Candy Varty is here with a steamy excerpt from My Forbidden Lovers

Book Blurb:

Meg McClair was a beautiful young girl who had her whole life ahead of her. She and her parents lived in Terry, Montana. It was a small community full of Cattlemen. They had a large sheep herd which most of the ranchers hated. Meg was twenty-four with long flowing red hair and the brightest blue eyes; she was a curvy lass who never saw herself as being attractive. Tyson, a rogue vampire who was a Dom. As his erection pressed against his leather pants, he hissed. “Mine.” Tyson didn’t know who this human female was, but he knew he had to claim her, possess her in every way. Zee, The dragon shifted and soon a tall, six foot six man stood where the dragon had been, his black hair and emerald green eyes shined. He was two seventy in weight with wide massive shoulders, larger than any humans. His naked body tanned by the sun, he had the signs of a five o’clock shadow that trimmed his square jaw. Tyson and Zee, both wanted her, needed her, they were ready to claim her now. All they needed to do was wait until night fall and slip into her dreams and bring her back to the Badlands Caves where they would ravish her mind and body.

Sexy Excerpt;

Ty had moved between her legs. “Open your legs, love. Let me show you the pleasure you long for, let me hear you scream my name as I fuck you.” Meg moaned again “I will claim you this night, and you will know you
are mine.”
    Meg opened her legs wider; there was no subtle entrance, Ty plunged his hard cock deep into her hot, wet core. She wrapped her legs around his waist as he took hold of her hips. He pushed into her, harder, faster, she was soon thrashing wildly with passion; he gripped her harder.
      Meg looked at Zee as Ty fucked her wildly. “” Zee smiled as he got on his knees next to her. His cock was rock hard and eager for her soft full lips firmly wrapped around him.  “Please come closer,” she begged for Ty had her pressed down, holding her in position.
         Zee scooted closer; she wrapped her hands around his hard length and stroked him gently. Bringing his cock to her lips, she licked at the swollen head. There were droplets of pre-cum that had formed. She licked the tip of his cock clean, then slowly she slid him into her waiting mouth, swallowing as she went the length.
            Zee moaned and grabbed a hold of her hair, fisting
it as he held her where he wanted. Tyson stopped, he pulled out; Meg released Zee’s cock from her mouth, she looked at Ty and frowned.
Ty grinned, “No worries, love. I’m not done with you yet.”grabbing her and flipping her over onto her stomach, he then lifted her hips up, so her beautiful round ass was where he wanted it. She brought her knees up to steady herself as she felt Ty’s hand rub her backside, her body hummed, waiting for his cock to enter her wet hole.
     Zee sank back on his heels; his erection sprung forward. Meg licked her lips as she took Zee into her mouth once more. Ty plunged into her from behind. His full-length pushed into her warm wetness until his balls rested on her pussy.
         Meg moaned around Zee’s cock as Ty fucked her wet hole, slamming into her, over and over, harder, faster, the sound of skin slapping against skin.   He felt his balls tighten; his bonding scent filled the air, dark spice, and musk.

Available in paper back or to read on your Kindle! Happy reading! ~Mo

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