Priestess chapter Sixteen by Rue Raven


Chapter 16 – A Wonderful New Life
King Borlan checked the speech one more time, grinning happily. The Edict at the conclusion of Offering Week was traditionally an occasion when the King examined his nation and issued new laws to make the kingdom stronger, and remind his people of important values. And he’d taken a good hard look at the way things had been going, and how he could keep all the good while he eliminated the bad. This was the first Edict for two generations, so it was eagerly awaited by the people. Speculation was rife as to the form the laws would take.

“It’s time we strengthened the position of the noble families,” huffed one of the Lords at court to some of his cronies, “Stop the encroaching merchants who think that money makes them important.” Since two of his listeners had married the daughters of rich merchants to strengthen the position of their noble but impoverished families he didn’t sway his audience as much as he’d hoped.

“It’s time the King recognised the importance of the merchant class,” opined a member of the Chamber of Commerce during their weekly dinner, “After all, we’re the commercial strength of the country.” There were some murmurs of agreement, through mouthfuls of good roast beef, but several silent listeners were remembering all the extra duties and requirements of the nobility. Flying too close to the sun could get you nothing but singed wings or worse – empty coffers.

“The King should realise the value of the common man.” Since the common man who said it was cleaning out the village cesspit at the time he lacked an audience – although no doubt many of his fellows in the village would have agreed if they’d been able to brave the fumes to listen to his well-thought-out arguments.

“We need lower taxes….”

“We need more government funding….”

“We need less interference from the bureaucracy….”

“We need more protection from the lawmakers.”

“Trade with other kingdoms….”

“The state of the roads….”

“Young people today, no respect….”

“We need….we want….we should have…..”

The King sat alone, smiling, as he penned his speech. Laws given in the edict after Offering week were extremely important – they couldn’t be struck down or changed until the next Offering. He had to get them right. It isn’t easy pleasing everyone – sometimes it’s better to offend them all equally. But he was confident that some, at least, of his new laws would be given a warm response.

* * * * * * * * *
“My people, I have considered long and hard the ways to keep us strong and safe and wise and happy. And today I stand before you to issue new laws that will protect our Kingdom….” The crowd packed the parade ground again, the bright silken pavilions of the nobles fluttered in the breeze. And the King gave them laws that would stand for at least one generation.

Tomorrow. Aliera sat in the Priestess pavilion beside her Great-Aunt and pretended to listen to her father’s speech, but all she could think of was – tomorrow.

“The position of the Noble families will be protected by….”

Tomorrow Kevan would be gone. She’d met him three times in the past week, brief moments of pure joy when she was with someone who smiled at her, who loved and trusted her, someone she could truly depend on. They’d just talked, and held hands – once he’d kissed each of her fingertips. He was so truly a noble lord, a real gentleman. And they’d denied her the chance to be with him forever, instead she was shackled to a man who could barely stand to be in the same room with her.

“The rising merchant class will be recognised by….”

Aliera desperately needed a loving touch, she felt hollow and blank and totally isolated. Her friends were in awe of her new status, her mother was busy with a thousand duties during Offering Week, her father had spent all week on his stupid speech, her Great-Aunt was busy with her own new Consort, her brothers – well, what use are brothers in matters like this? And Goran was so silent, so remote.

“Our strength is in the common man, who will be given….”

But Kevan smiled, and held her hand, and gave her warmth and love. Kevan understood.

“Our treaties with our neighbours….”

And tomorrow he’d be gone. She had to see him, she had to say goodbye, she DESERVED one last moment of joy before she spent the rest of her miserable, loveless life chained to a LUMP who didn’t care about her at all.

“New laws to protect trade…”

Aliera sat in gloomy silence as the speech rolled on. She had to see Kevan before tomorrow.

“New road works….”

