The Big “O” Spa, a free short story

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The Big “O” Spa

I arrived at the Big “O” Spa ten minutes before my appointment was scheduled to begin. I was surprised when two young women in scrubs immediately came to great me and led me back to a white room with what looked like a gynecological exam table.
Tables like that always give me pause, aren’t they in a group of things that make every woman shudder?
“If you’ll remove your clothes Miss West, Tabitha and I will prepare you for your session.” The taller of the two said as they both watched me expectantly.
I felt a flush fill my face as I thought of the reason I was at this specialty spa to begin with and everything that went with the name of it. Could I really do this so cold bloodedly?
I remembered Jodi’s words, “When you leave you’ll be so relaxed you’ll have to wipe drool from your chin and your muscles will barely be able to support you. Trust me babe, this experience will blow your mind in the best way possible.”
A shiver went through me as I thought of  having my sexual needs fulfilled completely. Yes, I could do this thing cold-bloodedly. I want to experience the mind numbing pleasure that to this point I’d only read about.
Every time I’d been in the zone with one of the many men I’d dated, invariably just when he started hitting the right spot he stopped. “You came right?” the deep now sleepy voice would intone.
My whole body still clamoring for release that I would quickly realize wasn’t coming, but of course I always let them continue with the theory that they’d blown my mind.
In truth my mind had never been blown. I want a mind blowing orgasm dammit. I managed to give myself pleasure of course but I controlled the speed with which my battery operated boyfriend moved and he sure as shit never surprised me.
That’s why I now found myself stripping down to skin in the Big “O” Spa so Tabitha and friend could “prepare” me for my session.
In no time at all I was laid back on the table with my legs splayed wide as they removed all my unsightly body hair.  It was surprisingly pain free as thick strips of something called wax beans were applied then quickly removed; leaving soft, highly sensitized skin in their wake.
“This will ensure you’re body is ready to achieve maximum pleasure,” Tabitha ensured me with a broad wink that for some reason sent a jolt of heat through my lady bits. “Your technicians are trained to observe your reactions and do everything possible to ensure a multi-orgasmic experience.”
Once my body was completely denuded of hair and sensual smelling lotions and oils had been smoothed into my skin, the dynamic duo dressed me in a robe and led me to another room before leaving me with a smile.
I looked around the empty room, soft music with a lightly thrumming beat surrounded me as I sat down on the silken material of a red chaise. The low lighting added to the sensuality of the room and my body began pulse in time with the music. I flushed helplessly as moisture sprang to life between my legs, probably in response to the way cool air of the room caressed the naked lips of my sex.
Then two men entered, one blonde with blue eyes that seemed to see into the center of my being. The other dark and mysterious that stared at me with an intensity that threatened to steal my breath.
I rose from my seat and began to nervously play with the belt of my robe as I stood waiting to see what they would do next.
The man with dark hair approached me, his dark eyes seeming to pin me in place as he removed my hands from the belt to untie it before he caught the shoulders in his big hands and slide it from my body.  His eyes still held mine as the robe pooled around my feet and I felt the warmth of another body behind my own.
I immediately closed my eyes, afraid to see disgust in their eyes as they looked at my fat rolls and cellulite.
“No,” a deep voice intoned as a finger caught me beneath my chin to lift my face. “Open your eyes.”
I didn’t want to but I couldn’t seem to do anything but obey his husky demand. My eyes opened and once more I was looking into the deep chocolate of his eyes.
“Those thoughts have no place here little one. There is nothing but beauty and pleasure in this room for you.” He told me firmly.
“I…” not able to think of anything to say in response I trailed off lamely.
“You will not speak…you will not think…you will only feel,” the dark master commanded as he took my arm and led me back to the chaise. He sat down upon it and then pulled me over his lap. My eyes widened as I realized I was staring at the floor and he was staring at my big naked butt.
“What?” I began in alarm only to end in a squeak as his large palm clapped down on my left butt cheek.
“You will not speak…you will not think…you will only feel,” he repeated the command.
The blond angel came to kneel in front of my face as he pressed his rather large erection to my lips while his dark counterpoint continued to spank me.  He stroked my cheek with his warm hand as he looked down at me. “Take me in your mouth, rolled the head of my cock with your tongue. Learn the way it feels and tastes to enjoy a man in your mouth.”
