Priestess Chapter Ten by Rue Raven!


Priestess – Chapter 10: The Paddle

It was late afternoon now, as the the sun’s light dimmed the torches were lit, dancing flames sending golden light over the expectant faces and the slick skin of the two on the stage. Blue-robed novices tended huge incense burners around the edge of the parade ground. Waves of sweet, heavy fragrance rolled through the crowd.
Goran held out his hand. “Come on Ali, you’re doing fine. Let’s get the next one done.”
Hesitantly she took his hand, then he led her to the bench. It was padded, this seemed to her to be ludicrous. They wanted to ensure your comfort, while your rear was being roasted? Goran put his arm around her and gave her a quick hug, then bent her forward onto the bench. The attendants deftly fastened wrists and ankles into the restraints and quickly carried the litter off the stage. Goran picked up the paddle. A hundred with this was going to test her resolve.
Aliera found an odd comfort in the restraints. She could do nothing now, she had no chance to resist or to change what was going to happen. It was a strange freedom, of sorts.
Goran took up position and raised the paddle. He’d have to spread the strokes carefully over buttocks and thighs, but still he knew she’d be blistered well before the hundredth.
The crowd was silent, waiting to give the count.
The first stroke fell with a crack that echoed in the silence. “One!” The crowd began to chant the numbers. Aliera was determined to take this better than the first spanking, after all she knew what to expect now.
“Two!” No, she didn’t.
“Three!” It felt like a branding. Each stroke fell with horrible precision, just overlapping the one before. At five-second intervals. Down her cheeks, down each thigh, then back to the start.
“Ten!” She was screaming at each stroke, but there was no hesitation as they continued to fall.
“Twenty-four!” Already the audience could see the cherry-red glow of a searingly hot bottom.
“Thirty-six!” Tiarna was pleased to see that Goran had taken her advice to heart. She only hoped Aliera was finding serenity. Right now the poor girl seemed too busy shrieking to concentrate. She needed to be pushed further beyond her limits. Luckily, she would be.
“Fifty!” Queen Merila shuddered as she heard her daughter’s screams start to fail, Aliera was choking on her sobs now, wailing miserably at each stroke.
“Sixty-nine!” Lord Kevan watched the slave girl as she crouched to run her tongue up his leg and along his thigh, then slapped her away and beckoned to another slave who was standing in the shadows, the small Tinset girl he’d sold to Sieldro a few days before. Kevan always liked slaves from the Tinset kingdom, with their tiny frames and golden skin. He’d been able to watch her initiation after all, and the girl had screamed and begged even more than he’d predicted. A few days of use since then had trained her to comply, but she was still delightfully reluctant. He might offer his services to Sieldro, a reddening or two would give her some encouragement, and would be pleasant to administer. The girl approached slowly, then knelt at his feet. At his gesture she turned and presented her small golden-skinned rump to him. The girl whimpered as Kevan fingered her, then tried to control her squeals as he pulled her hips towards him and impaled her on his shaft, feeling the tightness stretching to accommodate him. When she’d got control of herself he withdrew from her pussy, waited until she’d relaxed, then thrust hard and deep into her tiny tight asshole. The girl gave a high-pitched despairing wail. He did so enjoy them when they were still fresh. Lord Sieldro grinned at him, two blonde heads bobbing between his thighs. He liked to see his guests enjoying themselves, and Kevan certainly knew how to have fun. He was glad he’d decided to bring a few extra slaves along tonight, all of his guests seemed to need a little extra relief.
“Eighty-three!” She couldn’t feel the individual strokes now, just a rising burn. There was nothing in the world but the burning, the searing that wouldn’t stop.
“Ninety-five!” The strokes continued, neither heavier nor lighter than before.
“Ninety-eight!” Beyond red there is an incandescent crimson.
“Ninety-nine!” Goran could see how swollen her cheeks were now.
“ONE HUNDRED!” The crowd cheered as the paddle stilled at last. Goran didn’t attempt to rub her cheeks, that would give no comfort. He stroked her back and whispered soothing nothings until the wracking sobs quieted a little, then released her from the fastenings.
Aliera didn’t dare move, she was afraid that the pain would only increase with every movement. Goran lifted her gently up off the bench and held her against him, stroking her back and murmuring as she sobbed. Skin to skin, she could feel him like warm velvet.
Goran held her until the storms of sobbing passed, then he raised her face to him, kissing her forehead and then her lips. “Tis time, little one. This won’t be so hard on you. Easy now, there’s my sweet girl.” His hands on her shoulders urged her to her knees. Aliera whimpered a little as she knelt down, the movement stretching her agonized skin. The burn had died down a little, but a biting sting was still running over her tormented rear. The crowd watched as tiny white spanking blisters began to rise.
