Chapter 11 of Priestess by Rue Raven, The Strap



809512cad009959271842d1642c1ee8dPriestess – Chapter 11: The Strap

The attendants moved slowly, once more it was almost an hour before they brought Aliera back to the stage. The pain had settled to a dull throbbing, but the movement when she stood up stretched the skin and set her whimpering again. She looked around: the bench was on the stage, the strap laying ready. The punishment strap was as long as a man’s forearm, as wide as his palm, and made of several thicknesses of leather sewn together. It was flexible enough to curl around cheek or thigh as it struck, but thick enough to give a fearsome sting. One hundred times. But that wasn’t the worst.
Goran took her hand and led her towards the table. He knew she might balk at this, the best thing was to get her ready as quickly as possible. “Come on now, let’s get this done and we’re nearly finished. You’re doing so well, you’re a fine girl. Here we go, we’ll just get this fixed up…..” He hugged her as he spoke and then lifted Aliera to lie on her back on the bench, she gasped as her sore cheeks contacted the surface.
Goran worked quickly, helped by the attendants. Before Aliera could resist she was moved down until her bottom jutted out past the end of the bench, and her arms were drawn up past her head and secured to the other end. Then – the part she’d been dreading – her ankles were lifted up and back until they were secured near her wrists.
Children are spanked over the knee. Any woman can find herself bent over a bench or table to receive her punishment. But only a slave was tied like this; legs spread wide, completely helpless and exposed from pussy to asshole, skin of cheek and thigh stretched tight. The greatest humiliation, the worst position possible. And unlike her other punishment positions there was one more cruel refinement: in this position she could see the strap falling each time. That was the worst.
Goran trailed his fingers across her face, moving her hair back and smoothing it gently. “That’s right, soon be over now. You’re being so good, so brave, we’re all so proud of you.” He kissed her forehead, her eyelids, her lips.
Aliera tried to smile, “Not so brave. But – thank you.”
“Good girl. Not much more to go now.” As he spoke he picked up the strap and took up position. He knew what had to be done, but it was the hardest task he’d ever been given. She looked so small, so helpless. Ever since the first time he’d seen the little girl with the serious green eyes he’d protected her, defended her and been her friend. And now he was standing over her, about to inflict such terrible pain, and still she looked to him for reassurance and gave him her trust.
All he could do was get it done and over as efficiently as possible. He raised the strap above her blistered skin. He knew that she’d soon be raw as the blisters burst, this would hurt her beyond bearing. But she’d have to bear it somehow, and he had to inflict it. Once again the crowd prepared to give the count.
One stroke every ten seconds. The crowd was so noisy now it was hard to hear her wails. The redness intensified on her cheeks and her thighs, with the strap curving around to bite into her soft inner thighs.
Lira the fruit seller hurried back to the crowd. She’d sold almost everything in the shop, and at record prices. Pity she hadn’t had more bananas. As she started to move through the crowd to get a better view strong hands closed on her waist, “Not so fast little lady, don’t you know it’s rude to push?”
“My apologies sir, but I just wanted a better view.”
“Here’s a view for you!” And in an instant she was bent over and tucked under his arm. She tried to squirm away, but his hold on her was much too tight. All she could see was the ground, and the back of his legs.
Rather nice legs, and quite familiar. She saw them every day walking around in the shop next to hers, the carpenter’s shop run by a hulking great – rather good looking – brute called – “Vargo! Let me go at once!”
Vargo looked down at the pert little rump he watched every day as it bounced around the melons. “I think you need to pay a penalty for your rudeness.” He ran a hand up one shapely leg, raising her skirts as he did so. He admired the way her firm thighs pistoned back and forth, enjoying the view even more as the skirt rose over her lovely full bottom. A few minutes fumbling with the laces at her waist, and her drawers were at her knees. He paused for a moment, truly impressed at the sight of the beautiful quivering pale globes.
Lira’s face, on the other hand, was bright red with rage and embarrassment. She called him every name she could think of as his hand stroked her smooth cheeks, then thought of a few more when that gentle hand became as hard as a paddle and spanked her bottom until it glowed.
The abuse became demands to stop, then pleading. Vargo smiled to himself as he carried his rosy bundle back to his nice, empty, private shop. There were a couple of store-rooms on the floor above his shop, the same above hers. A clever carpenter could knock them together and make a snug little apartment for two. But first he had to convince a certain young lady that he was the one who’d be loving her, and spanking her, for the rest of their lives. A few breathy giggles among her demands for him to let her go suggested that she wouldn’t need too much convincing.
“Please, oh please! Oh it hurts!” Nila’s face contorted as Sarif’s hand fell again and again on her blazing cheeks, “Please my love, I beg you! OW!” His hand moved down to her thighs, “Please I beg you, OWWW!!!! Harder! More! Don’t stop now! Ow!”
Sarif obediently spanked harder and harder, watching red turn to crimson. His wife was a most devout worshipper at the temple, and she was determined to please the Goddess. Local legend had it that if a couple showed their faith enough during the ceremony the Goddess would reward them. “Sarif OW! Please my love! Oh my thighs, oh please it hurts! PLEASE! OH, HARDER!”
After ten years of a childless marriage, Nila had pinned all her hopes on this last chance. Surely, if they showed true devotion, the Goddess would gift them with a child. Nila had always wanted children and it broke her heart when year after year she watched others swelling and fruitful, while she stayed barren. Her dreams of a large family were gone, she’d be grateful if the Goddess would smile on her just once.
