Free story to celebrate being halfway to Friday!

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I stood in the window, looking out but seeing nothing. The strange sense of melancholy that had enveloped me for the last few days seemed to be thickening into a smothering shroud.
My natural exuberance for life seemed lost in the cloying weight of a despair I didn’t understand.
You asked me what was bothering me but I didn’t have an answer.
Warm hands caught me about the waist and pulled me back from the window.  I sank gratefully into your heat letting it chase away the coldness that seemed to permeate my entire being.
“What are you doing?” I asked when you picked me up and then set me down by the bed and bent me over it.
“I’m seeing to your needs,” You told me firmly as you reached under the long shirt I’d worn to bed and hooked your fingers in my panties to pull them down until they fell around my ankles.
“I didn’t say I needed a spanking!” I exclaimed though the flip in my tummy and the wetness springing forth between my thighs belied my protest.
“No you didn’t but it doesn’t change the fact that you do,” I couldn’t argue with your words not with the way my body was leaping to life at the mastery of your touch.
I threw my head back with a gasp when your palm connected sharply with the tender area where my bottom met my left thigh.  The pain barely had time to register before another swat landed on the same spot. Your hand fell ten times in a row before you moved to the other cheek and repeated the treatment.
I was yelping and stomping my feet as you moved back to the left side and started over in the exact same place. “Please not there!” I cried in dismay.
You ignored my plea and this time your hand fell twenty times in succession, the swats increasing intensity the more you spanked.
Back and forth between my left and right cheek never straying from my poor sit spots until with a wail I collapsed into the mattress sobbing…my ass was on fire and I knew I’d feel it each time I sat for the next few days but the knot I’d carried in my soul for the last week was unraveling.
You let me cry for a while rubbing the small of my back while I let it all out until I finally quieted.
Sharp slaps to the insides of my thighs had be spreading my legs wide as I submitted to your desire. I felt the coolness of the leather paddle rubbing over my stinging bottom and moaned loudly.
It began to slap rhythmically down over my scorched nates but this time the pain morphed into sweet need. My bottom seemed to lift to meet each hefty swat as the heat in my ass and core grew. My clit throbbed in time with my ass as you spanked me and I began to sink into that floatly space only your could provide.
“What color are you kitten?” you asked, your deep tones rolling through my body like a silken caress.
“Green Sir,” I purred in a voice that was barely recognizable.
“Good girl,” you murmured just before your hand slaps against the lips of my wet sex making me gasp anew even as pleasure bloomed almost immediately. You slapped you hand on my wet flesh five times in quick succession leaving mewling with need.
Then you were there the broad head of your cock stretching me open wide as you drove deep. I cried out when you slammed into my cervix then immediately withdrew as my body clamped down in an effort to keep you deep inside me.
You laughed as you caught a sore ass cheek in each hand and began to take what was your in a relentless rhythm that stole my breath.  The slap of your hips against my tender bottom…the feel of your cock stroking against the sensitive inner walls of my core as your balls bounced off my clit with every inward stroke coalesced into a raw hunger for more.
“Harder!” I screamed as you rammed in and out of me without mercy until I shattered around you pulling you with me into the vortex.  As we came your ground against a spot deep inside me prolonging my pleasure and magnifying it almost to the point of pain it was so intense.
Incoherent sobs came from my throat as fluid spurted from my core to bathe your cock and my inner thighs. My whole body shook with the strength of my orgasm, light exploding behind my eyes as I flew.
You collapsed over me like a living blanket, your big warm body enveloping me in safety as we came back to earth. My mind was clear…free of the shroud of sadness for you had once again slain my dragons to bring me peace.

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