Tiarna listened to the speech and approved. But like Aliera her thoughts were also busy. Next week Brenn would be confirmed as her official Consort, and she hadn’t felt so happy and fulfilled for years. But she had to find time to talk properly with Aliera. She’d given the girl some time to be alone, and to get used to her new life, but tomorrow she’d have a good talk and find out how things stood between her and Goran. It would be just like a man to have made a mess of the whole situation, she might have to do a spot of marriage guidance counselling to get them back on the right path. Tomorrow.

“Taxation will be reduced by…..”

Queen Merila sat back and relaxed as Borlan spoke. She regarded this time as a precious chance to relax – it had been a hectic week, so many foreign nobles to entertain, so many supplicants hinting about what they’d like to hear in the speech, so much organising to run a palace currently housing several hundred residents, guests and assorted hangers-on. But she really had to find time to have a chat with Aliera. She wasn’t going to be an interfering mother-in-law, she really liked and admired Goran. And if he wasn’t making her little girl happy Merila would rend him limb from limb in a heartbeat. She’d waited and given them time for their relationship to settle down, but it was time for a mother-to-daughter speech about the care and training of a spouse. There’d be more free time now Offering Week was over. She’d talk to her daughter tomorrow.

“We will give funding to….”

Goran listened to the speech, memorising anything that related to his duties. He was sitting in his due place beside the King, but he could see Aliera in the white silk pavillion – so tiny and porcelain-pale and remote. He couldn’t wait any longer, he had to make a move soon. He’d start courting her and win her trust and love. He had all the time in the world, he could be patient. All he had to do was find out how to court a woman – there had to be a book somewhere, or someone he could ask. He had a feeling flowers and jewellery were part of the process. Possibly poetry too. He needed to do some research. He’d start tomorrow.

“New laws to protect the innocent….”

Kevan sat and let the words roll over him. None of this would affect him – he’d be gone tomorrow. He wasn’t going to put up with the discomfort of a long trek to the new territories – he’d arranged passage on one of the ships leaving on the tide tonight. It was one of his slaver friends, off to find new captives for the slave pits. He’d have a pleasant cruise along the coast, then a short journey to the capital city where Prince Herion had set up his new government in the conquered territories. After that the fun would begin – in a month or so he’d be the one in control, a man of power and position at last, just as he deserved. It was only a pity he hadn’t been able to get his hands on that stupid simpering little idiot. But it was too late now, he’d be gone tomorrow.

“Now as to the question of slaves.”

Kevan caught the word that interested him, and started listening. His scowl grew as the King went on.

“There are two recognised kinds of slaves in this kingdom. Bred slaves are born into their station. There are many laws protecting them, and they are a fine, necessary and respected group in our Kingdom. Branded slaves bear the King’s mark. They are sentenced criminals or captives of war, and are enslaved by the word of the King.” Borlan paused a moment to pick out several faces in the audience, then went on, “There are NO other recognised classes of slaves in this kingdom. Any who do not bear the King’s mark, or who have some different brand, are not slaves under our laws. Any who have been brought to this country against their will and enslaved illegally are now free.”

Most of the listeners nodded approvingly – Captive slaves were a scandal that many people were glad to see abolished. The whole business was disgusting in the eyes of decent citizens.

Several young Lords stirred angrily. Kevan’s face darkened, and his circle of friends muttered angrily. “Don’t worry, we’ll tattoo them when we get home and call them Breds,” one of them hissed.

As Borlan was speaking his elite guard unit was already marching into mansions, stables, slave pits and brothels in town and countryside. For months Goran had been collecting information for the king and now every Captive was being freed. Tiarna had arranged for a wing of the hospital in the main compound of the Temple to be vacant, ready to receive the traumatised victims who’d need loving care before they were ready to go home again, or if they couldn’t face that, to build new lives somewhere else. By the time Borlan’s speech was ended there would be no Captive slaves anywhere in his kingdom.

“Now we need to look at the most important laws of all – those that make us stronger and wiser as individuals, so that we can all give of our best. First we need to help our young people grow and learn. To that end, from now on every freeborn girl will enter the Temple when she is thirteen, and serve the Goddess for five years. At the end of that time she will know what path her future is to take. No woman can marry, inherit titles or own property until she has served the Goddess.”

