted her to stand before it…Belle shook her head in denial, squeezing her eyes even more tightly closed against what she was sure would be an inhuman sight.
A surprisingly gentle finger stroked down her cheek, “My Belle.”
“No!” She cried. Even for the chance to survive she wouldn’t sully the memory of Clive to satisfy the needs of this vile creature.
A menacing growl came from him as he caught the neck of her gown in one hand and ripped it from her quivering body. “MINE!”
A loud crack of thunder sounded and her eyes opened as the lightening flashed illuminating the misshapen features of the creature holding her wrist. Belle frowned unable to look away now that she saw it…him. Another flash of light from the storm outside and she gasped as she realized what she was seeing in the mismatched, irregular features of the creature. Clive!
Pieces of his beloved face were forever changed, different someone else’s nose…part of a different forehead…the road map of scars bisecting the features but she could see her Clive. Especially, the brown eyes that stared down into hers with such tortured pain.
Her hand shook as she reached up and tentatively touched his face watching as his eyes closed and he leaned into her touch, a groan of tortured pleasure coming from deep within his throat. “Clive, what did that monster do to you?”
His eyes flew open and rage filled them. “Evil…evil dead. Clive kill.”
Belle’s heart ached, Clive had been such a gentle soul. “Frankenstein was evil. I’m glad he’s dead.”
“Mine,” he rasped again.
“Yes Clive I will always be yours,” She told him earnestly. This was Clive and she did belong to him.
“Must claim…bride,” he rasped again in that irregular voice that was beginning to slide along her senses and stir her body in ways she’d never felt before.
He was her Clive but he was also different…more animalistic and something in her responded to that animal at a visceral level. She could feel the wetness springing to life at her core readying her for his possession.
Shaking her head Belle tried to escape the need suddenly filling her, “No…we must go Clive. We have to leave this place they will be hunting for you.”
“Must claim first…take what is mine!” he growled.
“Not right now!” She insisted firmly knowing that Clive would follow her lead as he always had.
“Bad Belle,” He growled sternly as he pulled her down the hall after him to lead her back to the bedroom.
“Dammit Clive! We can’t right now!” She bellowed.
The gasped in shock as the rest of her billowing nightgown was jerked from her body leaving her nude before him. “Now Clive…” She held a hand up placating but he just turned her firmly and forced her to bend over the side of the bed.
“Punish Belle…then take what Mine.” The gravely voice said almost matter of factly.
“What do you mean punish?” She asked just before his large hand slapped her upturned backside. “Ouch!”
“Bad Belle,” The creature, her Clive’s hand clapped off her ass again and again until it felt hot and swollen and tears of contrition slipped down her cheeks.
“I’m sorry!” Belle wailed, shocked by the intensity of the spanking and her body’s response to it, the slick moisture now dripping down her inner thighs almost embarrassing in its thickness.
Then she felt the broad head of his erection pressing against her slick entrance and her eyes widened even more this was a much bigger cock than he’d possessed before Frankenstien had gotten his hands on him.
“Ooh Clive!” she cried as he slammed inside her to hilt stretching her wide as he took her in hard pounding thrusts that gave no quarter.
Clive showed her no mercy as he pounding his big thick cock in and out of her, forcing her to take every inch of his huge member. Pleasure and pain twined together and drove Belle’s need higher and higher as he fucked her so deep she felt him against her womb.
Belle’s cries of pleasure rent the air as he drove her from one peak to another until her orgasms seemed to bleed together without end. When she whimpered that she couldn’t possibly come again Clive spanked her again and drove one thick finger into her tender asshole as he slammed in and out of her pussy showing her that she could indeed come again.
“Give me everything…it is mine…you are Mine!” He roared as he emptied inside of her and she shuddered with renewed pleasure at the feel of his hot seed splashing against her inner walls.
“Yes!” Belle cried as she fully submitted to her Clive…her master…her husband…her creature.
Clive pulled free of his still trembling form and tossed her naked body over his shoulder before carrying his Belle…his bride into the night.

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