Another free short

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Passion’s Flame

Your hand rests in the small of my back, tethering me to you as the paddle falls again and again on my hapless backside. Each slap of the paddle sending a jolt of electricity through my core.
As the sting grows my skin begins to prickle with awareness as the heat spreads throughout my body. Every nerve ending is alive and singing with sensation. The throb in my sore bottom echoed in my swollen clit.  My body grows wet and soft for you.
Still the paddle falls until I am in another place entirely…floating…free…moaning as pleasure and pain intertwine and I can’t tell where one begins and the other ends…as you weave the rich, dark tapestry of your mastery over my body.
I barely notice when the paddle stops falling and your hand slides between my legs to find the slick heat waiting there for you. Two fingers slide inside me as your thumb strokes over my distended clit. My back bows as you add a third finger stretching me wide as you work me with your fingers and send me flying with a cry of surrender.
I am unsure if the surrender is to you or to myself as I give over to your dominance.  I shudder as I come apart trying my clit becoming unbearably sensitive but you don’t stop continuing to stroke my over sensitized nub and add a fourth finger to my grasping channel.
“I can’t!” I wail as you drive my pleasure to almost painful levels. The heat in my ass and the throb in my core almost becoming one as sensation, overwhelming me .
“You can!” You demand everything of me as your thumb enters me and stretches me impossibly wide.
I am insensate…completely undone as your hand works in and out of me deeply touching new nerve endings and awakening something dark and unexpected.  Your free hand slaps down on my already sore ass driving me higher and higher.
I become sensation…pleasure personified…I feel stretched past my capacity…pleasure and pain warring at my core as your fist works completely inside. Then your hand slaps up against my clit and I shatter into a million pieces as a flood of fluid bursts from my depths.
I fragment completely soaring to heights here fore unknown…lost in a sea of ecstasy…adrift in a bright world of white lights where there is nothing but quiet.
I don’t know how much time has passed before you bring me back to earth and put me back together again. Remaking me into a new creature born in the fire of passion’s flame.

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