This wasn’t a shock – most noble families sent their daughters to the Goddess to do their time in service to the public. It did a girl good to learn about hard work – made her value what she had. Poorer families also found it was a way for a girl to complete her education and have a chance of a good life. In fact, the prospect of avoiding several years of teenage tantrums and dramas was not unappealing to most families.

“Likewise, boys will begin training under arms at age thirteen, and give the King five years of service in the army. They also will not be able to marry, inherit titles or own property until they have given their service to the King.”

The majority of families followed the old practice of doing service to Goddess or King, this wouldn’t change anything for most people. But there’s always some who slip through the cracks – neither Kevan nor any of his friends had done their Service, they’d found more interesting ways to pass their time. They smirked at the thought of how lucky they were to have escaped the new law.

“The new laws will apply to all girls and women who are unmarried at this moment, up to the age of twenty-five. And all boys and young men up to the age of thirty. All titles and inheritances will be kept in abeyance until their Service is completed, and their property will be kept in trust by the King’s agents. No person who has not yet completed their Service can hold office under the King. All persons affected by the new laws are to report to their nearest Temple or barracks tomorrow.”

Kevan froze. All around him the smirks disappeared. By a strange coincidence, Kevan and his friends were all under the age of thirty.

Kevan’s face darkened as he realised that in one sentence he’d lost all his hopes and dreams. Five years in the army? FIVE YEARS taking orders and marching and taking risks and – no. NO. This was the most evil, bad luck ever.

Kevan glanced up to find the King’s eyes on him. And he knew. Damn that bastard forever, Borlan had planned it all.

Borlan nodded slightly in satisfaction. He’d been disgusted by the reports about Lord Kevan and his debauched cronies, and the complaints from surrounding kingdoms were becoming fierce. He had to put a stop to that vicious practice of kidnapping and enslaving young women purely to satisfy the twisted desires of that pack of useless drones. He was looking forward to watching them serve their five years in the army. They’d become decent members of society, or die in the attempt – either way was a win for the country, he had no particular preference either way.

But now he was on his last point. He smiled as he read, “And now for the most important relationship of all, the cornerstone of our society. The bond between husband and wife.”

The listeners relaxed, the speech was almost over. People started to fidget a little, ready to move. Then as Borlan’s words started to sink in there was not a movement anywhere.

“We are going back to our traditions, we will remind ourselves of what made this a powerful and happy society. Husbands are to cherish, protect and nurture their wives. The Temple Relationship Healers will be available to help any wife who feels that her husband isn’t treating her fairly.” Several men in the audience paled and shuddered. The counsellors left a lasting impression on their clients. And the Goddess didn’t tolerate marital mistreatment.

“And wives are to show their husbands due respect and obedience.” Some approving nods from the braver listeners.

“So, every Sabbath eve each wife will go to her husband and follow the old tradition. It’s time we returned to the wise ways of our ancestors.” He had all their attention now, people were holding their breath.

“Every Sabbath eve each wife will lie across her husband’s lap. If she hasn’t already bared herself for him, he will do so.” Nobody was breathing.

“Then they will discuss the week. She will confess any transgressions and he will point out anything about her behaviour that disappointed him. And all the things that pleased him. And then they will decide what she deserves.” Oxygen deprivation was becoming a real danger for most of the audience.

“And then the husband will carry out the decision.” And, just in case anyone missed the point, “The husband will spank his wife in the way she deserves. If there have been difficulties during the week it will be a firm, even strict spanking. If, as I hope is most often the case, the week has not been marred by discord, the spanking will be light and pleasant. And afterwards the husband will give loving comfort to his wife, and the couple will enjoy the pleasures of their relationship.” And that should take care of the falling birthrate, too.

“If a wife feels that her husband is abusing this great privilege, or is disappointed in his actions, she may call on the Relationship Healers for help. And if her husband is away for a time she may visit the Temple Discipliner to help her atone for any errors.” One way and another the Temple was going to be even busier than usual. Still, the Goddess approves of those who carry out their civic duty.