Goran took Aliera’s hands and guided them to his shaft, at her touch it stirred and became fully erect. Aliera held it carefully, she’d been told what to do but when you’re faced with the reality it’s a bit different. Sister Hilera had used asparagus to explain what to do next. She should have chosen a much larger vegetable.
“Take your time, little one, easy and slow.”
Aliera leaned forward and tentatively kissed the tip, then began to lick gently. Goran shivered for just a moment as she began, then gritted his teeth and kept still, determined to give her time. She licked and nibbled for long moments, then opened her mouth wide and began to slide her lips down the shaft, trying to take as much of it as she could. Goran shuddered again as her tongue caressed him, her lips sliding up and down, then nibbling just at the tip before starting again. Finally he couldn’t wait any longer. Aliera spluttered, trying to remember what Sister Hilera told her to do. She’d never look at asparagus the same way again.
When Aliera had got her breath back Goran helped her to stand, then waved back the attendants who were about to bring the litter onto the stage. His hands slid down to her hips as he knelt in front of her, “Your turn now, little one.”
Sister Hilera hadn’t thought of this.
Aliera felt his lips trail down her body, shivering as they travelled lower. “Open your legs a bit sweet one, that’s a good girl.” Automatically she shuffled her feet apart, then gasped as his tongue began to explore the soft folds of skin.
Tiarna smiled to herself, this was something Tellen hadn’t thought of for her Offering all those years ago. She rather wished he had. She hoped that down in the enclosure for Temple personnel Brenn was paying close attention.
Aliera was shivering as new sensations took her. She twined her fingers in Goran’s hair, he was the only safe point of reference in this new world opening up for her. His tongue explored her pink, hairless pussy, then he began to suck at the little pearl he found nestled in the folds there.
Aliera threw her head back and howled as her first orgasm shattered the remnants of her control, the crowd erupting in cheers as she shuddered. Goran finally stood and took her in his arms again, holding her as she gasped in the afterglow. “Good girl, there you go little love, that’s a good girl.” She calmed as he murmured to her.
The attendants hurried on stage and gentle hands ran cool damp cloths over her skin before Aliera was laid face down on the cushions and carried off to be displayed to the crowd again. Some of the attendants would have been quite happy to rub Goran down too, but he took the cloths and waved them away. Others hurried to bring him some refreshments, the man had to keep his strength up.
Aliera hid her face in the cushions again, reality rushing back. She didn’t want to see all those faces. She would never be able to face anyone ever again, she’d stay in her quarters forever. No, she’d escape and go to darling Kevan. She buried her face deeper in the cushions, trying to blot out the voices. She thought she heard Tiarna making some sort of encouraging comment, then later her mother’s voice breaking with tears, and the deep rumble of her father. She ignored them all.
The crowd stirred as the litter was carried around, and many people moved towards their homes, or a dark enough alley, to make a little Offering ceremony of their own. Some couples decided that in honour of Aliera’s public offering they might as well give the crowd a little more entertainment. Knots of spectators formed around particularly energetic performances.
More than one gentleman was inspired to give his lady a nice warming as well, there’d be plenty of red sore bottoms in the city the next day. Men smiled fondly on their womenfolk, quietly deciding that they had the perfect way to win every argument in future.
Refreshment vendors worked the crowd, there was a big demand for cool drinks. Hot sausages were selling well too. One enterprising fruitseller hurried back to her shop and grabbed what she could carry, she sold out of bananas in minutes.
More than a few lords in their silken tents retired discreetly behind a curtain with a few slavegirls, some even with their own wives.
Kevan surveyed the girl with interest as she was carried past. The soldier boy certainly knew how to do a good, thorough job; tiny white spanking blisters dotted her cheeks and thighs. They’d burst when he started the strapping and she’d have a raw, skinned arse by the end of this. Kevan sat back when she was past. He’d brought two of his grooms to attend him tonight, he beckoned them to him. “Bring one of the girls over here. And give me my riding whip.” He felt a bit nostalgic for the good old times already, he hadn’t raised a welt in days.
The grooms brought the little Tinset girl to him, perfect. “Gag her.” He’d miss the screams, but he didn’t want to disturb Lord Sieldro or his other guests. He was thoughtful that way. At his gesture the grooms positioned the girl over his lap and then knelt to hold her wrists and ankles. As the plaited leather flew down and bit into the girl’s hide he smiled to himself, life was indeed good.



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