An office interlude for your enjoyment

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The Office

Tara wondered when he would flip the switch on the little butterfly vibe pressing against her clit every time she moved which also shifted the little curved attachment resting inside her pussy. She found herself shifting in her chair just to get the pressure on her clit and sensitive opening.
With a sigh she tried to forget about the little butterfly in her panties and focus on filing her reports. It was about thirty minutes before lunch when her boss called an impromptu meeting in the conference room.
Tara groaned but followed everyone else into the room and took a seat towards the back. Already struggling to pay attention as her boss droned on and on about the quarterly reports she suddenly sat straight up in her seat as the little butterfly between her legs buzzed to life.
“You okay?” the coworker sitting next to her asked with a concerned frown.
She gave a weak smile as she struggled to not show a reaction to the hard little vibrations against her clit and g-spot. Tara felt heat creep up her neck and into her face as she struggled against the pleasure filling her nether regions. Sweat trickled down the center of her back as the need to give into it built.
“If no one has anything else I guess we’re done.” Her boss said as she looked around the room expectantly.
Please don’t let anyone say anything.
It took everything in her to get up from her chair and walk sedately from the big room while offering the expected smiles and nods at her coworkers. Then her cell phone vibrated demandingly from where she’d hidden it in her bra.
Tara hurried out into the hall and pulled it out to look at the message. “Meet me in the stairwell on the top floor, roof access”
She shuddered as she typed her quick answer. “On my way.”
Getting on the elevator she pushed the button for the twenty-first floor. No way was she going to climb the stairs the whole way with that thing still going to town on her clit. As she watched the floors light up above the doors the vibration suddenly kicked into overdrive.
“Oh God,” Tara moaned, pressing her legs together as she leaned back against the back wall of the elevator. The other occupant of the elevator gave her a nervous looked and quickly hit the button to let him off at the next floor.
She spread her legs and pressed her hand between them to grind the little vibrator against her. Then another text came. “No cumming”
Tara whimpered and straightened back up trying to fight the need to cum as the vibration pattern shifted yet again. Finally the elevator reached the top floor and she hurried to the stairwell and up to the roof. She’d just placed her hand on the door to roof access when it opened and a hard hand grabbed her and pulled her through it.
“Knees,” he commanded as he began to undo his belt buckle. Tara shivered as she sank to her knees in front of him watching with hungry eyes as he dropped his pants and leaned against the door.
His thick cock bobbed demandingly in front of her and Tara leaned forward to take the broad tip between her lips. His hands came to fist in her hair as he drove deeper into her mouth. “Good girl. Suck me good and I’ll let you cum.”
Tara opened her mouth wide as he drove deeper to hit the back of her throat. She did her best to suck and lick everything she could reach as he fucked her throat. Soon his hard rhythm made her tear up as she gagged but still she licked and sucked enjoying his rough taking of her mouth.
Then he pressed deep, holding her head with her nose pressed against his pubic bone with one hand as he unbuttoned her blouse and clicked the front closure of her bra open pushing it all off her shoulders and leaving her bare to his gaze.
When he pulled completely out of her Tara took a deep breath gulping for air as he began to cum all over her bared breasts. “Such a good girl you are Tara.” He told her as the last of his load hit her chin. “Clean me up.”
Tara leaned forward to take him in her mouth once more sucking and licking him clean before lavishing the same attention to his balls. Once he was clean she sat back on her heels and studied the cock that was back at full attention.
He grinned down at her and pulled a small pack of wipes from his pocket to clean her up with. She stayed patiently on her knees as he wiped every trace of cum from her breasts and face. “If we were at home I’d make you wear that while you cooked me dinner but since you have to go back to work I’ll let it slide.”
She snorted softly. “Thanks.”
Helping Tara to her feet he turned her to face the access door and told her to brace her hands. He made short work of lifting her skirt and pulling her panties off as he removed the little vibrator. “Brace yourself.” Was all the warning he gave before he drove his thick cock in to the hilt.
Tara gave a soft cry as he began to pound in and out of her in a demanding rhythm as he played with her still bare nipples. Pinching and twisting them roughly as he fucked her hard.
“Oh god…oh please…please!” she cried as the need to cum built higher and higher. One of his hands left her nipples to pinch her clit hard sending her over the edge with shuddering little scream. The orgasm seemed to go on and on until finally she hung limp in his grasp as he emptied his load inside of her.
Her legs were still quaking as he helped her back into her panties then lowered her skirt and set the rest of her clothing to rights. “That load you can leave were it is until you get home tonight.” He said as he kissed her deeply then winked as he pocketed the butterfly vibe and walked out the access door.

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