“In this way each couple will clear the air and prepare for the worship on the Sabbath.” Ah, tradition is a fine thing. The ancestors knew what they were doing, that was for sure.

There was silence when Borlan sat down. Then the wave started to build, a wall of sound that swept the crowd. Laughter, objections, speculation, approval – mainly approval. And a certain excitement. Tomorrow was the Sabbath. Tonight was Sabbath eve.

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NERD: Naughty Erotic Romance Doms
Authors: Felicity Brandon, Golden Angel, Morganna Williams, Sassa Daniels, Rue Raven, Jack Crosby, Katie Douglas
Release date: 10th August 2018 (preorder 3rd August)

Overall blurb:
Eight hot doms bring the action in this geeky extravaganza of intelligent, Machiavellian and highly-skilled men who aren’t afraid to take control.
In this collection of short stories, we explore the N.E.R.D. in all the usual settings you’d find one. From comic-cons to classrooms, to even alien spaceships, we bring you the N.E.R.D. in his full glory. The action is hot, the situations charming, and the men — they are total N.E.R.D.s.
Bring a sense of humor, a bacon sandwich and a fan because it’s going to get hot in here!

Individual blurbs:

Golden Angel:

Cosplay Connection – when Diana’s bestie dragged her to speed dating at her local convention, she wasn’t expecting the Dark Knight to come sweep her off her feet.

Alien Online – nerdy and awkward, it’s easier for Kerry to talk to men online – but when she agrees to meet one in real life, he’s not at all what she’s expecting.

Zoe’s Impetus by Felicity Brandon
I love biology, but botany is fast turning out to be the bane of my life, and Professor Neil’s the poster boy for it. The content of the module is so dull, I’m struggling to keep on target, but Professor Neil is offering me a unique olive branch. Can his unconventional techniques help me make the grade?

Elise in Wonderland by Sassa Daniels:
For intellectual snob Elise, signing up to speak at a video games convention was her first big mistake. Setting her sights on an arrogant wannabe dom was the second. Drawing the attention of her real-deal dominant colleague–well, that might just be the best mistake she’s ever made.

The Mugged and the Restless by Morganna Williams:
Lacey’s nerdy boss Jasper barely seems to notice she exists. Then Lacey gets mugged and suddenly she has almost more of Jasper’s attention than she can handle.

Walking Disaster by Rue Raven: Grace is brilliant at her job. Unfortunately she’s less than brilliant at life, which is why her new boss is lying on the floor moaning after meeting Grace and a door at the same time. Grace needs a firm hand to keep her focussed – but first Jake has to stay conscious long enough to deal with her!

Of Demons and Nerds by Jack Crosby:
Just when you thought it was safe to go to a comic con… Derrick Grimm (aka the horseman, Death) and his former Lust demon girlfriend, Roxanne, show up. In this wacky adventure, you’ll meet all sorts of characters who tend to get themselves into some pretty sticky situations. With this many bad apples in one place, a good many someones are due to get spanked!

The Doctor’s Companion by Katie Douglas:
I was already having a bad day when my son got kidnapped by aliens. Then a man in a scarf stepped out of a red British phone box and everything changed. He calls himself The Surgeon, and he thinks I can save the world by knitting, but how can that be possible?

Excerpts from stories (300-600 words that shows what your story’s about, any heat level, bloggers can pick and choose what they share):

Golden Angel:

