Daddy Demands is here!


Daddy Demands is finally live! Here is an excerpt from my story!

Excerpt from Bruised Not Broken:
Jethro’s hand moved between her legs to stroke through her slit, making her hiss with pleasure. “You’re dripping wet. Enjoying your spanking?”
Daisy groaned in embarrassment before jerking her head up in surprise when he suddenly thrust his cock into her ass hard. “Owww… I… ohhhhh!”
He grabbed a fistful of her hair in his hand and jerked her head back as he began to pump vigorously in and out of her ass so hard his balls slapped against her clit with every thrust. ”You like it when I fuck your ass hard like a naughty girl, don’t you?”
“Yes, sir!” she said breathlessly.
She went up on her toes and spread her legs even further apart, wanting him deeper and harder despite the slight discomfort. Daisy gave a low moan of need as he went deeper, giving a wail of despair when he pulled out completely.
Before she could even voice a thought, the fly-back paddle fell multiple times on her left sit spot. Jethro didn’t stop getting the same exact spot over and over until she was pleading for him to spank another place.
“Please, somewhere else!” she yelped.
Then he obliged and gave the right sit spot the same treatment; tears were precariously close to the surface by the time he finished and dropped the paddle next to her head. She was caught in a world between pleasure and pain when he thrust back into her ass, her body awash in sensation. It was as if every nerve ending in her body was now firing simultaneously.
“Please!” Daisy begged him.
“You’re not allowed to come without permission,” Jethro told her firmly as he drove in hard. He paused for a moment seated deep within her ass then slowly pulled out and slammed back inside hard.
She panted, sweat forming on her skin as she fought back the rising tide of pleasure. He rode her for several more minutes then pulled out again.
“I’m going to give you ten strokes of my belt,” he told her.
Jethro rested a hand in the small of her back as he laid the belt across her upturned ass quickly, leaving five evenly spaced strokes over the expanse of her bottom. He changed sides and laid the last five. Her ass was on fire and she knew she would feel this session every time she sat for several days.
She yelped when the tip of the belt snapped up against her tender slit three times, renewing the sting from the attentions of the wooden spoon earlier and seeming to magnify the emptiness of her core.
Then he cupped a sore ass cheek in each hand and spread her wide as he speared into her ass once more. Daisy felt herself lifting her ass to meet each thrust as he took her hard and fast until he stiffened behind her and she felt the splash of his seed deep in her back channel.
“Good girl,” Jethro said, patting her sore ass gently. “I want you on your hands and knees in the middle of the bed.”
Daisy moved into the requested position and was barely in place before she felt the head of the dildo at her entrance. Jethro drove it inside her to the hilt, her wetness easing its way as it forced her inner muscles to stretch around it.
“Oooohooo!” She wailed her pleasure as he filled her greedy channel.
“Now you can come,” he told her, fucking her hard with the toy.
Daddy says it’s only going to be $.99 for time so you better hurry naughty girl!
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Daddy’s Demands is LIVE and we’re celebrating with an Author Hop!!

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