“Now the strap, please sweet husband stripe me I beg you!”
Sarif set his jaw as he raised the heavy leather strap. He couldn’t believe her determination, usually she was begging him to stop after a brisk dozen with the hairbrush. And after a ferocious strapping she expected him to take her right on the spot. This woman who never disrobed unless the lights were low had stripped naked in the middle of this huge crowd, she was offering her bare bottom for a ferocious punishment, after which she was going to lie with her husband without caring who was watching. Surely the Goddess would bless this devotion?
And of course she did. Nine months to the day after the Ceremony Nila gave birth to a bright-eyed, healthy baby boy.
And a year after that, twin girls. Followed by three more ‘singles’, two more sets of twins, and then triplets. The Goddess is indeed generous. She also has a sense of humour.
Seventeen-year-old Tiren kicked frantically, squealing as the heavy hand fell again and again. She had been standing by one of the barriers, trying to get a better view of the stage, when she saw a gold piece that had been dropped on the other side. A gold coin will buy a lot of hair ribbons, so Tiren leaned over the rail. And leaned, and reached….and a strong hand at her back pinned her over the rail. Before she had a chance to object her skirts were up, her drawers were down, and someone she couldn’t see was spanking her bare bottom even harder than her father did when he caught her kissing the Ciento twins next door. He wouldn’t listen to her explanation that she was trying to find a way to tell those boys apart.
Tiren squealed again, kicking until her drawers sailed off one wildly waving ankle. Finally the terrible smacking stopped and she scrambled to her feet, frantically rubbing her stinging cheeks. She spun around, but no-one in the crowd was near her, everyone was watching the stage. Her phantom spanker had melted away. Tiren limped back to the safety of her family, still rubbing her sore rear.
“And just where have ye been young lady? Didn’t I tell ye to stay wi’ yer mother and me? Ye’ll be having a session wi’ th’ hairbrush when we get home, and no mistake. Tis time ye learned te do as yer told. An’ if I hear one word out of ye before then, ye’ll be cutting a switch too. Now stand still and watch the ceremony. And stop that squirming girl.”
The crowd were cheering her, proud of their princess.
Goran stroked her face, her hair. He kissed her, he whispered to her, he waited until her breathing steadied. He told her she was brave, she was beautiful, she was his sweet love. Finally he knew she was back with him. “Now, little one, just relax and let me get this done. You have to relax Aliera, it will hurt a little I know, but be my good brave girl.”
Aliera couldn’t imagine that anything could hurt more than the strapping. Goran looked at her red, raw thighs, her cheeks, even between her cheeks had felt the relentless strap. There was no way to make this easy for her. He ran his fingers down her pussy lips, swollen from stray strokes of the strap. He teased her, tickling the slick skin until the sensations took her attention from the agonising pain of her raw skin. She looked up at him, startled, as his fingers trailed down to her little puckered hole. He held her gaze with his as he dipped one finger in the sweet juices from her pussy, then trailed them around the little tight pucker of skin. She gasped as his finger pushed inside. He teased her, moving it in and out, then eased it further in. Soon two fingers, then three stretched her. Their gazes stayed locked as he touched the tip of his cock to the opening, then started to push inside her.
Aliera gasped, unable to move or make a sound at the invasion. Goran ran his hands down her body, stroking the unblemished alabaster skin and pinching at her nipples. Aliera made a single high-pitched cry as he moved deep inside her, pounding against her raw skin as he thrust. She kept her eyes on his, heart-breakingly brave, he’d never admired her courage more than he did now.
Aliera felt the terrible stretching, the invasion of her body. She shivered as hot and cold sensation ran through every nerve, this was horrible, it was too much it was… suddenly she felt something stirring, some deep wildness she’d never known before. She gave a low growl, tried to thrust against him, wordlessly urging him to go deeper, harder. The raging wildness, the power, it was opening new doors in her mind, in her soul. As Goran reached to stroke lower, finding that special hidden place again, Aliera felt the wildness climaxing, washing through her, and her barriers fell away.
When it was over the attendants swarmed back, fitting long poles in the side of the table. Instead of moving her to the litter, they simply lifted the bench and took her as she was for her next display. This was the one she’d been dreading, but now she felt different, changed. Instead of closing her eyes Aliera lay serene, facing the spectators as she was carried past. And instead of avid lust and eager eyes revelling in her humiliation she saw respect and admiration.
Tiarna smiled and nodded, tears of joy falling as she saw the touch of the goddess. Aliera saw her parents, mouthing words of encouragement to her. The crowd parted as she was carried through, many people whispering prayers as she passed.
Kevan leaned back in the shadows as she was carried past. He rejoiced to see the evidence of the punishment she’d taken. He just hoped she’d scream a bit more in this last session. He loved a big finish.
Aliera was taken slowly back to the stage. The attendants loosed the restraints at last, Goran held her as she whimpered, even the simple movement of standing up tested her. When she had control of herself he walked her to the rail that had been set up in the middle of the stage. “Just one more, little one, then it’s all done. One more. Be a brave girl now and it’s all over.” Speaking quietly to soothe her, he leaned her over the rail, fastening her hands and feet in place ready for her caning.



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