Excerpt from Cosplay Connection by Golden Angel

Deep down she knew meeting up with Paul meant more to her than any date she’d had before. Rejection from him, after all the time they’d spent talking and getting to know each other online… well, it would hurt a lot more. Which was why she’d let Lane dress her up like this was a real date.
She’d arranged code words with Lane. Looked up everything she could about Julianno’s – the Italian restaurant she was meeting Paul at. It was only about an hour away from her. Kind of far for a date but… this isn’t a date. Kerry had certainly driven longer distances to get together with friends. So it was totally okay. She was still kind of surprised that she and Paul did actually live close enough to meet.
When she pulled into the parking lot, it was all she could do to keep from hyperventilating.
Her phone pinged.
Stalker Lane had been following her progress to the restaurant using an app on Kerry’s phone.
You’ve got this babe! And I’ve got you!
The text message made Kerry smile. Lane always knew how to help.
Thank you. I love you.
Love you too! Now get in there and go get him girl!
Taking a deep breath, Kerry gathered her courage and got out of the car. She hadn’t taken more than two steps when a bright beam of light suddenly surrounded her from above. Startled, she stumbled – but she didn’t fall… actually, it felt like her body was being jerked upwards into the light…
She did the only thing she could do.
She screamed bloody murder.

Excerpt from Alien Online by Golden Angel
Diana leaned a little closer, hoping…
That tiny movement was all he’d apparently been waiting for because he immediately moved to meet her, his lips coming down on hers with a kiss that took her breath away. It felt like she’d been waiting for hours for the kiss. It didn’t hurt at all that he was a damn good kisser.
His lips were warm and soft, the kiss confident but not overpowering. When his tongue moved forward, she opened for him, the tingles in her body going full throttle now. They turned more towards each other, facing each other, the laptop shoved off of Matt’s lap and onto the bed beside them.
A little thrill went through her as he slid her to the side, putting her on her back underneath him. He was hot and hard between her legs, fitting perfectly against her.
When he pulled away from the kiss, he was a little breathless as well, his gaze intense as he looked down at her, and when he spoke his voice was a little deeper than usual.
“I don’t want to assume—you definitely want to have sex?”
Diana smiled up at him, feeling very much like the cat who was about to get the cream. Did he have any idea how fucking sexy he was right now? If she had had any doubts, they would have just been erased with that one question.
“If you want me to stop, at any point, just say ‘Batman.'”
Her smile turned into a grin. Considering that more than half the cosplayers she knew were on Fetlife—or kinky with the partner they currently had—she wasn’t entirely surprised to discover Matt was at least a little dominant. She was definitely pleased, though.
Hopefully, he liked brats.
“Is that my safeword, sir?” she asked sultrily and enjoyed watching the glint in his eyes flare. The way he was looking at her now was almost greedy.
“Yes, it is,” he growled.
Then his mouth was back on hers, a little more forcefully now, as his hands found hers. His fingers circled her wrists, pushing them above her head and pinning them there. Heat and need ran through her, making her ache in response.
That was fucking hot.

Excerpt from Zoe’s Impetus by Felicity Brandon:
“Get the book please, Miss Kellam,” he commands.
I hesitate for a moment, amazed by how my body responds to the order. My nipples stiffen into small peaks beneath my sweater, and I’m more than aware of how wet my panties have become. What the hell has happened to my socially inept botany Professor? He’s usually so quiet, so reserved and so obsessed with his plants, he barely resembles the alpha-male now sitting waiting for me to answer him. I eye the man furtively, my gaze rising over his unblemished skin to his waves of dark hair.
Whatever it is that has happened to Professor Neil, I like it.
“Miss Kellam?”
I leap at the sound of his voice, my heart racing out of control at his impatient tone.
“The book?” he repeats in a curt tone.
I move, skipping back to my original place to collect the thick, hardback version I had attempted earlier. Grabbing it, I head back to where he waits, presenting it to him like a naughty school girl awaiting her headmaster’s verdict.
“Good,” he replies, smiling at my response.
I know he’s patronising me, and a part of me despises his tone, but the weight of my arousal is so great that I ignore it. The professor is toying with me, and for some reason I freaking love it.
“Well done, Miss Kellam,” he says. “You’re going to need the book, not me, so I suggest you keep it.”
“Okay,” I whisper, gripping the leather cover between my fingers. I shift my weight, watching him watching me, as my heart pounds inside my chest. “Where should I read, Professor?”
Neil’s eyes narrow, his gaze rising up the length of my body until it meets mine. “I have found that certain ladies increase their focus once they’re over my lap, Miss Kellam.”
And there it is. He says the words so casually, as though he’s reading a shopping list, and it takes me a few seconds to register their meaning.
Over his lap?
My eyes widen as the term resonates. I’m shocked, aghast at his suggestion. Why would I be over the lap of one of my lecturers? And yet, as the anger washes over me, there is something else. The simmering need his dominant display has brought out in me begins to burgeon, threatening to boil over, and something about the idea of being over his lap makes it peak.
“Your lap?” I say, my voice sounding distant to my own ears. “W-why would they be over your lap?”
I know the answer—of course, I do. There is only one logical reason that anyone would be draped over someone’s else’s body. But somehow, I have to hear the words out loud…
“Impetus,” he tells me with a smirk, his blue eyes penetrating me with relentless force.

