The Blow Pop

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The Blow Pop

She sat watching the man across from her in the cafe, smiling softly when his piercing gaze met hers. Reaching into her purse she pulled out the cherry blow pop and quickly unwrapped it.
As she slid it slowly between her lips her eyes found his again from across the room. Working the sucker slowly in and out of her mouth suggestively she never looked away from the growing heat in his eyes. Under his interested gaze she rolled the pop along her tongue before sucking it back into the wet heat of her mouth and sucking hard.
Looking away she quickly pulled a few bills from her purse and tossed them to the table for a tip before standing and tucking her purse beneath her arm. Popping the sucker from her mouth she gave the man a jaunty wave with it before sticking it back in her mouth and turning to walk away deliberately putting an exaggerated sway in her hips.
Glancing over her shoulder she saw him get to his feet to follow her. She smiled and walked into an empty alley way a block down from the cafe.
“You’re a naughty little tease,” a deep voice said from behind her.
She turned and let her hungry gaze slide up and down his body before pulling the sucker from her mouth again, “You going to spank me for being naughty?”
He grabbed her firmly by the arm and pulled her against his body, “I’m going to spank your naughty bottom then you’re going to give me what you’ve been promising.”
She licked her lips as she stared up into his eyes, shivering at the heat she saw there. “Really?”
In answer he removed the blow pop from her hand and tossed it into a near by dumpster before turning her to face the alley wall. “Hands on the wall bottom out.” He commanded as he lifted her skirt to her waist and tucked it in so it would stay out of his way. He whistled when he realized she wore nothing beneath it. “You are a naughty girl.”
“You have no idea,” she said huskily as she stuck her bottom out to offer a tempting target.
“I’m about to show you just what happens to naughty little girls.” He told her sternly as he kicked her feet further apart and placed a hand on her lower belly so the tips of his fingers barely touched her bare mound.
She couldn’t help the soft moan that escaped her as his hand fell in the first sharp swat. Exquisite stinging heat bloomed in its wake, the strength of the blow almost lifting her to her toes. Again and again his hand met its target as he painted her ass the color of a vivid red sunset.
“Ooohooo! Not there again!” she protested as he began to concentrate his swats to her left sit spot falling relentlessly in the same area over and over again until real tears sprang to her eyes. She breathed a sigh of relief when he moved to the right side but it was short lived as he applied the exact same treatment there.
“Spread your legs further apart,” he commanded.
She groaned pressing her face against her arm where it was braced on the brick alley wall as she moved her legs even further apart. A sharp swat landed on the wet lips of her naked sex making her hiss in response. He held her firmly with the hand at the base of her stomach when she would have shifted away so every hard swat hit his intended target making her pussy lips swell with stinging heat as desire dripped from her core.
His hand moved down her stomach and his fingers spread her lips wide so the next several swats landed directly on her clit. “Ohhooo…I…ooohooo…its too much!” She cried as the little nubbin swelled impossibly big each stinging swat going from pain to pleasure in an instant.
In response he began to spank her left sit spot again as his hand moved between her pussy lips to catch her abused clit between two fingers. Every swat of his hand on her tender ass jolting her clit against his fingers. She shuddered in his hold as pain and pleasure warred against each other until they came together in blissful unity and sent her over the edge into an intense orgasm.
“Good girl,” he whispered against her ear as he moved behind her while she still shivered with the after affects of her climax.
She licked her lips as she heard the sound of his zipper and then he slammed inside her to the hilt with one hard thrust. “Oh my god!”
“Brace yourself on the wall,” he ordered hoarsely as he began the slam in and out of her like a jack hammer, he took her without mercy giving her tender inner muscles no time to accustom herself to his length and girth. He just made her tack everything he wanted to give her.
She felt a scream building in her throat as he pounding in and out of her even harder driving her closer and closer to another explosive orgasm.
“Come now!” he ordered as he drove in brutally hard.
She came silencing her scream of pleasure against her arm, shuddering helplessly in his tight hold. She whimpered with her withdrew and turned her to face him kissing her lightly before his hands came to her shoulders and pressed her to her knees.
Eager to obey his unspoken command she sank to her knees and opened her mouth wide as he slid between her lips. She sucked him deep and swirled her tongue along the underside of his cock. “Good girl.” He said as his hands fisted in her hair and he began to take her mouth thoroughly.
She opened wide as he drove into the back of her throat gagging her enough to bring tears as he took what he wanted. She gave no protest because she wanted it too. In just a few thrusts he was shooting his load down her throat.
She greedily swallowed every drop he gave her then licked him clean, before looking up at him with a saucy grin. “Well you’ve certainly taught the error of my ways.”
He laughed and helped her to her feet before he zipped his pants then untucked her skirt from her waist band so she was modestly covered again. Kissing her deeply before pulling back and taking her hand. “Naughty little minx! Lets go home so I can teach you another lesson.”
“Yes dear.”


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