The heat in my bottom was growing with every swat but strangely it didn’t seem to hurt, instead my breasts were getting heavy as my nipples swelled and moisture leaked from my core. I obediently opened my mouth as the head of his cock slid in and revealed in the taste and feel of it.
He didn’t push immediately to the back of my throat, instead he seemed to be concentrating my enjoyment of his thick shaft. I found myself moaning as I licked and sucked at it as if I’d been starved for the taste of cock.
The dark devil as I’d begun to think of him started spanking me harder and harder making me more and more desperate for more of the blond angel’s cock. I moaned rocking my head forward to take him deeper even as I licked and sucked with growing momentum to match the pace of the spanks to my ass.
We seemed to build to a crescendo of heat and need as my fever grew with every passing moment. On some level  I recognized my ass was on fire and that I would feel this spanking every time I sat down the next day but I didn’t care.  It was all wondrously beautiful sensation that was carrying me away from the world…away from myself.
Then my angel’s cock was pulled out of my mouth as I was lifted from the lap of my angel. I gave a whine of distress feeling suddenly bereft but I was placed on my hands and knees on the chaise.
The angel was back driving into my mouth just as I felt the broad head of my devil’s cock enter me, stretching the tender inner muscles of my pussy without mercy.
I moaned appreciatively around the cock in my mouth as he drove deeper into my core until he filled me to the hilt. His hand gripped my sore ass as he began to pull out so he could slam back inside.
They took up at tandem rhythm one pulling out as the other drove in deep. I took everything they gave me and begged for more as they drove my need higher and higher.  When the devil began rubbing against some spot high inside me and reached around to pinch my clit I came hard with a keening wail.
The angel grinned and pulled out of my mouth as I screamed my pleasure. “Good girl.” He said as the devil pulled out of my still pulsing sheath and sat down on the chaise before pulling me to straddle him.
I barely had time to register what was happening before I was impaled once more on his thick cock. He felt so good inside me but I knew since I’d already come this delightful interlude had to be drawing to a close.
“I came,” I told him softly.
“Yes and you will come again and again before we’re through with you little girl,” he said with a smile.
“You will not speak…you will not think…you will only feel.” The command rolled through me and I closed my eyes in surrender as I felt him pull my ass cheeks apart as my god drizzled something wet and cold over my asshole.
I moaned loudly as he began to work it into my ass with first one finger and then two while my angel worked me up and down his cock.
Sensations rolled through me the feel of my devil’s cock filling me and the angel’s fingers stretching the tender tissues of my asshole. Then I felt him fit the fat head of his dick against my tiny opening and could do little more than gasp when my devil stopped moving and held me still as that thick cock stretched my ass.
I moaned as a burning pain filled my ass as he slowly worked himself in and out by small degrees. The stretching sensation stole my breath as pleasure and pain combined into sensation to big to be contained.
Finally he bottomed out in my ass, his balls resting against my still tender cheeks. I was pinned between them, impaled on two cocks; my ass twitching around one while my pussy clamped down on the other.  My world had become centered where their bodies joined my own.
Overwhelming sensation bombarded me when they began to move withdrawing and pounding back inside as one, filling my body to capacity and beyond. I surrendered, not speaking…not thinking…just feeling and allowing myself to become lost in the swirling vortex that was taking me beyond pleasure to a place I never knew existed.
There was nothing beyond these two men and what they demanded of me. They took me in everyway possible for the rest of the afternoon wringing every ounce of pleasure possible from my body and demanding it as their due.
I was insensate…for that moment in time I belonged completely to my angel and my devil…they owned me as surely as they commanded my body.  Under their hands I was remade into something new…a being of raw carnality…a creature of hedonistic desire…made to be worshiped and adored…I was woman.
Later as I made my way slowly to my car on shaking legs the consistency of hot noodles, I smiled as I remembered Jodi’s words from this morning. I felt them with every movement of my body…my clit still pulsed with remembered pleasure. I wasn’t quite drooling but I knew this would be a trip to the spa I would never forget.

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