Excerpt from Elise in Wonderland by Sassa Daniels:
Elise had barely made it twenty yards across the parking lot before Ian caught up with her. He took a firm grip of her arm and swung her around toward him. Her deliciously soft, pliable body collided with his hard, muscular frame. Only as she seemed to register how closely he held her did she tense up. Before she could react, to make whatever empty protest her rational mind had thought up, he lowered his mouth to hers. Signaling his intention to possess her, body and soul, he branded her with a scorching kiss. As he pressed his lips insistently against hers, she opened to him. She tasted like the sweetest, most succulent fruit and he knew he would never get enough of her. A groan escaped from somewhere deep inside him as her body melted against his.
This was everything he’d imagined it would be, but he had to put a stop to this before he lost all control and ended up fucking her in the middle of the parking lot. She deserved more respect than that. As he pulled back from her, he couldn’t resist a victorious grin as Elise whimpered at the loss of contact.
“Don’t worry, princess, I’m going to give you what you need,” he said as he cupped her cheek with his hand and ran his thumb over her soft, smooth skin.
“And what is that?” Her tone was challenging, and she seemed to doubt that he knew what she truly desired.
Ian leaned in close to whisper in her ear and could sense the shiver of delight that ran through her.
“I’m going to punish you,” he promised. “I’m going to spank your naughty little ass and then I’m going to fuck you so hard you will never forget you’re mine.”

Excerpt from The Mugged and the Restless by Morganna Williams:
When Lacey ground her slit against his face Jasper pulled away and looked up at her.
“Please…” she begged.
“Naughty girls don’t get to come.” He told her firmly. “Do you know what naughty girls get Lacey?”
She shuddered again as she stared into his eyes. “They get spanked.”
“That’s right, baby.” Jasper pulled her to him so he could whisper against her ear, “They get spanked on their bare bottoms.”

Excerpt from Walking Disaster by Rue Raven:
Grace had hurried home, miserable over her latest disaster. There was only one thing that could make her feel better when she was in this state. She stretched out on her bed and settled back to enjoy a good, hard session of ice-cream eating. This was definitely a double choc moment, with the chocolate chips. It was starting to work its magic when the phone rang.
She reached for the phone, upsetting the ice cream onto the bed. As she grabbed to try to save it she knocked two books, a glass of water and a packet of biscuits off her bedside table. Lunging to grab them, and missing entirely, she knocked the ice-cream onto the floor.
As Grace miserably juggled the flying items, only spreading the disaster further, she heard her answering machine kick in, “Hi, this is Grace, I can’t get to the phone right now so please leave a message….”
“This is Jake Maslin. We met today at work. Twice. I intended to discuss certain matters with you, but you left too early this afternoon for me to speak with you. Please be in my office at nine am sharp on Monday morning, and we will settle a few things then.”
From the terse tone of his voice, it wasn’t going to be a comfortable interview.
Grace huddled on her bed as the double-chocolate slowly melted onto the carpet. Some things are beyond the power of ice-cream.

Excerpt from Of Demons and Nerds by Jack Crosby:
Oh my heavens. As we walked into the convention center, the amount of people dressed up in different costumes was absolutely absurd. Grown-ass people dressed up as cartoon characters and other pop culture figures.
And I was one of them.
Derrick was beside himself with happiness. “The creator of The Electric Mile video game will be hosting a Q and A soon. I totally want to check that out.”
I found the sign he was looking at. Video games weren’t my thing so I had no clue who Jack Crosby was. Before I could ask any questions, Derrick’s hand grabbed mine and we were off. He navigated the mass of people like a pro—like a celestial being who’d been around humans way too long.
There was a small line of people walking into the room designated for this little get together. We walked in with them, taking a seat in the back. At least the lights were out.
The guy presenting wasn’t here yet. Seeing this as an opportunity, my hand snuck over into Derrick’s lap. It didn’t take much to rub his cock into an erection.
“Roxanne, what are you doing?” he asked in a hushed voice.
“Shhhh, just enjoy this while we wait.”
That got him quiet. My hand continued to work until the bulge wasn’t getting any harder. A quick snap of a button and flick of a zipper and Derrick’s cock was out. It was warm, firm, and ready for me to do my work. My slow strokes were just what the doctor ordered; the head of the hard on mushrooming in my hand. It would only be a matter of time until it exploded white, sticky seed on me.
“Oh momma,” he moaned quietly.
Faster and faster I stroked, my own excitement building, too. With nothing in my way, my eyes lit up in excitement as I intently watched it get closer and closer to blowing.
My mouth dove forward as the first drops of cum spurt out, slamming into the back of my throat. Over and over my mouth took in the entire length of his member. I couldn’t get enough of it racing down my throat.
“I’m sorry, but it appears that this session is going to be cancelled.” Someone was talking but I didn’t see or care who it was.
What I did hear was people leaving their seats, so I sat up quickly and tried to rearrange Derrick and I so it wasn’t blatantly obvious that I’d just given him a blow job.
Excerpt from The Doctor’s Companion by Katie Douglas:
“The Prezondians are taking all the children of Earth. Look.”
Leanne looked. “Evan!” she shrieked. She tried to step out of the phone box, seemingly ignorant of the concept of gravity, and the Surgeon hauled her back in.
“I have to get to him! He’s my son!”
Then, to the Surgeon’s immense surprise, she kissed him on the lips. It felt good. Sparks of warmth filled his mouth as her firm lips pressed against his. She knew what she was doing. He’d never been with a human woman in her mid-thirties, before, and now he realized what he was missing. She was an incredible kisser.
As the moment spun out, his cock began to grow hard and he groaned. She was showing no signs of stopping. Eventually, but extremely reluctantly, he grasped her shoulders and pushed her away. She stared at him with her mouth open like a baby whose candy just got taken away.
“No. You don’t want this,” he told her.
“Yeah I do!” she replied.
“No, listen, it’s the gas. The Prezondians released gas into the air. Remember? They’re trying to keep everyone distracted. I’ll move Verity onto their ship so we can get to the bottom of all this.”
He went to the console and pressed some buttons. Leanne followed him, and put her hands in the back pockets of his pants. He inhaled sharply and tried to stay focused.
“Are you saying there’s some sort of dangerous, sexy, seductive gas in the air and you still don’t want me?” she asked in a husky but slightly disappointed voice.
“I’m immune. Must be my alien metabolism.” He almost barked his response because she’d moved her hands into his front pants pockets, and now it was difficult to breathe because she was stroking his cock through the thin lining of his pockets.
“Cock. Verity’s not working. The Prezondians must have done something that’s affected her, too. I need to use your wool to fix it.”
“Why do you need the yarn?” She continued stroking through his pockets.
“Are you serious? Some of the best technological developments in the galaxy are made from knitted yarn! There are entire spaceships made out of it with the ability to fold time and space around them.”
She leaned in and nuzzled his neck. “You know, a better answer would have been to tell me you wanted the yarn to tie me up with,” she pouted.
He raised a brow; she was so determined. He smartly grasped her wrists and pulled them out of his pockets. “Maybe I’ll tie you up and spank you when this is all over. Show you what happens to women who can’t take saving the planet seriously.”

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